Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food Gadgets!

Why is it so easy to sell lies? Why is it so easy to convince people to do the opposite of what is needed to be healthy? Why is everyone so willing to be lied to. Why do the worst diets sell the most? Why do we people seek the same empty promises and tricks? All the while achieving the same results—failure. Why does this happen when there is truth in ever direction. It is in all walks of life. You can find truth in nature, which needs no advertising, marketing, packaging or salesmanship! The truth about health is in nature—not text books. I recently watched Dr. Oz on television, while waiting for my car to be serviced. I was part of the captive audience in the air conditioned waiting room. I'm no longer surprised by the absolute nonsense which is so freely dished-out on the TV. Yet when doctors are called upon for their "expert" knowledge, I expect to learn something of a scientific nature.

Case And Point
A large woman was the subject of an unspoken condition that many women face. When certain women urinate they spray. This is not a normal spray, but one that often causes embarrassment. It seems the urine goes everywhere so the sufferer of this condition needs to remove all their clothes for obvious reasons. This slows the sufferer down and creates all kinds of worry. A urologist was invited on the show to share her knowledge and expertise. Here's how it played out: The woman suffering from this unfortunate condition known as Incontinence (with a twist/spray) happened to be extremely overweight. It's not as though she simply has an overactive bladder (Incontinence), but that she can't control the direction of the stream. The urologist speaks about the woman's organs as though they are separate from her or people in general. As though the environment in which they exist is irrelevant. Can you imagine if we thought that way about our external environment. The polite doctor explained that over time the muscles of the pelvic floor weaken and can no longer hold the urine. She didn't explain what caused the lack of control of the stream or the spraying of the urine, really. She just explained that her muscles were weak and needed strengthening. She suggested to the obese woman that she should use these specific vaginal "cones" which were developed to strengthen the kegal muscles. Which in turn strengthens the pelvic floor. Problem solved. Wow! Those doctors sure know their stuff! I just may puke.

Is Blindness An Epidemic?
Here we have a woman weighing close to 3oo pounds and the doctor says nothing about her weight? Have we all lost our frigging minds? This woman is morbidly obese!!!! Her problem is not of a muscular nature! Her problem is based in pressure. Gas pressure and pressure as a result of enormous weight from fecal matter and FAT! Am I just so insane that I don't get something the "expert" knows? The great travesty of this ridiculous, glossy, marketing based bullshit show, using play doctors, was that no one said a thing about the lady being fat! The great travesty is that nothing was learned. Even the woman was visibly disappointed. I think she was hoping to hear about a lap-band thingy or a laser technique or whistling on one foot while facing east. Damn, something other than cones! I'm not going to be politically correct here. Never have been and never will. But for the purpose of brow beating and for driving my point home, I must be extra brutal. America is beginning to equal "fat & lazy." Once a land of opportunity because we were open-minded, capitalistic, movers and shakers. Now a land of opportunity because we're all becoming sloths and the only thing shaking is our FAT!

It's A Matter Of Give Or Take
No successful diet takes anything away from the potential dieter. All successful diet programs repackage the same old lies—calorie counting, portion control, low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein, bla, bla, bla. Funny thing is, diets are based on non-truths and a recipe for failure. They replace your favorite (non) foods with "low-fat" versions. People! Lasagna is not food! Fat free or otherwise it is going to make you fat because it is un-digestible shit! Delicious, indeed. But shit none-the-less. The truth about weight-loss is based on processing—not calories. If you've read my older posts, you know my feelings about this waste of time.

Rinse & Repeat
This has played out several times in the past as I talked to more people about health. Someone would call me seeking advice for an illness or symptoms. Knowing I'm not a doctor, but not being happy with the results from medicine or other suggestions from the doctor, they asked me for diet suggestions. Here's the way it goes when food is the topic of conversation. When a person asks about diet suggestions to heal a condition or illness, what they really mean is what can I add to my diet that will fix this problem. The answer isn't what we add for healing but what we take away from our daily intake. Now, if I say try adding salads and yams. Or more fruits and vegetables, most people think you might know something. Tell them to stop eating a food because it is a direct cause or major contributor to their illness and typically, the response is, "what the hell do you know? Are you a doctor? No words can convince them that doctors spend more time and attention on their loans for medical school than they do on diet for the human being! Isn't that insane?

Doctor's Don't Know Shit About Health! But We Do!
(An actual idea for a Tee-shirt for the place where I began as a colon therapist, Chakra XVII)
Get it? I'm a colon therapist! Don't know shit! You see, once again we must mention that health will not be achieved by adding substance to the body through diet. Health will never be attained by eating more or eating more so-called super-foods, such as meats and grains. Health will never be achieved through exercise alone or through pills powders and potions. WHEN SICK, ALL LIFE FORMS STOPS EATING OR REDUCES GREATLY, THE AMOUNT OF FOOD CONSUMED UNTIL WELL OR DEAD! That's that. That's life. The idea that health can be achieved through over eating is absurd. Professor Arnold Ehret talked about this idea way back in 1922. We cannot and will not eat our way to health. The idea is to not eat so much food that we bog ourselves down with debris caused by the body's inability to efficiently handle all the material we consume. We pretend to eat less food, while we actually process more material by eating these new "gadgets" we call food. That's right, gadgets. Food gadgets! That's my new term for "non-food!" And the title for this blog.

Be Real
Our diets can include the full array of foods available to humans on this planet. Including some of the gadgets, from time to time. However, we must consider the journey the food and waste takes from entrance to exit. From orifice to orifice. The mouth is connected to the anus. Nice image, isn't it? So, the amount of foods and gadgets we eat must be considered. Even plant based foods can be over-consumed and tax the digestive and elimination systems. Food gadgets are a problem because they are created like Frankenstein and called food. We eat this garbage and our health turns to? You guessed it! Shit. I know I'm being a bit vulgar today. Sorry. I'm not angry just a wee bit edgy. When we eat food gadgets the body is taxed because it is built for food not food imitations. Not additives. Vague term isn't it? Nor preservatives. A bit more descriptive but vague. The human body is designed by our environment. Earth. To produce food from other foods is a compromise. What do you think would happen if we replaced natural food with processed food for horses, fish, lions, alligators, zebras, etc. We would see a rapid decline in their health. Or a shorter life span—as seen in zoos. Animals in captivity don't live as long as those in the wild. Of course this does not account for premature death due to trauma (fighting, hunting, or accidents from genetic weakness, etc.). Finally, we need to consider the effects of the foods we eat on the digestive and elimination systems. Foods should cleanse as they pass. Not slime as they pass. Simple. Alkaline foods cleanse. Acidic foods slime and stick. Simple. No fuss. No muss. No package. No bull. No ads. Nothing to sell? Huh? How's that work? Why not not sell something? Why not share? Isn't that what we pretend to teach our children when we teach them morals? Just a thought.

My Too sense
I'm sure that subtitle will have "real writers" rolling their eyes. What can I say? I'm cheesy, sometimes. Funny to write that and be a vegan. Eating whole, natural foods is the answer. Eating them in proper combination is really wise. Decreasing the amount of flesh, especially beef, is even wiser. Keeping processed food to a minimum, wiser still. These ideas apply to vegetarians and vegans, too. Forget all that Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan, fake healthy vegan sheesh—eat the beautiful, sweet delicious foods our earth still grows. In spite of its superior race. Perhaps one day we will finally kill our soil. Or should I say, Monsanto will kill our soil? Right now, which by the way is all we have, we still have whole food available. No, it isn't the fine whole foods our grandparents or even our parents enjoyed, but it still grows. I know this is sad and pathetic, that we as the superior race allow ourselves to be ruled by ourselves. How does that work? Oh yeah, the government says what goes and they have the military and the military have the guns—so we have to listen and obey. Doesn't that also sound a lot like organized crime? Isn't it illegal when the mafia does something like that? Hey, wait a minute! Isn't that double standard? How convenient.

Hang In There
Don't be fooled with food gadgets. Eat real food. Don't believe that ill health happens to everyone. It does not. Illness is reached far easier when obese. Beware of heavy people teaching about health. And above everything else you ever learn about health. . . make sure your output equals your input. Rather than making your muscles stronger to combat your obesity—learn the truth about the human diet and say goodbye to lies and dependency. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I will leave you now. :)
Be well,
Tom DeVito


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