Monday, July 23, 2012

Weight Equals Waste

Yesterday, I read a blog that my brother wrote and realized I hadn't written anything for quite a while. This was inspired by his piece.

Looking back on how I lived prior to my transition into the vegan way of life, it seems like a dream. Maybe, it's more like a nightmare. To think of the way that I lived and the foods which I ate, it's pretty funny-- considering how I eat now. Back then, I rarely ate real food; it was boxed, canned and very processed. 

As an adolescent, I had many health ailments and illnesses. I had Mononucleosis at an early age and suffered from many colds, the flu, viruses and every other illness imaginable. Acne made a home of both my face and my back, for many years and I was treated with antibiotics by a dermatologist.

Treating pimples with antibiotics is not at all sensible. It shows how little the field of dermatology understands the physiology of the human body. Pimples are a byproduct of the bowels being inefficient. The system sends to the skin (elimination organ) what can't leave through the other organs of elimination. The actual waste remains in the bowels, but the resultant mucous and puss is passed to the skin.

By early adulthood, I weighed in at almost 200 pounds and felt older than my years. I was chronically constipated, suffered from seizures and acute allergies. The only relief I could get was through medication. Over-the-counter allergy medicine creates  many so-called "side effects", not the least of which is drowsiness. Seizure medications also causes drowsiness and are extremely toxic. 

At first, the negative effects of the seizure medicine were not so obvious, but as time went on (totaling 11-years), I began to feel more like a drug addict than a patient: forgetting to bring my medication on a vacation could have resulted in a disaster!

Between the withdrawal symptoms and the near-fatal seizures that might have occurred from abruptly stopping the drugs, I had to track down a local pharmacy and get enough drugs to last me the duration of the trip--this was no way to live.

Taking back my health wasn't as difficult as one might imagine. In fact, it was pretty easy. Because I was a bit of a know-it-all who knew next to nothing, I had no trouble making the decision to lower my medications, without medical supervision. What I did know was enough to help me lower the dosage of the drugs over a prolonged period of time and safely wean myself, without any trouble.

I've written this story before, but today I wanted to revisit my past for the recent new friends I've made through Facebook. Most of these "new friends" are actually people I've known for some time, yet they are new to this topic. 

I thought this story would have some relevance. 

I was four years off of the medication and free of seizures. I had long since decided to stop the allergy medication and suffer the allergies, as the drugs were far more damaging than the sneezing and the itchy eyes. 

It wasn't until I had my first colonic, back in 1995, that I knew I had reached a plateau. I knew I would not have to deal with seizures any longer. The allergies were another story and took several more years to finally heal. 

Today, I weigh less than I did back in high school. How I lost the weight, is really the reason for this blog entry. 

At the time of my transition I was rehearsing for a tour (music). We rehearsed 6-nights a week and I worked an office job 5-days, as well. I had no time to do anything else but work and rehearse, never mind exercise. 

I initially lost 30-pounds, in about 6-weeks or less. Ultimately I lost a total of 70-pounds. But, that's another story. My path to glory was simply eating differently, which meant according to proper food combining and moving slowly toward a cleansing diet. This concept was new to me but I quickly adapted to it. The other component to my weight-loss was colon hydrotherapy. 

Yes: the now popularized by Hollywood, much adorned, and somewhat feared colonic. I was taught by my colon therapist, that without emptying the bowel of the old accumulated waste I wouldn't make much progress, health-wise. 

I must stress that colon therapy is not a quick weight-loss program. 

My therapist pointed out that changing toward a vegan diet without cleansing my colon would cause the old waste to rapidly be deployed into my bloodstream—this would cause illness. This is similar to the experience of someone detoxifying from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. 

Being a good student and following his advice and what I had already read, I embarked on a path which I couldn't have imagined would have lead me to becoming a colon therapist. But, that too is another story. 

What I learned over the years is this: changing my diet was absolutely necessary in order to change my health. Also, in order to successfully lose weight I needed to cleanse the old waste. Weight=waste. These two changes allowed me to radically alter my health, lose weight, hence lose my illnesses. 

Today, I live seizure free, for more than 22-years and allergy free, for more than 11-years. I suffered from allergies from a much younger age than the seizures, so it actually took longer to rid myself of the allergies than the seizures. 

When I first embarked on this journey I did jump quickly into a raw vegan diet. I chose to back off and add a cooked meal or 2, per week, just to ensure I didn't cleanse too rapidly. 

For the last 8-months I have been eating only raw fruits and vegetables. I thoroughly enjoy living this way, but don't recommend anyone do this without the appropriate amount of time has passed and you've transitioned slowly and systematically. 

Along with healing myself of two major illnesses declared to "be with me for the rest of my life"—I also now live free of all illness. I don't "get" colds, or the flu. I don't "get" viruses or any other common illness for that matter. The reason I want to share this particular piece of information is to illustrate that even someone as sickly as I can heal and live illness free. I never knew this was at all possible. 

Waste equals weight. Waste equals your waist! Excess fat on the body vanishes when the body is being cleansed both by the diet and colon hydrotherapy. To heal your body and recover your health and youthful oomph, change your diet, cleanse you bowels and introduce regular exercise (in that order). 

And that's it, in a nutshell. For now. 

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