Friday, January 8, 2010

Allyson, My Aim Is True!

I could resist borrowing this title from the great Elvis Costello.

A Nice, Short Blog. For those of you that don't like the long ones.

Everybody is talking about health and most of the time they are talking around health. People love problems and love solving them. Most people aren't happy with simple solutions. Therefore, when a simple concept is introduced as a means of healing, it is often met with resistance. Since I've become a blogger I have not pushed veganism as the only way. Although I am a big fan and supporter of that way of life, I don't push it because not everyone even sees that as something they want. I also don't believe we have to live like monks to be healthy. What I do believe is: in order to heal the body, in order to reset our system to "fully operational," certain guidelines should be followed. There are sometimes contraindications through the healing process. Some of which can be quite unpleasant. As I've stated before, this is not for the light-hearted. Healing is serious and should be taken so. One of the most common responses to a deep cleansing, lets say after a very powerful colonic is that the person can feel great initially but then feel not so great afterwards. Here's why: we carry far more waste than you can imagine. Upon having what we refer to, in the colonic business as "breakthrough" colonic, the person expects to be one hundred percent! When the person feels awful the next day or two is due to the waste which was further up the line or deeper in the tissue leaves, the gas, which was compressed uncompresses. This causes some distress. The person feels terrible and thinks something is wrong. Nothing is wrong except their elimination system is just delivering more of the same. As we cleanse the tissue of the body, the organs become more sensitive or communicate to us things we never felt before. This is common, too. Poison in the presence of poison, within the human body, exists and is relatively unnoticeable by the host. Remove some poison, (gas, waste & mucus) things change. Mucus is there to protect the tissue from dangerous poisons. The moment the body senses acidity it creates mucus. Too much acidic food leads to too much mucus. With less mucus we feel the new poisons and very much. The old waste, which reenters the bowels brings about a feeling that might convince the inexperienced that they are in trouble or not well.

Think about it. As we need less defense, the body reduces that which defends. Of course as soon as the tongue senses acidity, the body produces mucus. Conversely, when the body loses large amounts of waste and therefore mucus, the body doesn't realize there is more waste (from within) moving in. We can experience bloating and constipation. Or what seems like constipation. Think of this. If several pounds of poop is released from the body, then what follows is a dumping into the bowels that which could not. Due to the presence of the aforementioned waste. This process can be repeated for a bit. Once the body has released enough waste, this process subsides. We are then left with a more consistent daily experience. In the beginning we experience very high, highs and some low, lows. Once we are carrying less waste within, we hover around what we might call perfection. Nothing too, too high and certainly nothing very low. I hope this helps. I will either add to this or just write part two, soon.
Be Well.
Tom DeVito

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