Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Is Relative!

Substitute foods really come in handy when we are transitioning from the standard American diet to a more healthy, whole foods-based, cleansing diet. What is a substitute food? Rice milk to dairy milk. Is rice milk optimum or even food? No. Is it less toxic and clogging than regular milk. Yes. So for people transitioning, even when ill, this is a better approach than either going hard-core and changing radically. Improving each day with subtle changes like this, will help. Little by little we poison the tissue less. I haven't had rice milk in many years. Relatively speaking, rice milk is too toxic for me. There are oils in rice milk that aren't great. Still it is better than pasteurized cows milk. The important thing to remember is health is relative. If steak and potatoes was a typical meal for you, or worse, ham/salami & swiss on a roll with mayo! Some baked chicken breast with sauteed vegetables is a great meal. Is the chicken and veggies healthy? Well, it is a healthier meal than the two previously mentioned. The most important thing to remember is this; don't get stuck! Nothing in life is permanent. Go with the flow. Allow the natural ascension of your diet to occur. Which means, if you begin to not crave one of the newer transition foods you've been eating for a few months, perhaps there is something else you can eat that is a naturally occurring food. I would venture to say that even commercial chicken would be a better idea than eating hot dogs! You see, it's all about relativity.

Thought Creates Action
I know that "healthy eating" is not at the forefront of everyone's mind. However, in order to truly effect change in this country, to try to support this fading economy, to change the tides of health practices in this country, we should at least take a peek at some of the alternatives. We know that soy isn't a great alternative, yet a little tofu here and there isn't a bad transition food. We also know that most of the mock foods offered at health food stores and vegetarian restaurants are not the healthiest food, yet they are far better than a burger with cheese and fries! I never could have made the transition to a vegan diet were it were not for some of these foods. How I learned what was best for me was to pay attention to my stomach and my bowel movements. If things didn't feel right or didn't make it out the other end, I generally considered the experiment to have had negative results. To learn from the diet is all we can do. Do I believe apples, lettuce, avocado, melon, grapes, papaya, etc., are perfect foods? Of course I do. Will those foods feel the same in everybody's bellies? NO! Remember, more than any other factor—the environment of a persons stomach and digestive and eliminative organs will react either positively or negatively to any given food. Meat to someone eating it for years feels better than grapes. It's a matter of PH. If a healthy whole fruit or vegetable bloats you or creates other uncomfortable reactions, you can believe you need to cleanse the bowels and take the process of detoxification to the next level. I am not speaking about allergic reactions, which are quite specific—bloating is not an allergic reaction. All digestive issues are based on environment and the general vitality of the person. Allergies to foods involve break-outs, throat restrictions, anaphylactic shock, or internal inflammation, and so on. Not discomfort or inability to digest broccoli!

It's Just A Crutch!
When we break a leg or an arm, the doctor puts a cast on the broken bone and suggests we use a cane for a broken leg or a sling for a broken arm. Both the cast and the sling are temporary aids. Used until we no longer need them. Sometimes we need a wheelchair because the condition or injury is of a greater severity. Depending on a persons history they may use crutches till they can work the new cleansing diet on their own. Some may need a wheelchair for which to heal at a greater depth. All relative. Once detoxified, you will be well. It could take a long time, for some, years. Compare that to a life of misery as you get bounced from doctor to doctor, drug to drug, procedure to procedure, test to test! Hell no! Not for me. I stopped that roller-coaster/merry-go-round head trip, a long time ago. Even drugs used to heal an illness can be seen as a crutch, until a better way comes along. Like natural healing! The best way to achieve independent health is to not depend on anything other than natural foods and a natural approach to detoxification.

To heal the human body of it's historical damages, we only need to gently and slowly improve upon the quality of our fuel. Little by little, everyday. As we ascend to a higher quality food, our bodies will begin to move similarly. However, as you know by now, the drudging up of old waste product in our bodies opens a "can of worms." Make friends with this process and know that it is going to get easier and better. Remember this too, if you've made dietary changes but haven't taken on colon cleansing and you're not feeling well, change what you are doing and incorporate colon cleansing into this program. Can't win the lottery without first purchasing a ticket. Step-up! Make some changes. Don't rely on your doctor. Don't rely on your personal trainer. Rely on yourself! Feel free to comment on these posts. Ask questions. I will be glad to help. Seek knowledgeable people who speak the same language. Meaning, they believe in removing the old while changing the diet to a new cleansing diet. Life is relative and nothing, absolutely nothing is permanent. Enjoy the moment. Live fully. Be thankful.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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