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Don't Waste Your Life Making Your Doctor Happy While Passing The Test With Flying Colors

Here we go. . .
This insanity has gone on for a long time now and it is only getting worse. The technique used to medicate people has become about test results—not protection, prevention, maintenance, or healing. In fact, most medicines can put the patient in more danger, exposing them to the so called "side-effects" of the drugs. By getting good "test results," the drugs may be removing indicators of the very illness the drug is meant to treat. Take Lipitor as an example. Lipitor is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. Pfizer developed and owns the exclusive rights to this drug. It's meant to help people with high cholesterol. With a little bit of research you can find that not only is cholesterol not the problem—it is actually necessary for good, healthy cell production (cell walls) and the synthesis of Vitamin D. Which of course is very important to healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D aides in the absorption of calcium.

Live And Let Liver
The liver produces cholesterol to deal with the triglycerides or fats (usually from dense animal fat & alcohol). When we eat meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, etc., our liver is called upon to produce this waxy substance to process fats. Even though this waxy product can build-up in the vessels and arteries, it is necessary for breaking down fat. Cholesterol is also very important for healthy cell walls. The membranes are compromised when cholesterol is not produced sufficiently, by the liver. Also, without cholesterol the vitamin D we take in from sunlight and diet is not synthesized, therefore not utilized by the body. When Vitamin D is not processed due to suppression of the liver this results in a deficiency of Vitamin D.

How High The Dosage?
Using super high dosages of Vitamin D seems to be the medical "fix" for this issue. Supplements will never fix the deficiency, but you will pass the test! Vitamin therapy (not from a whole food source) will show up on tests as a positive change. When the blood is tested the Vitamins ingested are in the blood stream but are not and cannot be used by the body. These Vitamins (taken for decades by people thinking they are helping themselves) are incomplete and missing their other half. Vitamins are co-enzymes. When taken from a whole food source the body sees it as a complete product and can use it. When taken from non whole food sources, the body becomes stressed from having to cleanse the blood stream of foreign matter. Test the blood and there it is. But is the Vitamin being utilized by body? No. Yet it's in the bloodstream. Well, buses on the road doesn't mean anything unless they're taking people from here to there!

Clean Up Your Act!
This problem is becoming far too common and is very bad for bones & teeth. Of course we are taught to take milk, cheese and eggs to strengthen our bones and teeth. And of course this is the exact opposite of what we should do. We should get our calcium and all other nutrients from a plant based diet. NOT FROM DEAD ANIMALS! And certainly not from products created by man from the rotting carcasses of dead animals. Just google "how Chicken McNuggets are made" and you'll see the absurdity of how "man" makes his grub. Back to Lipitor. This drug helps lower cholesterol when the problem is triglycerides! It is the fat in our diets, mostly from animals or the by products of animals which is the culprit. Cholesterol is an agent to help us—NOT HURT US! If cholesterol is hurting us than it is our fault! It is our doing. We are eating incorrectly. If your cholesterol is high—CHANGE WHAT YOU EAT! If your car kept building up gunk in the engine from a poor quality oil, you would take care of that problem, pronto. You would immediately change the quality of oil you use for your engine. You might use an aid on occasion and pour some other agent which assists in cleansing the parts of your engine where engine plaque builds up.

When we take Lipitor and other cholesterol inhibitors, we expose ourselves to more risk of heart attack and stroke than we do without these drugs. High cholesterol is an indication that there is too much fat in the diet and risk of heart attack or stroke has increased. Remove this flag and doctors have even less information with which to determine cardiac & arterial health.

Reading testimonials about people that have taken Statin drugs (lipitor & other cholesterol inhibitors) actually create a vulnerability in people for many illnesses. There are so many side effects associated with these drugs. It is a phenomenon that so many people take such drugs. One can lose hair, experience debilitating muscle cramps, loss of bone mass, fragility in the bones, and the list goes on. The one thing Statin drugs do, they do well. They prevent the liver from producing cholesterol. Will we ever deal with the truth? Why do we live in a world of opposites. We claim to be a peaceful nation yet we wage war to control resources that are not ours. We live in an Orwellian society. Eternal war for eternal peace. This has nothing to do with health & medicine. This has to do with a deep seated problem in humanity.

Well, we never speak the truth when industry is at stake. We say we want the truth. We really don't want the truth—we want a truth we can handle. One which does not upset us too much. Imagine if cardiac doctors recommended people give up their abusive lifestyles? Doctors advising their patients to NOT be gluttonous? Doctors that called on people to actually practice some control? Why would they do that? There's no money to be made. Planned obsolescence! Make them sick. . . drug 'em of cut 'em up. . . rinse, repeat. . . . sorry, we've done all we could. . . is ultimately where this merry go round, shit-show will land you. I'd rather drop dead of the actual illness the the off shoot illness the protective medicine gave me. Does anyone get to die from cancer or is it really chemo/radiation poisoning? What's worse? It's certainly not for me to say how a person should or shouldn't treat their illnesses. But with truth and real statistics people would never choose a therapy that kills faster than the illness itself. This is just sad.

My Child? A Heath Freak? No Way!
What kind of stupidity has permeated this culture? We act like little petulant children when we can't have our fattening/clogging foods. I hear things like "I want my son or daughter to be healthy but I don't want them to have an eating disorder." So to avoid your child being a "health freak," parents allow their children to eat blue cereal, fast food slop, cancerous Chicken McNuggets, and all the rest of the food gadgets fat America has concocted. God forbid we are health freaks. Why is it "cooler" to be an unconscious, over consuming, wasteful sloth than to be a "health freak?" I must apologize for writing that last sentence here and now. But have you visited other states in this grand country of ours? It's insane! People eat things that are so ridiculous. A family of four, in middle America needs a feeding trough rather than a table and some place settings from which to eat. Parents would rather feed their children THINGS which are poisonous and plant the seeds of disease, rather than teach them a better way. Why is this the way of the parenting? There are small circles of young parents educating themselves and not continuing this indulgent, ignorant way of life. Yet most parents have no clue as to what a healthy lifestyle is. Some would rather not know. Just look into any social network and see the emphasis on indulgence. Look and see how many people above 35 and 40 years of age that are still getting "hammered." How can these people teach anyone else how to live and take care of themselves? So the overriding mentality in this culture is—indulgence! Which results in drug therapy and surgery to deal with the effects of this lifestyle.

America, The Bountiful
People act as though it is their God given right to stuff their faces like they're at a contest or something. We still have our parents saying "finish what's on your plate" in the back of our heads. It's okay to eat till satisfied. America is a country of abundance. Does that mean be wasteful and drugged up with food? Does it mean to be sloppy drunks? Walk around NYC on the nights people "go out" and see for yourselves. Grown people still acting like idiots. Drinking till they can barely drag themselves to the cab. It's sad and revelatory at the same time. Everyone experiences pain in life. It's there for us to learn from. Some have trouble or have had real tragedy in their lives. To deal with this pain in a conscious, sober way is the only way to grow and be strong and independent. This "party hardy" attitude is why our government is running circles around most its citizens. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." Animal House.

"What are Electrolytes?" "Uh, this has 'em."
—Idiocracy by Mike Judge—A must see.
The culture defends ignorance. We accept lies from the "experts" because those lies keep us blissfully unaware of causation. We act as if our problems aren't all related to one another. The cigarette smoker discounts all symptoms that aren't lung related. Parents see obesity in their children as some kind of physical makeup their child just happened to be born with. Now this is true to a degree. Fat people make fat people. However, obese children are mostly built over time. Not born that way. Babies are fed foods to "fatten" them up. Absurd! We seem to still believe that fat is robust is healthy. That is just stupid. IT IS NOT NATURAL TO BE FAT! I'm not saying everyone should be waif like. But obesity isn't a body type. It's an illness.

Starkist Wants Tuna That Tastes Good, Not Tuna With Good Taste!
When illness strikes or symptoms arise—we go for tests. The doctor "runs some tests" to determine what is ailing the patient. Now here's where the smoke and mirrors are deployed and used with precision and skill. The doctor becomes fixated on achieving positive test results. As if the test results indicate anything more than test results. There is no real change in health, except for symptom repression and a lowered vitality, due to being poisoned by the new drug. The laymen sees this as a logical approach. It certainly makes sense—if tests are showing something isn't right in the body, then we need to correct the situation and run some more tests. Now here's the part I don't like. The doctor discovers you have high cholesterol or high blood-pressure. These 2 illnesses are rampant in our culture and many other cultures around the world—lets face it, one can find McDonald's in most countries today. Sad, but true.

Watch Your Step
Be careful with this next step. Here's where the doctor prescribes a drug to "help you." The good and knowledgeable doctor prescribes Lipitor or some high blood pressure medication, depending on the results of your test. Still makes sense? No? Well we know what Lipitor does, it stops the production of cholesterol, in the liver. High blood pressure medication, opens the vessels. Which in turn decreases the pressure! Excellent choice, doc! NO! Not a good choice. If the body is working extra hard to push the blood through the system, then the source of the problem needs to be addressed. And the source is not the blood vessels or the heart! It's the friction!

Is It Real? Or Is It Memorex?
An add for Memorex cassette tapes. Remember them?
Lowering the blood pressure is the goal. But not addressing the source of what raises the blood pressure is a mistake. Friction raises the pressure in the body. NOT JUST SALT! Opening up the vessels, veins and arteries with a dilating drug is a great way to fudge the test score. The pressure is decreased or lowered and everything is fine, right? Wrong. We need to change how we live and lower the pressure in the body or reduce the our triglyceride intake in order to be free of the risks associated with these conditions. If we follow blindly our well intentioned doctors, we often fall short of the goal—optimum health.

Time For A Cultural Tune-Up!
Imagine if every time you took your car into the mechanic and he offered you a quick fix. "You're okay for now." Would never fly. We wouldn't allow them to fix a flat with a can of flat fixer. We would want a real solution. Not a hold over. In fact, we'd probably call the better business bureau and report them for operating in an unethical manner. We don't accept faking the test results with our cars, otherwise the car breaks down even worse, costing us all kinds of money. But we can't taste food with our cars. We don't drink a beer through the car. We only "use" the car. Changing the fuel we use, getting tune-ups, changing the oil—none of these maintenance requirements cramp our lifestyles so much. But to actually become independently healthy, one must consider giving up donuts, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies, cereal, cold cuts, white flour, processed sugar, dairy, poor combination's of food, indulgent intake of alcohol, drug use, etc. It is simply much easier and takes nothing away from our constant need to fulfill our pleasure center. We are pleasure seekers. I love to eat. It took me some time to fully appreciate the way I now eat and now love it to no end. I wouldn't live this way otherwise.

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

The above statement is true yet it doesn't mean one has to be vegan or vegetarian, even. However, a persons health is typically better when they live more in this direction. Remember, test results are nothing. Real health is achieved by living as close to an accordance with nature. Crumb cake and jelly donuts come from a species of the natural world, but are not themselves natural. Non-foods, food gadgets, junk food, fun food, call it whatever you like—will make you sick and lessen your vitality, cause illness and kill you sooner than later.

Like A Hamster On A Wheel?
Running on a treadmill to offset eating crap is like adding salt and spices to a dish to avoid the fact that the dish has horse shit in it. You may not taste it but its still there! So, you run for an hour or bike or climb the stair master, or walk in the woods! Still, you are fueling your bodies with garbage and will never be healthy consuming garbage. It's just that simple. Don't let doctors think you've evolved to digest non-food. That's a lie. Plain and simple. Just because it doesn't kill you on the spot, doesn't mean it's good for you.

I Got It, I Got It, I Got It!—I Don't Got it, I Don't Got It.
—History Of The World by Mel Brooks
You see, as long as the doctor can say, "ah, the medication is working—your blood pressure or cholesterol is much better, he or she is considered a good doctor. Still, nothing has been done to address the health crisis the patient is experiencing. All that has improved is the statistical evidence that Lipitor reduces cholesterol in the blood. BIG FUCKING DEAL! As I wrote at the start of this piece, I'd rather have high cholesterol than take a drug to block the flags which tell me things are NOT okay! If Lipitor actually removed or greatly reduced the risk of heart disease or stroke then perhaps I'd have a different 0pinion. It does not. As I said before, this drug and other Statin drugs increase the risks because we think we're okay when we are not. We are simply masking symptoms and fixing test results. UTTER NONSENSE.

Love Yourself No Matter Where You Are At—But Get Healthy, Too!
Make a change. Try something new. Do something your doctor doesn't support. Or perhaps they do support some real healthy choices. There are some doctors that are very open and supportive of this approach. Any doctor worth anything must acknowledge fuel intake as a main issue of health and must never use drugs as an ongoing therapy. That is known as poisoning. Trust how you feel—not test results. If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, change your eating and say goodbye to illness and hello to taking your health into your hands.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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  1. I've missed your posts! Funny as usual, but I know this is no laughing matter... My nutrition teacher at LSU said just last week that the best way to treat high cholesterol is to "probably" just take medication. FAIL.


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