Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't Let It Get You Down!

As I sat down to write today's post, I thought, what will I write? And the word healing came to mind. So I thought NO SHIT! Gotta love the puns. I thought a bit about healing and then looked it up on my handy "widget-dictionary, in the dashboard of my Apple computer, and found this. [Restore to sound health] The word has a few origins. Old English (haelan—[in the sense restore to sound health]), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch heelen or German heilen, or to WHOLE. I copied this exactly as it appeared for accuracy. The ae in the Old English word is a diphthong. What struck me most about this word is the final word or definition. Whole. To heal is to be whole. When we are in a state of healing we may feel worse than we did when we were toxic. This is what we experience when we are healing. Even when applied to our emotional experiences we find that going through pain is the thing that heals. In some twisted way. It is the pain that heals us. If not for the pain, how could we know we are healing? This applies to all levels of healing. I often hear people claim that emotions are not a cause or related to illness. This is not only absurd, it is downright ignorant.

Don't Let It Linger
The pain of our emotional life can stay with us far longer than a physical ailment or symptoms. Why? Our minds. We choose those thoughts, don't we? Healing can be a difficult undertaking. Healing just one person, yourself, is no easy task. Mostly because we are unearthing our histories. I say histories because we have seemingly separate histories for the physical (mechanics), mental (thoughts), emotional (thought becoming physical) , spiritual (that which we generate/attract energetically) aspects of our lives. Remember that emotion means disturbance. These seemingly disparate realities we participate in all collect debris and therefore, to our own perceptions, they are all separate from one another. When in fact these separate planes are also an illusion. Meaning they are one or whole, as we are one with everything. Nothing is separate. So as we heal through a physical method we begin to awaken healing the collective that is the human being. We feel sick and depleted because we are not whole or healed.

Layers Of The Onion Make The Onion
We seek healing for certain things. Seek healing for one thing only, you! Whether you believe in these planes or not is irrelevant. You may create or subscribe to different opinions or theories other than these, but healing will take many forms and you will notice these shifts. Whatever your language is to describe this process, we will still be talking about the same thing, becoming whole. Or detoxifying. We are born whole. Yet as we grow and collect and think, we loose touch with the fact that we are not separate from anything. As we cleanse and eat healthy food we are moving toward being whole. As our physical bodies becomes less polluted from our unconscious past, our actual consciousness begins to return to presence. Our mind begins to relax. Not dull— just take a well deserved break. This is not the brain I speak of. But the one that rents the space of the brain. The one that moved in and will not budge. Look at the mind like a tenant that is quite reliable but a dark force. One that tries to sabotage things. Manipulates, lies, becomes angry, often makes a fuss over nothing, then makes excuses for foul behavior. Forgives nothing. The mind does all this to itself. Let alone what it inflicts on the world around it. Without our minds we couldn't function. Landlords need tenants! We need the mind. We need it to manage our lives. Yet somehow the mind has taken over and now runs or manages our lives. Drama and incessant thinking separates us from ourselves, so to speak. Believing our emotional history as truth does the same. For that matter, this life we've created is built on, created from human kind believing in this illusion of separation.

Corn Isn't Corn Isn't Corn!
Imagine that? Corn, a food we created, isn't even that anymore! Huh? My hope is for healing or returning to wholeness for everyone seeking it achieves it. For us to return to sound health and achieve independence we first must realize we live in dysfunction. Merely believing in separation. We are whole creatures. What is the human being is the collective planes we function in. And that is what we know at this point in time. We are finding at this very moment that we know so little about how huge we are. As we learn more and more about the infinite power of the human being, we must acknowledge that as we heal humanity, we heal the planet. As the planet heals or becomes whole so must everything. You see, we cannot just dissect this idea of healing. When we heal, the world heals. When we speak about such a grand concept we must remember this—our food needs to be returned to whole. We need to heal or make whole our food. In order for human kind to be healed/whole we must eat whole foods. As I've written in previous posts—Monsanto has seen to it that even our whole foods are augmented and no longer whole. It's like making people without a mind, emotions or spirit. Imagine a person without the metaphoric "heart." We are eating food without a heart, soul or a consciousness. We've cloned food but rearranged the molecules. While the food still looks the same, it is not. Looks like corn. Smells like corn. Kinda tastes like corn. Yet IT IS NOT CORN! Something inside is missing.

Closer To The Heart (A title of a song from Rush)
When we speak about the heart, we often speak of two different hearts. The mechanical heart, which pumps the blood and the other heart. The one that feels love, joy, sadness, anger and hate. When we heal, we heal both hearts. For real healing to happen for people, the quality of food is integral. We cannot eat food that is missing parts. We need our whole food to be whole again. We need our planet to be whole again. Heal thy self. Whole thy self. Knowing as you take on this courageous task—you cannot heal yourself without effecting your WHOLE existence, therefore those around you, and so on, and so on. That which exists is all connected. Healing is a transmutational, whole-istic experience for existence. Think about "The Butterfly Effect." A butterfly flaps its wings in California and there's a hurricane in China! So as you may suffer here and there, know you are on your way to freedom within yourself. Real wholeness. Peace. Contentedness. Dare I say. . . Independence! Ah, what the hell.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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