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Cancer Incorporated

When most of us think of Cancer, we think this is one of the most important illnesses for which to find a cure. A large number of well intentioned people contribute money for the research they believe is getting us closer to curing this mysterious, persistent killer disease. Doctor's, scientists and researchers know the truth about this illness. It's been known for decades. The real truth is—the medical world and pharmaceutical corporations work much harder to keep us in the dark about how easy this disease is to cure or prevent, than they do to heal us and help end our suffering. Got your attention? Read on.

A Cure! A Cure! My Kingdom For A Cure!
Large corporations donate millions of dollars to this noble cause. Including Philip Morris! In case you are unfamiliar with this name—Philip Morris is one of the largest cigarette manufactures in the world. How nice of them. For all the years, and all the money, time, research, etc., which has been thrown at this illness—no advances have been made. No cures found. It seems as if the treatments keep people alive long enough for the manufactures of the Chemo and radiation drugs to make more money. No matter what they do—the cancer drugs drag people through hell and back before they die. No one gets out alive. If they do get a break from the disease, they ultimately have a second bout, which kills the person rapidly. The biggest problem with this disease is when the patient shows some strength or signs of hope, they are extinguished with more drugs, no change in abusive lifestyle, etc.

Things Are Not What They Seem
There is something very dark and shady associated with the way in which the statistics are calculated. I believe I wrote this previously—if a patient survives the treatments and lives 2 years without the illness, they are considered cured. Their statistic is considered "final" or absolute. The term used to be 5 years. The statistic is never recalculated when the patient dies, even if they die 2 years and one day later! This is the propaganda used to promote the sale of these harmful poisons. This approach is seen as the ONLY WAY. People who refuse the standard cancer therapies are considered lunatics. I say they are brave, courageous people who know the drugs not only won't work but will bring them to their knees in the process of "treatment." It seems as though this illness is kept mysterious to the layperson. People with no clinical background, can compete with the massive engine behind "cancer research." Nor the manufacturing of drugs and the fictitious claims, which are made to market these drugs as effective.

1 + 1 = 3
When a patient "survives" (2 years) the chemo-therapy sessions or radiation therapy. This produces a certain mentality in the laypeople. Like early civilizations who did not fully understand weather patterns, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., stories were created to appease the masses. Gods were blamed. Evil spirits seeking vengeance were credited with storms and destruction. Coincidentally, people would pray or dance or sacrifice an animal or human—and when things improved, slightly it was believed that the somewhat silly ritual actually affected a more desirable outcome. When really, all that happened was nature, naturing. (a word I just made up, of course) Apply that to the treatment of cancer. One develops the disease and begins their journey on the allopathic roller-coaster. Thinking there's hope when numbers improve or being filled with doom when they plummet. This is the ups and downs part of this approach.

A Sort Of Ground Hog Day
A visit to the Oncologist brings "great news," the tumor markers have shrunk! Things are looking up. The patient is reinforced with statistics, which are "doctored," to say the least. The doctor tells the patient to have hope, that they can "beat" this disease. How many family members, friends, loved ones do we have to lose before we DON'T believe these false claims, hopes and slanted or fictitious statistics? Where are all these survivors. And how long are they actually surviving. There are fewer and fewer cases of people getting surgery and/or some form of cancer treatment who survive and thrive. How many people do you know that beat cancer 25-30 years ago? Way fewer than the people who have perished from the disease.

Who's Fighting? (a strange nod to Mick Jagger from the film Gimme Shelter)
These days more and more people are battling cancer. Lots of little cancers. Have you noticed a trend in the language I'm using. Where this disease and most illnesses are concerned, we have a fight mentality. Our bodies house the illness/disease. What are we fighting? Ourselves? Should we fight anything? Battle cancer? We often read that so and so "lost their battle with cancer." Battle? We've got this all wrong! And who the hell am I to make such a grand statement? I'm someone who has lost many family members, friends, etc., to this disease. There is no fight. There should be no battle. Gentle does it. Not chemical warfare. The inspiration for this piece is due to my watching an incredible movie: A Beautiful Truth. This movie covers a lot of areas of our culture and the problems we ALL face. From cancer to agriculture (which run hand in hand) to mercury poisoning from our illustrious dental industry. The man behind the inspiration of this movie is a man named Dr. Max Gerson. He declared a cure for cancer, in 1928. Like Professor Arnold Ehret, Gerson's approach was based on not poisoning the body to health. Which, of course is considered ridiculous and absurd—by the people selling and profiting from the sale of the drugs and therapies. I know there are cases where people survive illnesses based on drug therapy. These people are anomalies, minor players in this game. Doctors sell hope. Never healing. And almost never good results.

A Great Man At A Crossroads!
Dr. Max Gerson, like many doctors of his day knew the truth. He and others knew the medical community was moving further away from true science and the "real" scientific method, to an industry based system whose focus became sales and profit. Gerson was investigated by the AMA (American Medical Association) many times. Every time they investigated him, Gerson showed them many patients "sent home to die" by hospitals—for which he healed them and were declared CURED! Back then patients were sent home to die. They didn't occupy a hospital bed till their end. These patients were deemed "incurable." Gerson used a method, which almost no one in his community supported and brought the overwhelming majority of his patients, back to health. His approach was out in left field. Bordering on the unthinkable! No drugs? No surgery? Understand, this was a critical period in the development of the modern hospital and medical practice. For all the advancements made to deal with trauma and acute illness, the AMA were beginning to see the potential for profit. The manufacturers of the drugs being used more often than ever before, were seeing the enormous potential for profit and growth, which lie ahead. Max Gerson used a simple formula for healing cancer, which was also a cure for most degenerative diseases.

The Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth.
I will attempt to layout this bizarre yet simple method of healing, used by Dr. Gerson. Here goes: the patient is put on a new diet! Wow! Shocking! This diet consists of fresh vegetable juices! In 1928??? Unheard of! The state of food was not nearly as bad as it is today. Truthfully, the agriculture system was worlds better. All food was more or less organic by default. The patients were taken off the standard American diet. No meat of any kind. No cheese. No eggs. No MILK!!! No processed foods of any kind! Sound familiar? Oh, I almost forgot—coffee enemas. Yes, it comes to this all the time. Here's why Gerson chose this to be a part of his therapy. By properly administering a coffee enema the "hemorrhoidal" vein, which runs along the descending colon, takes in the coffee and delivers it directly to the liver. This causes the liver to expel, with great effectiveness, the poisons which accumulate in the liver. Due to constipation, sluggish bowels, and a diet high in processed foods—the liver becomes congested. The process of the coffee enema frees the liver of poison. Which in itself is a major benefit to the body. Increasing the power of filtering the blood, with far greater efficiency. This decreases the amount of pollution in the bloodstream. Fascinating! Gerson believed 2 things to be at the root of all illness: Toxicity and deficiency. I believe deficiency is mainly due to toxicity from constipation and a lack of openness in the "tube system" (Prof. Ehret's terminology) of the body. Health is based more on the efficacy and power of the body's ability to keep clean and not so much on diet intake. We can bolster the positive with a whole foods, plant based diet, of course. But until we are properly detoxified/cleansed, the good food turns foul in the presence of rotting food matter and waste.

I believe, fully that nutrition is created in the body when the body is free of obstruction. *(Professor Arnold Ehret proved this in his work in 1922 in The Mucusless Diet Healing System—Ch. 5) Of course the intake of fresh juice and whole foods is vital. But the bulk of elements we need to be healthy is created internally. By now I hope you see the sarcasm in what I wrote at the start of the previous paragraph. There's nothing outlandish or difficult or foreign in Gerson's therapy. It's based on simplicity. Bringing people back to basics so the innate strength returns and the patient heals. Like wild animals heal from illness when they fast. Giving human beings the diet for human beings! Instead of the nonsense we call food. When human beings fast, we cleanse our tissues of accumulated waste. Another idealistic concept, to a certain degree. 5,000 years ago, fasting was different. Food was different. It was real and pure. These old timer's approach was simple and easy to understand. Oddly enough. . .it worked.

Maybe There's Another Way?
I've witnessed time and time again, people told they didn't have a chance for survival. That their cancer was terminal and there was no hope. Some were told to get their affairs in order. Talk about a grave prognosis. These people chose to eat a diet of fresh, raw green vegetables. Drink green juices. Keep their thoughts positive. Meditate. Some prayed. Some simply knew this experience was their body giving them one last chance, one more opportunity to STOP the process of poisoning. They knew, intuitively that they would heal. There was no fight. There was no battle. There was a gentle shift in their approach to life. They became more peaceful. They were softer in their demeanor. They let go of drama. They became closer and more harmonious with nature. In the sense that they lived on real foods. These people got in touch with the depths of their essence. They didn't believe the lies that abound in the AMA about this "incurable" disease. Our minds have the power to shrink tumors. To rid our cells of toxic poison. To cleanse our blood. We have not trusted in this process for many thousands of years. We don't realize the power of our thoughts. That topic deserves a separate post. Yet, when a person is told they have "terminal" cancer, the persons cells immediately respond to that information. Regardless of the truth of diagnosis. Our thoughts are more powerful than that which we perceive as reality.

Survival Or Profit?
The saddest most unfortunate aspect of this borderline epidemic-illness is the enormous profit made by giant companies by not healing anyone. To administer drugs, which only weaken the body,
irradiate the patient and poison the tissue and bloodstream. This so called treatment ultimately brings the person to near death or simply kills them before the cancer dies. Not that dying from cancer is preferred. Of course, as I've stated many times—most physicians never advise cancer patients to change their diets. In fact, quite to the contrary, they are told to "fatten up" to offset the effects of the chemo/radiation. The "side effects" of cancer therapy cause people to lose weight, dramatically. They become so thin from not eating, the doctors actually tell them to eat the exact foods they should be avoiding. This is not an evil choice made by the doctor. This is the essence of the ignorance of this industry. They believe it is better for the patient to be fat, instead.

What we witness in the victims of cancer and the associated drug/surgery procedures is a slow poisoning of the patient. What ever pause, or appearance of progress we see is typically countered by the advancement of the cancer—due almost entirely to the drugs, lack of body parts and the horrific, tragically stupid diet the patient is put on. They are told to eat lots of carbs, (starches) cheeseburgers, pizza, etc. The weight gain will help them to battle the effects of the treatment! THIS IS WHY THE PATIENT IS SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! SHIT FOR FOOD!!! They are sick because they ate shit most of their lives! This food and the weight gain will do one thing only for the patient—decrease their chances of survival, greatly. To withstand the level of poison that cancer "therapy" brings to the patients body requires a great deal of strength both physically and genetically. Most people cannot get through the treatments. Or eventually a new cancer appears, once the so called therapy is completed.

The Barn Burned Down Long Before The Legend Ever Did!
(Borrowed & Butchered from Elton John's Candle In The Wind)

In a previous post or two, I shared this metaphor, which is not mine—Referring to the use of chemo/radiation/AZT (AIDS meds), to fight cancer, HIV, Hepetitis, etc. Lets say you have a rat infested barn. The only way to get the rats to leave, is to set the barn on fire with the hopes that the fire can be doused before the barn burns down. The diet most doctors prescribe to cancer patients would be the equivalent of spraying gasoline on that burning barn. The rats will run or die. The fire will achieve that. But the damage done, most often cannot be repaired or reversed. All we can hope for is an easy death with the least amount of suffering. But what the patients and their loved ones don't understand, due to the grave fear we all have around this disease, is that the protocol is somewhat worse than the illness. The patient and the family would be much better off if the patient was put on the Gerson therapy. Or the modern version. A plant based diet, with fresh juices, whole foods, colonic therapy, movement, etc. It is criminal to allow our medical profession to knowingly poison us under the guise of healing. One cannot be a doctor of medicine and not know, deep down, that ALL DRUGS POISONOUS THE HUMAN BODY!

Now That's Some Good Drinkin'!
I took a break a little while ago and made myself a fresh vegetable juice made-up of Organic carrots, Lacinato Kale and celery. I made about a quart of juice and drank it all. The electricity circulating through my body feels amazing. It's crazy. I feel a great burst of energy, mental clarity, increased awareness and overall oomph. To think that a friend of mine was told not to have fresh green juice, take chlorella or eat salads while sick with cancer. She was told that moving her bowels would aggravate her tumors, which were attached to the fat around the lower belly. I covered this topic in detail in a couple of older posts. They told her the movement would make the tumors grow. This woman was put on a diet prescribed to her by DOCTORS! Called "the low residue diet." Pudding, jello, sugar smacks. Foods which produce a low amount of residue or SHIT. These geniuses put this poor woman on a diet, which fails to keep laboratory rats alive! This is either IDIOCRACY in real life or evil doing its best, really their worst. Doctors aren't taught the truth and most are too unintelligent to figure it out for themselves—and instead are taught the names of over 600 drugs and the effects of those drugs on the human body. This is not acceptable. Imagine if our car mechanics knew the names of the engine parts but not how to fix the engine!

Who Is Held Accountable?
Is it the fault of the doctor? The AMA? Or is it our friends in the pharmaceutical industry, who fund research and development to further the profit driven agenda. This is meant to produce the illusion of a necessity for drugs as therapy. Also to fictionalize the efficacy of drugs for health, treatment and healing. This is pure, unadulterated bullshit! Many arguments can be made to support drug therapy. I've made my stance clear throughout my blogging days and prior in my profession. When imminent death or acute illness threatens the survival of a person, by all means drug that person or cut them open and try to save their life. To operate on someone because things aren't as good as they can be is a business move with no regard for the actual health or future of the patient. I don't believe drugs should be used as therapy. However, the pharmaceutical industry is in business to profit, which is the only reason to be in business. Hello!

Make Money, Money. Make Money, Money (Snoop Dogg)
Perhaps that is why nationalized medicine seems to make sense on paper. The unfortunate result of industrializing pharmaceuticals is—the focus is no longer helping people to heal. Don't be fooled by the lies. Thinking along these lines is akin to thinking that any given president actually cares more about people than the industrial corporations that placed him in office. Don't be fooled. THIS IS NOT TRUE for pharmaceutical companies or politicians. Politicians are in place to carry out the mission. MAKING MONEY for the great corporations of the country. Stop believing campaign promises. Stop buying their bullshit and deceit. Even the politicians that have good intentions, once inside see and learn the way the game is played. They either play or die. Hopefully they only die, politically.

That Which Kills Us
We are being killed by the "things" manufactured for consumption, pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment. Whether we are talking about processed foods, electronic gadgets (cell phones, computers) or simply nylon rugs which poison the very air we breathe, until the nylon stops gassing. Which takes a very long time. Dental amalgams (Silver fillings) used for decades, which contain Mercury. This stuff is so poisonous, yet hardly ever considered an issue in mainstream medicine. The amount of undiagnosed illnesses in this country from the use of this material is incomprehensible. The utter disregard for health in exchange for profit is unforgivable. The amount of mercury in one tooth filled with silver mercury filling, upon contact with water (saliva or liquid consumed), gasses enough poison to shut down a factory for evacuation. It is almost twice the amount of mercury gas needed for a factory to be declared a hazardous environment. Mercury is highly poisonous and toxic. It is a neurological toxin or Neuro-toxin. It is the most toxic mineral that is not radioactive. We all suffer brain damage to some degree when exposed to this element. Crowded elevators with 3 to 5 people with mouths filled with one or more dental amalgams (silver fillings) is way above legal limits of mercury gas for a large building. Digest that one for a bit.

What Are "They" Protecting, If Not Profit?
The topic of dental amalgams is heavily debated. Of course the FDA claims that these fillings, which are 50% mercury are perfectly safe. Supposedly there's no risk to our health and all these claims are false or exaggerated. Do I even need to comment on the ethics of the FDA? Please! They okay every drug, which they eventually call back. These fake scientists call actual learned people who are real Master's of Science and PHD's, quacks—simply because they speak the truth about mercury poisoning and most other fantastical ideas they put forth for profit. They've even convinced people whose children have been permanently damaged by vaccines containing mercury, that the child's illness, which occurred just after a vaccination session, wasn't from the vaccines. Can you see the obvious trends being set in motion by the systems which govern every aspect of our health?

Don't Trust Industry
Bill Maher makes a great point on his show, In Real Time. He and I seem to agree on this among many topics—We grow food that is crap. We make "foods" out of the raw materials from that crap we grow. The foods & processed garbage we make causes us to become ill. Then we go to doctors that push drugs. The drugs provide a quick "fix" yet not a real fix. We get sicker from the drugs. We're told our diets have nothing to do with "this illness," by our doctors. We continue to repeat the process. Until we are diagnosed with a BIG illness. Which is typically cancer, stroke, heart-disease, diabetes, etc. Here is where the real money is made. Treatments (drugs/surgery) for the big illnesses cost enormous amounts of money. You see, when INDUSTRY drives culture, people suffer addictions to products. There's really no problem until specific areas of our culture become industrialized! To industrialize medicine, Health-care, food production—including agriculture, means profit is now the number one priority. How in the world can we expect to get quality from any of these outlets. It's bad enough people believe medicine helps chronic illness. Quality always takes a back-seat to profit when "industry" sneaks in. I say sneaks because it doesn't happen over night.

This Isn't Working
The images we have in our heads from all the people we've known who have suffered or died from cancer are, of course grim and sad and ugly. We watch our loved ones become zombies. Do all cancers do that to people? I don't think so. I believe it is the effects of the drugs. As I explained before, if you live past 2 years, you're considered cured. Most people, sadly succumb to the illness. Cancer as we now know is an end-of-the-line illness. Cancer comes when we ignore all the other signs of illness. There are no "real" signs. But instead, little illnesses. Or a general feeling of "blah" most of the time. We don't understand that our inner body is trying to tell us to get our act together. Instead, we move on like frat boys pledging to be a member of a fraternity. With the same blind faith we trudge on and try to act as if everything is fine. We don't realize that to be tired all the time, have headaches, backaches, colds, flu's, sinus infection, painful menstrual cycles, weight gain or struggles, bathroom issues, and so on, is not normal! These are the signs for which we need to pay attention. Not ignore. Not act like "we can take it". This is your body saying "hello! Do something different. This isn't working!"

Arrogance, Ignorance And The Cycle Of Suffering
Industry needs a constant demand for product. Have you noticed people being put on chemo drugs for life! Low dosage pills. No end in sight. Just taking these poisonous tablets, years after the threat of cancer is gone. Here's the scariest part. No one as made any real changes to how they live. This is perfect. A repeat illness is almost guaranteed. Cancer will return, depending on the indulgence and arrogance of patient and doctor. We can no longer act like the Standard American Diet isn't the problem. IT IS! We need to stop melting cheese all over everything we eat, and be arrogant about it. As though we've earned the right to clog our arteries or stop our hearts with roast beef sandwiches. Why? To make drug companies rich? Or for that fleeting moment of pleasure, followed by days of suffering. Then what? Tums? We are the most indulgent, obese, sick and immature culture on the planet. Just because we can stuff a turkey with 2 other animals doesn't mean we should. How maniacal can we be. We take away the bread and replace it with the flesh of another dead animal? This is irresponsible, childish, myopic and outright stupid behavior. It's no wonder we are falling apart as a nation. Our collective head is so far up our collective ass its a woneer we survive at all—worrying about who won Dancing With The Stars or who's had plastic surgery, or counting calories, or getting to the gym to work off yesterday's ridiculous contraption we call a meal! Wake up! Cut the crap. EAT FOOD. Put an end to dramatic thinking and focus on the now. This brings clarity. Even if we visit now for a few moments. Try it.

We Cannot Exercise Cancer Away—But We Can Exorcise Cancer From The Body!
The treadmill only removes the giggly stuff. Not the sticky residue from poor digestion and low-quality food, which is a major contributing factor to illness. Remaining on the diet treadmill, the medication hamster wheel, ensures that evil empires will stay in business. These chemical products act like time released booby-traps. Take any drug long enough and you will develop a so called "unrelated illness." BULLSHIT! Our foods, drugs, drinks, air, etc., all go through the same system. Different names and locations mean nothing. All illness comes from accumulation, constipation or obstruction. Fancy names for illness creates fancy names for drugs and the marketing thereof. We use different names to describe different physical locations of the same accumulation. This mystifies and confuses the average person
—not to mention the average doctor. Don't let the names, symptoms and the variety of suggested treatments fool you. There is only one illness and that is the accumulation of poison caused by sluggish bowels, constipation, the formation of gas and mucus in the tissue, bloodstream and cells of the body. Simple. For medical science to have researched human beings and illness to the degree they have, is by no means a bad thing. What hurts their power and knowledge is agenda, money and profit. If they let go of their attachment to their education and all it encompasses (huge loans), they might see the truth. First step—letting go of their egos.

The Unprofitable Truth
Upon this awakening, doctor's would see the truth and that the system is a mess. People's fear, weakness and illness is used for profit. Once again, one cannot embrace science as a measurement of truth and defend the state of medicine today. Some of the research being done is fantastic. There are some scientists doing great work. The unfortunate aspect of industrialization is. . . truth/health takes a back seat to profit. Medically speaking: Healing is actually something we chase as an illusive, intangible, unreachable goal. Along the trek to health through medicine, we may reach certain plateaus, but we never actually reach the top of the mountain. Why? Because there's no money in the cure! John Joseph, author of "Meat Is For Pussies," drove that point home at his appearance in Brooklyn during his book tour. That is the truth.

Copacetic? Or Apathetic?
When people are diagnosed with cancer, the patient sees this as the beginning of real illness. The little or not so little illnesses have been overlooked as unrelated. Or irrelevant. All illness is the same. All symptoms can be considered warnings to teach us certain things aren't right. When cancer strikes we think the trouble begins. This is more or less the end of the patient's journey. Their body is giving into the rapidly growing
cancer cells. Their blood acidic, filled with toxic poison. Their bowels filled with sticky, old, hardened feces, mucus, puss, blood, gas and all kinds of interesting life forms. Our good bacteria is long gone or in such small numbers their presence hardly matters. The job of "cleaning up" or "keeping the passage clear" is long since abandoned.

Hi, How May I Poison You?
Here comes cancer. Taking over the body, the nation, the world. Drugs don't do enough to kill the cancer cells, and seem to damage the good ones more. Why is that? Oddly enough, the cancer cells are significantly weaker than the healthy cells. The explanation for using chemo and radiation? This poison kills weaker cells. Yes, but it kills indiscriminately. Like bombing a city from a plane. Whatever is in the path of the bomb is badly damaged, wounded or killed. It seems while our loved ones are going through this horrific process, the "medicine" takes what little dignity and vitality they had left. It seems the same behavior comes over most cancer patients. I'm not saying cancer is not a devastating illness. It is. But the strange zombie like behavior, once the patient is under treatment for cancer is unmistakable. There is a hollow, far-away stare. As if their eyes only see black and white. The patient becomes something I cannot find a word to accurately describe. I imagine they are locked in fear, knowing they feel something worse than the disease itself running through their veins. The actual drugs and the effects are so powerful and painful, the patient morphs into a grayed out version of themselves. It is so deeply sad and heartbreaking to witness person after person, suffer the same fate as so many others. Yet, the same people grow richer still.

Our Fore Fathers
What people like Dr. Max Gerson, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Norman Walker, Viktoris Kulvinskis, and many others all believed is this: All illnesses are preventable and curable through eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Drinking vegetable juice. Moderate exercise. Colon cleansing, enemas or coffee enemas. All of the aforementioned approaches to health will greatly improve, maintain and heal most if not all illnesses. Today we have new teachers singing the same song, maybe with different words. Maybe to a slightly different tune, with minor adjustments to meet the needs of people and modern diets and lifestyles. Understand when something "new" comes along or is "discovered," most often new discoveries are not new at all. We are waking up to a new yet ancient way of thinking—all we need to heal is ourselves, the natural foods which occur on our planet and some unnatural methods to help us through our unnatural lifestyle. We have for decades lived quite unnaturally. Some will argue that whatever we do, produce or develop is natural because we are natural creatures. Okay, fair enough. There's one thing I'd like to point out. Donuts, bagels, cheese, bread, sausage, hot-dogs, burgers, pizza, beer, booze, drugs of all kinds, ARE NOT NATURAL. These are synthesized items made from raw materials or made from other chemicals, synthesized chemicals or a combination, thereof. Juicing, colon cleansing, exercise are unnatural necessities of modern living. Yes, exercise is unnatural. Taking on unnatural practices is not a bad thing. We live with all kinds of modern poisons—perhaps these modern health aids are perfect reactions to our new demons of convenience.

Perception, Relatively Speaking. . .
We once woke-up with sunrise and went to sleep with sundown. We worked outdoors and got our exercise that way. We breathed fresh air and were exposed to sunlight in a healthy way. Our ozone layer was not compromised by deforestation, pollution and chemicals in the atmosphere. Obvious? Yes, but not often considered: There is no sunrise or sunset. It's really earth-rise and earth-set. We move around the sun and spin on our axis. The sun simply spins on its axis and moves around the galaxy with the rest of the stars, etc. As our sun hurls through the galaxy, we move with it. Perspective is everything. Because we stand on planet earth we see the sun rise and set. We don't see our planet's movement. Apply this concept where ever you can in life. Perspective is everything. How does perspective apply to cancer? Think of it this way: when a tumor is found, the first thought is "this is bad." This is the general attitude about tumors. However, the tumor is there to collect bad cells and associated fluids. To remove the tumor isn't a bad thing. But to ignore nature and its messages is why most people succumb to the dreaded illness.

What Would The World Look Like, If. . . ?
As I mentioned above. There is never any proper information given about changing the diet or ones habits, by the majority of doctors. The sad truth about cancer is it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It generates enormous amounts of money. If Dr. Gerson's therapy were introduced back in 1928, things would be quite different. We would still have a medical community—not an industry. Cancer would therefore be a rare illness rather than a common, almost everyday illness—now bordering on epidemic. Instead of cancer we live with Cancer Incorporated. The business of pain, suffering, virtual torture and worst of all deceit. Don't support their research. For your hard earned money will ultimately assist them in keeping you veiled from the truth. We support research that kills us? Demand a new way, with new thinking. Not new names for the same drugs. Or new formulas. Try something OLD! Like fasting. Try not stuffing your face, America!

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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