Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sky Never Falls. . .

. . . And there are no wolves. This is a continuation of a previous post titled, "When Chicken Little Cries Wolf." A friend of mine was diagnosed with matastasized cancer. Meaning it had spread from one organ or system to another. The doctor claimed it was in more than five major organs and scheduled this woman for immediate surgery. All this with NO BIOPSY! No official diagnosis! And the butchers were ready to "debulk" her. Debulk? How do we use these terms when speaking to people about their bodies, their health? Their life! What is going on in medicine, today? These people are beginning to really show how little they know about human health! For the record, it is cheaper for an insurance company if the patient dies, then if the patient lives and requires more treatment. So it is hard to determine the angle the insurance companies take. I'll leave that up to your analysis.

Perhaps I'm too cynical to judge this properly. Initially, my friend was told the cancer was indeed matastasized and she needed immediate surgery! She was told the surgeon would be removing part of her stomach, part of her bowels, one kidney, her cervix, ovaries and uterus! This pronouncement was made with no real diagnosis. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! WOLF!!!!! Nonsense. Here's what the biopsy reported. Cancer of the fat. Rare, but not matastasized! Cancer of the fat! Which seems like a cancer that has spread. When in-fact, the cancer is in the fat, therefore throughout the body. Not matastesized. No need for the scare.

Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go By,
But In The Long Run, There's Still Time To Change The Road You're On.
A line from the great Led Zeppelin—from a little hit in the seventies, called "Stairway To Heaven."
When my friend was first diagnosed, she came to me and we worked together. She embraced this new lifestyle with passion and commitment. She was full of fear, but knew she was feeling better. She looked and felt better within three treatments. She also felt cared for and treated with compassion. Something she never felt from the medical community. Due to the imminent nature of her illness, which required surgery, she was told by her all the doctors and family members to stop doing colonics and the lifestyle, because it would mess with her electrolyte balance. This would be very bad for surgery. I spoke to a cardiologist/surgeon. His response was, "that's pure nonsense." My theory is it's better to go into surgery with a lot less waste than stable electrolytes. I've explained this idea prior to this piece. The oncologist reports to my friend that she won't be going in for surgery. They want to first shrink the tumors with Chemo.

The amount of drugs the doctors have her taking is incredible. The woman stopped the one thing that was helping her to heal for a potential future, which never came. Or won't be happening for a while. Which would have given us time to get her oxygenated and closer to wellness. Not to mention the damage all these drugs are doing to her vitality and strength. This is yet another example of planning for a future we know nothing about. No crystal balls! No wizards! No real knowledge of anything in the future, other than capitalism! Knowledge that money will be made—rather than progress or healing.

Illness? Wellness? What Is The Goal?
When a person becomes ill, some believe it is a random event. Some know it is not. The truth is, we have certain pre-dispositions or weaknesses. This is represented in the genetic make-up of all people. The weaknesses differ from one to the next, depending on the history or the lineage. People in the medical profession seem to think they are clairvoyant. As if they know the "undeniable truth." This is because they know no better. All they know is dousing a fire with gasoline and hoping things don't re-ignite!

Deceit? Ignorance? Or Profit?
Or do they know this crap doesn't work and still do what they do because they too have to make a living. But, to make their living from other's illness, misfortune or death is quite questionable. It's like going to an aerobics instructor and gaining weight! Or worse, gaining weight and continuing to go back because there's "no other way!" Enough is enough! The medical approach to healing illness is pure, unadulterated bullshit! I'm done with these cretins. They are vultures! The methods they use are arcane and invasive. They ignore most of the technics, which the whole science was founded on.

Real Time
Dennis Kucinch was a guest on the Bill Maher show, recently and said he is against this health-care bill, but signed it to pass because it was going to point us in the right direction. I don't agree with this. However, he went on to say, that if we really want healthcare to change in this country, we must address diet, exercise, alternative methods of healing, etc. Anyone thinking person can see—give people real information about how to stay healthy and they won't tax the system. Why doesn't that happen. BECAUSE THERE'S NO MONEY IN KEEPING PEOPLE HEALTHY!
This is an unfortunate state for us to be in. I am not stopping and will continue to write here and hopefully publish books to bring everyone's awareness to a different place. Perhaps this bill will improve or limit the prices these thieves can charge. I am skeptical. And will remain so, until I see something different. Not that I have any intention of ever having health insurance, ever again. I haven't had it for more than fifteen years. Instead, I have "health endurance."

Bjork wrote that line for a song on her new album. Our independence is vanishing. Mandating healthcare is not reform but expansion. Keep your independence. Keep your freedom. Your health is in your hands. And your hands only. Besides, who cares more about you than you? This is not being self-centered, this is having self love. No doctor can give you that. No doctor can give you health. Just drugs.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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