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It's A Rot Race, I Tell You!

We all know what happens to food leftovers when left out, overnight. The food goes bad. Or rots. Or breaks down. Or decomposes. These are some of the ways one can explain the phenomenon of decomposition. Animal products are especially quick to decompose and make quite a stench. Meat, cheese, eggs all make a stink. If you cooked some chopped meat and real melted cheese on the burger, then used hamburger buns made from real grains, then left it on your counter for a few days—the food would rot and stink and grow mold, maggots would form. There would be all kinds of signs that nature was doing its thing. When an animal dies the same thing happens. When grain products are left out they grow mold. When animal byproducts are not refrigerated they rot. Eggs might be the worst of the batch. The stench of sulfur is no surprise to the common egg eater. They smell similar once they pass through the body. How ever much actually makes it out is debatable. Fruit and vegetables are also subject to this natural law, as is all natural food and even foods made with natural products and no preservatives. No hydrocarbon based life forms can escape this fate. We can all agree that Twinkies are not real food, but they will break down over a very long period of time.

Incredulous Disbelievers—DENIAL
Many people posted their comments below the actual story. Most of those people thought the story was absurd. The idea ridiculous! "Our stomachs have powerful acids, which break foods like this down. Air doesn't have the ability to digest food." I was so tempted to write in response to comments as short sighted and misinformed as this one. I resisted. Instead, I'll rant and rave about it here. Why do people insist on fighting against the information which was put out to help them. People make discoveries, engage in detailed research and exhausting tests to help people make better decisions about their health. The the very people that need the information most, fight, deny, argue, ridicule, jump up and down. etc. Yet tell them pollution is getting worse, or the Sun is bad for them, or aerosol cans are bad for the environment and they can work with this information. Why? Because they are victims to what they cannot change and they can easily switch to a pump spray. Makes no real difference in their lives. Ask them to give up their ham, salami and Swiss, on a roll with mayo and mustard, salt and pepper, and they are not happy.
To check this piece out for yourselves:

The information about McDonald's came to me from Dedra, the manager at Release—she's an all around amazing woman & colon therapist. She really investigates and digs deep for information, which she shares with many people. She posted 3 news articles and each blew me away. This next one packs a wallop.


This is an excerpt from the story: The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Its conclusion is rocking the health world with startling bluntness: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.

This is an amazing piece of information. Yet, will it make a difference in people's choices? Probably not. It does give vegetarians and vegans something to quote from the medical profession, on the topic. So many people use doctor's and their inane, uninformed opinions about the consumption of all meats, from fast foods to high quality meats. A large number of doctors claim "everything is okay in moderation." You know what I say? So then how about heroin? In moderation, of course. Kidding aside, this is not ground-breaking news. Many of us new this for years. But for an organization this prominent to outright say these products are not fit for human consumption, is huge.

Chicken Of The Sea?
The study also shows that chicken and fish don't fall into this category simply because the preservative Sodium Nitrite isn't used to preserve the flesh of chicken and fish.
I do not believe chicken or fish is healthy, per say. I do think fish is best. I've said that before but thought this was a good place to reiterate that point. The meats that are preserved with this nasty carcinogen is used to make meats appear bright red and fresh. Flesh is gray. Not red. Here's a list of foods or food gadgets using this chemical: bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meats, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami, and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. Most of the people who read my blog probably don't eat red meat or packaged/processed meat.

What is the point of me writing this is? So we can all spread the word to friends and family who still partake in that way of thinking. They need to know there's a choice. If the people around us, whom we love and care for, are still eating processed meats, they need to know this. They don't have to become a "crunchy granola," as we are often referred to. They can simply go to restaurants that serve real meat. Not highly preserved "happy meal" meat! Nothing happy about that meal and certainly not the person eating it. Nor the animals that are processed into a bizarre combination of flesh, chemical and filler, to look like food.

FOOD Inc. Food Inc. FOOD Inc. Food Inc. FOOD Inc. Food Inc. WATCH IT!
Think about the inhumane treatment of the animals that go into the happy meal. These animals are never "happy." In fact, they never see the light of day and almost never walk on the natural earth. They are locked in boxes or cages. They know this isn't how their lives should be. Not in a cognitive way, but through instinct. This creates a deep frustration in the animal. They're fed the worst man-made food gadgets as to fatten up the animal for a greater price. All the animals we raise live a miserable existence of prison like conditions while being tortured on a daily basis. They suffer from chronic/acute illnesses, which require major doses of antibiotics. The consumer takes all of the above in their being with every bite. I remember, rather clearly how my overall mood changed. I felt better, lighter, cheerier and I became physically lighter. My skin color and quality changed for the better. My breath was better. My need for deodorant was decreased. My need for sweets vanished, almost entirely. I didn't feel the need for breath mints, or chewing gum, which contributes to a host of problems in the stomach. The improvements are lengthy. I normally do not climb atop my soap-box to preach the gospel of veganism. Most of the time I aim to reach people about eating whole foods and combining the foods in the meal, correctly. A few pro-vegan plugs cannot hurt.

Here's the link for this story:

The last piece was shared with me, by Dedra, is another McDonald's story. It's based on how they "manufacture" chicken McNugget's. They create a thick gummy, pink substance out of the chicken and byproducts and various additives. Once they have this pink goop, they need to make it consumable. Due to the fact that there is chicken in the actual recipe and it isn't protected from bacteria, they have to soak the pink slop in AMMONIA! How's that for the restaurant that serves BILLIONS. Disgusting. Once they are done soaking the pink poison in ammonia, it tastes like crap! So onto the next step. Creating flavor. Easy. . . just add some chemicals—the ones that taste good? There you have it. Have a wonderful day, in a one way world.—Peter Gabriel's—first album.

To think people are okay with this is a scary thought. You see, people don't want to know the truth. They want their truth preserved. They want their version of the truth about life, packaged and presented to them in an pretty, easy to understand, way. In other words, people would rather be lied to when their convenience is on the line. "The kids like it, though." What if the kids liked porn, or crime, or drugs, or god for bid, health food? Then what? What is a parent to do? My child is a health nut! Oh nooooooooo! All is good in America, just as long as we get our BULLSHIT in pretty packages, presented to us by dancing clowns, or imaginary Kings, or old men, posing as your friend, cooking the burgers for you, in the kitchen. Wake up! Not with an Egg McMuffin! Wake up with a glass of warm water with lemon. Try a fresh vegetable juice. Or fresh fruit. Eat a salad. Pick from the abundance of foods, which OCCUR here on planet Earth. Just a thought.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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