Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taxing Addiction

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I've been laying low with regards to my posts. Sometimes life gets in the way. I am working my way back to posting more regularly and have a lot to say, or write. There's a shocker!

Over the past weeks I've noticed yet another tactic being used in this country by our illustrious government. This technic is based on making money, of course. Here's their game: They monitor the public and record the habits of the people. The lobbyists in Washington see to it that business is done in this country and tobacco lobby is hard at work all the time, making sure the people get what they want. What they deserve. What is their God given right! In light of recent so-called attempts to reduce the amount of smokers in this country, the government has imposed a heavy tax on cigarettes. This will help people to stop smoking? No! Smokers are addicted to that drug and will do what they have to, in order to obtain the very thing that relaxes them, soothes their nerves, reduces anxiety and helps them to focus better. This of course is the way the effects of cigarette smoking is explained. As if it's not really just satisfying addiction. The chemical loosens up in the body and begins to release from the tissue and organs, such as the liver, when the drug isn't continually administered to the body. Most of what people think is stress is really the smoker needing another fix. We've seen a fairly large reduction in the number of people that smoke. However, there are always new kids picking-up the habit, therefore new customers, everyday.

The Government Lends A Helping Hand?
It's an old game played by many less than honest people. Pimps play this game with the girls that work for them. The girls are often supplied for free certain drugs, which are highly addicting. The girl gets hooked and now needs the drug. The pimp in turn says he can't keep supplying her habit. Of course she had no self control! Right? Well, kind of. We are creatures of HABIT. We don't need much to lead us to places that don't really serve us. Where pleasure is concerned, people do crazy things. Once we are hooked on a substance, be it drugs, alcohol, food or sex, we make the means to reach an end. The government is no different than a common pimp. They watch the population and where they spend their money. They create the means for the customers to purchase, rather cheaply, the substances they need. They practically give the stuff away. Then, once you're hooked, the government becomes "concerned" about your health. Oh yeah? Is that so? Believe that one and you're in for a surprise. This is what they did with cigarettes. They gave the cancer sticks away for years from five cents a pack in the early days to seventy-five cents a pack, in the seventies. The price slowly increased. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the price increased from two dollars a pack to like four dollars and fifty cents a pack. That was many years ago. The other day I was in the deli buying water (another natural resource being raped by our government) and noticed that a certain brand of cigarettes was ON SALE for ten dollars a pack! See? Get them hooked, then increase the price, exponentially. Most people will find a way.

How's That Taste? Don't Listen To Anyone. It's Good For You!
Here we find ourselves hooked on strange products now called food. Chips, dips, candy bars, donuts, cake, cookies SODA, ice cream, pizza, bagels. The list goes on and on. What has your government decided to do? Tax your junk food, just like they did your cigarettes. They are imposing high taxes on things like soda and junk food. This will deter people! What fools. Our government is too stupid to see a very simple point. For the enormous amounts of money made from these illegal, unjustified tariffs, we only tax our economy in other ways. There is more strain put on our insurance companies to try to save the public from deteriorating from all the garbage they eat and the cigarettes they smoke. We live in a country run by thugs and pimps. It is disgraceful. There is no truth coming from our government. They were never honest. The difference now is all restrictions and laws protecting the people from its government are disappearing and being replaced with "programs" designed to help people to improve their lives. Just another lie. We sew peoples stomachs into one ounce pouches in order to dissuade people from eating this garbage. And still they find a way. Why not? There are many companies that produce "healthy" junk. These products come in the form of fat-free, sugar-free, non-foods. Face it. There is no such thing as healthy cookies, cake or ice cream. Just a marketing technic designed to give us the pleasures we want without all the nastiness. That's another lie. Cookies are cookies. Sugar for the most part, when mixed with flour makes beer in the stomach. Fermentation. That's that. No difference between an oreo or a healthy version, using better ingredients. Sugar, no matter what the source is will ferment grain, no matter what the source of state of the grain or flour is in!

Junk Is Junk!
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEALTHY JUNK FOOD. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HELPING PEOPLE BY RAISING THE PRICES OF THE SUBSTANCES THEY ARE ADDICTED TO. People will always find a way. If the government really cared, they would see to it that junk food wasn't as available everywhere. They wouldn't allow the Taco Bells, McDonald's, Burger Kings, Wendy's, Roy Rogers, Perkins, etc., to infest this beautiful country and homogenize every damn city in this great union! Remember when you went to somewhere and it was totally different from your home town. Maybe, maybe not. Every city is starting to look the same and the people in it are all getting fatter and sicker. The only advancement medical science has come up with is—how to keep the obese, sickly people alive long enough to take all their money, in the hopes of becoming healthy again. If anyone really cared, real information, like the stuff I post, would be discussed. Watch Real Time With Bill Maher, he sings the same song. Stop pumping everyone with so called antidotes. Pump people with truth. Help them to become Independently Healthy!
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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