Saturday, December 12, 2009

21st Century Schizoid Man Or Progress Doesn't Make Perfect!

Since this is the twenty-first blog I've written in as many days, I thought I'd use this title. It's a name of the first song on the first King Crimson album. Released in 1969. Sounds A lot more futuristic from that perspective, doesn't it? Now to tie the title in with the content.

Here we are in the twenty-first Century. Walking the earth in A very different way than many centuries ago. We've witnessed vast improvements and progress throughout human history. We are a resilient bunch, we humans. We certainly should be thankful for our ingenuity and skills for survival. We have survived ice ages, which lasted tens of thousands of years! We truly are divers-i-vores. What I mean by "walking the earth in A very different way" is, We barely ever touch the ground, bare feet to earth. Shoes are between our feet and the earth, therefore the energy of the earth & us. We experience this in brief intervals when we walk on a beach. Or in the grass. Rarely do we really connect with earth in that way. Shoes have helped us in numerous ways, of course. "Shoes are for keeping dog shit off your feet," according to the somewhat infamous, comedian Lenny Bruce. Progress brings comfort and ease and most of the time it is hard to imagine life without the new creations of convenience. It is important to remember that that which we create also brings ramifications. Sometimes we see this immediately and sometimes we may not recognize the full negative effects of a new creation. Take cell phones for example. We don't really know yet because we haven't had enough "time" for accurate results to be determined. Based on what we already know about radiation and electromagnetic fields, we can begin to determine that cell phones are harmful. We just don't know to what degree.

Currently, in this fast-paced, fast-food, culture we find ourselves in—we're focusing our attention on how to remedy problems or how to better deal with illness. Ways to reduce the negative effects of progress on humanity. This creates commerce, revenue and therefore is deemed as positive. It is. This is one of the ways our economy grows and evolves. We use a radioactive devices on a daily basis, so now we need devices to protect us from the gadgets we rely so heavily upon. We don't seek an alternative method or technology. Because that would involve loss of revenue. This too, makes sense. So we just make a bunch of somewhat effective, and ineffective gadgets to reduce the damaging effects our toys have on us. We love our toys, the sounds, the look, the sheer power they bring us. Just look in the cars around you and see that even while we drive, even as we know the danger of texting while we drive—so many of us are texting, while driving. OMG! WTF? I see it everyday on the Gowanus Expressway and the BQE. Everyone is elsewhere. Never in the only place for which to be. NOW. Sorry, had to say it. I am no one to talk. I am just as guilty as thinking I can do two things at once. This is very dangerous for our world. We think we can split our attention between two completely different tasks, which require very different motor skills and attention from our brains. We believe we can actually subdivide our thinking. Isn't it fragmented enough? We are becoming more separate from ourselves and the world around us at an alarming rate. As we crash & burn, we justify. "Would you rather go back to horse and buggy?" Of course not, but we must consider the cost of the damage before producing. Why so blind? Why so eager? For what end?

Our precious cyberspace has become more real than the actual space we are a part of. (He says while blogging online.) It is time to find another way. Not remedy an ailing culture by designing better drugs or more powerful Frankenstein foods! We need to find a way to cease this profiteering, motive based, landslide of ignorance and think alternatively. We need to stop fixing our past creations with adjunct gadgets, to accompany the old gadget. Do we believe the protective devices fully protect? Do we think just because drugs are more effective that they still ARE NOT POISONS! Do any drugs heal—truly? No. They just postpone the inevitable. Just because the technology is improving doesn't mean the damage is any less. In fact, it is far worse than the past. Just listen to the side-effects of every new drug being advertised. THE SIDE EFFECTS NUMBER FAR HIGHER THAN THE SYMPTOM THE DRUG IS MEANT TO TREAT. Most of the side effects are worse than the illness, itself. Do we really believe that the people in power have the people in their best interest? Or that perhaps we're not even secondarily considered, and that profit rules. We need to find a way to better realize our ideas and creations, so they don't kill us with convenience residue. Can I make that term up? Or to stop the inescapable trade-off with the technological conundrum we find ourselves living in. Why haven't we found a natural way to power our devices? Not profitable enough? Lets be real. Progress doesn't make perfect! We are creating a science-fiction movie for our lives. The great thing about movies is, the director yelled cut after each scene. Meaning everything becomes image and story and has no residue or real ramifications. What happens in a movie is obviously not real. As we run toward this futuristic image our movies have predicted, we forget that we cannot mess with nature too much. Remember? IT'S NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE! That was commercial selling some natural food, substitute. Margarin or some other abomination we came up with. It was so much like butter that Mother Nature was fooled and not happy about it. Sounds like there's something in that. We are nature. No robots. We are not man made. There's more to us than meets the eye. Those are some very true and profound words. They're not mine. But they are true. Our scientists are just now starting to acknowledge this. We are not what we once thought. We are far more involved and human health is not just about the physical. HUMAN HEALTH IS WHOLISTIC! I know this is not the spelling. That is to show the word origin. Holistic medicine means to think about the whole creature and its environment and not compartments. Like our misguided medical world practices.

We need our specialists to be specialists of the human body. Not the heart or lungs or the endocrine system, but how everything works togethe. Why we are currently consuming more drugs than ever? Ooops! Wrong people to expect an honest answer. So who else is there? US! We need to think differently to act differently and make the changes we need to be healthy, independent from traditional medicine, which obviously has been overtaken by the same mind set we see & hear from our politicians. A lot of words, which never add up to anything substantial, or A lot of promises that never amount to anything more than disappointment. Creating a different medication is not what we need. Creating a lack of need for the medication, is more like it. This thinking will bring real change to the country and the world. Not the kind our president promised. We now see that the change he talked about is nothing more than a new coat of paint on the same old model. And we all know that story. Lets rewrite this part of the script, to one which is more suitable to us.
Be Well.
Tom DeVito

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