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The Lords Of Deceit: Part 1

Living in New York City I find myself surrounded by people, all the time. There is no escaping the crowds, the noise, the congestion, the traffic and the seemingly never ending symphony of sounds. To some people this may sound like a day in hell. To me and most native New Yorkers, it is business as usual. Or a day in the life in the greatest city in the world. One aspect of being in NYC on a daily basis is overhearing conversations from random passerby's. My ears perk-up every time I hear a food or diet mentioned. Also, when one person is teaching another about the new diet they are currently trying on for size. Often, I hear people telling their friends and co-workers about foods they should definitely avoid and of course the foods that must be consumed so their new diet is a success. Almost 100% of the time, I hear the exact opposite of what I know to be the truth. I've ranted and raved about this very issue and other related topics since I've had this blog. I began putting my thoughts together here at Independently Healthy, to share what I know to be true. I've learned more and more about just how deep this phenomenon runs. Because of limited time this piece will be shorter than usual. Thank goodness!

Same As It Ever Was. . .
I'm using this subtitle because of the great song by the Talking Heads. It's a perfect lyric and the name of the band is perfect for the point I want to make. Health and longevity doesn't need political posturing. By that I mean, talking points or talking heads repeating the same nonsense, ad infinitum. Still, people believe protein is the king or hero of food. "Carbs" are to be avoided. Fats and sugar are the evil villains of diet and the cause of everyone's personal ruination. I contend that carbs, sugar and fat make-up the cornerstone of the human diet. The cause of everyone's ruination is as follows: High protein diets; avoidance of the very foods that make-up the natural human diet; and the intake of wrongful or poisonous supplements. In short, we don't take meat in small amounts or in the right way—RAW! I don't want to go into great detail on the above topics so to be brief, I'll just touch on what I know to be the truth.

Protein from an animal source is simply not healthy, for many reasons. It is highly carcinogenic and mucous forming. And today, commercial meats are riddled with toxic poisons so that profit is at the fore and quality is almost ignored. "Carbs"aren't the problem—starch, which is part of the carbohydrate family is really the issue. Starch is acidic and constipating, carbs (fruits and veggies taken raw aren't). And finally, sugar and fat. Sugar from fruits and veggies is the best way to get our sugar, which is most important for blood cleansing (this is sorely missing from the American diet). Green or chlorophyll from veggies is most important for building our blood. Carbohydrates are the most important food we can eat. While fats from avocado, olives, olive oil and coconut oil are important for healthy nerve function. So put down that poison that is low calorie or carb free and eat some whole-foods. Stop counting calories! Counting calories is like trying to count raindrops. The two aren't comparable but they are both useless endeavors. Counting calories is not realistic and will amount to nothing but frustration. People will believe anything if the lie sounds scientific. Most people still believe calories exist as a substance! Okay, enough of that. Lets get to the heart of the matter.

The other topic people talk about often is cancer causing foods, chemicals or properties in foods better known as carcinogens. This is another misunderstood topic that I'd like to shed some light on and share what I learned from the author, T. Colin Campbell. His book the China Study is a worth while read. While I disagree with him as to the foundation of his beliefs, that "good" nutrition is the way to avoid illness—his research around animal protein is astounding. He believes that healing disease occurs by eating the right sources of nutrition—while I believe healing happens through elimination and avoidance of acidic foods. This is my experience and also the concept that all my teachers, living and dead believed.

Everyone I know talks about these mysterious items, that we should fear and avoid. There's a lot people don't know about carcinogens. The story we've been told goes something like this: Try to steer clear of cancer causing agents and cancer may not develop. Turns out this is not entirely true. I've learned recently that diet has more to do with the result of being exposed to these powerful poisons. Wow! Now that's a real shocker. I'm not one to oversimplify things but this is almost a cut a dry case.

T. Colin Campbell's book, The China Study is a fascinating book that goes deep into this topic. Most of us who are conscious about health know how big of a role diet plays. But I'll bet most people don't realize how easy it is to avoid developing this dreaded disease. As I've stated repeatedly throughout my blog posts; Keeping the interior of the body oxygenated will insure that cancer cells are never "switched on," or activated. The way to keep the body oxygenated is by avoiding dead meats and other animal products, especially dairy and through healthy elimination. To take on a vegetarian or vegan diet, while juicing veggies and cleansing the bowels is a winning formula.

The cancer mechanism that switches on in the cells simply can't happen when oxygen is abundant. Conversely, turning-off the cancer switch won't happen when chemo is being used. Chemo kills cells, but doesn't allow the cell reset the cancer switch to off. Chemotherapy thickens the cell wall and makes it impossible for peptides to enter the cell and reset the cancer switch, so-to-speak, to off or normal. Which means, the surviving cells that are cancerous will re-seed, causing cancer to form again, after the treatments end.

Campbell performed clinical tests for over 30 years and his conclusions are profound. Not only because his findings are supportive of a vegan diet, but because he used the same exact methods the American Medical Association uses to prove their ideas and concepts. Here's what Campbell found. Aflatoxin is the most carcinogenic substance known to man. He used a group of rats to first conduct his tests. He fed half the rats a diet made-up of 20% animal protein (Casien or milk protein) and the other half were fed a diet of only 5% animal protein. The results were 100% consistent every time. Every rat that ate a diet of 20% animal protein developed liver cancer or the lesions, which precede liver cancer. Al the other rats, whose diets were made-up of only 5% animal protein didn't develop liver cancer nor the lesions. This is not a vague conclusion. This happened 100% of the time and was reflected when the people were the subject of the study.

As he expanded his study to people he found that when meat and dairy were abundant in the diet, so was the incidence of cancer. He found this to be true of the children of affluent people. He made distinctions between diseases of affluence and diseases of poverty. Suffice to say that this country suffers from diseases of the rich or Western diseases or as Campbell coined it, diseases of affluence. Disease is disease no matter where it comes from. The point in using Mr. Campbell's findings is to illustrate just how backwards the world's thinking is when it comes to protein, especially animal protein.

After The Fact
If you're wondering about people who've already developed the dreaded disease and how they can proceed, Dr. Campbell sites: By merely reducing animal protein to 5% or less, or eliminating meat and dairy entirely reverses the cancer. In my line of work, I speak to many people with cancer and am always shocked when the patient tells me their doctor suggests eating meat. Why are so many doctors so lost when it comes to this topic? Why don't they know or avail themselves to other research? Campbell's research was funded by the same agencies or sources that fund pharmaceutical companies. How can both sides be right. That will be Part 2 of this blog.

Most recently I learned of a woman with colon cancer. She underwent chemo treatments and is, for now okay. The doctor recommended soft foods to not hurt where the surgery was performed. He also suggested she eat meats as they wouldn't hurt her. What about the acidic nature of the food? What about the fact that meat is almost entirely undigestible? I believe everyone has the right to choose how to live and what foods to eat. Some people just don't care what difference diet makes and want to eat what they love. I respect everyone's right to choose how they want to live. I do believe that if people knew the truth, they'd make better choices. It's the backwards thinking in the collective public mind that allows that backdoor to open and the "wrong choices" to be made and justified. When people know the consequences of their actions, they typically do make better choices.

In Conclusion
The choices we make today determine our experiences for tomorrow. I understand doctor's thinking when it comes to food. They see all food as being made-up of the same molecules, which is true. All food is made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—except for animal products, which differ only in that they contain nitrogen and small amounts of sulfur. To them, there is little difference between a potato and potato chips! I see a difference between Oats and Oatmeal. I want my food to be real! Today, it's difficult to obtain foods that are truly pure and natural. Which is why I make it a point to eat organic foods and heirloom foods. Some consider me a "health nut" but I like my foods to at least belong to a species that actually occurred naturally and isn't spliced with animal genes or tobacco genes. Yeah, I'm a health freak because I don't want flounder genes in my tomatoes! Call me crazy, but I don't think both industry and health can be served in the same dish. Support local farming and in turn, support your health and longevity. Till next time. . .
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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