Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?

Abbreviations seem to be the rule for the day. We abbreviate words, even when we don't need to. Try this: say "The George Washington Bridge" then say "The G.W.B!"What is saved with this abbreviation? Nothing? Why do we abbreviate? It seems we are in a tremendous rush! We are always rushing to the next moment, event or thing. For what? What's the hurry? We rush through life as we ignore the present moment. We miss all there is. My Dad and I were talking last night about a movie. He asked me what was the type of movie I was telling him about. I replied "it's a romantic/comedy. To which he responds, "oh! A Rom/Com! I laughed pretty hard at that. Are we so busy and important that we must shave syllables at every turn? We like life fast. We live it fast and we often miss the very essence of life, which exists only now. We like our days and weeks to fly by. TGIF! Is something we often hear. I often say, "Be careful of that, you will find yourself at the friday at the end of your life, soon enough. Then you'll be thankful for each moment. Wishing for the sunday through thursday part of the weeks and years you blew past! Wednesday is hump day! What is wrong with monday? Nothing of course. It's an abstraction, created for structure and planning and therefore not real. We hate mondays because it starts yet another work week. Yuck. Remember, you are the play write of your life. If you don't like the story, rewrite it! Of course we also love a fast meal. Our food is fast. Easy and convenient. We live to shorten things and in so doing don't realize we are shortening life. As we genetically modify foods, removing this and adding that, we are creating "other foods" or abbreviated foods. We grow it faster. Raise animals faster. (Strange) We need to see that abbreviation is okay for the printed word but not for life. Not for experience. We are here to live life fully.

Slowdown, Your Moving Too Fast.
Food and the act of taking a meal isn't a race or a contest. Eating should be done slowly and peacefully. With nothing to disturb the meal. All important conversation, especially emotionally charged discussion, should be left for another time. (Emotion=disturbance) Not during the meal. Meals should be treated as sacred because they are. The foods we eat will be affected by the energy created during the consumption of the meal. Respecting or honoring the meals we eat is important on so many levels. Remaining calm and being present while we eat aids digestion, therefore elimination. We should respect the time for "the meal." The earth from which it is grown. And finally, the consumer. Not the purchaser! The one who consumes the food. The thought of respecting the meal sounds "new age" or silly, perhaps. But think about this. Respect is something that has lessened over time in our culture. Replaced with arrogance, which masks the lack of real confidence. Looking back to the forties and fifties, there was an innocence, which permeated every aspect of our culture. This bred respect. Yes, authority was different then, too. Perhaps because authority was imbued with basic respect. I know I'm being a tad idealistic, but times were different. In the sixties, as the youth became more liberated through the mind expanding drugs being used, they also developed and strengthened the arrogance muscle. They became the dreaded "YUPPY." Wisdom came to some in the sixties, but drugs create a pale resemblance of wisdom or knowledge. A gateway at best. A hint of a glimpse. Not truth. Over time as the drugs in society changed and the vibe darkened, the over zealous youth filled with good intention and empty experiences lost their innocence. Unfortunately innocence was not replaced with confidence from truth. Instead of self assured people who had seen or experienced at least glimpses or shadows of the truth. The movement turned deeply unconscious and with empty banks of wisdom propelling them forth, the youth movements of the sixties and seventies achieved nothing more than transmuting the excitement of discovery and liberation to a blind, rebellious and disrespectful cultural conundrum.

Rebel Rebel
To rebel is important to society and government. It is democratic in nature to question and seek to improve or change. No matter who is in power. This mislead cultural phenomenon got off to an interesting start, but then everything fizzled and darkened. Especially in the eighties. Once Cocaine was the drug of choice, arrogance pervaded everything. Cocaine gave the illusion of expansion, while rapidly deteriorating its users minds, bodies and mostly their spirits. Reducing people to whispering idiots, with jaws shifting laterally, grinding their teeth, talking about nothing. The intensity of these discussions were as if the topics were the most important in the world. Because Cocaine was the drug of the so-called "elite," the "bad attitude" it generated in ALL users seems to have permeated every aspect of society. With empty pursuit and darkened hearts, the culture of this country digressed into the ME generation. I want it all. I want it now! With this attitude, respect has diminished for the instant gratification generation. With no real confidence, no respect and a dark and greedy heart, our country descended into madness. Today we are scientifically dismantling life, one gene at a time. Has the misleading spiritual leaders of this world convinced us that NOW is never good enough. That future is where IT is at? So much so that we think DEATH is really where it all happens? Here we are. NOW. That's all we have. Try being in tomorrow, now. Try going to yesterday, now. Didn't think you could, did you?

How's Your Now?
We seek to speed everything up. We shorten words. Everything becomes an acronym. Even as we rush through the week, we don't say, "thank God it's friday!" We say TGIF! Saving one syllable. This may seem like a strange topic but I see a thread of unconsciousness in language and therefore society. Which seems to only get worse. What is the rush? Where are we going? To the next "thing?" Then what? Another thing? This meal leads to that meal? Why are we never satisfied? Because of the simple illusion that most of us live with. Our ego has convinced us "IT" is us. Because ego lives off the past, drama and pain, it pushes us to do and want and need more. Especially where drama is the drug or food of choice. Never allowing us to be at peace and rest, or contemplative. We only contemplate our "troubles." The ego is never content. Never satiated. It only wants more and more with no reason but wanting "the next thing." This false sense of self pushes us out of the moment and into the ego's world. Anxiety and tension is the reward for leaving now. Can you see this around you? Can you see how this contributes to the "profit over people" mentality we are living under. I say under because the powers that be lord it over us. A true leader leads with conscience and presence of mind. Sort of how Obama pretended to be as he ran for President. A true leader doesn't lord his or her power over the rest.

If At First You Don't Succeed. . . Don't Repeat!
Health in this country is a hotly debated topic. In a subtle way, the way we rush through our days and weeks, we rush to a deli and with little or no thought. We rely on little more than some nonsensical "calorie counting" theory to drive our choices. We quickly grab something to take away the ache or pang in our bellies. Repeating that which does not work. We bloat with almost every meal. We feel crummy, most of the time but are too busy to stop and learn why. Yes, a sweeping generalization. The magic pill is all most people want. "I'm too busy to really learn how to improve my health. I'm too important to follow these rules! That last one is not often said aloud. But is often unspoken from certain types of high-level corpo-kings. This is the same disconnected attitude from the coked-out eighties era. People in politics illustrate this best. They make long speeches talking about nothing. If you believe these "public servants" are speaking about reality and you keep up with the "news," (the story) you just may buy into the speech. All I've seen, my whole life is, politicians reading from the same script. Saying things that sound leader like. Exclaiming principles and lofty almost poetic statements, with no real heart or substance. Other than the fake commitment they all display. We don't really do anything. We talk about doing things. How can we expect to be lead into a healthy future by people who only talk about concepts. I never hear or see real solutions. Except for the corporations. They "other" citizens. (see yesterday's blog for that description)

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand
For the climate of health in this country to change, the people have to make the change. I received one of those emails with bits of wisdom in joke form. Here's one I really liked. "Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand." [Thank you, Martin.] When the supply of soy and corn products exceeds demand, less will be produced. After they try to change the form molecularly and call it something else. Notice what happened to the "organic movement?" More people wanted organic foods to be available and we began to see more organic food being sold everywhere. Of course the U. S. government is systematically destroying any hopes of the people having access to real organic food. They are even attempting to limit the size of "organic farms." Still, the quality of food has improved because money is at the end of that rainbow for the food industry. Once again, it doesn't matter what is being produced as long as profit is there, they will produce it. The real issue is, they profit less from higher quality food. "They" are not willing to have less profit. So we need to cause a drought in their income stream so they begin to water the crops WE WANT our food to be produced from. Dreamy? Perhaps. But an economic shift will result in something. That is all that is needed.

Why the struggle? I live without any medical intervention or involvement in any way. I never see doctors or take "medication." I've lived this way for more than twenty years. I never go for tests or checkups. I do not have health insurance. For which most people think I'm nuts. I am not a statistic in the medical/health care world. Independent health hurts this country. Simply because of the profit structure. With change in the structure of how these companies do business, hopefully quality will be good and the companies can still be profitable. We first need to be able to break away from the old paradigm. Create a new one! I know to change the economic structure of this country is a huge undertaking. Where do we start? Cost in this country seems to be inflated or on steroids. Why? The dark greed of the eighties is alive and well in the YUPPY/PROFESSIONAL WORLD. If we can somehow lower cost (greed) we can charge less for seed. We can charge less for rent. In turn, large corporations would have lower cost for food growth and production. Also, as more of us eat more vegetables and fruits, demand would be great and price will come down! As we shift our diets to eating healthy, whole-foods we will change the supply and demand ratio. The food producers of this country will follow our lead. After all, who are they producing food for? Or OMG! WTF? Or—WATPFF?
Be well.
Tom DeVito.

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