Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

Today's title is borrowed from the late, great Jackie Gleason. Bang Zoom! To The Moon!

Yesterday's post was a letter to a dear friend of mine. Allyson. We were discussing concepts and how they apply to her particular situation. I was trying to explain, mechanically what happens within, after "breakthrough" colonic treatments. There can be many of these treatments throughout a persons early period of real cleansing. What makes this process so different from most herbal formulas is the thoroughness of the treatment. I am not denying there are probably many concoctions from indigenous tribes, which are very effective. The gravity colonic is so powerful and yet gentle in application. I say powerful because an average colonic can remove so much waste (poop, gas & mucus) from the bowels, that the feeling of euphoria is undeniable. Is that what this is about. Sort of. We are not supposed to live with low-level illness or symptoms. We are not supposed to be in decline after forty years of life! We are not supposed to live with partially functioning organs. A breakthrough colonic changes things in the body to such a degree that it is impossible to fathom. It's like trying to imagine the taste of watermelon, having never had it!

One Other Note About Yesterdays Post
The point I was making about "the truth" vs. "being right," was not intended to mean that I am the keeper of the truth. I wouldn't be that presumptuous. Or stupid. I am very willing to be proven wrong for the sake of the truth. Allyson, together we'll find the truth. And no, truth isn't a blanket and to quote you "there is no mono-person out there." This is true. However, we are all human and can apply that which has worked for many people to others. I do not believe in "template healing." Everyone has a different history and heritage. I take into consideration each individual as just that. We do however share one thing. We belong to the same species. As I said yesterday, yes we are all different, but we do however, share the same organ systems. What makes one healthy most like will make another healthy. When a lethal poison somehow makes its way into the air, those exposed, DIE. Those less exposed become equally sick, more or less. The same is true for healing. We are just dealing with nuances after a certain point. Perhaps one technic or process will work for one but not for another—yet there is no doubt that colon cleansing, juicing, eating a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, a healthy exercise program and being present in the now, will all have a positive impact on pretty much everyone. Different things work for different people, but we are all people. We can start from there.

Healing is a wonderful experience. We also must accept the down time. By "the down time" I mean, healing through deep tissue cleansing is more akin to entering a hospital that uses no drugs or surgery. What do people do in hospitals when they're not being poisoned? They lay in bed every minute of everyday! As the great Professor Arnold Ehret put it: "You are on natures operating table." We must accept some simple facts about detoxification. One is: to remove waste from the human body awakens "demons" from yesterday. If we want to go from here to there, we must accept the "not so great" "not so euphoric feelings" which accompany real detoxification. When a person vomits they taste what was in their stomachs as it passes back through the mouth. So does the human body "taste" or experience the poison as it is loosened up and passed back into the bloodstream for excretion. We sometimes need to "lay low" while this process is happening. Like our dogs and cats behave when they are under the weather. They just take it easy. This reminds me of that great line from Mr. George Carlin: "What does a dog do on its day off?" Do we really give ourselves "TIME OFF?" We sort of swap activities. We don't go to work, so we work around the house. When we are detoxifying and feel good enough to work-out or play sports, by all means do it! But more importantly, by all means when feeling low and not so great—rest, breath and be thankful for the most beautiful gift you can ever give yourself. The gift of healing. I know that sounds Hallmarkish, but it is true. This is another aspect of life that can only be experienced to be understood. Like pretty much everything.

The Only Way Out Is Through
Living free of the accumulated poisons from many years ago, brings with it a task that most people don't realize. The task of dealing with and being WITH the detox. If we are restoring furniture or stripping wood or dusting a mantle, we go through the process. This takes time and the restoration process will find us in various states of what seems like a real mess. Of course! When we are midway through restoring furniture it looks like crap. No one would buy it in this state. Once complete, the furniture might look even better than before! This is similar to the healing process. While we often feel better, we must experience to greater of lesser degrees, depending on your history, some unpleasantness. You may not look your best while in the throws of detoxification. Of course! We've kicked up the dust from years ago. This is natural to the process. The mechanical function of detoxification is simple. Once we begin to make room in the bowels, that which comes before, waiting to be processed and eliminated, begins to pass. As this old, rotten, sticky waste moves through the elimination system, we feel it. As is my entire philosophy of life, "This too shall pass." What is so beautiful about this process is we almost go into a cocoon stage and go through a literal metamorphosis. We blossom in ways you simply cannot understand. Until of course you experience it yourself. Every cell will sparkle with electricity!

A Time To Heal—A Time To Rest
Because human beings have subsisted primarily on non-foods for so many years, we find ourselves looking toward self-help books, religion, gurus, etc. I'm not knocking any of these choices. What I do believe is YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAL. YOU! Healing one plane of the human being begins a domino effect. Each of the other planes experiences a shift and may tap you on the shoulder and say "hey, remember me?" That is the time to slow-down and take heed. People often say "I'm too busy for that, I have way too much going on." This is a fact of life. So here we are back where we started. We're polishing a car that doesn't run! We're too busy for the down-time involved with healing, but wonder why we suffer. We take the time when our government requests our presence in the court system for the dreaded JURY DUTY. We go to motor-vehicles when needed. We take vacations and eat and drink as though we're "going to the chair" the next day. I'm a firm believer in all there is is NOW. Yet what we do in this now will greatly affect other nows or moments. Our decisions bleed into one another. Karma means action. No God or power is punishing or rewarding us. We are punishing and rewarding ourselves. Why not choose to reward yourself with REAL HEALTH. Why not give yourself the gift of health. The essence of life, which exists only now.

Consider this: in order to truly be in the now and experience life fully, we cannot have waste from yesterday poisoning our organs. We cannot live everyday in agony and expect to be happy. We cannot live everyday with a bleak outlook on life and expect to heal. To live physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically in the now, in harmony with what is, we must synchronize all the planes of our existence. There is no doubt in my mind that all the planes are effected through trauma, illness and of course the healing there of. I also believe that it is far easier to nudge the spiritual body or plane by detoxifying the physical, than the other way around. We experience a freeing up of energy, and subtly align our plane bodies. This is whole-istic. This is the whole of the human experience. Remember, everything in life is subject to change. And will. You can never find perfection in life. Why? Because what is is perfect. If we are unhappy with our circumstances we of course should change what we are unhappy with. Searching for perfection is like trying to see your eye with your eye. Touching the tip of your index finger with that finger. You cannot find something you think isn't there but is. It will always evade your wanting eyes. Life is perfect, even when we are detoxifying.

A Little Deflation Is Good For Life!
Allow your body to restore itself. Know this, you will on many levels "deflate" while you are eliminating poisonous waste from your tissue, organs and cells. Love that process as much as you love feeling great! Why? They cannot be separated. You cannot notice light without dark or black without white. So when you feel like crap or feel pure, freedom and joy, know that change is the essence of life. Just as the tides change, the winds change, the weather changes, your moods and thoughts, and so on. Why should health or feeling great be perfectly consistent. It cannot. Ups and downs are the essence of life. How can we know health without sickness? Respect the process and remember: you will get to a place where the transition period will seem like a dream. You'll look back on those days and realize that "the down time" was not only necessary, but one with the process. To hike through the woods of life will bring many challenges and many hills and valleys. Love it all—it is ALL worth it. To get out of the woods means we must go through the woods. I know there is no arrival, just the journey. But man, when you lighten the load, the journey is so much sweeter!
Be well.
Tom DeVito


  1. Loved this one Tom. Thanks for your vital messages and education, as always.


  2. Wow! So glad to see you're still reading. Thank you. How are things in Aussie?



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