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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weight Equals Waste

Yesterday, I read a blog that my brother wrote and realized I hadn't written anything for quite a while. This was inspired by his piece.

Looking back on how I lived prior to my transition into the vegan way of life, it seems like a dream. Maybe, it's more like a nightmare. To think of the way that I lived and the foods which I ate, it's pretty funny-- considering how I eat now. Back then, I rarely ate real food; it was boxed, canned and very processed. 

As an adolescent, I had many health ailments and illnesses. I had Mononucleosis at an early age and suffered from many colds, the flu, viruses and every other illness imaginable. Acne made a home of both my face and my back, for many years and I was treated with antibiotics by a dermatologist.

Treating pimples with antibiotics is not at all sensible. It shows how little the field of dermatology understands the physiology of the human body. Pimples are a byproduct of the bowels being inefficient. The system sends to the skin (elimination organ) what can't leave through the other organs of elimination. The actual waste remains in the bowels, but the resultant mucous and puss is passed to the skin.

By early adulthood, I weighed in at almost 200 pounds and felt older than my years. I was chronically constipated, suffered from seizures and acute allergies. The only relief I could get was through medication. Over-the-counter allergy medicine creates  many so-called "side effects", not the least of which is drowsiness. Seizure medications also causes drowsiness and are extremely toxic. 

At first, the negative effects of the seizure medicine were not so obvious, but as time went on (totaling 11-years), I began to feel more like a drug addict than a patient: forgetting to bring my medication on a vacation could have resulted in a disaster!

Between the withdrawal symptoms and the near-fatal seizures that might have occurred from abruptly stopping the drugs, I had to track down a local pharmacy and get enough drugs to last me the duration of the trip--this was no way to live.

Taking back my health wasn't as difficult as one might imagine. In fact, it was pretty easy. Because I was a bit of a know-it-all who knew next to nothing, I had no trouble making the decision to lower my medications, without medical supervision. What I did know was enough to help me lower the dosage of the drugs over a prolonged period of time and safely wean myself, without any trouble.

I've written this story before, but today I wanted to revisit my past for the recent new friends I've made through Facebook. Most of these "new friends" are actually people I've known for some time, yet they are new to this topic. 

I thought this story would have some relevance. 

I was four years off of the medication and free of seizures. I had long since decided to stop the allergy medication and suffer the allergies, as the drugs were far more damaging than the sneezing and the itchy eyes. 

It wasn't until I had my first colonic, back in 1995, that I knew I had reached a plateau. I knew I would not have to deal with seizures any longer. The allergies were another story and took several more years to finally heal. 

Today, I weigh less than I did back in high school. How I lost the weight, is really the reason for this blog entry. 

At the time of my transition I was rehearsing for a tour (music). We rehearsed 6-nights a week and I worked an office job 5-days, as well. I had no time to do anything else but work and rehearse, never mind exercise. 

I initially lost 30-pounds, in about 6-weeks or less. Ultimately I lost a total of 70-pounds. But, that's another story. My path to glory was simply eating differently, which meant according to proper food combining and moving slowly toward a cleansing diet. This concept was new to me but I quickly adapted to it. The other component to my weight-loss was colon hydrotherapy. 

Yes: the now popularized by Hollywood, much adorned, and somewhat feared colonic. I was taught by my colon therapist, that without emptying the bowel of the old accumulated waste I wouldn't make much progress, health-wise. 

I must stress that colon therapy is not a quick weight-loss program. 

My therapist pointed out that changing toward a vegan diet without cleansing my colon would cause the old waste to rapidly be deployed into my bloodstream—this would cause illness. This is similar to the experience of someone detoxifying from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. 

Being a good student and following his advice and what I had already read, I embarked on a path which I couldn't have imagined would have lead me to becoming a colon therapist. But, that too is another story. 

What I learned over the years is this: changing my diet was absolutely necessary in order to change my health. Also, in order to successfully lose weight I needed to cleanse the old waste. Weight=waste. These two changes allowed me to radically alter my health, lose weight, hence lose my illnesses. 

Today, I live seizure free, for more than 22-years and allergy free, for more than 11-years. I suffered from allergies from a much younger age than the seizures, so it actually took longer to rid myself of the allergies than the seizures. 

When I first embarked on this journey I did jump quickly into a raw vegan diet. I chose to back off and add a cooked meal or 2, per week, just to ensure I didn't cleanse too rapidly. 

For the last 8-months I have been eating only raw fruits and vegetables. I thoroughly enjoy living this way, but don't recommend anyone do this without the appropriate amount of time has passed and you've transitioned slowly and systematically. 

Along with healing myself of two major illnesses declared to "be with me for the rest of my life"—I also now live free of all illness. I don't "get" colds, or the flu. I don't "get" viruses or any other common illness for that matter. The reason I want to share this particular piece of information is to illustrate that even someone as sickly as I can heal and live illness free. I never knew this was at all possible. 

Waste equals weight. Waste equals your waist! Excess fat on the body vanishes when the body is being cleansed both by the diet and colon hydrotherapy. To heal your body and recover your health and youthful oomph, change your diet, cleanse you bowels and introduce regular exercise (in that order). 

And that's it, in a nutshell. For now. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The WHOLE Truth

This post should be considered part II of my previous post. It's a bit more hopeful and will provide solutions to the bleak picture previously painted.

Shhhhhhh, it's a secret!
The big secret is, there is no secret! It's not as though this non-secret is new. You can read about it from from the writings of Plato and Hippocrates. Drum roll, please! EATING A DIET OF WHOLE PLANT BASED FOODS WILL DECREASE THE RISK OF DISEASE AND IMPROVE YOUR OVER-ALL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. There's a famous conversation between Plato and Rather than let the new corporate controlled, bastardized science du-jour guide you toward illness—eat real food. Just reducing animal protein and other processed foods will help most people to tip the scales on the side of health. Real scientists are being paid to back certain products so the companies selling those products can easily convince potential buyers their products are not only safe, but actually healthy!

What's worse is, the information already available in mainstream media is either confusing or in complete opposition to the truth. The secrets being kept from the public about health, dieting, food quality and where to look for the right sources of nutrition are all super important. If everyone learned the truth about this heavily guarded topic it would improve people's health, immensely. If this revelation were to find its way to the people it would radically change everyone's daily experience and simultaneously destroy our economy. This is a true dilemma. If everyone in this country suddenly learned the truth and changed their diets in the way I'm about to suggest, we would hurt ourselves, indirectly by hurting our economy. How? By putting several food producers out of business. We would destroy commercial farming, as we know it. (or perhaps, don't know it—more on this later) Super Markets would go out of business. All the health aid companies like Duane Reade and CVS would close down many outlets and be forced to restructure their business plans. Fast-food businesses would seemingly disappear from the streets. Deli's and bodega's would also be forced to change how they do business. Health magazines would be forced to find a new topic to write about. Why? Because once the truth is revealed there would be no need to cover the same nonsense over multiple issues.

People don't become sick but actually thrive when they eat a diet of whole foods, either entirely plant based or largely plant based. This simple choice will have enormous affects on your health, your energy, skin quality, weight maintenance, sleep habits, mental acuity, and so on. Not to mention your medical bills. Now this is where it gets interesting. Reducing medical bills is something most families would love to achieve. But, what's on the other side of that idea? Reducing ones medical bills will conversely reduce the earnings of medical professionals. Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufactures, health insurance companies, etc., would all earn less. Considering that we spend $1.67 trillion, or $5,670 per person, annually—predictably, we'd destroy the economy.

I'm Glad It's There, But Don't Need To Use It Everyday!
Two things to consider: 1) There's no chance a large number of people would do this, overnight or at all. 2) This is the more significant points of the two: Slowly, as people begin to realize through their own trials and consistent negative results from the Neo-Medical INDUSTRY, they will begin to seek alternate sources. It's already happening. Even some medical doctors are suggesting alternative methods to heal that which they can't. Which, by the way is ILLNESS! Yes, medicine serves humanity in many ways. I'm not condemning medicine as a whole. However, we all must admit things were better (drug wise) decades ago. Yes, I'm aware that certain narrow areas have improved dramatically, but side affects of drugs today are far worse than ever. I've put this idea out there many times in the past, drugs don't heal illness. If the patient doesn't make any lifestyle changes then drugs can actually make the patient's experience better, simply by reducing the patient's symptoms.

The light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter!
Here's an interesting analogy. If someone told you a simple, sure fire way to save 1 million dollars by the time you reach age 30, would you doubt them and defend getting a job for minimum wage, knowing no one but for a very few have ever succeeded that way? You'd probably begin this new approach immediately. But I'm not talking about saving money or working hard. What I'm talking about is something that's got more power over us than almost anything else. Our taste buds control so much of what we do and think. Really, it's less about our taste buds and more about the thinking feeding the taste buds. The human being experiences thirst and the minds says, "I'm in the mood for a coke." When we get very hungry our brains do some funny things. If the mind was truly separate or outside the body and could converse with the body we might see this insidious tactic our minds perform. It might sound like this: "Boy, I can really go for a nice burger with fries. Or maybe pizza? Wait, I got it! I'll go to that new restaurant where they have that deep fried ice cream, for dessert. They have pizza burgers! This way, I'll have the best of both worlds and get that delicious dessert. Besides, I deserve this meal. I worked hard all week long."

What I just laid out is a made-up scenario of what goes on in people's minds. Seeing as though I'm vegan for almost 2 decades, I must say, I had to reach back into my past. None of what I listed in the "fantasy" meal are things people just randomly choose. People who eat a standard American diet and often indulge in the kinds of foods I included above, like drug addicts are lead to the things that provide comfort. Drugs provide comfort for drug addicts. Junk food provides comfort for junk food JUNKIES. I know this is true because I was a junk food junkie. The solution to being healthy is much like the formula for success—doing the things most people find uncomfortable to do—do those things with joy.  Most people that embark on a new diet for health or weigh loss (not too dissimilar) will fail because they are trying to lose weight by eating less of the junk. They try to eat 6 small meals per day and soon find that after the initial weight loss, they begin to expand and gain weight. All that is needed to succeed and be independently healthy is to REALLY change your diet and cut our or down, dramatically on animal based foods. This will make a huge difference in your life and the health of the planet.

Slow And Steady Change
Making these changes slowly will ensure success. As we shift to healthier choices, the food industry will be forced to follow. After all, if their products aren't selling, they must find something that will sell. I know this is dreamy or unrealistic on a mass scale. But, all we have to do is change our diets toward healthy, one by one. Slowly, we will positively affect the planet. I don't believe we can hurt the planet, but instead thwart it's ability to sustain life, any longer. Eating plants and not animals will positively change our environment so that the results will wind up costing everyone less money. We would not need to spend money for corrective reasons. We'd be able to live happily in our world and not live on genetically modified foods. The FDA is very close to putting on the market and salmon that will grow at twice its normal rate. Think about it! Eating locally grown produce and not commercially produced NON food, everyone will avoid the predictable, yet still unknown health fallout that is coming from eating foods we have no way of testing. Eat an apple! One grown locally is just an apple. Want something heavier, buy it from a local food producer. With the emergence of green markets, we no longer need to shop at giant food chains or supermarkets. 

Our Earth has kept us alive for many thousands of years. This planet has been through it all. Earth produced people and we seem to do some amazing things, when we put our heads together. The green market sub-culture of this country is perfect for the times. Take advantage of this beautiful response to the poisoned lot we've been eating and calling food. The green market is the answer. Farming is at the heart of this country. Small, independent farmers have no interest in growing poison. They grow the best quality foods available. Because the government hasn't gotten their hands on them yet, these troopers continue to grow their food how they want, without inference from some giant corporation. Buy locally grown foods. Live a long healthy life. 

Be well,
Tom DeVito

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reductionism: The Perversion Of Science. . .

And the preservation of profiteering!

Throughout history science has been the one place we turned to get unbiased factual information. Today, most published papers are written by communication companies and signed by scientists who are willing to put their names on these drug company's marketing devices. A published paper no longer means the study is  scientifically sound. Instead, the paper creates a false sense of safety in the consumer and larger profit for the company. 

Reductionism is a term I became familiar with by reading The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell. The term is used to describe how science is being used to market products. What this translates to is, strong industry lobbyists fund studies in the area of nutrition and if the research isn't favorable to the product, drug or food they are trying to sell as healthy, the powerful industry leaders often threaten to defund or shutdown certain health organizations, some as large as the World Health Organization. This essentially means that if a food, drug or procedure is actually dangerous or unhealthy to the public, that information will not be included in the published study. Drug companies have the power to decide if certain information gets published. All drug manufactures are willing to discuss is the alleged health benefits of their drug or product, regardless of the side-effects, or damaging affects. 

It Certainly Looks Like Rain Tonight! (The Honeymooner's) 
The climate of Nutritional science is very stormy and the storm is getting worse. Profit is the priority, while health is barely a consideration. It appears that doctors are lead by drug sales reps. Medical schools invite these reps to teach the doctors about the drugs, playing down the scientific evidence that the bad far outweighs the good, in many cases. To have scientists research topics independently is very different from what is happening today in the area of food and nutrition. Lets take a known poison like Cyanide. This often deadly compound is highly toxic and can kill most people upon intake. Would this poison be as effective if the carbon atom, which is triple bonded to nitrogen was in some way different? Here's what I'm getting at; to isolate a single element in any compound or network of chemicals changes the nature of that element. To say that Vitamin C fights cancer is an overly simplistic and fractionated statement or idea. Is it the Vitamin C that provides everything necessary to not develop cancer? Or is it the overall affects of a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods in the human body? The difference here is, the potential benefits of Vitamin C vs. eating the whole foods that also carry Vitamin C.

The next time a wonder nutrient is touted as the new savior of health, ask yourself this simple question. Why is the nutrient where all the focus is and not the food, which carry's the nutrient? Health insurance, diet, nutrition, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture/food production are industries that are all tied together. Each of the aforementioned industries have dynamic responses to each other. When people are less healthy, who benefits? Doctor's and pharmaceutical companies benefit from addressing symptoms and not illness. The truth about medicine is simple—chemicals are poisonous to the body. While drugs some can provide temporary relief of symptoms or augment a chemical imbalance or lower blood pressure, the drugs themselves cause other problems and never address the source of the illness. The medical model doesn't consider preventing or curing illness as possible. Besides, where's the profit in healing disease? They need ongoing visits, renewed prescriptions and mysterious illnesses to arise. This is the model for The American Medical Association. 

Stop Your Whining
When certain food industries complain to the government because regulations are preventing them from profiting, they are actually complaining about the fact that they can't sell poor quality, low nutrient foods and make the profit they want. The very food they produce contributes negatively to the public's health. Instead, the dependent government removes restrictions and allows industry to thrive, while the very consumers they rely on to profit become sick. This isn't a bad thing from a capitalistic perspective. More money can be made by another major contributor to government—the pharmaceutical industry. People like Campbell are few and far between. More and more people are learning the truth. It's nice to know someone somewhere thinks safety and high quality food is important for the American public.

People can take better care of themselves if the source of their food is produced ethically. When our government allows these regulations to be loosened or removed from the process, the quality of the food decreases and people slowly get sick and need doctors, drugs and surgery. The speed at which the incidence of illness occurs is such that to effectively trace it to specific foods is nearly impossible. If the truth were freely dispensed to the public many industries would be affected and lose money. In turn, those industries would create a nightmare for the government. How this happens is simple—giant corporations stop making campaign donations, through their network of lobbyists. If the government loses the support of the all important industrial campaign contributions or financing—then the associated parties or politicians won't win elections. 

As most of you already know, corporations "contribute" to elections and fund certain parties and/or politicians. To lose this unhealthy feed tube from giant corporations to the government would be a great improvement of our election process and country overall. A change like that would dramatically shift the political climate in this country because politicians would act independently and not have to kowtow to industry. But that's another story, altogether. The loophole in this scheme is based on using scientists as figure heads to support positive claims made by the manufacturer. Even though the research data says otherwise. Corporations pay credible, scientists and make sure they get the results the corporation needs to promote their unhealthy product as healthy—and, of course enjoy huge profits. 

So rather than admit a whole foods, plant-based diet is the healthiest way to go, reductionist scientists "discover" isolated nutrients from foods and pass them off as the life savers. Lycopene is being touted as a great protector and healer of cancer. The funny thing about this approach of reduction science, is Campbell used clinical tools and research and proved that a high protein diet is dangerous and contributes to many Western diseases. These techniques are the same ones used by the Pharmaceutical companies via the AMA, to say high protein, high fat foods are heart and cancer healthy. Campbell then tested Lycopene, which is considered a super nutrient that fights cancer. His data was so inconsistent that he and his team of scientists found the results to be almost totally undecipherable. Isolating Lycopene and applying it to various cancer situations wasn't comprehensive. No determinations can be made this way, considering that cancer develops in people for so many different reasons. This is extrapolation at its worst. How the scientific community has allowed this approach to go unchallenged is beyond my comprehension. 

There's always multiple contributing factors for the development of cancer. Isolating individual elements to prove they heal is another tactic designed to confuse and boost sales of arbitrary foods that contain these alleged super nutrients. Junk science achieves what truth and real science can't. Junk science or reduction science is constantly being used to support claims made about many nutrients, drugs and harmful or poorly grown foods. These products or Franken-foods thrive in the marketplace at the expense of the consumer. That expense is twofold—the cost of the food itself and the cost of the people's health. Like the 11 year-old boy who spoke out against Monsanto, in a YouTube video says, which many of us have heard before, "you can either pay the local farmer, now or you can pay the hospital, later." 

Ignorance, Bliss And the Miseducation Of 
Blissfully Ignorant Doctors. 
In the 17 plus years I've been vegan and eating mostly raw foods, I've not paid any attention to nutrients nor have I tested my blood. I remain illness free, although I wasn't more than 20 years ago. One more interesting factoid about my diet is I don't eat any concentrated protein of any kind. I don't eat nuts and seeds because they are difficult for me to digest. It's been nearly 10 years since I've eaten nuts and/or seeds and still I'm waiting for the so-called protein "deficiency" to show itself. Also, I've rarely used supplements of any kind. I drink organic fresh vegetable juice, eat fresh fruit, and green leafy salads and eat a cooked vegan meal or two, on the weekends. I use myself as a research lab. I think many scientists would have a hard time arguing against the consistent results I've gotten from eating a whole-food, plant-based diet. In fact, judging by the healing I received through this way of living, they would be hard pressed to find something wrong in my approach, but would mostly likely not make a public statement supporting my lifestyle as healthy or disease preventing. Why? Money. When a doctor goes against the grain of the medical model, he risks career. 

Going Against The Grain
For doctors to admit that diet affects health would be simultaneously claiming that the foods grown, produced and manufactured in this country are downright unhealthy and cause most of our ills. Which is really saying, don't buy your foods from commercially grown sources. This would more than hurt the agricultural industry's profit. Industries this large have the power and money to hurt anyone they want, professionally speaking, of course. Go against the grain of industry and you're labelled a quack, no matter how truthful and helpful to the people the information may be. The person's or organization's career would take a tremendous blow. Funding can be reduced or halted altogether. This is how information for the good of humanity is dispersed in this country. The industry selling the product, creates a non-reality about their product. They pay for the research, therefore the results. So, the next time you read or hear that doctors, scientists, biologists have determined certain foods or amounts of food safe, look at who paid for the research and you'll have a better understanding of whether or not you being told the truth or helping that company's profit. All while increasing your chances of becoming ill.

Don't believe what you're told. Look at the industries that thrive in this country. Then look at what the recommendations for diet that were published in the U.S. during the 50s, 60s and 70s. The requirements and limits are totally different. But then again, so was the numbers used to determine when someone needed cholesterol medication. See the connection? We raise the limits for bad foods, lower the numbers for the need of medicine, lie about food quality overall, and bam! You've got the most perverted version of capitalism in the world, today. A system that supports a small group of the super wealthy, by selling garbage to the rest of the population for profit. Plain and simple. There is a solution to dealing with this bleak situation. Check back here for Part II. 
Be well,
Tom DeVito

Friday, October 14, 2011

Protein: The Least Understood Food Group

I began this in 2011 but posted it today, January 13, 2012.

I want to share something here concerning protein and the absurd level of obsession the public has with "getting enough protein." Also, the source from which most people choose to get their protein. First off, it is my belief and experience that protein is NOT a nutrient, in the form in which most people eat. The form I'm referring to (flesh, dairy, eggs, seeds, legumes) is considered "concentrated" protein. Then there are those who gloss over the difference between the essential Amino Acids that make up a protein and the fully realized version listed in the previous sentence. It takes roughly 20 amino acids to form protein.

The major difference between the two states of these 20 amino acids is as follows: When we eat foods rich in amino acids the body collects and stores them until the key 20 are all present. Then the body builds protein. A concentrated form is dealt with in a very different way. Digestion of concentrated proteins is far more difficult than when we take in amino acids from fruits and vegetables. The foods themselves breakdown more easily. Concentrated protein has to be first broken down from the actual meat, eggs, seeds into amino acids, and further down to molecules, when taken from an animal source so the body can convert these molecules into a usable or recognizable amino acid. A recognizable form od amino acids comes from the vegetable kingdom.

A quick note on nuts and seeds. They are extremely difficult to digest because of the very dense nature of the nut. Seeds are covered in an anti-enzyme sheath meant to protect the seed through the digestive stage, so when the animal has a bowel movement, the seed is fertilized and can grow into a plant. What always gets me is the short sighted view taken by so many experts. Simply because they are chock full of nutrients, they are healthy! If they aren't digestible, they aren't nutritious. If we can't break a food down and absorb the nutrients, then how is that food nutritious? I'm sure there's lots of important nutrients in tree bark, but our bodies aren't capable of digesting tree bark. Therefore, those nutrients are useless for humans. It's like receiving a gift in a box, which is wrapped in a coating that can't be opened. The gift is useless.

Eating from an abundance of plant-based, whole foods will provide the body with all the components needed for the intestines and liver to formulate protein and serve your body, as it was meant to do. Funny thing about science, of which I'm a great believer. Science often isolates things to better understand the true nature and function of life. Yet, we believe we can extrapolate physiology from the whole body. This is why we are brainwashed with the worst, most nonsensical information about diet and nutrition. Eat concentrated protein sparingly and for your enjoyment, not necessity!

I wanted this piece to be short. It is. I will post something again soon. Most likely a second part to this, as there is much to share about the myths of protein. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year! Remember, we are the only species that processes and cooks our own food. If a food doesn't exist naturally, it's not food for humans. If we can't properly break it down, and you love the taste, than satisfy that taste, but don't confuse it as life supporting.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lords Of Deceit: Part 1

Living in New York City I find myself surrounded by people, all the time. There is no escaping the crowds, the noise, the congestion, the traffic and the seemingly never ending symphony of sounds. To some people this may sound like a day in hell. To me and most native New Yorkers, it is business as usual. Or a day in the life in the greatest city in the world. One aspect of being in NYC on a daily basis is overhearing conversations from random passerby's. My ears perk-up every time I hear a food or diet mentioned. Also, when one person is teaching another about the new diet they are currently trying on for size. Often, I hear people telling their friends and co-workers about foods they should definitely avoid and of course the foods that must be consumed so their new diet is a success. Almost 100% of the time, I hear the exact opposite of what I know to be the truth. I've ranted and raved about this very issue and other related topics since I've had this blog. I began putting my thoughts together here at Independently Healthy, to share what I know to be true. I've learned more and more about just how deep this phenomenon runs. Because of limited time this piece will be shorter than usual. Thank goodness!

Same As It Ever Was. . .
I'm using this subtitle because of the great song by the Talking Heads. It's a perfect lyric and the name of the band is perfect for the point I want to make. Health and longevity doesn't need political posturing. By that I mean, talking points or talking heads repeating the same nonsense, ad infinitum. Still, people believe protein is the king or hero of food. "Carbs" are to be avoided. Fats and sugar are the evil villains of diet and the cause of everyone's personal ruination. I contend that carbs, sugar and fat make-up the cornerstone of the human diet. The cause of everyone's ruination is as follows: High protein diets; avoidance of the very foods that make-up the natural human diet; and the intake of wrongful or poisonous supplements. In short, we don't take meat in small amounts or in the right way—RAW! I don't want to go into great detail on the above topics so to be brief, I'll just touch on what I know to be the truth.

Protein from an animal source is simply not healthy, for many reasons. It is highly carcinogenic and mucous forming. And today, commercial meats are riddled with toxic poisons so that profit is at the fore and quality is almost ignored. "Carbs"aren't the problem—starch, which is part of the carbohydrate family is really the issue. Starch is acidic and constipating, carbs (fruits and veggies taken raw aren't). And finally, sugar and fat. Sugar from fruits and veggies is the best way to get our sugar, which is most important for blood cleansing (this is sorely missing from the American diet). Green or chlorophyll from veggies is most important for building our blood. Carbohydrates are the most important food we can eat. While fats from avocado, olives, olive oil and coconut oil are important for healthy nerve function. So put down that poison that is low calorie or carb free and eat some whole-foods. Stop counting calories! Counting calories is like trying to count raindrops. The two aren't comparable but they are both useless endeavors. Counting calories is not realistic and will amount to nothing but frustration. People will believe anything if the lie sounds scientific. Most people still believe calories exist as a substance! Okay, enough of that. Lets get to the heart of the matter.

The other topic people talk about often is cancer causing foods, chemicals or properties in foods better known as carcinogens. This is another misunderstood topic that I'd like to shed some light on and share what I learned from the author, T. Colin Campbell. His book the China Study is a worth while read. While I disagree with him as to the foundation of his beliefs, that "good" nutrition is the way to avoid illness—his research around animal protein is astounding. He believes that healing disease occurs by eating the right sources of nutrition—while I believe healing happens through elimination and avoidance of acidic foods. This is my experience and also the concept that all my teachers, living and dead believed.

Everyone I know talks about these mysterious items, that we should fear and avoid. There's a lot people don't know about carcinogens. The story we've been told goes something like this: Try to steer clear of cancer causing agents and cancer may not develop. Turns out this is not entirely true. I've learned recently that diet has more to do with the result of being exposed to these powerful poisons. Wow! Now that's a real shocker. I'm not one to oversimplify things but this is almost a cut a dry case.

T. Colin Campbell's book, The China Study is a fascinating book that goes deep into this topic. Most of us who are conscious about health know how big of a role diet plays. But I'll bet most people don't realize how easy it is to avoid developing this dreaded disease. As I've stated repeatedly throughout my blog posts; Keeping the interior of the body oxygenated will insure that cancer cells are never "switched on," or activated. The way to keep the body oxygenated is by avoiding dead meats and other animal products, especially dairy and through healthy elimination. To take on a vegetarian or vegan diet, while juicing veggies and cleansing the bowels is a winning formula.

The cancer mechanism that switches on in the cells simply can't happen when oxygen is abundant. Conversely, turning-off the cancer switch won't happen when chemo is being used. Chemo kills cells, but doesn't allow the cell reset the cancer switch to off. Chemotherapy thickens the cell wall and makes it impossible for peptides to enter the cell and reset the cancer switch, so-to-speak, to off or normal. Which means, the surviving cells that are cancerous will re-seed, causing cancer to form again, after the treatments end.

Campbell performed clinical tests for over 30 years and his conclusions are profound. Not only because his findings are supportive of a vegan diet, but because he used the same exact methods the American Medical Association uses to prove their ideas and concepts. Here's what Campbell found. Aflatoxin is the most carcinogenic substance known to man. He used a group of rats to first conduct his tests. He fed half the rats a diet made-up of 20% animal protein (Casien or milk protein) and the other half were fed a diet of only 5% animal protein. The results were 100% consistent every time. Every rat that ate a diet of 20% animal protein developed liver cancer or the lesions, which precede liver cancer. Al the other rats, whose diets were made-up of only 5% animal protein didn't develop liver cancer nor the lesions. This is not a vague conclusion. This happened 100% of the time and was reflected when the people were the subject of the study.

As he expanded his study to people he found that when meat and dairy were abundant in the diet, so was the incidence of cancer. He found this to be true of the children of affluent people. He made distinctions between diseases of affluence and diseases of poverty. Suffice to say that this country suffers from diseases of the rich or Western diseases or as Campbell coined it, diseases of affluence. Disease is disease no matter where it comes from. The point in using Mr. Campbell's findings is to illustrate just how backwards the world's thinking is when it comes to protein, especially animal protein.

After The Fact
If you're wondering about people who've already developed the dreaded disease and how they can proceed, Dr. Campbell sites: By merely reducing animal protein to 5% or less, or eliminating meat and dairy entirely reverses the cancer. In my line of work, I speak to many people with cancer and am always shocked when the patient tells me their doctor suggests eating meat. Why are so many doctors so lost when it comes to this topic? Why don't they know or avail themselves to other research? Campbell's research was funded by the same agencies or sources that fund pharmaceutical companies. How can both sides be right. That will be Part 2 of this blog.

Most recently I learned of a woman with colon cancer. She underwent chemo treatments and is, for now okay. The doctor recommended soft foods to not hurt where the surgery was performed. He also suggested she eat meats as they wouldn't hurt her. What about the acidic nature of the food? What about the fact that meat is almost entirely undigestible? I believe everyone has the right to choose how to live and what foods to eat. Some people just don't care what difference diet makes and want to eat what they love. I respect everyone's right to choose how they want to live. I do believe that if people knew the truth, they'd make better choices. It's the backwards thinking in the collective public mind that allows that backdoor to open and the "wrong choices" to be made and justified. When people know the consequences of their actions, they typically do make better choices.

In Conclusion
The choices we make today determine our experiences for tomorrow. I understand doctor's thinking when it comes to food. They see all food as being made-up of the same molecules, which is true. All food is made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—except for animal products, which differ only in that they contain nitrogen and small amounts of sulfur. To them, there is little difference between a potato and potato chips! I see a difference between Oats and Oatmeal. I want my food to be real! Today, it's difficult to obtain foods that are truly pure and natural. Which is why I make it a point to eat organic foods and heirloom foods. Some consider me a "health nut" but I like my foods to at least belong to a species that actually occurred naturally and isn't spliced with animal genes or tobacco genes. Yeah, I'm a health freak because I don't want flounder genes in my tomatoes! Call me crazy, but I don't think both industry and health can be served in the same dish. Support local farming and in turn, support your health and longevity. Till next time. . .
Be well,
Tom DeVito

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Brief Note

I began writing a blog because I wanted to share information and help people. In the process, I hoped to create enough material for which to write a book. I have a long road ahead and a whole lot of rewrites and corrections to make. I will write some short pieces from time to time.

I am not going to stop writing here. But the lack of new material is due to my attention being focused on my next project—the book. I don't have a title but I know exactly where I want to go. The tone and tact will change, somewhat. I want to continue to dispel myths about health but present my ideas in a less casual manner. Putting it all down in one book will make things simpler and I'll be edited! That alone will improve things greatly. I look forward to writing shorter pieces and producing a book. Be back soon.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Reluctant Prophets Of The Veganites!

I can recall when I first became a colon therapist and worked with Gil Jacobs. I had known him for years prior, so I understood his philosophy and I began to shape my own, under his tutelage. To say I "hit the ground running" would be an understatement. Knowing I had a very toxic history I knew, through reading Professor Arnold Ehret's works and Dr. Norman Walker (the Kings of detox) that I should move slowly regarding my diet. My passion for this information, lifestyle, transformation was full on. It was palpable! I was too much. High on the concepts, blinded by hope, my view was pretty narrow. I've since loosened up my approach. I still live the same. "Mostly Raw," is how I refer to my eating habits. Meaning I eat cooked foods once or twice a week. More often 2 meals a week are cooked vegetables. I remained like this because I chose to include cooked foods after a few years of trying to go "all raw." All raw is amazing and wonderful.

Is Cooked Broccoli Going To Kill Me?
I do feel that I want cooked veggies in my life. Something about the comfort it brings, and the temperance to the lifestyle. I found living on raw foods, only was not the way for me. Now, when Gil and I used to talk and he would lecture to the raw food community, they would laugh or shrug his prophetic warnings off as lunacy. Granted, Gil is an eccentric character. Still, he is a very wise and experienced practitioner of this way of life. At Chakra 17, Gil, myself and the rest of the therapists would try to reach some of the people who seemed quite determined on the idea of "going raw." The quotes here are used to capture the language or vernacular of the movement. We spoke about the pitfalls of healing the human body. The risks involved with detoxification through fasting, diet change, colonic therapy, etc..

A Confusing Concept
What most people don't comprehend when first embracing our origins of diet, (the raw food diet) is: the process is akin to drug addicts getting off drugs or alcoholics getting off alcohol. Cigarette smokers quitting smoking. All things ingested either through consumption of solids and liquids, drugs, alcohol, intravenous drugs/medicines, etc., all leave residue in the body. Some substances leave an alkaline residue, while others leave an acidic residue. NO MATTER WHAT THE SUBSTANCE—DETOXIFICATION OF ALL NEGATIVE (ACIDIC) RESIDUE IS RISKY. This depends greatly on the amount and level of poison left in the tissue, bloodstream, cells.

Levels, Jerry! It's All About Levels! (Kramer to Seinfeld)
Think of it this way—if a heroin addict cannot access heroin and tries a another drug, one less toxic, they will get sick as though they took nothing. Likewise, when the average person, who has thousands and thousands of years of lineage to consider, gives up their cultural way of eating or the way in which their family has eaten for 3-5 generations, they will feel sick early on the process. Why? Beef leaves a dense, sticky acidic residue in the body. Mix that with potatoes and we create and stickier, more acidic residue. In fact, most of that food never leaves the body. Percentage wise, more remains trapped in the digestive and elimination organs of the body. Simply because each item is acidic and mis-combined. Take 2 foods which should not be eaten together and we double our trouble. Rather than our digestive system breakdown or decompose (dismantle) the foods we eat—the foods decompose before the body can digest them. They are cooked proteins and starches. Both highly acidic, both very sticky—BOTH REQUIRING OPPOSING ENZYMES TO DIGEST PROPERLY. That last sentence is an idealistic one. Meaning, all cooked meats are nearly impossible to digest. Mix them with starchy foods, which is a part of almost every culture on the planet, and viola! NO DIGESTION!

Drop That "Balls To The Wall" Attitude
As you can see the standard American diet or planetary diet is toxic and requires care, knowledge and experience to take on and see through correctly. Some people cannot get through the trials of the process. That is okay and understandable. This is not for everyone. It can and does benefit all that live this way. Not all of us have the physical, emotional or energetic strength to really see this through. Still there are levels to be embraced. We don't have to run the marathon to enjoy running. We don't have to play Chopin to enjoy playing piano. We don't have to hit a home run every time, at bat. This is what Gil tried to teach the people of the raw food community so many years ago. We spoke at length about this very issue. It felt as though the more obsessed types wanted to be right rather than know the truth. Wanted to be raw rather than healthy. We hit a wall. We could not continue to bang our own heads against the wall and expect they would get it. I haven't heard Gil speak in a while, but I'll bet he still tries to reach people. But there's been a twist. A turn of events.

Truth Or Consequence? (An old game show, circa 1970's)
Recently I heard some interesting news. Some "leaders" in the raw food community have taken to eating raw animal products. A sign that between their rabid disbelief in colonic therapy as a key to their own success and their obsessive adherence to a strict raw food diet—They had begun to hit a wall. Another sign that the raw food diet isn't really working for them, in the absence of colonic therapy is they are now beginning to eat cooked food. What has become of this movement? Where are they going? What in the world are they doing? Exactly what Gil predicted. He was very correct and prophetic when he tried to warn them of this eventual outcome. I am glad that the movement is shifting and now speaking more about incorporating lots of raw fruits and vegetables into the diet, rather than 100% raw! All the time!

Upon meeting a lot of these people, way back in the early 2000's, they would ask, "are you raw?" What percentage are you? Meaning, how much of your foods were eaten raw? "How long have you been raw?" Holy cow! No pun intended??? That used to drive me nuts. Don't get me started on nuts. That is what they all thought would sustain them. Nuts, in my opinion are not the super food everyone thinks it is. It is, idealistically. NOT, in actuality. They don't breakdown so well. Therefore we don't derive much benefit from them. They stimulate and to some satiate. For me they are non-acidic pebbles. That's what we do to them when we chew, which we don't do enough of with veggies, let alone nuts. So they go into the stomach like pebbles and leave the bowels the same way. So, how are we extracting nutrients from a chunk of nut?

The Raw Truth! (Someone must have a book by this title)
I've learned a prominent raw food restaurant, "Quintessence," which makes the best raw soup in the world! Peter's Pot soup may be the best flavor ever created. The Buddha Bowl is an incredibly satisfying salad. This restaurant was super radical and pretty much a turn-off. They have loosened up, due to the shift in their leaders. All of them are realizing this cannot be sustained! Actually, it can. But the level of constant bowel cleansing borders on the absurd. I won't even get into that now. Suffice to say it isn't easy or economical for the majority of people. Experience speaks volumes. Technical knowledge is important. Experiential knowledge is equally as important. It's good to know the technical details when parachuting, yet I want someone whose actually jumped and has lots of experience.

If First At Once. . .
I felt bad during Gil's lectures back then. He had nothing to gain. Except maybe some clients added to our extremely busy schedule at Chakra 17. We were the busiest place in NYC. Hands down. We didn't need to convince people to come see us. We had a 3-week wait for appointments. He tried. I tried. Many of us tried to reach some of the people in the community. Instead, with 3, 4, 6-years experience, they became authors and teachers of something they didn't truly understand. They hadn't experienced enough of the pitfalls to become prophets themselves. They didn't even take of the training wheels! On some level I see this change in the raw food community, as a good thing! Not a failing but a breakthrough! A success! Why? They finally got some truth. Now they can take a step back and look with eyes seeking truth, rather than seeking to see only what they wanted to see. They can perhaps augment their daily habits and finally thrive on this diet. The way all of us, who believe in the need for cleansing the bowels have and still are!

Nothing But The Truth!
What stands the test of time is what I tend to look at more closely. Whether it's good or bad, I pay attention. Like war—there's something in that silly arcane, violent energy that we like? Or at least accept. Perhaps the two camps can finally co-mingle. Maybe now truth can be shared, rather than shunned. Maybe now when people go to Gil's lectures, they'll not tune him out when he talks about the dangers of "not transitioning." The transition period is the most important aspect of this diet change. Remember, it's all about the journey. Not the arrival. There is no arrival with anything in life. Just the doing, being, experiencing of life. No finishing line. No prize for being raw. No trophies! Thank you, Gil for being that big mouth with that oddly high-pitched voice—that you didn't care what you looked like or how you were received. All for truth! This is why I'm honored to be a student of this man. Perhaps I feel more vindicated than he. Why? Because I so wanted them to get it! I've treated my share of tragedies that didn't think being 60 pounds and 5' 7", was a sign that not only was the diet (sans colonic) wasn't working but that they were detoxifying themselves to death!!! I applaud the movement and Quintessence for allowing the truth to be a part of this, our growing world.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Horse Of A Different Color

These days I wonder about where we as a species is headed. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what is used to be—and never was. My father loves to say that. "Nothing is what it used to be and never was" is a very interesting word play. Meaning "the good ol' days" never were the good ol' days. We seem to romanticize the past as if it was better than right now! Every generation does it. They look back on the previous generation as if they lived in a better world. Truth is, they lived with different challenges and achievements. Life is a series of challenges. The cliche' "you have to take the good with the bad," for me is backwards. Shouldn't it read "you have to take the bad with the good?" The reason for the focus on cliches and word play—The flipping around of words to get a different view on the past, etc., is merely a forced changed perspective. If we look at the past as if it was better simply because of simplicity or innocence not yet lost, we do ourselves a disservice. Life is life. No better or worse. Just life. It is as it is. Plain and simple.

Days Of The Future's Past (The Moody Blues)
How will the future generations look back on us? How will they see us? What will they think when they look back on this generation? Are we living during the time of the Phantom? The time of the wolf in sheep's clothing? Or the tomato in flounder's clothing? We elect a president who is half African American because he spoke of change, real change we can count on. This country elected our first black president. Just for the sake of this point. His detractors don't see his white side. Has there been any real change? Not really. Is Obama's health care bill for the people? Or is it for the insurance companies to profit? Change? Or is our government doing to policy and democracy what Monsanto is doing to seed, in this country. It appears to be an apple—but from a molecular perspective, it is not! Is anything what it seems, anymore?

Let Me Take You Down. . . Nothing Is Real (John Lennon—Strawberry Fields)
We live in a time when nothing is what it seems. Here's a short list with interspersed comments. Hair extensions and transplants. Breast implants. Male enhancement. What a crock! Masculinity enhances males. Not pills or large suction devices! Sex change operations. Plastic surgery to the level of butchery. As people we live among Frankenstein monsters created by our most skilled surgeons. Our entire middle class is an illusion. Without loans, credit cards, leasing, etc., there is no middle class. Just upper class, and the poor. The middle has become the upwardly mobile from the lower class, propped up by thieves or loan sharks. Or a middle class with breast implants.

The Emperor's New Clothes
This country produces food which looks good but tastes like crap. We torture our animals. We poison our crops. We poison ourselves with junk food and materials which should not be used in the home or the human body, ie dental amalgams (mercury). Our rugs made of nylon poison the air in our homes. The list goes on and on. Lets face it. We must accept much of this as a matter of course. A matter of modern living. Our transportation poisons as it eases our sojourn to and from work. We cut down far more trees than we plant. Yeah, I'm a fucking tree hugger. For the purpose of this piece lets look at that one. Trees cool the earth and provide oxygen for our atmosphere. All plant life does this. The plants we eat make our blood and cleanse our organs. We live with the plant kingdom like bees to flowers. Or should. I will continue to root (get it?) for the tree. Without trees, we're screwed. Think about it. I am dedicated to planting trees and plants, till I die.

Our communication is killing us. Cell phones are destroying our ecology not just in the dumps but in the air waves. Bees are dropping like flies! Ha! Yeah, I'm full of cheesy puns. Without bees natural pollination is screwed. What are we doing to rectify this? Zilch! Cell phones cause cancer. They radiate us. Our brain waves are bonkers from these devices. Yes, we are more efficient. We are efficiently killing ourselves and the creatures we deem pests, which of course support us in life. We got it all backwards. Still I use a cell phone. . .

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Sip?
Our water supply. . . There is not enough space here for me to expound on this topic. People need water. As our population grows—our share of water diminishes. This planet is reaching a breaking point. Soon we will have to get real creative. Time is a man made concept. Yet it is a damn good measuring tool. There is not enough time for us to right all the wrongs overnight. Yet, we can still make valuable changes. As individuals. To think in terms of we can be dangerous when communicating thoughts so I will write this part personally. I cannot change the seed industry, the pesticide and herbicide industry.

Ch-Ch-Ch=Changes—Turn And Face The Strange (David Bowie—Changes)
I cannot change health care. The petroleum crisis. The water supply. I cannot change the way the medical industry is run or how doctors treat patients. The way the government conducts itself nationally and certainly not internationally. I cannot stop my country from engaging in unjust wars. I cannot make right all the wrongs. I can, however, not participate in harmful practice. I can choose organic. I can choose to take care of my health and not rely on insurance and doctors to keep me alive and healthy. I can choose to become a stronger man, independent of "the system," within reason. I haven't had health insurance for 16 years now. I am independently healthy.

Is This Matrix? Or Is It Idiocracy?
Being on the fringe of society has its benefits. But still, fringe is part of the big picture. Change is not as simple as our president Obama claims. I wonder if after election, all presidents aren't given the blue pill or the red pill. Interesting color choices in the Matrix movies. Where does the campaign dreams go once elected? Ahhh, what's the use. I'm beginning to whine. That sickens me. So I'll stop. Truth is—NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. Don't believe everything you see. My grandmother used to tell my mother, "believe nothing you read and half of what you see." Ida was a sharp woman. What we are doing is idiotic.

Since we eat phantom foods and breath dirty air. We grow these impostors (foods) in depleted soil and spray deadly chemicals on our costume food. We use deadly bacteria and virus to merge genetic code from animal to plant kingdoms. We live an illusion of middle class. We aren't at all what we appear to be. We dare not age! God forbid! We are slowly choking the life out of life. We are sucking every bit of goodness out of this gift, our home planet earth. And replenishing nothing.

Don't Give In Without A Fight! (Roger Waters—Hey You)
What will our genetically modified (monsterous) foods do to us in 1oo years? Imagine if we merged the flounder gene with a dog. Would we be comfortable owning such an unpredictable beast? How can we possibly determine the behavior of this man made creature? WE CANNOT KNOW! Yet we'll eat, willingly the foods or impostors grown. Can we fight this? I don't even know. There's nothing worse than a complainer without a solution. I'm not sure I have any. What I can offer is this: I will withdraw from people who don't share the common interest of a sustainable life plan. I will and haven't participated in the practice of torturing animals for my gluttony. Nor will I be gluttonous in any way. I will not support corporations that don't support a good cause. Slowly but surely I am and have been out of the norms of society. Not because I'm antisocial. Anyone who knows me would testify I am anything but antisocial. But because that is the way to effect peaceful, effective change. Don't contribute to that which is myopic and non-replenishing. This includes agriculture and all natural materials. To come from the perspective of what I can do rather than we, I hope this drives the point home, stronger.

This is not a sermon but a peaceful battle cry! I for one will not contribute to the process which does not sustain a healthy life for all species on the planet. Because after all, we're all equally important. Lets see how well human beings do without bees.

I'll leave you with a quote from a beautifully wise and powerful man, when asked if he'd like something to eat with his Starbucks coffee. "I'd like to eat everything here with my coffee, but I'm committed to my longevity more than the instant gratification I'll get from eating any of this."
I did not ask permission to use this gentleman's name so I won't print it here.

I've said the same in a different way. The benefit we get from eating junk food exists in 2 places for a very short period of time. In the mind (mmmm that's gonna taste good). Then in the mouth (mmmm delicious). Once the food is swallowed, the hell begins. The negatives far outlive the positives of thought and the taste. Once ingested. . . . well you all heard this song before.
Be well. Stay well,
Tom DeVito

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cancer Incorporated

When most of us think of Cancer, we think this is one of the most important illnesses for which to find a cure. A large number of well intentioned people contribute money for the research they believe is getting us closer to curing this mysterious, persistent killer disease. Doctor's, scientists and researchers know the truth about this illness. It's been known for decades. The real truth is—the medical world and pharmaceutical corporations work much harder to keep us in the dark about how easy this disease is to cure or prevent, than they do to heal us and help end our suffering. Got your attention? Read on.

A Cure! A Cure! My Kingdom For A Cure!
Large corporations donate millions of dollars to this noble cause. Including Philip Morris! In case you are unfamiliar with this name—Philip Morris is one of the largest cigarette manufactures in the world. How nice of them. For all the years, and all the money, time, research, etc., which has been thrown at this illness—no advances have been made. No cures found. It seems as if the treatments keep people alive long enough for the manufactures of the Chemo and radiation drugs to make more money. No matter what they do—the cancer drugs drag people through hell and back before they die. No one gets out alive. If they do get a break from the disease, they ultimately have a second bout, which kills the person rapidly. The biggest problem with this disease is when the patient shows some strength or signs of hope, they are extinguished with more drugs, no change in abusive lifestyle, etc.

Things Are Not What They Seem
There is something very dark and shady associated with the way in which the statistics are calculated. I believe I wrote this previously—if a patient survives the treatments and lives 2 years without the illness, they are considered cured. Their statistic is considered "final" or absolute. The term used to be 5 years. The statistic is never recalculated when the patient dies, even if they die 2 years and one day later! This is the propaganda used to promote the sale of these harmful poisons. This approach is seen as the ONLY WAY. People who refuse the standard cancer therapies are considered lunatics. I say they are brave, courageous people who know the drugs not only won't work but will bring them to their knees in the process of "treatment." It seems as though this illness is kept mysterious to the layperson. People with no clinical background, can compete with the massive engine behind "cancer research." Nor the manufacturing of drugs and the fictitious claims, which are made to market these drugs as effective.

1 + 1 = 3
When a patient "survives" (2 years) the chemo-therapy sessions or radiation therapy. This produces a certain mentality in the laypeople. Like early civilizations who did not fully understand weather patterns, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., stories were created to appease the masses. Gods were blamed. Evil spirits seeking vengeance were credited with storms and destruction. Coincidentally, people would pray or dance or sacrifice an animal or human—and when things improved, slightly it was believed that the somewhat silly ritual actually affected a more desirable outcome. When really, all that happened was nature, naturing. (a word I just made up, of course) Apply that to the treatment of cancer. One develops the disease and begins their journey on the allopathic roller-coaster. Thinking there's hope when numbers improve or being filled with doom when they plummet. This is the ups and downs part of this approach.

A Sort Of Ground Hog Day
A visit to the Oncologist brings "great news," the tumor markers have shrunk! Things are looking up. The patient is reinforced with statistics, which are "doctored," to say the least. The doctor tells the patient to have hope, that they can "beat" this disease. How many family members, friends, loved ones do we have to lose before we DON'T believe these false claims, hopes and slanted or fictitious statistics? Where are all these survivors. And how long are they actually surviving. There are fewer and fewer cases of people getting surgery and/or some form of cancer treatment who survive and thrive. How many people do you know that beat cancer 25-30 years ago? Way fewer than the people who have perished from the disease.

Who's Fighting? (a strange nod to Mick Jagger from the film Gimme Shelter)
These days more and more people are battling cancer. Lots of little cancers. Have you noticed a trend in the language I'm using. Where this disease and most illnesses are concerned, we have a fight mentality. Our bodies house the illness/disease. What are we fighting? Ourselves? Should we fight anything? Battle cancer? We often read that so and so "lost their battle with cancer." Battle? We've got this all wrong! And who the hell am I to make such a grand statement? I'm someone who has lost many family members, friends, etc., to this disease. There is no fight. There should be no battle. Gentle does it. Not chemical warfare. The inspiration for this piece is due to my watching an incredible movie: A Beautiful Truth. This movie covers a lot of areas of our culture and the problems we ALL face. From cancer to agriculture (which run hand in hand) to mercury poisoning from our illustrious dental industry. The man behind the inspiration of this movie is a man named Dr. Max Gerson. He declared a cure for cancer, in 1928. Like Professor Arnold Ehret, Gerson's approach was based on not poisoning the body to health. Which, of course is considered ridiculous and absurd—by the people selling and profiting from the sale of the drugs and therapies. I know there are cases where people survive illnesses based on drug therapy. These people are anomalies, minor players in this game. Doctors sell hope. Never healing. And almost never good results.

A Great Man At A Crossroads!
Dr. Max Gerson, like many doctors of his day knew the truth. He and others knew the medical community was moving further away from true science and the "real" scientific method, to an industry based system whose focus became sales and profit. Gerson was investigated by the AMA (American Medical Association) many times. Every time they investigated him, Gerson showed them many patients "sent home to die" by hospitals—for which he healed them and were declared CURED! Back then patients were sent home to die. They didn't occupy a hospital bed till their end. These patients were deemed "incurable." Gerson used a method, which almost no one in his community supported and brought the overwhelming majority of his patients, back to health. His approach was out in left field. Bordering on the unthinkable! No drugs? No surgery? Understand, this was a critical period in the development of the modern hospital and medical practice. For all the advancements made to deal with trauma and acute illness, the AMA were beginning to see the potential for profit. The manufacturers of the drugs being used more often than ever before, were seeing the enormous potential for profit and growth, which lie ahead. Max Gerson used a simple formula for healing cancer, which was also a cure for most degenerative diseases.

The Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth.
I will attempt to layout this bizarre yet simple method of healing, used by Dr. Gerson. Here goes: the patient is put on a new diet! Wow! Shocking! This diet consists of fresh vegetable juices! In 1928??? Unheard of! The state of food was not nearly as bad as it is today. Truthfully, the agriculture system was worlds better. All food was more or less organic by default. The patients were taken off the standard American diet. No meat of any kind. No cheese. No eggs. No MILK!!! No processed foods of any kind! Sound familiar? Oh, I almost forgot—coffee enemas. Yes, it comes to this all the time. Here's why Gerson chose this to be a part of his therapy. By properly administering a coffee enema the "hemorrhoidal" vein, which runs along the descending colon, takes in the coffee and delivers it directly to the liver. This causes the liver to expel, with great effectiveness, the poisons which accumulate in the liver. Due to constipation, sluggish bowels, and a diet high in processed foods—the liver becomes congested. The process of the coffee enema frees the liver of poison. Which in itself is a major benefit to the body. Increasing the power of filtering the blood, with far greater efficiency. This decreases the amount of pollution in the bloodstream. Fascinating! Gerson believed 2 things to be at the root of all illness: Toxicity and deficiency. I believe deficiency is mainly due to toxicity from constipation and a lack of openness in the "tube system" (Prof. Ehret's terminology) of the body. Health is based more on the efficacy and power of the body's ability to keep clean and not so much on diet intake. We can bolster the positive with a whole foods, plant based diet, of course. But until we are properly detoxified/cleansed, the good food turns foul in the presence of rotting food matter and waste.

I believe, fully that nutrition is created in the body when the body is free of obstruction. *(Professor Arnold Ehret proved this in his work in 1922 in The Mucusless Diet Healing System—Ch. 5) Of course the intake of fresh juice and whole foods is vital. But the bulk of elements we need to be healthy is created internally. By now I hope you see the sarcasm in what I wrote at the start of the previous paragraph. There's nothing outlandish or difficult or foreign in Gerson's therapy. It's based on simplicity. Bringing people back to basics so the innate strength returns and the patient heals. Like wild animals heal from illness when they fast. Giving human beings the diet for human beings! Instead of the nonsense we call food. When human beings fast, we cleanse our tissues of accumulated waste. Another idealistic concept, to a certain degree. 5,000 years ago, fasting was different. Food was different. It was real and pure. These old timer's approach was simple and easy to understand. Oddly enough. . .it worked.

Maybe There's Another Way?
I've witnessed time and time again, people told they didn't have a chance for survival. That their cancer was terminal and there was no hope. Some were told to get their affairs in order. Talk about a grave prognosis. These people chose to eat a diet of fresh, raw green vegetables. Drink green juices. Keep their thoughts positive. Meditate. Some prayed. Some simply knew this experience was their body giving them one last chance, one more opportunity to STOP the process of poisoning. They knew, intuitively that they would heal. There was no fight. There was no battle. There was a gentle shift in their approach to life. They became more peaceful. They were softer in their demeanor. They let go of drama. They became closer and more harmonious with nature. In the sense that they lived on real foods. These people got in touch with the depths of their essence. They didn't believe the lies that abound in the AMA about this "incurable" disease. Our minds have the power to shrink tumors. To rid our cells of toxic poison. To cleanse our blood. We have not trusted in this process for many thousands of years. We don't realize the power of our thoughts. That topic deserves a separate post. Yet, when a person is told they have "terminal" cancer, the persons cells immediately respond to that information. Regardless of the truth of diagnosis. Our thoughts are more powerful than that which we perceive as reality.

Survival Or Profit?
The saddest most unfortunate aspect of this borderline epidemic-illness is the enormous profit made by giant companies by not healing anyone. To administer drugs, which only weaken the body,
irradiate the patient and poison the tissue and bloodstream. This so called treatment ultimately brings the person to near death or simply kills them before the cancer dies. Not that dying from cancer is preferred. Of course, as I've stated many times—most physicians never advise cancer patients to change their diets. In fact, quite to the contrary, they are told to "fatten up" to offset the effects of the chemo/radiation. The "side effects" of cancer therapy cause people to lose weight, dramatically. They become so thin from not eating, the doctors actually tell them to eat the exact foods they should be avoiding. This is not an evil choice made by the doctor. This is the essence of the ignorance of this industry. They believe it is better for the patient to be fat, instead.

What we witness in the victims of cancer and the associated drug/surgery procedures is a slow poisoning of the patient. What ever pause, or appearance of progress we see is typically countered by the advancement of the cancer—due almost entirely to the drugs, lack of body parts and the horrific, tragically stupid diet the patient is put on. They are told to eat lots of carbs, (starches) cheeseburgers, pizza, etc. The weight gain will help them to battle the effects of the treatment! THIS IS WHY THE PATIENT IS SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! SHIT FOR FOOD!!! They are sick because they ate shit most of their lives! This food and the weight gain will do one thing only for the patient—decrease their chances of survival, greatly. To withstand the level of poison that cancer "therapy" brings to the patients body requires a great deal of strength both physically and genetically. Most people cannot get through the treatments. Or eventually a new cancer appears, once the so called therapy is completed.

The Barn Burned Down Long Before The Legend Ever Did!
(Borrowed & Butchered from Elton John's Candle In The Wind)

In a previous post or two, I shared this metaphor, which is not mine—Referring to the use of chemo/radiation/AZT (AIDS meds), to fight cancer, HIV, Hepetitis, etc. Lets say you have a rat infested barn. The only way to get the rats to leave, is to set the barn on fire with the hopes that the fire can be doused before the barn burns down. The diet most doctors prescribe to cancer patients would be the equivalent of spraying gasoline on that burning barn. The rats will run or die. The fire will achieve that. But the damage done, most often cannot be repaired or reversed. All we can hope for is an easy death with the least amount of suffering. But what the patients and their loved ones don't understand, due to the grave fear we all have around this disease, is that the protocol is somewhat worse than the illness. The patient and the family would be much better off if the patient was put on the Gerson therapy. Or the modern version. A plant based diet, with fresh juices, whole foods, colonic therapy, movement, etc. It is criminal to allow our medical profession to knowingly poison us under the guise of healing. One cannot be a doctor of medicine and not know, deep down, that ALL DRUGS POISONOUS THE HUMAN BODY!

Now That's Some Good Drinkin'!
I took a break a little while ago and made myself a fresh vegetable juice made-up of Organic carrots, Lacinato Kale and celery. I made about a quart of juice and drank it all. The electricity circulating through my body feels amazing. It's crazy. I feel a great burst of energy, mental clarity, increased awareness and overall oomph. To think that a friend of mine was told not to have fresh green juice, take chlorella or eat salads while sick with cancer. She was told that moving her bowels would aggravate her tumors, which were attached to the fat around the lower belly. I covered this topic in detail in a couple of older posts. They told her the movement would make the tumors grow. This woman was put on a diet prescribed to her by DOCTORS! Called "the low residue diet." Pudding, jello, sugar smacks. Foods which produce a low amount of residue or SHIT. These geniuses put this poor woman on a diet, which fails to keep laboratory rats alive! This is either IDIOCRACY in real life or evil doing its best, really their worst. Doctors aren't taught the truth and most are too unintelligent to figure it out for themselves—and instead are taught the names of over 600 drugs and the effects of those drugs on the human body. This is not acceptable. Imagine if our car mechanics knew the names of the engine parts but not how to fix the engine!

Who Is Held Accountable?
Is it the fault of the doctor? The AMA? Or is it our friends in the pharmaceutical industry, who fund research and development to further the profit driven agenda. This is meant to produce the illusion of a necessity for drugs as therapy. Also to fictionalize the efficacy of drugs for health, treatment and healing. This is pure, unadulterated bullshit! Many arguments can be made to support drug therapy. I've made my stance clear throughout my blogging days and prior in my profession. When imminent death or acute illness threatens the survival of a person, by all means drug that person or cut them open and try to save their life. To operate on someone because things aren't as good as they can be is a business move with no regard for the actual health or future of the patient. I don't believe drugs should be used as therapy. However, the pharmaceutical industry is in business to profit, which is the only reason to be in business. Hello!

Make Money, Money. Make Money, Money (Snoop Dogg)
Perhaps that is why nationalized medicine seems to make sense on paper. The unfortunate result of industrializing pharmaceuticals is—the focus is no longer helping people to heal. Don't be fooled by the lies. Thinking along these lines is akin to thinking that any given president actually cares more about people than the industrial corporations that placed him in office. Don't be fooled. THIS IS NOT TRUE for pharmaceutical companies or politicians. Politicians are in place to carry out the mission. MAKING MONEY for the great corporations of the country. Stop believing campaign promises. Stop buying their bullshit and deceit. Even the politicians that have good intentions, once inside see and learn the way the game is played. They either play or die. Hopefully they only die, politically.

That Which Kills Us
We are being killed by the "things" manufactured for consumption, pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment. Whether we are talking about processed foods, electronic gadgets (cell phones, computers) or simply nylon rugs which poison the very air we breathe, until the nylon stops gassing. Which takes a very long time. Dental amalgams (Silver fillings) used for decades, which contain Mercury. This stuff is so poisonous, yet hardly ever considered an issue in mainstream medicine. The amount of undiagnosed illnesses in this country from the use of this material is incomprehensible. The utter disregard for health in exchange for profit is unforgivable. The amount of mercury in one tooth filled with silver mercury filling, upon contact with water (saliva or liquid consumed), gasses enough poison to shut down a factory for evacuation. It is almost twice the amount of mercury gas needed for a factory to be declared a hazardous environment. Mercury is highly poisonous and toxic. It is a neurological toxin or Neuro-toxin. It is the most toxic mineral that is not radioactive. We all suffer brain damage to some degree when exposed to this element. Crowded elevators with 3 to 5 people with mouths filled with one or more dental amalgams (silver fillings) is way above legal limits of mercury gas for a large building. Digest that one for a bit.

What Are "They" Protecting, If Not Profit?
The topic of dental amalgams is heavily debated. Of course the FDA claims that these fillings, which are 50% mercury are perfectly safe. Supposedly there's no risk to our health and all these claims are false or exaggerated. Do I even need to comment on the ethics of the FDA? Please! They okay every drug, which they eventually call back. These fake scientists call actual learned people who are real Master's of Science and PHD's, quacks—simply because they speak the truth about mercury poisoning and most other fantastical ideas they put forth for profit. They've even convinced people whose children have been permanently damaged by vaccines containing mercury, that the child's illness, which occurred just after a vaccination session, wasn't from the vaccines. Can you see the obvious trends being set in motion by the systems which govern every aspect of our health?

Don't Trust Industry
Bill Maher makes a great point on his show, In Real Time. He and I seem to agree on this among many topics—We grow food that is crap. We make "foods" out of the raw materials from that crap we grow. The foods & processed garbage we make causes us to become ill. Then we go to doctors that push drugs. The drugs provide a quick "fix" yet not a real fix. We get sicker from the drugs. We're told our diets have nothing to do with "this illness," by our doctors. We continue to repeat the process. Until we are diagnosed with a BIG illness. Which is typically cancer, stroke, heart-disease, diabetes, etc. Here is where the real money is made. Treatments (drugs/surgery) for the big illnesses cost enormous amounts of money. You see, when INDUSTRY drives culture, people suffer addictions to products. There's really no problem until specific areas of our culture become industrialized! To industrialize medicine, Health-care, food production—including agriculture, means profit is now the number one priority. How in the world can we expect to get quality from any of these outlets. It's bad enough people believe medicine helps chronic illness. Quality always takes a back-seat to profit when "industry" sneaks in. I say sneaks because it doesn't happen over night.

This Isn't Working
The images we have in our heads from all the people we've known who have suffered or died from cancer are, of course grim and sad and ugly. We watch our loved ones become zombies. Do all cancers do that to people? I don't think so. I believe it is the effects of the drugs. As I explained before, if you live past 2 years, you're considered cured. Most people, sadly succumb to the illness. Cancer as we now know is an end-of-the-line illness. Cancer comes when we ignore all the other signs of illness. There are no "real" signs. But instead, little illnesses. Or a general feeling of "blah" most of the time. We don't understand that our inner body is trying to tell us to get our act together. Instead, we move on like frat boys pledging to be a member of a fraternity. With the same blind faith we trudge on and try to act as if everything is fine. We don't realize that to be tired all the time, have headaches, backaches, colds, flu's, sinus infection, painful menstrual cycles, weight gain or struggles, bathroom issues, and so on, is not normal! These are the signs for which we need to pay attention. Not ignore. Not act like "we can take it". This is your body saying "hello! Do something different. This isn't working!"

Arrogance, Ignorance And The Cycle Of Suffering
Industry needs a constant demand for product. Have you noticed people being put on chemo drugs for life! Low dosage pills. No end in sight. Just taking these poisonous tablets, years after the threat of cancer is gone. Here's the scariest part. No one as made any real changes to how they live. This is perfect. A repeat illness is almost guaranteed. Cancer will return, depending on the indulgence and arrogance of patient and doctor. We can no longer act like the Standard American Diet isn't the problem. IT IS! We need to stop melting cheese all over everything we eat, and be arrogant about it. As though we've earned the right to clog our arteries or stop our hearts with roast beef sandwiches. Why? To make drug companies rich? Or for that fleeting moment of pleasure, followed by days of suffering. Then what? Tums? We are the most indulgent, obese, sick and immature culture on the planet. Just because we can stuff a turkey with 2 other animals doesn't mean we should. How maniacal can we be. We take away the bread and replace it with the flesh of another dead animal? This is irresponsible, childish, myopic and outright stupid behavior. It's no wonder we are falling apart as a nation. Our collective head is so far up our collective ass its a woneer we survive at all—worrying about who won Dancing With The Stars or who's had plastic surgery, or counting calories, or getting to the gym to work off yesterday's ridiculous contraption we call a meal! Wake up! Cut the crap. EAT FOOD. Put an end to dramatic thinking and focus on the now. This brings clarity. Even if we visit now for a few moments. Try it.

We Cannot Exercise Cancer Away—But We Can Exorcise Cancer From The Body!
The treadmill only removes the giggly stuff. Not the sticky residue from poor digestion and low-quality food, which is a major contributing factor to illness. Remaining on the diet treadmill, the medication hamster wheel, ensures that evil empires will stay in business. These chemical products act like time released booby-traps. Take any drug long enough and you will develop a so called "unrelated illness." BULLSHIT! Our foods, drugs, drinks, air, etc., all go through the same system. Different names and locations mean nothing. All illness comes from accumulation, constipation or obstruction. Fancy names for illness creates fancy names for drugs and the marketing thereof. We use different names to describe different physical locations of the same accumulation. This mystifies and confuses the average person
—not to mention the average doctor. Don't let the names, symptoms and the variety of suggested treatments fool you. There is only one illness and that is the accumulation of poison caused by sluggish bowels, constipation, the formation of gas and mucus in the tissue, bloodstream and cells of the body. Simple. For medical science to have researched human beings and illness to the degree they have, is by no means a bad thing. What hurts their power and knowledge is agenda, money and profit. If they let go of their attachment to their education and all it encompasses (huge loans), they might see the truth. First step—letting go of their egos.

The Unprofitable Truth
Upon this awakening, doctor's would see the truth and that the system is a mess. People's fear, weakness and illness is used for profit. Once again, one cannot embrace science as a measurement of truth and defend the state of medicine today. Some of the research being done is fantastic. There are some scientists doing great work. The unfortunate aspect of industrialization is. . . truth/health takes a back seat to profit. Medically speaking: Healing is actually something we chase as an illusive, intangible, unreachable goal. Along the trek to health through medicine, we may reach certain plateaus, but we never actually reach the top of the mountain. Why? Because there's no money in the cure! John Joseph, author of "Meat Is For Pussies," drove that point home at his appearance in Brooklyn during his book tour. That is the truth.

Copacetic? Or Apathetic?
When people are diagnosed with cancer, the patient sees this as the beginning of real illness. The little or not so little illnesses have been overlooked as unrelated. Or irrelevant. All illness is the same. All symptoms can be considered warnings to teach us certain things aren't right. When cancer strikes we think the trouble begins. This is more or less the end of the patient's journey. Their body is giving into the rapidly growing
cancer cells. Their blood acidic, filled with toxic poison. Their bowels filled with sticky, old, hardened feces, mucus, puss, blood, gas and all kinds of interesting life forms. Our good bacteria is long gone or in such small numbers their presence hardly matters. The job of "cleaning up" or "keeping the passage clear" is long since abandoned.

Hi, How May I Poison You?
Here comes cancer. Taking over the body, the nation, the world. Drugs don't do enough to kill the cancer cells, and seem to damage the good ones more. Why is that? Oddly enough, the cancer cells are significantly weaker than the healthy cells. The explanation for using chemo and radiation? This poison kills weaker cells. Yes, but it kills indiscriminately. Like bombing a city from a plane. Whatever is in the path of the bomb is badly damaged, wounded or killed. It seems while our loved ones are going through this horrific process, the "medicine" takes what little dignity and vitality they had left. It seems the same behavior comes over most cancer patients. I'm not saying cancer is not a devastating illness. It is. But the strange zombie like behavior, once the patient is under treatment for cancer is unmistakable. There is a hollow, far-away stare. As if their eyes only see black and white. The patient becomes something I cannot find a word to accurately describe. I imagine they are locked in fear, knowing they feel something worse than the disease itself running through their veins. The actual drugs and the effects are so powerful and painful, the patient morphs into a grayed out version of themselves. It is so deeply sad and heartbreaking to witness person after person, suffer the same fate as so many others. Yet, the same people grow richer still.

Our Fore Fathers
What people like Dr. Max Gerson, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Norman Walker, Viktoris Kulvinskis, and many others all believed is this: All illnesses are preventable and curable through eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Drinking vegetable juice. Moderate exercise. Colon cleansing, enemas or coffee enemas. All of the aforementioned approaches to health will greatly improve, maintain and heal most if not all illnesses. Today we have new teachers singing the same song, maybe with different words. Maybe to a slightly different tune, with minor adjustments to meet the needs of people and modern diets and lifestyles. Understand when something "new" comes along or is "discovered," most often new discoveries are not new at all. We are waking up to a new yet ancient way of thinking—all we need to heal is ourselves, the natural foods which occur on our planet and some unnatural methods to help us through our unnatural lifestyle. We have for decades lived quite unnaturally. Some will argue that whatever we do, produce or develop is natural because we are natural creatures. Okay, fair enough. There's one thing I'd like to point out. Donuts, bagels, cheese, bread, sausage, hot-dogs, burgers, pizza, beer, booze, drugs of all kinds, ARE NOT NATURAL. These are synthesized items made from raw materials or made from other chemicals, synthesized chemicals or a combination, thereof. Juicing, colon cleansing, exercise are unnatural necessities of modern living. Yes, exercise is unnatural. Taking on unnatural practices is not a bad thing. We live with all kinds of modern poisons—perhaps these modern health aids are perfect reactions to our new demons of convenience.

Perception, Relatively Speaking. . .
We once woke-up with sunrise and went to sleep with sundown. We worked outdoors and got our exercise that way. We breathed fresh air and were exposed to sunlight in a healthy way. Our ozone layer was not compromised by deforestation, pollution and chemicals in the atmosphere. Obvious? Yes, but not often considered: There is no sunrise or sunset. It's really earth-rise and earth-set. We move around the sun and spin on our axis. The sun simply spins on its axis and moves around the galaxy with the rest of the stars, etc. As our sun hurls through the galaxy, we move with it. Perspective is everything. Because we stand on planet earth we see the sun rise and set. We don't see our planet's movement. Apply this concept where ever you can in life. Perspective is everything. How does perspective apply to cancer? Think of it this way: when a tumor is found, the first thought is "this is bad." This is the general attitude about tumors. However, the tumor is there to collect bad cells and associated fluids. To remove the tumor isn't a bad thing. But to ignore nature and its messages is why most people succumb to the dreaded illness.

What Would The World Look Like, If. . . ?
As I mentioned above. There is never any proper information given about changing the diet or ones habits, by the majority of doctors. The sad truth about cancer is it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It generates enormous amounts of money. If Dr. Gerson's therapy were introduced back in 1928, things would be quite different. We would still have a medical community—not an industry. Cancer would therefore be a rare illness rather than a common, almost everyday illness—now bordering on epidemic. Instead of cancer we live with Cancer Incorporated. The business of pain, suffering, virtual torture and worst of all deceit. Don't support their research. For your hard earned money will ultimately assist them in keeping you veiled from the truth. We support research that kills us? Demand a new way, with new thinking. Not new names for the same drugs. Or new formulas. Try something OLD! Like fasting. Try not stuffing your face, America!

Be well,
Tom DeVito