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God Block

I was having a conversation the other day which lead me to come up with this. I want to share this because it made so much sense to me. The title of this post is called "God Block". As is typical from my posts, I like to play with words. This title is odd and doesn't flow. It doesn't even have a catchy ring to it. But it makes a great point about our thinking and our misconceptions of what healthy living is really about.

Hello From Planet Earth
From where I'm standing, which happens to be on planet Earth—I see the sun as our "everything." As the very giver of life. As the center of our existence. Earth is part of the SOLAR SYSTEM or Sun system. Unless you are an astronaut every single experience you've ever had or will ever have is from this Earth. The very existence of Earth is because of the Sun. First came the Sun. Then came the planets (wanderers). That's the meaning of the word Planet.

The Sun. The Beginning. The End.
Similar to the BIG BANG, the Sun came into being with a bang or explosion. Sending debris more than 4 billion miles away from the epicenter, the new home of the Sun. All the planets & their moons in our solar system came from the sun. Earth was the planet, which had the best location for life to develop and flourish. With a very long time of relative calm & consistency, this planet enjoyed about 3.8 billion years of nothing but microbial life. Sunlight & water was really all that was needed for microbial life to come into existence. Free oxygen, which was not present in the atmosphere all of that time lead to the demise of microbial life ruling the planet. Of course there are countless numbers of these invisible creatures on and around us. We are finding that not all life needs all the ingredients that we and the animals and plants require. Certain microbial life can be found at the bottom of the ocean where the sun never shines, under 6,000 pounds per square inch, in 32 degree liquid water. Life indeed finds a way.

Sun Block? No Junk-food Block!
So here we are on planet Earth. Where we owe our very existence to the SUN—and what do many of us do? We use Sun block! Umbrellas or better yet, parasols? To block the Sun? So let me get this straight. The Sun, from which everything in our solar owes its existence to—the very giver of life, is bad for us and we have to protect ourselves from it? I get the concept that too much of a good thing can still be TOO MUCH. That's easy to understand. The oven may cook the food, but leave the food in the oven too long and the food burns. Same thing with the Sun. We should treat the sun with love and respect, like we do our parents and our Religious God. To abuse the Sun is most definitely a mistake and we will pay a certain price for our relative abuse. There is much to consider before condemning our life-giver. Our GOD. God—in non-religious terms, that is.I certainly don't want to offend anyone who has a faith and believes in God. I'm using God and life giver metaphorically.

Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
(a beautiful old song/standard—Fred Marsden/Gerrard Marsden/Less Maguire/Leo Chadwick)
I would like to point out a few things which may help shed some dare I say "light" on the subject. The very nature of our existence has not turned on us. The Sun does not want to hurt us and the Sun has not malfunctioned. Much like healthy food doesn't feel so great to the average person (in a state of toxicity), the Sun can bring about lots of suffering. Largely due to the state of the interior of its so called "victims." I'm not ignoring people with very light colored skin. But pointing out the fact that light or dark skin can burn and will burn when exposed to the Sun for too long. Consider this: The Sun pulls waste from within through the skin. Of course prolonged exposure to a hot sun will cause the skin to burn. It is a fireball made-up of Hydrogen and Helium. A seemingly never ending furnace.

There's Two Sides To Every Story
The Sun is detoxifying to human beings, as well as it is nutritive. For those of you that don't know the Sun is the greatest source of vitamin D known to us. And if one is carrying a lot of residue from consuming unnatural foods and chemicals, the sun will burn quicker. The Sun pulls poison through the skin to keep us healthy. When we lived totally on natural foods this was far less an issue than it is today. Which presents a bit of a quandary for many people. As it is difficult to convince large numbers of people that simple ideas, which do not go along with our economically driven media are often the truth. The information that trickles down to us comes through marketing filters and economics is at the foundation of the message being so nicely delivered to you on the mind control box (TV). The messages sell products and does not promote truth. Because the truth doesn't sell. Most people want the ease and the quick solution. Even with their children! They're so willing to slather that pretty smelling carcinogenic lotion all over their children—FOR THEIR PROTECTION! THE SUN IS BAD FOR YOU, is what trickles down. This is utter nonsense. We are bad for us! We can't continue to think everything keeps going wrong with our health and our lifestyles and choices have nothing to do with it!

A Bit Of ScienceI'm not a scientist—duh. I like science and when it comes to astronomy, scientists kinda know a thing or two about a thing or two. So I default to their explanation of this next bit.
The sun gives off massive amounts of radiation in the form of Ultra Violet rays and Gamma rays. At the top of our atmosphere we have what is known as the Ozone Layer. Which is O3. The ozone isn't a canopy. It's a veil of O3. Like fizzy bubbles at the top of a glass of seltzer. Here's how it works. Oxygen rises from our trees to the upper atmosphere and the Sun's radiation breaks apart the Oxygen into single molecules of Oxygen, O1. Here's the part I'm not totally sure about. Somehow, 3 molecules of Oxygen join up to form O3, Ozone. Ozone then absorbs and converts the Ultra-Violet rays into something not harmful to life. This is the very essence and energy supply of life itself. This does not mean that there isn't life in absence of light. There is. As explained earlier in this piece microbial life lives without light, but could not nor would never develop or evolve into anything else.

An Unfortunate Truth
This is the unfortunate truth: It is the very act of cutting down trees to produce magazines and books that promote lies about health and our environment. Not to mention this tremendous slap in the face of nature—mags about
celebrities, cellulite, better sex, writing crap about NON reality shows. Yuck. How pathetic and stupid our leaders are. All for money we don't care what we do. We cut down trees to produce Soap Operas Digest? People should pay a steep tax for what this is doing to our environment. This is what hurts the Ozone layer more than anything else. We are cutting off the supply of oxygen to the upper atmosphere. Simple as that. For what? Star magazine? The friggin' New York Post? What stupidity.

We Fight Wars For Oil, Which Destroy Our Environment!!??!! What Am I Missing Here?Cars and pollutants, green house gasses, all contribute to eating away at the ozone layer. This most of us can agree on. Unless, of course you are a right-winger that disbelieves ALL the scientists around the world that say this is very real. Any denial of global warming is just a result of ignorance. It is quite Bush-ian to deny this real fact of nature.

We Once Worshiped The Sun
The Sun is the very essence of the nature of life. Natural foods are part of our habitat. We choose to eat foods that are made rather than be a "health freak." There is nothing that outrages me more than this incredibly stupid concept. Consuming pizza, bagels, cookies, ice cream, cheeseburgers, pasta, caked, pie, candy, protein powder, drugs, alcohol, et al, is why the sun feels so unfriendly. Upon cleansing my body to a fairly moderate place, early in my detoxification quest, I felt a noticeable difference after a colonic. On my way to the session the Sun hurt. It hurt my body, my eyes and especially my skin. That day I had a particularly heavy session, which means more waste than most can imagine leaving anyone's body came out in that session, alone. Upon leaving that session the Sun felt dramatically different. It felt soothing and warm instead of harsh, jagged, painful, sharp.

What A Difference A Colonic Makes
From that day forward I never used sun block again. I've been in tropical Sun since then as well as New York Sun and have never needed Sun block again. I also don't take the Sun for more than a couple of hours at a time. If on vacation, which hasn't happened in a very long time, I always take breaks. Just so I don't abuse the power of our Sun. And knowing that the Ozone layer is in trouble, one must exercise caution. I hope this helps in some way. I am trying to get back to a regular schedule of posting. But things at Release NYC are busy. We are in the process of incorporating all kinds of great additions and changes. My apologies for the infrequency's for those of you who care.
Thanks for reading.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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