Monday, December 14, 2009

You Are The Only Healer!

Let me tell you about a man who lived a long time ago. His knowledge was far ahead of his time. He spoke against medicine and the new obsession with drugs and surgery. He believed, through years of clinical research and personal experience that health does not come from without, but within. His name was Professor Arnold Ehret. He died in 1922. The reason I want to start today's blog with this man is because of his vision and direct approach to healing. He knew to look beyond the fragmented thinking of the medical world and to look deeper at the cause rather than just looking at the affected organ or system. He viewed the human body as a whole. His work is the basis of my approach to health and healing. I've also included the wisdom of a great many teachers and leaders in this field. Today, we seem to be focused on things that are insignificant or outright wrong, while hopping and praying for change. I fear we are being preyed upon and our confusion and ignorance is the bait leading us to the trap.

Why when someone's Thyroid is not functioning properly do we focus only on the Thyroid. Why are Doctor's so unwilling to except the old song, which has been used to teach us laymen about the function of the human body. I forget the lyrics but know that the song teaches us that everything is connected and not separate. Therefore each area, organ and system of the body depends on the proper working order of everything else. It is just preposterous to think our organs of elimination do not directly effect all our organs, tissue, bloodstream and cells. I am aware that I've touched on this topic before. Today I would like to delve a bit deeper in seeing the human body as a whole. Not a bunch of disparate parts, which just happen to be connected one way or another. Be the connection physical or physiological or proximity. We need to stop thinking that because our Thyroid isn't functioning properly we need to deal with only the Thyroid. When medicine fails to repair or fix the problem, we move to the only methods known to us. REMOVAL OF THE AFFLICTED ORGAN! If that isn't barbaric enough you could opt for the radioactive drug which shrinks the Thyroid till it's almost non-existent and therefore non-functioning. This is real. And we go along with this madness! Why?

Why is it that when our cars have trouble, removal of a part IS NEVER AN OPTION? There is no way the car can effectively function in the absence of the transmission or carburetor. If a part is removed, it is replaced with a better working part. We are getting better at transplants but still find it to be a gamble. Here's an idea! Maintain our health so the mechanic (doctor) doesn't have to go under the hood and start messing around with that which simply cannot be improved upon. No technic with a scalpel or rerouting of your organs, especially the organs of digestion and elimination, will ever improve one's health, only prolong the inevitable. What makes sense is for human beings to live closer to the natural order and have less and less need for doctor's and their magic!

Some of us develop heart disease or lung problems. Some have unexplainable symptoms and constant disruptions of life. This brings them back and forth to specialists, where nothing special ever seems to happen. Imagine leaving the specialist's office feeling better! Never happen. We have to wait for the magic potion to take root and begin to work its magic. Good luck with that. We seem to look at the fire and not the reason the fire began. I often tell people, "why isn't important." The reason for that is simply, how we got here is less important once we take the approach to healing sensibly and effectively. That we are healing is all that matters. The medical world would do wonders for humanity if their hidden agenda was to heal people. Plain& simple. This would be so dramatic that the world would not be ready for such change. What would happen to all the money spent on chasing hope, running test, doctor visits, etc. I hear horror stories all the time. The misinformation is so rampant and so insidious that people think the truth is false and this fictitious crap we are fed is true! What's next? Seat belts are dangerous?
As I write today's blog, a client arrived at my space. We began to talk about health, of course. She then told me about her boss, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. His doctor told him not to eat any vegetables because they might contain bacteria, which would make him sick! I am stunned by this news. What is the intention of the doctor? I'm sure he is trying to help this patient, yet his ignorance and distortion of what is important for healing is so scewed that he is inadvertently ushering this man to his death rather than health! This level of insanity is unparalleled, even for the times of Professor Arnold Ehret. His philosophy developed from a deep knowing that health is generated from within, only when we free the body of the encumbered waste. This waste causes friction, excess wear and tear and eventually breakdown. The way to achieve vibrant health is to cleanse the tissue not add more elements and see how it all works out. Unfortunately the modern philosophy has taken a drastic turn. We read about medical procedures designed to surgically alter the anatomy or function and therefore restore us to health. How about LAP-BAND SURGERY? Does anyone realize the danger of this ridiculous solution to obesity? When we reduce the size and capacity of the human stomach, we force the subject into a fasting state. Their body seeks to cleanse the tissue in light of this "procedure" and the person becomes subtly or overtly poisoned by there own waste, or latent illness. I think it was Bill Maher who said "this is akin to sewing shut the nostrils of a cocaine addicts nose to curb his use of the drug!" That is not only funny but wise and true.

Common means everyone has it. What we actually posses instead of common sense is "common tales" or "common fiction, where health is concerned." Again, this is not an attack on individual doctor's whom are well meaning people, using the model they were taught or the few and growing numbers of doctor's that are breaking away from the pack and singing a different song. One that actually makes sense and is based in truth. One that provides them with a means for which to live, while not sucking us dry of our hard earned money as we chase the carrot in front of us on the hamster wheel of "medical science." This is not medical science, but medical fiction. Don't believe it. Try something new. Listen to those of us that have had great results rather than the same old tale. You know how it goes—"I felt better for a while till the illness came back and only got worse." Or one illness is virtually replaced by the next or is added to a growing list of illnesses and symptoms, none of which are met with any real explanation and no truth about how to heal and live free of the yo-yo experience of drugs. Join those of us that experience independent health on a daily basis. Step out of confusion and illusion and into the truth. You are the only healer!
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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