Friday, December 11, 2009

Food For Thought. . .

In order to make the transformation, to reshape your future, or to change your genetic blueprint, you are going to have to face some simple facts. There is no room on the shelves of your inner super-market, for non-foods. We are also going to have to let go of the past and preconceived notions. We must shake the information of the past because it no longer applies. There is no reason for modern humans to hold onto the old paradigm. A change is coming, like a gentle tsunami. The earth is beginning to show us that our ideas and misconceptions of how to better nature are not only futile but harmful and ridiculous. We can't improve nature! We just outgrew it! To think we need to have an "Earth day" celebration to "save the earth" is silly. Why is this silly. Because the earth may develop a cold or even a flu and perhaps much of the inhabitants will perish and the earth will start anew. We humans think we need to save our earth, but instead we need to save ourselves. We should call it "human day" or "life on earth day." It is said that if the earth were free of humans for only one hundred years, the earth would restore itself back to nature as if we were never here. I thought we were the smarter species. I thought we were the reason for all that is good! As I've stated, we've achieved the most beautiful works of art and expression, but we've also lived through horrors such as the the inquisition, where millions upon millions of people were tortured, killed and burned at the steak, because they were suspected heretic's or witches! Or the holocaust, where horrible atrocities were committed on well over six-million people. While it may not be evident that a change is coming, I believe it is. I believe humanity will eventually leave warfare, terrorism, and all the ignorant acts of violence, born of unconsciousness, behind. But in order for this change to come on a broad scale, a change must occur on in the individuals, which make up the whole.

Limiting beliefs, that we are all pushed around by life or that we can't do anything to affect change in this world, need to be replaced with new ideas. Like if we make simple changes for ourselves, these changes will have a ripple effect and change things, people and conditions around us. Remember, in order to change things on a macro-level, we must change them on a micro-level. These minor changes we're making, such as including more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets equals eating less processed foods or meats and dairy products. We are beginning to realize that even if petroleum is an amazing fuel source, it has many pitfalls, the most of which is, WAR! We are actually extinguishing life for fuel! Petroleum will have to be replaced with something even more efficient. A fuel that does not bring suffering to animal & human life. One that does not bring fighting to the people. One that doesn't need to be pulled our of the earth and destroy this beautiful planet. This is our home. This is us.

Think for a moment. How can we observe, therefore analyze any life form, without observing its environment, simultaneously. Our earth and everything in and on it is equal to US. We come from this planet. I know that is a ridiculously obvious statement. But try to analyze human life without studying its habitat simultaneously. We, the planet, the animals, the plants, the trees, the mountains, the oceans are all made from the same things. MOLECULES. Yes we are a bit more active than the inanimate objects on the planet. But under the microscope, beyond life, beyond organ systems, body parts, etc., we are molecules and space. Between molecules is nothing. We are that. We come from the materials which make this planet. We see ourselves as separate from everything. This planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe is all made of the same materials. Remember Carl Sagan? Author of the Cosmos and other great works of Astronomy. Or how about Crosby, Stills and Nash? We are star stuff! That lyric is from the song Woodstock. Originally penned by the great Joni Mitchell. We are star stuff. What makes the stars and the planets, makes us. The idea that we are separate from this planet, meaning we are not truly one with everything in existence, including God, in whatever way we want to define God, is a problem. If we see ourselves as not one with everything, we SIN (miss the point) of life. This drives the unconsciousness of humanity.

In order to begin the process of re-acclimation, reintegration, we need to look at how we produce food and the affects on the planet. Does the process serve the people or the bottom line? Are we destroying ourselves and our environment for blue food? Why are we willing to sacrifice so much for so few moments of perceived pleasure, for a lifetime of suffering? Because we want it all and we want it now. We humans have a funny way of creating and worrying about the repercussions later. Well we're living in the "Age of repercussions" from a not-to-distant past. Our industrial revolution has caught up to us. The industrial revolution needs to evolve to the Spiritual revolution. I'm not saying to all try to be Gandhi! We will have to move away from materialism and awaken to a higher consciousness. We will be seeing more and more of this change as we simply cannot sustain the old ways. So we are moving away from materialism in order to "save the world." We aren't saving anything but ourselves. When we realize that our way of life is killing us, we will demand change. To demand change we cannot be DEPENDENT on the garbage we produce. We must begin to detoxify ourselves, therefor the planet. If we are not dependent on the very things which make us sick and kill us prematurely, than why would these items need to be produced. What would be the demand?

This may all sound preachy. I promise it is not. I am trying to explain or illustrate an idea. We once produced vinyl records, cassettes and even eight-track tape. These items were replaced with so called better mediums. This, of course is debatable. But for the purposes of illustration, lets all agree this was an improvement. Audiophiles will not give in to the argument that CD's are better than vinyl and neither would I. But, we must all agree that we don't produce nearly as much of the old mediums as we do CD's. Why? Little or no demand. Plain and simple. These tiny realizations will accumulate and add up to a lot of benefit for we humans. Baby steps. One-day-at-a-time. Why, because we can only be where we are! Here, now! Nothing happens in the future and nothing happens in the past. It is the human mind that perceives time the way we do. To the bird, the flower, the owl, the time is always, NOW. Never two or three o' clock. Animal life never sees anything as "a waste of time" or are never late for anything. Why? Because they don't have the "intellect" to see life as a conveyor belt. Instead they see the passing of time as the passing from one now to another. Let go of yesterday's disappointments, resentments, stories, beliefs (good & bad). Be where you are. It's the only place you can be. No one exists anywhere but the NOW.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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