Saturday, March 27, 2010

Telling Tall Tales From A Shallow Pond

I heard something today that was simply astounding. I thought to name this post "Dumb, dumber, dumbest." Which would have represented the fictitious, nonsensical, insane ramblings from people who consider themselves "experts" or "scientists." This may be the absolute worst thing I've ever heard from a "specialist." Okay, get this. An Oncologist informed a cancer patient of her new diet. This, the good doctor said "is the only diet you can have." It's called a low-residue diet. Yet it consists of nothing but high residue foods. Or better yet, the diet is comprised of pudding and jello, essentially! NON-FOOD! Have lost my bloody mind? Has the doctor? Has the patient? What in the world is going on in this world? This, my friends, is not the worst of it. He went on to say that she (the patient) is forbidden to eat salad! Now here it is. The single dumbest, most asinine, disturbing statement I HAVE EVER HEARD A DOCTOR UTTER!!! "Eating salad was making your tumors grow." And no one in the room questioned those words?

Post Script
I forgot to mention at the writing of this post that the doctors also explained that fiber was contributing to the growth of the tumors. When asked how so, the answer was "you will have too many bowel movements! And since there are tumors in that region of your body, the bowel movements will aggravate the tumors and cause them to grow!" NOT THE PRESENCE OF THE WASTE, ITSELF??? They literally consider pudding and jello low residue because the patient won't have many bowel movements! What's next? Cocaine for cardiac patients! We are better off consulting people in padded cells in straight jackets. At least you know who you're dealing with. My question is: what to these scientists see when they look in the microscope? LOONEY TUNES CHARACTERS—DROPPING ANVILS ON EACH OTHER'S HEADS!!!!! That's all folks!

Opposite Land—OR A Deep And Undetectable Ignorance?
No one asked the doctor if he realized he said it out loud, in front of other people? Not only is this statement wholly and entirely wrong! IT IS IN COMPLETE OPPOSITION TO THE TRUTH! Is it the doctor's intention to murder his patients! He also informed her that she now has a chance to live. He also instructed her that eating Sun Chlorella tablets also contributed to making her tumors grow! How is this man allowed to practice medicine? I guess because they live in "opposite land." This is the most disturbing thing I have ever had the displeasure to hear. I am beside myself. There are no words to describe how wrong this man is. But I will try. This is like giving the passengers on a jetliner, blow torches and cans of gasoline, during the flight to ensure safety in the cabin. It's like walking into a roady bar at two in the morning and handing our free pistols in an attempt to settle some unresolved disagreements and avoid unnecessary violence! It's like giving a four year old child an open vile of one hundred valium and telling the child not to taste the candy! What the hell has happened to the intelligence in this great land of ours? We turn to these highly educated people in politics, medicine, etc., and we seem to come up empty handed or a with handful of good, all American, unadulterated, unprocessed, homemade, special ordered BULLSHIT! One second, I need to wash my hands. . .

The Boiling Point Of No Return
At this point it might be wise to consider what is commonly known as preventative medicine for those of you who would like to avoid the pitfalls of being in the hands of raving lunatics. There is no reason why anyone should ever have to be at the mercy of these deranged madmen! Madmen, who must be programmed at med school. Told to make sure patients are treated like consumers. As a dear friend spoke of the jargon used in the mental-health industry. Patients aren't patients. They are "consumers of mental health." Hello! DO WE NEED MORE INFORMATION THAN THAT? Do we need to be told directly that a "for profit" system will only bend toward profit, never toward truthful solutions? That a "for profit" system researches the effectiveness of stock trade and marketing and never if the drug works, let alone won't kill you faster than your disease, which by the way was planted in you through their "healthcare programs, such as vaccinations, antibiotics and general drug therapy, as a method of healing" Imagine the success of a car mechanic, if they had the same track record as our illustrious medical industry? It would be laughable. No business, industry, company, corporation could ever survive let alone be a multi-billion dollar industry, with a reputation like the medical world has made for itself.

Darth Limbaugh—Luke! I Am Your Father—Luuuuuke!
The well has run dry. There is no room at the shallow end of the pond to float these titanic lies, anymore. Medical experts!? The only thing these types of doctors are experts in is BULLSHIT! Plain and simple. This special breed of doctors. The types who truly don't care one bit about anybody's health—have become politicians. You don't become a politician to live a straight and honest life. Lets be real. If truth were introduced to politics and medicine—our economy would collapse faster than a house of cards after Rush Limbaugh tip-toes by! Yet, not all doctor's are created equally. Or, should I say, not all doctor's fall to the dark side. They resist the dark forces of Darth Vader. I mean the pharmaceutical companies. And they base their practices on helping people, even with their limitations. They mean well. They speak, to the best of their abilities, the truth.

Second Hand Murder
We are at the point where debating the topic of healing with medical folk is like speaking German to someone from China, who thinks you're speaking Italian! I feel as though the only way to combat this willful ignorance, is to pay fewer and fewer visits to the doctor's, the pizzeria's, the donut shop, the steak house, the drug store, the diner, the bar, and so on. People will fair much better in the complete absence of interactions with "medicine people." I know that their are large numbers of people who think I am an idiot for making the claims I do. I really don't care. I'm at the point where I would rather risk my reputation speaking the truth, than sitting back and saying nothing about the lies pouring out of their mouths on an hourly basis. As these empty. robotic vessels float on the grand oceans of life, they seem to not care that they are polluting our waters of life with their ignorance, lies, deceit and second hand murder.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide! (spelling intentional)
There are still some great, caring and loving doctor's. Unfortunately, they are not popular because they aren't drug pushers. They are labeled quacks by their mentally incompetent associates. I will say this. My life and health have only improved since I gave up on the medical industry and accepted the greatest honor and challenge of my lifetime. To take "real" care of myself and become a seeker. A seeker of the truth. I decided the only way to live in this "land of opposites." Is to seek Independent Health! It is my honor to share what I've learned with all of you. Don't stop. Keep on moving. Never accept anything that is too complicated to understand as a final answer. Challenge everyone to explain things more simply, because it's hard for our little brains to grasp. Like Professor Arnold Ehret said, "what cannot be grasped by simple logic, is humbug!"
Be well,
Tom DeVito


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