Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The WHOLE Truth

This post should be considered part II of my previous post. It's a bit more hopeful and will provide solutions to the bleak picture previously painted.

Shhhhhhh, it's a secret!
The big secret is, there is no secret! It's not as though this non-secret is new. You can read about it from from the writings of Plato and Hippocrates. Drum roll, please! EATING A DIET OF WHOLE PLANT BASED FOODS WILL DECREASE THE RISK OF DISEASE AND IMPROVE YOUR OVER-ALL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. There's a famous conversation between Plato and Rather than let the new corporate controlled, bastardized science du-jour guide you toward illness—eat real food. Just reducing animal protein and other processed foods will help most people to tip the scales on the side of health. Real scientists are being paid to back certain products so the companies selling those products can easily convince potential buyers their products are not only safe, but actually healthy!

What's worse is, the information already available in mainstream media is either confusing or in complete opposition to the truth. The secrets being kept from the public about health, dieting, food quality and where to look for the right sources of nutrition are all super important. If everyone learned the truth about this heavily guarded topic it would improve people's health, immensely. If this revelation were to find its way to the people it would radically change everyone's daily experience and simultaneously destroy our economy. This is a true dilemma. If everyone in this country suddenly learned the truth and changed their diets in the way I'm about to suggest, we would hurt ourselves, indirectly by hurting our economy. How? By putting several food producers out of business. We would destroy commercial farming, as we know it. (or perhaps, don't know it—more on this later) Super Markets would go out of business. All the health aid companies like Duane Reade and CVS would close down many outlets and be forced to restructure their business plans. Fast-food businesses would seemingly disappear from the streets. Deli's and bodega's would also be forced to change how they do business. Health magazines would be forced to find a new topic to write about. Why? Because once the truth is revealed there would be no need to cover the same nonsense over multiple issues.

People don't become sick but actually thrive when they eat a diet of whole foods, either entirely plant based or largely plant based. This simple choice will have enormous affects on your health, your energy, skin quality, weight maintenance, sleep habits, mental acuity, and so on. Not to mention your medical bills. Now this is where it gets interesting. Reducing medical bills is something most families would love to achieve. But, what's on the other side of that idea? Reducing ones medical bills will conversely reduce the earnings of medical professionals. Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufactures, health insurance companies, etc., would all earn less. Considering that we spend $1.67 trillion, or $5,670 per person, annually—predictably, we'd destroy the economy.

I'm Glad It's There, But Don't Need To Use It Everyday!
Two things to consider: 1) There's no chance a large number of people would do this, overnight or at all. 2) This is the more significant points of the two: Slowly, as people begin to realize through their own trials and consistent negative results from the Neo-Medical INDUSTRY, they will begin to seek alternate sources. It's already happening. Even some medical doctors are suggesting alternative methods to heal that which they can't. Which, by the way is ILLNESS! Yes, medicine serves humanity in many ways. I'm not condemning medicine as a whole. However, we all must admit things were better (drug wise) decades ago. Yes, I'm aware that certain narrow areas have improved dramatically, but side affects of drugs today are far worse than ever. I've put this idea out there many times in the past, drugs don't heal illness. If the patient doesn't make any lifestyle changes then drugs can actually make the patient's experience better, simply by reducing the patient's symptoms.

The light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter!
Here's an interesting analogy. If someone told you a simple, sure fire way to save 1 million dollars by the time you reach age 30, would you doubt them and defend getting a job for minimum wage, knowing no one but for a very few have ever succeeded that way? You'd probably begin this new approach immediately. But I'm not talking about saving money or working hard. What I'm talking about is something that's got more power over us than almost anything else. Our taste buds control so much of what we do and think. Really, it's less about our taste buds and more about the thinking feeding the taste buds. The human being experiences thirst and the minds says, "I'm in the mood for a coke." When we get very hungry our brains do some funny things. If the mind was truly separate or outside the body and could converse with the body we might see this insidious tactic our minds perform. It might sound like this: "Boy, I can really go for a nice burger with fries. Or maybe pizza? Wait, I got it! I'll go to that new restaurant where they have that deep fried ice cream, for dessert. They have pizza burgers! This way, I'll have the best of both worlds and get that delicious dessert. Besides, I deserve this meal. I worked hard all week long."

What I just laid out is a made-up scenario of what goes on in people's minds. Seeing as though I'm vegan for almost 2 decades, I must say, I had to reach back into my past. None of what I listed in the "fantasy" meal are things people just randomly choose. People who eat a standard American diet and often indulge in the kinds of foods I included above, like drug addicts are lead to the things that provide comfort. Drugs provide comfort for drug addicts. Junk food provides comfort for junk food JUNKIES. I know this is true because I was a junk food junkie. The solution to being healthy is much like the formula for success—doing the things most people find uncomfortable to do—do those things with joy.  Most people that embark on a new diet for health or weigh loss (not too dissimilar) will fail because they are trying to lose weight by eating less of the junk. They try to eat 6 small meals per day and soon find that after the initial weight loss, they begin to expand and gain weight. All that is needed to succeed and be independently healthy is to REALLY change your diet and cut our or down, dramatically on animal based foods. This will make a huge difference in your life and the health of the planet.

Slow And Steady Change
Making these changes slowly will ensure success. As we shift to healthier choices, the food industry will be forced to follow. After all, if their products aren't selling, they must find something that will sell. I know this is dreamy or unrealistic on a mass scale. But, all we have to do is change our diets toward healthy, one by one. Slowly, we will positively affect the planet. I don't believe we can hurt the planet, but instead thwart it's ability to sustain life, any longer. Eating plants and not animals will positively change our environment so that the results will wind up costing everyone less money. We would not need to spend money for corrective reasons. We'd be able to live happily in our world and not live on genetically modified foods. The FDA is very close to putting on the market and salmon that will grow at twice its normal rate. Think about it! Eating locally grown produce and not commercially produced NON food, everyone will avoid the predictable, yet still unknown health fallout that is coming from eating foods we have no way of testing. Eat an apple! One grown locally is just an apple. Want something heavier, buy it from a local food producer. With the emergence of green markets, we no longer need to shop at giant food chains or supermarkets. 

Our Earth has kept us alive for many thousands of years. This planet has been through it all. Earth produced people and we seem to do some amazing things, when we put our heads together. The green market sub-culture of this country is perfect for the times. Take advantage of this beautiful response to the poisoned lot we've been eating and calling food. The green market is the answer. Farming is at the heart of this country. Small, independent farmers have no interest in growing poison. They grow the best quality foods available. Because the government hasn't gotten their hands on them yet, these troopers continue to grow their food how they want, without inference from some giant corporation. Buy locally grown foods. Live a long healthy life. 

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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