Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When Chicken Little Cries Wolf

I apologize in advance for any typos. Not enough time to "edit." Yes, I know. My posts are never really edited. Still, I hope this post is helpful as well as enjoyable. Tom

With each passing day. We hear about the so-called "medical advancements." We don't see much in the way of anything new and less invasive or outright dangerous. What I believe is happening is actually a prediction made by an M. D. in the very early nineteen-hundreds. Dr. Tyrell wrote a book called "The Royal Road To Health." The book is based on the health and functionality of the colon. Not medicine. In fact, the author/doctor was vehemently opposed to medicine being passed off as a method of healing. As I've mentioned in previous posts, he believed medicine does nothing more than poison the body chemically and force a change or create a new illness. This creates the illusion of one illness healing. Then a few months later a new illness develops and the doctor actually doesn't realize he's poisoned you! For some, doctor's can create some magical formula for a chemical cocktail that somehow keeps people from dying. This is only possible if the person is strong enough and the poison isn't too great. Still, slowly but surely, the patient is being poisoned to death.

Give It A Name!
I believe doctor's are beginning to see this. It is an unavoidable truth if one's quest is truth, through science. Unfortunately the wonderful world of medicine, like many businesses, exploded and became an industry, so to speak. Which means, supply and demand is at the foundation of the "medical business model." Doctor's are recognizing, as their patients seek alternative health, that perhaps there is something there worth investigation. It's called, if I may give it a name, 'the origins of medicine!" More and more I hear from clients that their doctor recommended colonic therapy or at least doesn't denounce it as if it were cavorting with the devil himself! Still, how can the "medical industry" survive? How can it still generate billions of dollars? Create panic and fear in the hearts and minds of their innocent patients! That's how. "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." "Doctors say things like, I see something that concerns me. I want you to go for these tests." Or they may suggest you see a specialist. What is really happening is commerce. Plain and simple. More business. People are starting to really catch on as the good doctor Tyrell predicted one-hundred and three years ago! He believed, emphatically, that people will realize that medicine is poison and will demand change. Well, it may have taken more time than he thought, but it is finally happening. Someday, I hope the pharmaceutical industry will be reduced to an adjunct department of "emergency medical care." The last resort! When all else fails!

Who Cried Wolf?
A dear friend of mine was told by more than one doctor that the cancer they detected is far advanced and major surgery and of course, chemo and radiation, etc., is her only option. Within two weeks, they changed their story to "it may only be this or that." Oddly enough, no medical person has actually given this woman an "official diagnosis." That is still pending. She hasn't even been given a cat-scan or MRI! Are doctor's that good now that they don't need actual proof before opening their mouths. Some doctor's really say a lot, yet have a shallow well from which to draw. Still, the fear of mortality will drive anyone to do anything. The sad thing is that most people put their faith in people that are so blinded by the industry that they miss the point, entirely. They actually still believe that cancer thrives on oxygen. Or that it is a mystery why cancer spreads so fast after surgery. Here's an idea: Maybe, just maybe major surgery takes a person's energy way down. Why? Organs were removed. Or just simply a person needs a lot of energy just to heal the massive wounds inflicted on them from the surgery. Hello! If it were a knife instead of a scalpel, we'd call it an attack and call the incisions wounds. Instead, because we are talking about surgery, we call the wounds incisions. Come on! These are doctor's and they don't realize a person's vitality drops as a result of the surgery itself. And lets not forget anesthesia and pain killers administered both for the surgery and post-op. Hello! Oxygen??? Truly, the collective medical practice needs a few cc's of logic. A little less dogmatic/fictitious babble and more sensible, logical, independent, critical thinking is desperately in need.

Let Simplicity Lead The Way
Another friend who was essentially made ill by pure butchery, took some advice and changed her diet entirely to, get this, FOOD! She cut out flour, dairy, eggs, alcohol, soda, etc. She lost twenty-five pounds and is off all her meds! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! (Ralph Kramden of The Honeymooner." People, once again I will write the words I once didn't really get. "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! You don't need medicine to be healthy. In fact, I guarantee, with diet or lifestyle change, we can all be 'Independently Healthy!" Now is the time. Today is just another now. Another opportunity to make a change and improve your health. Empty your medicine cabinets. Fill your pantry and fridge with fresh, organic produce. Juice! Eat leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Cleanse your bowels. Jump on a rebounder. Laugh. Enjoy the only thing we have which is life in the now. Live fully. Remember this. We cannot live fully if we're full of shit!
Be well,
Tom DeVito


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