Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Days And Mondays. . .

always get me down. . . The Carpenters penned that somewhat dreary song, way back in the seventies. This sentiment belongs on that same pile of slogans we humans have come up with to show how much of life we miss the idea of life itself. We love these sayings, which sum up our attitude toward life. Which, in a nutshell is this: We want only sunshine, everyday should be friday, we want it now and we want it all, and so on. Now why shouldn't we always want the best from life? Of course that is just a positive, hopeful attitude. Right? I believe we all have the right to want an easy life and mondays to be sunny, all the time. But lets be real. We must accept the rainy days, knowing what they bring the earth. We must accept our "less than great" days, while cleansing, knowing what this brings us. Detox can be a bitch, sometimes.

The Big Picture
Somehow, we miss the big picture in regards to healing. We want constant ascension. I often hear comments from clients saying, "I've given up meat, wheat, junk-food, and booze, now I feel like crap!" "What gives?" We all know the story. As we give up certain foods which are molecularly heavy and concentrated, therefore pollutants are delivered to the bloodstream for filtration and elimination. You see, the laymen doesn't truly understand the simplicity of health and how to achieve it. Of course, technically, I am a laymen. This can be true for many doctors, who believe a totally different concept about health. They understand human health like they do a poorly designed machine, which by nature breaks down. When they cannot figure out the source of illness, they call in "stress" as the cause. However, the big picture is really about the health of the bloodstream, which effects the entire body. These are the rivers and oceans in the body. Like the earth, once they become polluted, more and more trouble result.

Garbage Floating On The Rivers Of Your Body
The average person does not understand human physiology, at all. And why should they? As we all become conscious of health and cleansing, we open our minds to greater concepts of health, we open our minds to a slightly different view of the human body. We have believed so many erroneous, so-called facts and truths about human health, that we never stopped to ask what these concepts are actually based on. We have believed and many still today believe that diet is the most important thing we can do to remain healthy. And I say, show me one athlete that has lived even close to one hundred years! They all pass at younger ages, like early to mid seventies. This being the average age we humans are meant to live to. I covered that misunderstanding in an old post. I'm not saying we should live forever or that we can. I'm also not saying we should live to a hundred and look and behave like most people we see that make it to that age. I believe we can live that long and look, feel and act like people thirty years younger!

How Do We Do It?
There are people in this field that so misunderstand what this "life" is about. The main reason for this is because they want to dissect every aspect of human life and not see how it all plays together as one beautiful symphony. One orchestrated song and dance, we call life. Does the bear, snake, monkey, rat, lion, eagle, etc., need anything other than their environment to survive? NO! I know I covered that a thousand times, too. I had to make that point before this next bit. If the blood of people has garbage floating through it, than the bloodstream, and the power of our blood to keep us alive and well, is somewhat weakened or compromised. Some still believe the absurd concept that super-foods or supplements will make a difference. They will, under the microscope or in a blood-test. They will not make a bit of difference where "real" health is concerned. We can bolster levels of this and that in the bloodstream. But we have to consider that vitamins pills from a jar are nothing more than nicer looking garbage floating through the bloodstream.

But That's Not What Everyone Believes!
Correct! I know something they don't know. They all believe in fiction. For the human body to truly heal, which means something different than it may sound. By healing, I mean, to heal a person of latent illness which, for now lies dormant in the tissue, bloodstream and cells of the body. Until we remove this toxic debris, we are "spinning our wheels!" We are painting the rusty fender on the car. Only to have the rust return. For real health to be present in people, real detoxification must be engaged. And, real foods must be taken, along with fresh juices, good, deep sweating, and mild exercise. More than anything else—to be outside, under the sun, taking in the best quality air you can find (wooded areas, mountains, beaches)
Until we embrace these simple concepts, we are merely throwing grapefruits at a dart-board.

Blood Is Iron!
Once again I will call upon the great spirit of the late and brilliant Professor Arnold Ehret. Yes, I know he died in 1922! Yes, I know medical science has come a long way. And yes, I know we understand far more now than we did then. Still, we miss the point so greatly that I feel it is vital to this community to express this here. The bloodstream is a very misunderstood aspect of humanity. The great professor wrote in his book "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" that our blood is essentially iron-oxide. And that it needs very little to be healthy. Firstly, it needs to be as free from toxicity as possible and secondly it needs fruit sugars, and green leaves as it's food. The fruit sugars do more of the cleansing of the blood. Ehret believed, quite correctly, that the blood needs iron from the green leaves and fruit sugar. The green is chlorophyl. Which, as we know, converts to hemoglobin, very easily. The fruit sugar is very special. Fruit sugar cleanses the blood of debris and helps to form hemoglobin as well. It is the combination of the two, which make-up this "quite special sap," Ehret refers to as our blood composition. He says the red color is iron-oxide, rust!

In Conclusion
In my humble, yet strong opinion, Ehret is one hundred percent on the money. Why do I think I am in a position to make such a claim. Because this is how I've lived for the past fifteen plus years. I have healed of all my illnesses and I know that I am constantly in a state of detoxification, removing debris on a daily basis, from the bowels, therefore the blood, tissue and cells. Until someone can show me where I'm lacking, by not eating protein or taking supplements of almost any kind and never taking in most of what people eat, I remain consistently and steadfastly in the belief that Arnold Ehret was right. Health is simple. "All concepts that cannot be grasped with simple reason are humbug!" These are the words of the great professor.

Today, as I sit and write this, I am dealing with some congestion. This is the first time I have experienced anything like this in many years. I had it coming! What is happening is a culmination of stress, and a bit of heavier eating. Allowing myself to eat some acidic foods and not exercising as I was on a daily basis. (rebounding) My lungs want to rid themselves of mucus. As my bowels empty, so do my lungs. So, in conclusion, I do believe that to truly become "Independently Healthy" we must not follow the medical community "out the window," as they say. And instead, look toward nature and the removal of debris from our bodies, so the vital functions of life can occur without challenge, obstruction and stress. Lets allow our bodies to live in absence of disease matter, waiting for our organism to weaken or simply become greater than that which brings us health. Clean, pollution free, iron rich, blood. Here's to living free of disease or the need for experts to achieve it for you and me.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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