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All I Want Is The Truth, Just Gimme Some Truth. . .

The title of this piece is taken from the late, great John Lennon. I'm sure I don't need to go into this man's history. He was not only a painfully honest artist. He was an outspoken activist. He spoke out for all of humanity and he was a vegetarian, later in his life. He also never bowed to any power. He spoke his mind freely. Yes, he had a platform and lots of money. He did make a difference and so can we!

WARNING: This post includes harsh language.

I'm Back
For the past few years or more I've stayed away from the vegan, raw food movement. Most of what I witnessed in the early 2000's was a lot of people seeking answers to a formula that could not be adapted as a "one size fits all" program. We all have different histories and different roles in society. Some of us are more stationed in the cities and suburbs in which we've chosen to live. Some of us travel as if we are on the lamb and ducking the law or the mob.

The vegan lifestyle is a very different way of living. The raw vegan lifestyle is completely outside of this society and culture. One must consider, carefully where they are headed and more importantly, where they came from. I've said this many times. The reason I am reviewing this concept is because of a vegan event I attended, last night. Seeing as though I sometimes write these pieces in a few sessions, this may take a few days to post. The event took place in Dumbo, Brooklyn. For those of you outside the NYC area, this neighborhood's name comes from its location. Down Under The Manhattan Bridge overpass. Like SOHO—South of Houston (street).

A Night To Remember
The event was a book signing for a book, which was published about a year ago, called "Meat Is For Pussies," by John Joseph. For those of you who not familiar with the name, he is also the front man and lead singer for the punk rock band, The Cro-Mags. His book and his talk at the bookstore, The Power House, was very straight forward, very crass and vulgar. My kinda guy! In the spirit of Lennon and other outspoken activists Joseph reached his audience by using the language he used growing-up in the streets. As soon as he spoke I heard many similarities between he and I. His delivery, content and passion reminded me of me. So why write about him and his book? Because he went much deeper into researching the evils of GMO's and Monsanto. One of my favorite targets. What Joseph revealed was staggering and frightening. The power this company and others like it wield over you and I is truly unforgivable. We don't differ so much in content. I feel we do compliment one another, as I go deeper into the physiological effects of the foods on the human body.

Great Minds!
His research helped get me in touch with the virtual tsunami of food chemical companies, drug companies, agriculture and most importantly the inhumane and extremely NON-GREEN effects of factory farms for animal food production. Not to mention the movement of genetically modifying our foods under the guise of "improving" the quality of foods. The underhanded nature in which all these companies operate is far worse than you could imagine. I've been aware of most of what he spoke about, but this "balls-to-the wall" book really brings to light some of the atrocities we humans are committing on our animals, and on ourselves. As I've stated in the past—when we stop buying food-gadgets (non or junk-foods) the market or demand decreases, which would force these despicable cretins to hop on another band wagon and perhaps not seek to take over the planet. Something Joseph made clear last night.

I was moved by his passion and candor. His research and depth of knowledge on these very topics was riveting. He had a full house of curious people as well as members of the choir silently sitting or standing in silence. Everyone was attentive, everyone was moved, including my NY, cynical ass! While I respect and admire and support most of my peers and teachers and great people whom have braved this journey, this man blew me away because he most definitely did not put on airs. He made no excuses, didn't fake a British accent, or wear a turban, or a robe. He didn't use spiritual terms and most importantly, HE DELIVERED TRUTH! All I want is the truth now, just give some truth!

The Proof Is In The Guacamole
The great Dr. Fred Bisci was also in attendance. I consider Fred a friend. I've known him for several years. He has been on the vegan, raw food path for something like 60 years. Talk about experience. He's helped over 35,000 people world-wide. He spoke for a while and also delivered great information, at age 81, with amazing physical and mental agility. We all can only hope to be in his shape, on all planes of life when our ninth decade rolls around. My favorite line from Dr. Bisci was this, "I'm making plans for the next 30-40 years!" This is a man filled with positivity, love, compassion, wisdom, knowledge and experience. He has treated a broad spectrum of people and has really seen, through literally thousands of cases, THE TRUTH.

Again, why write a piece like this? For sometime I was turned off by the dogmatic and somewhat militant approach the raw food movement took in order to bring an important message to the people. They didn't look the part. Their energy was often low. Their complexions gray. Guts filled with waste, with limbs thin, lacking muscles. Their attitudes were negative and they seemed to be filled with anger and judgment of others. Except for a very few. The movement then felt like an exclusive clique rather than an inclusive "we're all in this together" vibe. This, I feel has changed dramatically and for the better. No more preaching to the choir of people with fractional knowledge. This is growing into a huge movement for the sake of all human kind. Not just people in the lifestyle.

Bring Back The Beam Green Movement, Please!
I recently met an amazing young woman by the name of Mary Boemer. She and her Mom started a group/movement called Beam Green. I hope I spelled it correctly. Well, if it's spelled wrong, its at least phonetically accurate. The movement came from illness in her family, which claimed the lives of her Dad and Brother. Soon after her son passed away, Mary's mom developed 2 brain tumors. Mary had been seeing my teacher for colonics. For those of you who don't know me very well or are new to this site, his name is Gil Jacobs. His knowledge of healing the body naturally, through detoxification (colonics and a mucus free diet) is unsurpassed by almost everyone else in this field. He is a pioneer and a brilliant man. His dedication to helping others is quite impressive. I owe my presence and all my early training and knowledge to him and his tutelage. I cannot say enough good things about Gil and his ability to safely guide people through the healing process. His generosity with people in sharing what he knows has contributed to my method of teaching and sharing. Sharing with nothing at heart but paying it forward. Mary's mom, whose name I do not know. Was healed of her cancerous tumors in a fairly short period of time. Both Mary and her mom continue to live according to this beautiful lifestyle and live free of illness!

Don't Buy Into The Lies
Meeting Mary and hearing about the organization and movement they created, inspired me. Primarily due to the oomph of this movement. It attracted young, upbeat professionals. People that were positive and not dogmatic and judgmental. Of course I'm judging the people I encountered early on my journey. Last nights event was proof positive that this spirit, this energy, is alive and well and thriving. I knew one thing for sure—something I've expressed in the past, was mentioned by both John Joseph and Moby. The only way to NOT be enslaved by these major, evil corporations is to not buy their products. To lessen the number of people eating a Standard American Diet (SAD)—which simply increases the number of people eating on a conscious, plant-based or mostly plant-based diet. Our former President, Bill Clinton is now living on an almost entirely plant-based diet as a result of his hear valves closing after stint surgery. He realized his diet needed to change in order for his health to improve. Just look at him and see for yourself. He looks 10 years younger.

For a moment lets forget the negatives, which eating dead animals have on the human being. Lets just focus on the biggest contributor to global warming—factory farms, food production-plants & GMO's. This myopic approach to "sustaining life" on this planet is equal to watering your garden with raw sewage! Oh wait, that's already happening—to our foods. Brought to you by The U.S. Agricultural department. Think about it. We create foods and burn enormous amounts of fuel. We build food gadgets out of raw material and use potent chemicals and dyes, which destroy the environment. Irradiating food seems to be okay with our government and a large number of people, in this country. Has anyone bothered to ask, what happens to the nuclear waste? Or the food? Is it still the same, molecularly? I believe not.

Fat, Drunk & Stupid. . . (Animal House)
Christ! Are we this pathetic, fat and addicted? Growing genetically modified foods from "Frankenseeds" destroys the soil. Hello! Soil is Earth! It's not just a patch of dirt to grow vegetables for the hippie tree huggers! It's where all foods are grown for we humans. It's where all foods are grown to feed the livestock. Of course we feed them as poorly as we eat. Why, because it makes them the animals fat. They are sold by weight. What would happen if cows were sold at a flat price, regardless of their weight. That might make a difference. It's our Earth we are completely fucking up! We come from this Earth. We are of this Earth. We are advanced, highly evolved, extremely adaptable organisms. We'll never hurt the earth as a planet. What will happen, as I've stated many times before—we will remove, temporarily, of course, the ability to sustain life on this planet! Enjoy that cheeseburger!

Can You See Yourself In The Eyes Of Other Creatures?
I can't remember if it was Moby, who by the way was riveting, or John Joseph who said "can you look into the eyes of an animal and say your own appetite is more important than that animal's suffering." Great way to think of it. The other way to think of this is, why are we so kind, loving and compassionate toward our house animals but not the rest of the animals on the planet? Are cows not cute enough? Are pigs too dirty to give your compassion? We behave in ways which are inexplicable. We can no longer live blindly, in the absence of consciousness. We can no longer behave that global warming doesn't exist. We can no longer act as though cars are the largest contributor to global warming! It's meat and dairy farms that contribute the most green-house gasses to our air. Food production? Not really, it's revenue production, really. 60 years ago, meat was meat
. Today, we just can't be sure what's in the meat. Which is why so many European country's won't take our meat.

Gimme Your Lunch Money, PUNK!
The worst thing the U.S. does is force our will on others. We do this politically and through war. We are the big bullies. The asshole in the school yard that got in your face. Our government acts as if they believe our way is best. They know the truth. Our way is profitable. That's all. Our government, regardless of who is President, do exactly what they want to do. Presidents appoint people to positions in government, whom we do not choose. Those people are highly trained experts. They are dark figures in our society. They hurt us for money. They shit all over "other" the little people outside this country, like they torture animals. These despicable cretins were the kids that were bullied in school. Revenge of the nerds. These people make policy. They are worse than criminals. Give me a thug any day over a politician. At least they're honest about their role in society. Politicians are like the priests that molest little boys. They act as if they are your friend. That they have your best interest at heart. They want your pennies. The rich don't suffer like the lower and middle class do. When you consider the enormous imbalance of wealth in this country. They take our money, not the rich!

No Turning Back
I am at the point where there is only one way to go—BUY NOTHING THE VAMPIRE, PIMPS PRODUCE. NO FOOD OR CLOTHING MADE BY THESE PRICKS. Buy local organic foods, if you can find it. Buy clothing that does not depend on the inhumane treatment, torture and butchering of animals. Have you ever looked into the eyes of your dog or cat? Or a goat? Or sheep? A cow? A horse? There is no difference between these animals. Pigs are more like dogs than almost any other animal. In fact, their skin is closest to human skin. Still want to eat that pork? That bacon? Funny how beef is cow. Pork is pig. Veal is baby cow, calf. Yet chicken is chicken. Turkey is turkey and fish is fish. But the shit eaters are called "sea food." Are we that stepford?

Are we stupid? I don't think so. I think we are complacent. We are addicted to poison. Most people are unwilling to change because they have no solid information to guide them. Especially from the likes like Dr. Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil. Oz has had to have surgery on his face to hide his lack of health and vitality. He sometimes dispenses decent information, but is largely full of shit. Weil is FAT! Sorry, doc. You cannot be "a world renowned leader of integrative medicine" and BE FAT!!! Is it me? JEEZE! At least Oprah tried to speak out against the beef and dairy industry. They almost killed her and certainly would of had her taken off the air. But for the sake of her show, which I'm sure she believes helps people. And many people do say they learn a lot from her and her approach. But she caved. She's a billionaire. But the beef and dairy farmers have a huge lobby and many more billions. Power always wins.

Lies & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them (Author, Congressman Al Franken)
There's no truth in this country. There's no truth in advertising or marketing. Have you noticed, almost all adds on the TV are for really bad foods, which look like heaven and the drugs you will need from eating that food? Fat free lasagna is no better than normal lasagna! In fact, it's worse. As I've stated before, fat is easier on the body than protein. There's no truth in the medical industry. Obama is a lying sack of shit! And I voted for him! His appointments are downright evil. The men, and I use that term very loosely, are from these evil, giant corporations that have been raping the land and making you and your children, and your elders sick. Voting for a new president is like choosing whom you'd rather have your torture administered by. Either way, you are going to suffer. I've always known this. IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE PRESIDENT. IT IS ABOUT THE AGENDA, THE POLICIES OF THE UNITED STATES!

It's Time To Change! NOW!
People, this is not about what you like to eat anymore. Give up your eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, milk, yogurt, beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, veal, cold-cuts, fast food—ALL OF THIS IS POISONOUS TO YOUR BODY. IT IS ALL POISONOUS TO OUR ENVIRONMENT. AND IT IS EVIL TO TREAT OUR FELLOW SPECIES THIS WAY! We look at other cultures and judge them for how they treat their animals. Like China. They eat all living things, dogs, cats, bugs, roaches, centipedes, worms—it doesn't matter. They half kill animals like cats and skin them alive! Are they better or worse than we? At least they don't pretend to care. This country needs to awaken from it's collective denial and stop the shit already. We need to be conscious, decent people, if only for our own well being. Everyone that wants to continue eating from the list of American animal based foods, are destroying our environment and your all eating the anger, fear, rage, chemical poisons, hormones, etc. Look at what is happening around you. John Joseph pointed out at his lecture that one third of the entire nation is OBESE! ONE THIRD! What the hell is going on? Isn't this alarming to you all? We are supporting industries, their victims, and we're eating shit for food, taking their poisons, called medicine to continue to paint over rust! To hide the truth that the food in this country is UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! It is crap! Plain and simple.

No Fluff. No Fluffer Nutter!
I'm not one of those vegans who wants to share cute recipes, although I have quite a few killer dishes. I am the kind of vegan that wants to help future generations to realize we are killing ourselves on multiple levels. From our food to our soil to our air to our water! What's left? Of course these pimps have everyone believing the opposite of many truths. Milk and cheese fights Osteoporosis. Wrong. Pasteurized dairy causes it. Soy is a cancer fighter. This is a joke—especially for women. Meat is essential for human health. I haven't had red meat since 1987! I live illness free. Cured illnesses I was told I'd have for life! More bullshit. The late, great George Carlin had it right. "It's all bullshit and it's bad for you." We're told fluoride is good for our teeth. IT'S A CORROSIVE! In small amounts, it will break down plaque in the mouth. But to use this poison everyday will eat away at your enamel. Forget the plethora of items we use to prevent sweating, smelling, etc. All radically wrong. All very bad for human health. Go back to nature. Use deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Buy soaps without beef tallow and other animal products. The list is virtually endless. I think I should stop here. I have ranted long enough.

But Seriously Now, Folks. . .
I usually prefer to be humorous and fun about this very important topic. This time I needed to be a bit stronger and somewhat foul mouthed. I'm pissed off! I'm more aware, because of "Meat is for pussies," and the great work people like John Joseph and Moby and so many other activists are doing. This is beyond important. This is so much more vital to our survival than DANCING WITH THE STARS! Get away from your televisions. Watch documentaries, which will inform you of all we are talking about. I will do more and more to be a positive contribution to the well being of the people of this planet, the animals, and the planet itself. Join in. Take a small role. Recycle. Eat locally organically grown foods. Wear natural fibers. Don't support the leather and fur industries. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY—DON'T EAT FAST FOODS. Slow down. Enjoy life.

The Sky Won't Fall—We Will!
We are about to collapse as a society, like Rome did. Too much indulgence and pleasure and not enough responsible living. We need to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. Plain and simple. Every little bit helps. What can you do? The next time you eat a burger, a steak, a piece of chicken, turkey, lamb—think of the screams of horror and agony of that animal while it is witnessing it's fellow animals die at the hand of industry. While it is paraded to its death. Try to imagine how your dog or cat would scream in fear of annihilation. Can you really support that knowing this process and the foods produced by it is why we are all getting sicker and using more drugs than ever, in this society. Pick one thing. Try it out. See if you feel better doing it. You can and will make a difference. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Lets stop this insane, repetitive cycle of death, destruction and weakening of all species, plants, seeds on this planet. We can win by not buying their poison. Drug dealers only go where the business is! If there's no demand, the supply goes away. I hope I've struck a chord. I also don't mind if I've offended some of you. I do it out of love and care for all living creatures.
Finally, a quote from my Dad, who has his misanthropic moments. "The meek shall inherit the earth. . .6 feet at time."
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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