Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surrender, Surrender To The Gentle Power Of Colonics!

I want to write about something today that I've touched on in the past. I'd like to go deeper into this phenomenon and share with you the miracle that is bowel cleansing. I know that sounds a bit strange to the new comer but this information is worth sharing.

I was treating (administering a colonic) a gentleman last night whom I've become great friends with. He's been challenged with diet and "entertainment." He works in finance and always finds himself at dinners or lunches that involve making deals. This means eating "with" the folks you're with and sharing in spirits (drink). As if drinking somehow closes the deal or seals the deal. Still, this is a reality. A lot of people are faced with social/professional pressures to "entertain." These occasions are not the time to take a stand and talk about salads and fruits. At these dinners we're talking steaks and vodka. We're talking indulgence. From family dinners to professional/social gatherings, to every single time we eat with our friends from work, we find ourselves feeling the pressure of the group or simply dimming your flame, where your new found passion has brought you. We eat and drink with the group. We love being part of something. When we're at the bar or restaurant we feel that connectedness to the group and that is a nice experience. This is just one of many examples of experiences that have good intention, yet leave a lot of us in trouble.

What Is Normal?
So the party's over. The meeting has ended. The drinks have been drunk. You're in your home and feel like shit! You're suddenly very hungry, even though you ate a meal four hours ago. Or you may be on your way home and feel this and compound the problem by stopping at the diner of deli and grabbing, whatever! This doesn't help. You wake up the next day and you feel like what is trapped in your body (Anyone care to guess? Anyone? Bueller?. Only now add dehydration, and gas pressure, with massive poison running through your veins for filtration and excretion. Guess who feels like crap? Remember, we want to try to live according to a cleansing diet when we take a colonic regularly. What to do with the lead in your gut and the rock hard abs (not from crunches) you've created. The abs is really the viscera blown out like a balloon. From the organs, which are inflamed and filled with gas. Now, the main focus of what I want to write about has still not been totally revealed. Why? Cause that's how I want to tell this story. Consider this: most people do this fairly often and repeat the same behavior over and over, again. This is how we compound our already devitalized life force. After three days or so, things seem to go back to normal, if alcohol was involved. When food is the only culprit, we may notice things "go back to normal" pretty quickly. But what is normal? Normal is exactly how one lives and feels each day. Regardless of the daily pains and ills they live with. Most people are walking around with the toxic fumes (gas), the solid waste and the resultant mucus from that which is considered "normal." Don't believe this is "normal." IT IS NOT!

Now we can get to the gist of the topic. My friend is waiting for the treatment (colonic) to begin. As I'm preparing things, he states, "I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I won't. I feel like my guts are about to explode. I feel like death." I, of course responded by saying, "great! Congratulations! Now lets get you back to center." The man I am talking about has been challenged with his love for taste and the desires to experience all the so-called "pleasures" of life. So he battles with his weight while dealing with bloating on a regular basis. Between the "power dinners" and his own unchecked desires, he finds himself suffering. This creates a pattern which begins to mirror addiction. He does his best. Which is the best one can do! Particularly at the moment we start the session, he is feeling dismal, hopeless, "just in a bad mood." As he put it. I said nothing. Half way through the treatment enough gas and waste had left his body that his belly deflated considerably. His midsection must have dropped four and a half inches. It was incredible. Miraculous! This man's attitude changed so dramatically, so profoundly. He began singing "Pride," the Martin Luther King, Jr. song, by U2. His favorite band is U2. He sang and joked around for the rest of the session. He literally started to giggle after another ten minutes or so. What I witnessed during that session, is witnessed quite often in those treatment rooms. I have experienced it myself, many times. This is pure, powerful healing. Yet done with a gentle, loving touch. I'm not referring to the therapist, only. But the act of the gravity colonic. Gentle, yet profoundly powerful!

All of a sudden you feel a deep relaxation unmatched by anything else!
The point of this blog is to point out something. This is unmatched anywhere else in alternative health or mainstream medicine. This man went from Z to A in a matter of minutes. His waistline decreased! There was a point, one which I've experienced many, many times. Somewhere during a colonic session, after a certain amount of waste and gas leaves your body. Often in one "release." Then, all of a sudden you feel a deep relaxation , which cannot be compared to anything else. The gas and waste is no longer poisoning the nervous system. It is no longer creating irritability. The blood becomes instantly cleaner. The thoughts improve. The spirit awakens, if only a wee bit, and takes a peek at life from clearer, happier eyes. The look that comes over a persons face at this particular point of the colonic, is the miracle. The therapist can actually see this. You feel this like nothing else. It is as though all the things that put you in a bad mood that day or the historical pain, both physical and emotional you may experience on a daily basis, passes. Or we get the sense, "I can deal with this now." This feeling is not something that can be explained. Like every experience of life. Experience is ours to have. What I'm trying to share is this surrender we feel just from having poop and gas and mucus leave our bowels. All I can say is what I said to my dear friend at the end of his colonic session. "Show me something, anything, that can do this! What can decrease someone's gut by four inches? Or change a person's mood from one moment to the next, with no use of chemicals. To have someone shift that rapidly, yet peacefully and gently is UNHEARD OF! I've had the great fortune to have stumbled upon this miracle of life. I have been blessed with the most powerful healing tool known. Now that's a huge statement. I know. I believe there is only one way to go about teaching people the truth about health and this is it. Find your way. Try different things. But, if someone tells you health will come from a pill or a powder. Or health is attained by that which you put into your body as opposed to removing waste from the bowels and poisonous foods from your diet. They are full of it! Get it? Bowel cleansing is the most rapid way to shift the chemical environment in the body and reset the system to move toward health!

To experience this phenomenon is the only way to know for yourself. As I tell my clients and friends, "If you are not juicing, cleansing the bowels, sweating (infrared sauna or standard sauna) rebounding (trampoline), you're missing valuable pieces to the puzzle. The first two are by far the most important practices to bring into your life. Not only will this help return your youthful vitality and increase your quality of life one hundred fold. This practice will bring you that reprise, that break, that pause button we wish we could press when life seems to be moving too fast. The respite I speak of is that moment or now when you feel a connection to the universe because there's less between you and the universal energy which flows in, out and all around you. Allow yourself this. This is a gift. This is the fountain of youth. This is the greatest and most powerful health aid on the planet. Hands down! I must say without hesitation: this IS the greatest method of detoxification we have available to us. This is the truth. And the truth shall set you free. . . free from suffering. Free from deleterious diseases. Free of rapid aging. OR, Independently Healthy!!!
Be Well.

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