Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop Your Mind & LIsten To Your Body!

Unedited. I'll do my best to get to it today. Enjoy!

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. My dad always loves to tell me that. He made a point of saying it slowly and methodically, as to really let the message of the words sink in. They did. Yet, as we claim to KNOW so much we must acknowledge that we only really know things from certain perspectives. Like we know so much about a tree when we kill it and analyze it. Yet we still don't KNOW the tree. Because we may not contemplate the tree as a being. As a living, breathing creature. Probably because it isn't an animal. Yet we claim to know the tree. As we learn how to become independently healthy, we must keep in mind that we are learning a lot about our bodies and yet our bodies know far more. This has been a point I've tried to make in various ways, throughout previous posts. Here's how I see it. We learn how to take care of ourselves and try different things. We learn about proper foods and proper combinations, juicing, cleansing, real exercise (low/non impact), deep sweating, proper sun exposure and proper hydration. And yet we search for more. So we get out the books and surf the internet and we find remedies and concoctions. Some are valid, some absurd. Most remedies we try, which are based in foods or herbs come from indigenous people who experimented over the years and found the healing properties within these herbs. To know these methods of concocting is an art and therefore must be treated with care and respect. These artisans of herbal health have taught us many things. The most important point would be, that which heals can also kill.

We are seekers. Most of us anyway. We seek out ways to improve our lives and increase our vitality. We take drinks that are meant for healing and we sometimes don't feel so well. We try so-called super foods and find, well they're just not that super. We try concoctions designed to cleanse and feel less clean than before. We then begin to retain, hopefully, these experiences and learn something about health. When healing becomes complicated we need to take a few steps back and think. Think about our health, our current symptoms, our state of mind, etc., and then do what we know works. Healing comes from within. We can use herbs and other "things" topically or ingest special ingredients to bring about a specific reaction. Still simplicity rules.

You're Soaking In It!
I have been recommending a healing bath to people for so many years now. I learned it from my teacher. I used it on myself for years and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is a safe and powerful healing bath. One that has no "side effects" or EFFECTS, which can be seen as negative or even risky. The bath is made-up of regular table salt 1.5 lbs. (kosher salt preferable) and hydrogen peroxide, 32 oz.. This bath is a miracle. This is important to consider. Most of what I write about is both for maintenance. Meaning, the diet I believe is best, both cleanses and supports. While herbal remedies are good, they are meant for the sick! Treat all healing remedies with care and respect. Something as simple as an Epsom Salt bath seems simple enough. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. It is a saline laxative. My friend had been suffering from all kinds of issues. Mostly due to a lack of bowel activity and cleansing. Drawing a hot bath and dumping an unmeasured amount of Epsom salt into the tub, she climbed in and said ahhhhh. How lovely. Healing, nice and simple, right? Well, sometimes it's just that not simple. But it's just epsom salt. Well, it's just magnesium sulfate. What I'm trying to illustrate is this; things aren't always what they seem. This bath might just feel nice to some and yet to someone whose been cleansing for a number of years, this bath will effect them differently.

Take A Nice Deep Breathe
When people have been cleansing for years and then feel they have become "toxic" or "poisoned" they believe they must "hit the ground running" or do something strong to help themselves. When all they really need is a gentle push. This magnesium bath was just too powerful for such a person. To begin with, this person has a delicate constitution. Using magnesium or overdoing the amount of magnesium sent her into a state of a very scary place. Her bowels became distended, her skin became inflamed with breakouts, she couldn't think straight, she felt weak, dizzy, and very sick. The next thing she did was tricky. She searched the internet for answers. Thankfully this person is experienced enough to be able to decipher, for the most part what was ailing her. Of course, she also thought her problems were far deeper than they were. She did learn, on her own that her electrolyte balance was off and that water distribution was being effected by this situation. She also thought it was something far worse. She phoned a very trustworthy doctor. One who really knows the truth and is vegan and does not use medicine, except for emergency and then the use is temporary. He corroborated her self diagnosis and explained that she needed to be careful with water, salt and most of all magnesium, while she was healing from this self inflicted remedy.

Wash Away The Past
What happened next is exactly what I knew would happen. I gave her a colonic and massive amounts of waste left her body. The amount of gas pressure that left her body was simply hard for anyone to comprehend unless they witnessed the session. The amount of waste and gas that was released from her bowels was mind-blowing. Her belly returned to flat and she felt instantly better. She felt relieved, to say the least. Before I gave her the colonic and she was frantically searching for the cause, I thought, who cares about the cause, lets get to the real remedy. Lets empty the bowels and see what happens. I should mention, she did fast for the day on coconut water and limes. This began to restore electrolyte balance while hydrating and not water logging her further. This was a great experience for my friend and for me. Both of us learned valuable lessons. Hers was to be more careful and not be so aggressive with nature. As nature is never aggressive with us. Nature brings us to places and allows us to do the rest. Like the animals in the wild, they listen to an inner sense, which leads them to plants or water or rest. We don't need science to heal, but we need to understand, at least the basics of the science of healing. I learned something valuable here, too. To listen to everything from the ailing person. Hear what they are conveying and what they feel they need. Not what they "think" they need. Often, what a person "feels" is that inner knowing. We all have the power to heal ourselves. What we lack is the power to shut the mind up long enough to hear the body. I knew one think: once her bowels were cleansed, sufficiently for that day, things would be easier to determine. I also thought she might be altogether better. The path chosen is a well-worn path, unpaved. More of the same. More of the same.

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