Thursday, September 30, 2010

When Dr. Kildare Becomes Sam The Butcher

I heard a heartbreaking story recently and thought I'd share it here. A young woman suffering from a condition which many, many people all over the world experience. Constipation. There are many contributing factors to this overwhelmingly common, all pervasive problem. It seems it is more common in women than it is with men. The woman I am writing about is well off and doesn't need to deal with networks or medical coverage. She can simply go to the best of the best doctors in NYC. She finds herself at "The Mayo Clinic" where one would think they are in good hands. The hands of a surgeon are skilled. The mind of the surgeon, sharp. The intentions of a surgeon—questionable. They too have a salary to worry about.

This young woman, whom at the time was 26 years old was told her colon didn't work and this is pretty common among women and was advised she had no choice but to have the organ removed. At this point I would like to thank all the brilliant doctor's, surgeons, and all medical practitioners for their dedication to finding truth. There are many good people in the field of medicine. To all the rest of you so called doctors and surgeons that work from "agenda" and remove organs from the human body as a method of healing—You are about to get slammed!

Something's Just Not Right
When things aren't working as they should within the engine of a car, the owner brings the car to the local expert. The mechanic then takes a look and figures out what is ailing the car. He discovers the a part is malfunctioning in the engine, say its the carburetor. Like the human heart the carburetor is most important to the performance of the engine. Without it—the car will not run. Like the human heart.

Apples to Oranges
The difference here between the two is perhaps there are a few parts of a car that can be removed that wouldn't hurt the overall performance of the car. Whereas the human body manages, in its innate wisdom, to figure out what's missing and try to compensate for the weaker function. We are simply wired for survival
. Because human beings are living organisms the comparison is limited. But for the sake of this example—have you ever heard a mechanic anywhere say this "yeah, its the carburetor—I'm going to have to remove it." No you don't because it is impossible to live without it. No doctor would ever remove a heart, both lungs, both kidneys, or the brain. They are to integral to function. But of the so called less important organs. Watch out! If an organ doesn't directly keep us alive, it's up for grabs. The gal bladder? One of any of the paired organs? The PANCREAS??? The COLON???? These organs are considered by doctors, by people of science, whose mastery, whose expertise is the human body—okay to be removed. WHY? Because they have not opened their eyes and looked back on ancient medicine and considered natural healing techniques. Not to mention, surgery packs a nice wallop for their wallets!

Charlatans, Quacks, Liars & Actors
This is what doctors called those men with trench coats filled with "goodies" that tried to convince people healing can come from chemical poisons—medicine.
For a doctor to help a patient and advise on diet, lifestyle and natural methods of healing would mean the medical industry would have to retool the entire empire of factory butchery, which is far too prevalent in modern medicine. Now, there are those few doctors out there that speak about life unlike the rest of the doctors. They speak to you as you are—a human being looking for guidance from their teacher. Waiting for expert, sound advice. Most people do what their doctor tells them. After years of listening to fiction I decided to do the opposite of what my doctors told me to do and healed myself of a neurological disease. No thanks to drugs, surgery or any other arcane method of organ removal these "experts" practice. NOT FOR ME. I was born with them and they're coming with me when I leave.

The Colon? Really?
This is where I must let off some steam. The colon, which eliminates the waste of all foods we eat. The colon, which absorbs water from food and drink, absorbs minerals (in the cecum) and electrolytes. . . some doctors think is okay to remove? You must stand in awe of this level of utter bullshit! The woman I am writing about had no overt, life threatening symptoms and had years before such problem would kill her. In my 12 years as a colon therapist I have heard many clients say, "my doctor says my colon is dead" or "I have the colon of an 80 year old" or "this is normal and happens to a lot of woman, we'll have to remove it." These are examples of medical dementia or being a salesperson. Ask the doctor if this would be the route he or she would take with their own children. The woman of 26 years, at the time went to the Mayo Clinic is now about 30 years old and has no colon. They connected her small intestines to her rectum. It's not as if the woman was 85 years old. She was 26!

Hey Doc! Is That A Scalpel In Your Pocket. . .?
Surely there was some other solution. It is a disgrace that medical science knows no other way to help people without poisons and sharp objects. I know we've made advancements and save people's lives in many ways through medicine. What we have most definitely witnessed over the years—profit growth in medicine beyond many other industries in this world. Of all the medical practitioners in this country the ones that suffer are the ones that don't play the game and try to help people be healthy.

Take Your Filthy Hands Off My Organs!
With so much time to heal and no symptoms there were many avenues to take. A person shouldn't go for long periods without having bowel movements. With so many herbal products and gravity colon hydrotherapy available a young person has many more options than ORGAN REMOVAL. Yet in the medical world there are few choices because healing is not a possibility to the surgeon. They want to use their skills to chop, dice and slice. Lets face it—there are many surgical techniques and drugs and other methods used in medicine, the choices for healing under the methods known to medical science are never discussed. Remember, they practice medicine and work with the sick & the dying. Managing illness—NOT HEALTH. The chances of actually healing a disease under the care of a doctor are slim to none. In fact, most doctors would have to admit—healing is not the goal. Managing illness is the only goal because the concept of healing is a foreign one to most doctors.

Why with so much knowledge does the medical industry continue to think in this fashion? Well the clue is in the previous sentence. "Industry" is why. We have some messed up ideas in this country where health is concerned. The sad truth is most people would rather medicate themselves than be illness free. Especially that the new breed of medicine actually gets people high. Notice how all the new drugs are creating addicts. We don't just medicate for depression, we alter the moods of just about everyone these days.

Decades ago we heard of a few people here and there, mostly celebrities, getting hooked on pain killers and sleeping pills. Today, your uncle, cousin, brother, mother all have some pretty colored pills to pop for a host of ailments. Everyone is walking around and driving in a daze—glazed over from some silly mood stabilizer or anti-depressant or mood elevator. I wish people could make the connection that food quality, consuming FOOD GADGETS or junk-food, taking drugs and drinking alcohol is why we are so screwed up. Haven't you all noticed yet? DRUGS DON'T REALLY DO ANYTHING BUT PROVIDE BETTER TEST RESULTS. Someone I know for my entire life took Lipitor for years to avoid heart disease—due to high cholesterol. Then announced he need quadruple bypass surgery! And didn't think there was anything wrong with his situation. He assumed even though he was medicated the illness naturally progressed, anyway.

Here's what really happened: When we eat meats and other animal based products high in triglycerides, our liver produces cholesterol, which aids in breaking down the fat (triglycerides) from the meat, cheese, milk, eggs. High cholesterol is can be a flag that we are taking in too much fatty foods. What kills people is not the cholesterol but the triglycerides. The fat! Cholesterol is an emulsifying agent aiding in the breakdown of this dense animal fat. What happened to this man is he passed the test because the Lipitor stopped the liver from producing cholesterol. Allowing the animal fat to build-up in his arteries and veins. Increasing the danger of a serious heart attack (is there any other kind?). Doctors have convinced the people their cholesterol needs to be lower not their triglycerides. Why? Remember what happened to Oprah when she spoke out against the beef and dairy industries? We cannot have people actually believing that meat, cheese, eggs and milk are not healthy products—there's an industry to support. So as long as you past the test, it really doesn't matter what the real state of your health is. Just so long as the Lipitor works! DISGUSTING.

The truth is perhaps not all of us are in perfect health. But perfection is human health in the absence of drugs. Not human health brought about by drugs. Taking drugs and being healthy is not only not possible, it is the antithesis of what will happen. Drugs, medicine, chemicals or poison (call them what you like) do not heal! I want to explain the dangers of this complete misinformation, in full. I will use Lipitor as the primary example of the what is the total opposite of preventative health care. What is happening in medical science, today is PREVENTATIVE HEALTH! DRUG PROGRAMS FOR FICTITIOUS ILLNESS PREVENTS PEOPLE FROM ACHIEVING HEALTH! Doctors should try practicing preventing illness by a) learning about health rather than only illness b) teach that information patients and non-patients alike, as teacher is their title. c) seek truth to help the sick in all possible ways—not just profit driven ways d) Read my post on the Hippocratic oath! And actually practice from that philosophy rather than willingly hurt people. They cannot claim to be men and women of science and ignore the facts about drugs any longer.

Because this is a scam of major proportions and deserves a full post, I will say goodbye for now but not for long. This post is long enough—stay tuned for my next post, which will be entitled: Wasting Your Life Making Your Doctor Happy/Passing The Test With Flying Colors!
Thanks for reading.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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