Friday, March 12, 2010

Throwing Roses

This must be written. This must be stated, once and for all.
Lets stop pretending that the "standard medical" approach for treating cancer actually works. Lets stop lying to ourselves and our loved one's who have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease. If the person diagnosed with cancer decides to take on some "holistic" practices like diet change, colonics, juicing, using chlorophyl supplements such as wheat grass and Sun Chlorella and uses an infrared sauna—we in the alternative field see this as a means to survival. However, friends, family and loved one's don't always agree. The surgeons and oncologists certainly do not agree. And don't expect the nurse sitting behind the window at the doctor's office to understand your new diet either, as she eats her fat-free, sugar-free jelly donut, with her coffee and two-percent milk. Whether or not the two sides agree doesn't really matter, just as long as the patient knows what he or she wants.

The Sky Is Falling!
Most often people are frightened out of their wits from the "chicken little" technic used. As chicken little cries wolf, the patient submits to the most arcane and poisonous treatments available. Because the doctors know nothing else but dousing a fire in gasoline—hoping the fire will be extinguished by the sheer volume of liquid, ignoring the fact that gasoline is highly flammable. Or they might insist on surgery, no referred to by some in the medical "profession," and I use this term very loosely, as "de-bulking." It is embarrassing that medical practice has become so careless and uncaring toward the sick. And yet the sick flock to them, like an abused partner returns to their abuser. The very people that want us to so want us to live, quite often INSIST we listen to the doctor. This is so haunting to me. It's like the mother that doesn't want to see that a close family member is sexually abusing her daughter(s), and brings her or them directly to him and puts her children in this demented freak's hands. This is the beginning of our tale. . .

Who You Calling A Charlatan?
A long time ago when charlatans appeared on many corners in every city in early America, these snake oil salesmen were to be avoided. The medical profession, then a respectable and scientifically based profession, referred to these gents as charlatans. Why? Because they claimed their pills, powders and potions (poison or placebo) were going to heal all their ills. At that time the medical community was one that looked at the irises of people to determine illness. Checked the frequency of bowel movements and the state of the patients bowels and also administered colonic hydro-therapy for all that entered within for treatment. This was standard practice. Lets get this straight. Doctor's were working with iridology (the reading of the iris of the human eye) and cleansing colons to maximize health or cure illness. And the charlatans were selling drugs! My how the tables have turned. Who's the charlatan now?

When Well Meaning Friends And Family Try To Help!
A person takes on certain behavior when diagnoses with illness. They may awaken and use the illness to really get their health together once and for all. Or they may put their faith in all they know, which is the medical approach. I would like to pose a question: where is there a single shred of evidence that a person with matastasized or matastatic cancer (cancer which spreads form the primary source or location to another part of the body or organ system) has any chance of survival upon taking on chemotherapy, radiation and or surgery, as their method of treatment. There is none! Now, check this out. When a person comes to me with this illness and it is advanced. The first thing we do is address diet and get them on a regimen of colon cleansing, juicing and using the infrared sauna. Dietetically, we change them, rather rapidly, over to a vegan diet. We suggest lots of green leafy vegetables. We also suggest juicing thirty-two to forty-eight ounces of fresh green juice, everyday. As well as, wheat grass juice taken orally and through rectal implants. Both are very beneficial. We quite often suggest using something like Sun Chlorella or E3 Live! This program of green stuff and colon cleansing is toward one goal—to oxygenate the system of the patient. Chlorophyl is the blood of the plant. Hemoglobin and chlorophyl are almost identical, molecularly. (I've written this in the past, but it bares repeating for the explanation here.) When chlorophyl is consumed and enters the bloodstream—the body quickly and effortlessly converts the chlorophyl to hemoglobin. Which is the main constituent of the red-blood cell. It is the carrier of oxygen. Hemoglobin and oxygen are like long lost friends when they meet. They connect and don't let go till the hemoglobin delivers the oxygen to where it is needed. Then picks up the carbon dioxide and brings it back for expulsion. The more hemoglobin we build the better oxygen is absorbed in the body. Infrared light also increases the cells ability to absorb oxygen. So the better our red-blood cells are. The more oxygen is present in the blood.

What does all this mean? Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment. Cancer appears or strikes when the body is highly acidic, therefore low in oxygen. Well meaning friends and loved ones all think this is too risky or not enough. They are often scared and scare the patient into the hands of the doctor or butcher! The patient is scared into accepting that which very commonly devastates them and the family as they suffer through the most poisonous nonsense these "mad unscientists" have ever come up with. People that mean to help their friend or family member have no idea that they are assisting in shortening the life of the patient. This is a travesty of humanity! We have been lead to believe the very opposite of what will help the patient. This in a country where WAR=PEACE!

Well Meaning Professionals? Depends On Whom We Are Referring To!
Lets take a look at what happens in the hands of "so-called" experts. The patient is often diagnosed pre biopsy. They may have received an x-ray. The often haven't even had a cat-scan or MRI. Still, they are told the prognosis is not good. The doctors and nurses have no problem telling you that you're not in good health and this is serious. The first thing a person does when they're told they have stage-4 cancer is begin dying! They tell themselves, therefore every cell in their bodies—I'm dying. What's next is amazing. They are either hacked to pieces as the "brilliant surgeons" take vital organs, because they are so afflicted with this disease. Remember, the bigger the surgery—the bigger the paycheck. If they don't remove organs, the patient is put on a very aggressive chemo/radiation therapy. All of which are highly poisonous and debilitating beyond human comprehension. We have all seen what this barbaric, so-called therapy does to it's victims. Cancer patients are less victims of cancer and more victims of barbarism. The chemo destroys the cells, good and bad. It is highly acidic and robs the body of oxygen. Radiation, last I check CAUSES CANCER! No other comment is needed here. Now here's something that is so profoundly scary that it boggles any free thinking persons mind. The patient is told to bulk up on cheeseburgers, pasta, breads, etc. THE VERY (NON) FOOD THAT BROUGHT THEM TO THE ONCOLOGISTS OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! This "diet" is recommended so the patient doesn't get too thin! Do you believe this crap? Even then these numb-nuts don't get it. The patient is told to eat garbage, as they face a disease, which thrives on a body poisoned by those very foods. If the patient undergoes surgery and has major organ removal, there is often little or no hope.

What's Past Is Prologue—Here We Are!
The doctors, friends and family have you right where they want you. What they fail to see is they usher the patient to "deaths door." The laymen, friends and family are so scared to loose you, they bring you to the wolves in sheep's clothing! They deliver you to the very thing that will ensure a negative outcome and or massive suffering for the patient, family and friends. The doctor's response—"there are no guarantees!" Really? The truth is there is no logic to this insanity. There is nothing under the sun that will ever convince me or any free and independent thinking person that this crap does anything other than kill people. It's consistent with our overall philosophy in this country. The land of opposites. Our loved ones, our neighbors all applaud the courage of the patient for "putting up a good fight." This isn't a fight. This is when we should surrender to nature. Surrender to the fact that our way of life is not working. In light of a recent statistic—thirty percent of the population of the U.S. has cancer! Hmmmmm, I wonder who benefits from this devastating statistic? Could it be. . . SATAN? No, but close! It would be the pharmaceutical industry. So in the end, the doctors must back away. Your friends and family begin to accept this inevitable end, that they will lose you to his horrible disease. When all the while, there was something that could have helped them to heal or at least live longer with some quality, instead of being turned into a virtual zombie—pumped with chemo, steroids (for fattening the skinny cancer patient) and all the other toxic nonsense we call medicine.

And in the end, when all has failed and enormous amounts of money has been thrown away in the hopes of a "miracle," the well meaning friends and family members are standing over a hole in the earth, with tears streaming down their faces—throwing roses onto the fancy box of the final resting place of this poor victim of "well educated experts, who obviously know more than someone who is not a doctor!" Sorry for the darkness. This needed to be written. I hope this isn't too much. And yet I do. We all should be outraged by the rampant ignorance of this culture. Lets make a change!
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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