Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rust Never Sleeps

(the title is borrowed from a great song by Neil Young)

Even if we can't see rust because it was covered with paint, it is still there and oxidizing every minute of the day. Paint masks the reality of the underlying rot, which is still happening, regardless of appearance. If we don't remove our own decay from within, we are spinning our wheels. No paint. No varnish. No polish. No vitamins. No drugs. No THINGS will ever change this reality! There is one way to achieve REAL HEALTH! And that is DEEP TISSUE CLEANSING!

Swimming Pools
When I was much younger and working part time jobs, I worked for a man who installed above ground swimming pools. This was a very interesting job. I learned a lot about swimming pools, the physics of how they stand and hold all that pressure from the water they hold. When we weren't installing pools, we had to maintain them. We would replace the liners, fix the filters or teach the people how to keep their water clean and safe. Then there were the extreme jobs. We'd show up and the owner would tell us that they haven't cared for the pool in several years. The cover for winter protection, was torn. And massive amounts of leaves, debris, dead animals, and other various, unpleasant items filled the depths of the pool. These were jobs which required a bit more effort to restore the pool back to a safe and clean environment, for the people to swim in again. So dumping a bunch of chemicals and running the filter simply would not suffice. This required that we drain as much of the water as possible and then drudge out all the muck from the bottom of the pool, for which there was thousands of pounds of decomposed leaves, animals, waste, garbage, etc. We often did this work by hand and got down and dirty until we cleansed the pool. This is analogous to the human body, with regards to health and healing.

Inside Out Vs. Outside In
The human blood stream collects a great many pollutants over the years. Starting with baby formula, birthday cake, and jarred baby foods containing animal products. All dairy, grain, animal products and every non-food under the sun produces waste or pollution in the human body. Still, there are so-called experts that base their entire philosophical belief on the ridiculous notion that nutrition or putting so-called "super foods" in their stomachs will bring about healing. Most of the people who subscribe to this erroneous concept look the part. Most of these people are overweight and still circulating poisonous, toxic waste throughout their bloodstream, as they teach other's how to live a healthy life? Text book healing! Informational healing! Theoretical healing! This is what the idea of nutrition will bring about. Not to say that nutrition is useless. But that first we cleanse the waste, then we rebuild with high-quality material, instead of Twinkies, Oreos, pizza, bagels, hot dogs, pasta, etc.

Lets Get Something Straight!
There's no doubt that improving one's diet and increasing foods with real value will improve upon a persons health. However, we cannot and will not effect change, real change, and live independently, without fear of latent disease striking from our thirties on. Which is when most people begin to experience these problems. Imagine trying to improve the water quality of a swimming pool with a foot and a half worth of decomposed, mostly natural elements, at the bottom of the pool, with chlorine and filtration. That is essentially the idea some health experts will have you believe. The chlorine represents the liver and nutrition and the filter, the kidneys. Imagine how taxing this would be for the system of a pool filter and how draining it would be financially to keep dumping more and more chemicals into the pool. WITHOUT FIRST REMOVING THE WASTE PRODUCT, WHICH HAS ACCUMULATED OVER YEARS FROM THE BLOODSTREAM, TISSUE AND CELLS. WE ARE NOT FULLY RESTORING OURSELVES OR CREATING TRUE, VIBRANT, BOUNDLESS HEALTH! Instead we are merely circulating waste matter. Or filtering out minute amounts of waste, while feeling sicker and sicker each day.

Sweep, Then Mop!
You'll never see a janitor mop the floors before sweeping. Why? Because then we would just circulate all the debris on the floor. The janitor will eventually have to give in and sweep the floor in order to fully clean the floor. This is the foundation for all healing. One of my clients recently asked a very compelling question, "how much does one have to cleanse?" To which I responded, "depends." The answer is obviously different for everyone. What is the goal of the individual? And is there already illness? Or are we beginning to see illness. Some people want only to feel better, look better and reduce bloating, gas and discomfort. Other's want to get into what I call excavation! Really going back through their history, detoxifying the tissues, bloodstream and cells. Until a person has experienced this, what we refer to as "deep-tissue cleansing," it can never be understood. When a person experiences cell contraction, through detoxification, they will appear rather thin. People looking only at weight think the person is sick. They don't see the light in the eyes of the cleansed person. They don't see the vitality emanating from this person. We must first squeeze all the old waste out of the tissue, blood and cells, before the body can restore itself to a place of health unrecognizable to most people in society. Most people don't know such a state exists or can be achieved, at all!

Till The Soil Before Planting Seeds
Even though I'm a fan of "whole-food supplements." They are useless where healing is concerned. Don't waste your money. Cleanse first. Then feed. Remove the old, toxic waste, the old muck, the foreign matter which prevents us from experiencing vital, boundless, energy, from a body free of all the waste product accumulated over decades. One way to tell if your guts are filled with old fecal matter, gas and mucus is this: suck your gut in by exhaling all your air. Then pull in with the abdominal muscles. If your belly-button is about three to four inches away from your spine, you are in phenomenal health. If your gut is still protruding, you know there is some work to do, if your goal is to restore your health to a place where latent illness is no longer a concern. This is for the more hardcore. I don't use this term in an exclusive manner. I do not like exclusion. This is not some club of superior humans. Everyone is welcome. No one is excluded. To be "hardcore" about this is great! It is not for everyone.

Nothing Like The Truth—Simple Undeniable Truth
I use myself as an experiment. Everything I experience with regards to healing is my research. So don't come to me with this new product, which was extracted from some ancient sap, from the ass of a dead fly found, in an iceberg in the south pole, and tell me this is the missing key to my health. Indications that something not working dietetically, where healing is concerned, show themselves rather quickly. In the fifteen years that I am vegan and eat mostly raw foods, I have never needed all this scientific mumbo-jumbo! All I've ever needed was to cleanse the bowels, drink fresh vegetable juice, eat healthy green leafy salads and fresh fruits—including some moderate exercise, and viola! Oh and some good sweating. This is the secret, folks! NO SECRET! Human health and vitality is yours. You have it already, you just have to clean the muck from the inner terrain before you try to build your new eco-friendly house! Get it? I hope you do. Please feel free to chime in with feedback. Thanks for reading.
Be well,
Tom DeVito


  1. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................

  2. That is really great! What a wonderful way to look at life. All we need to do is change lanes.
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