Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ageless, Timeless, Glowing Health!

The unachievable goal of the American Diet!

When we think about the aging process, most of us think aging happens, at pretty much the same rate for everyone. We seem to move through the decades similarly. We begin to put on weight and "fill out" as we move through our thirties. Once we are in our forties, we begin to see the dreaded signs of aging appear on our faces in the mirror. Hair begins to thin, or redistribute the areas of growth. Hair which once grew on top of your head (men), for some reason begins to grow on your ears, instead. Our youthful glow begins to diminish. The lines which once were subtle indications of where our lines of age would be, become more pronounced and seemingly permanent . We begin to seek out "miracle creams" and listen to anyone, regardless of their appearance, that tells us how to slow down the aging process. Most of these approaches either come in the form of creams, powders, exercise, drugs or injections of strange & dangerous bacterium, for which to bring beauty to the desperate seekers. Some of us perhaps feel hopeless when all we have seen before us and around us is the same thing. NO RESULTS other than people's bank accounts dwindling. Their efforts bring them little more than yet another new product. Bringing false hope while providing nothing more but more toxic residue, which leads the user to need more of the product, which does not work and in fact makes matters worse. Once again, we have a large company becoming quite wealthy from selling lies & false hope. There must be another way! There is. It is simple and yet requires more commitment than buying a cream or the next fad diet.

This new way, requires you to WANT to make a real change in your life. One that makes you WANT to continue because you actually feel the difference. One that will bring the results you so desire. We must first accept this simple truth, in order to see the changes we want, we must change our way of life. We are being lead around like cattle through a maze! As if rearranging the same old "bull" will bring different results. Really? How much harder does one have to work for the same old failed approach to finally work? Go ahead. Try it again! Spin a little longer. Run a little harder. Eat a little less. (never a bad idea) Count more calories. Stand on one foot, while hopping and repeating positive affirmations! Tell yourself you're beautiful as you are (never a bad idea). BUT DON'T BUY INTO THE SAME OLD STORY, EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT! The definition for insanity is: repeating the same approach, expecting different results. If we change what we do, we change how we feel, look and even think! If we want to see a difference we must make different choices.

What is the primary difference in the approach I share compared to the Standard American Diet? What is the focus of the Standard American Diet? All I can see is we keep trying to "engineer" foods, which won't make us fat. Listen, foods that are unhealthy & fattening, prepared normally, are still unhealthy and fattening, no matter what scientific method is applied to the ingredients. Removing fat from lasagna or ravioli does not make these things healthy! Like removing sugar from cookies and donuts don't make them healthy. All that is achieved with this approach is we create a low fat glue and call it healthy. Or, we slap the very "sellable" label, "DIET" or "LOW FAT" or my favorite, "FAT FREE." Fat free glue is still glue. We are far too concerned with fat content and not FOOD CONTENT! Where is the food in lasagna? Is it the cheese, pasta or chopped meat? We create cheese from milk. Pasta from grain. We process & season the meat in to ground beef, as well. Not much in the way of food here, except the meat. Mix that with cheese and pasta and you've got a ball of fermented and putrid waste, which is distributed through the blood stream as nutrition. Oh but the food is "low fat." Keep trying. You may lose a few ounces. Sorry. This is not only a recipe for failure. But, it only makes matters worse. There is no truth to this method. In fact, this nonsensical approach is perfect for "diet food" companies. They know there's not an ounce of truth in the claims made on the packages of these "so called" food. They know one thing for sure. If a person wants to lose weight and still wants to eat the same crap that made them gain weight, they will buy the diet version of the culprit food or beverage. IN ORDER FOR HUMAN BEINGS TO BE HEALTHY WE MUST FIRST RECOGNIZE WHOLE FOOD AS THE ONLY FOOD. WE MUST ALSO RECOGNIZE THAT PROCESSED FOOD, FAST FOOD & JUNK FOOD MUST GO. END OF STORY! NO NEGOTIATIONS! Of course, at first, we will reduce these items if we can't go cold turkey.

Health and arithmetic have little to do with one another. If we want to shed the pounds, we must first shed the non-food from our homes. Just stop buying canned, boxed, engineered foods. The main reason we all feel & look less vibrant as we age is because we eat dead, devitalized, poisonous foods & non-foods. You simply cannot look this way eating real, raw plant based foods. Eating a plant based diet will change everything about how you feel and therefore look. Just upping the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables will make a huge difference. I have seen countless people transform. Most people are "in shock" after a very short time living on natural foods. I'm not even saying we must all be vegan to be healthy. I am saying we should ultimately remove non-food from the diet. Rather than eating man's version of a food, eat nature's. It simply is better. For no other reason the ones stated in every blog I've written thus far. These are the foods we grew out of! So to speak. We did not develop as a species from Chicken McNuggets, gummy bears, spaghetti and meatballs, cookies, cake, pizza, bagels, cereal, etc. We developed from REAL FOOD from EARTH. Not second generation "food stuff," which was created for commerce not consumption. If we insist on making the human diet out of fiction and falsehoods, we will become sick. In fact the very chemicals which make these abominations attractive to the eye or attractive to our perverted taste buds, are like time released gremlins. Once they enter the body, they fester. In years to come these chemical residues resurface and remind us of our thoughtless or ignorant, history. But for the most part, no one really puts these two things together. Why would I say thoughtless & ignorant? You may be wondering? Because we are brainwashed to believe in fictitious nonsense and therefore look elsewhere for the great mysteries of illness. THERE IS NO MYSTERY. Take responsibility for the maintenance of your engine. Take responsibility for you decisions, judgments, choices. DON'T LISTEN TO LIES ANYMORE! Their methods are tried and false.

The American diet is KILLING US. That is evident and proven. Don't buy into the lies and don't buy their poison. Sorry that I am ranting. Someone must make enough noise so as to be heard above the never-ending din of advertising. Soon, many of us will start to make more noise with silent protest of boycotting "goods" which kill us and more so make our children obese and sick! As the advertisers sing, yell or tempt us with more lies and falsehoods, we are suffering from these very methods. Of course they are "designed to help" you be a "fitter, happier" version of you. All they achieve is dependency. Dependency on their poisonous lies and foods. The only way to get off the merry-go-round is to GET OFF. Walk away from that which does not work and try something new.

Through this blog, the website for Release, and the Facebook page for Release, there is more than enough information to support you through the changes needed to grow healthier instead of sicker. Please feel free to email me for free information, including charts and advice to get you started on your path toward, you guessed it. . . Independent Health!
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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