Thursday, December 10, 2009

Imagine No Possessions

I wonder if you can. . .
There is an aspect of the collective mentality of humans, where many people act very responsibly and take care of all the "important" things in life. We're sure to take care of our bills, our investments, our gym membership, cable, Netflix, and so many other things. When an appliance breaks down in the house, we take care of it. We're sure to not "run the car into the ground." We're sure to maintain our house, our apartments, condo, etc. Why? Well the answer is very obvious. We are responsible people! We aren't going to let our hard earned money go to waste. Taking the car for a tune-up, an oil change, or transmission fluid change, belt jobs, rotating tires, brake jobs, is considered a "no brainer!" Why? "I spent good money on that car!" "I invested my LIFE SAVINGS into that house, of course I'm going to maintain it and look after my investments!" Well, okay then! No need to get testy. I'm just trying to make a point. If these "things" are of the utmost importance—if we see them as high on the priority list, because of their monetary value, or investment value. While also maintaining our gym memberships, our cable subscription, EZ-Pass, all the very important things WE use on a daily basis and all the things WE need to live comfortably. Now can I ask a dopey question? Why are we so committed to the maintenance of the things we use, buy and invest in, but not US. Why do we treat our possessions and investments better than ourselves? Would you pay a garage to store your car if the engine were seized and you couldn't drive the car? Of course not. Why then, do we continually pour our attention on the accessories we use, knowing, in the back of our minds, that one day we will pay the price. Our engine will seize. Yet we still "party hardy."

As we continually ignore our health by eating, haphazardly the things we "love." Paying no real attention to our health. Most people are convinced that as long as they spend a little more time on the "hamster wheel," I mean the Treadmill, they'll be fine. "I just need to burn some extra calories, tomorrow at the gym." Ahhhhhhh! Not that calorie nonsense, again! As we know, calories do not exist in food. The fact that the tree murders, I mean fashion magazine companies, have convinced us that we humans possess calories in our bodies, is perhaps the most amazing achievement of mankind. Seriously, nowhere in this world has anyone ever shown a calorie existing within the human body or anywhere for that matter. No anatomy charts or diagrams can point to a location where they exist or where they are produced. Show me a pint, or a gallon, or a pound. A pint, gallon or pound of what? See? We've equated fat with calories. This misinformation is worse than organized religion pointing people at rituals, distracting their followers, instead of being real spiritual leaders. WE DO NOT AND NEVER WILL POSSESS CALORIES. The problem with most people's health has nothing to do with this. It has to do with eating NON FOOD. A person eats some chocolate cake for dessert and then says, I'll just run a bit more tomorrow, or spin, or bike. Ha! Great! Burn that fat. What about the muck? The filth? The build-up of toxic waste in your delicate tissue? Do you think running on a treadmill will help you to digest or eliminate a substance that was made at a food processing plant, which is now locked in your bowels? Do you think exercise will remove the toxic residue, the sticky mucus, the tar that this garbage becomes, from your intestines? No way.

So as you pull your car into the station for that "every 3,ooo mile oil change," or the regularly scheduled tune-up, or as you pay your bills for the things that make your life a bit nicer, ask yourself if you've put half that energy time, money or attention on the person these things are for. YOU! Why is it so justifiable to invest our money everywhere but in ourselves. When ever I tell people to eat organic or vegetarian, they respond with, "but that's so expensive!" To which I respond, "how many nights a week do you go for drinks with friends?" Their answer is typically "anywhere from two to four nights a week. "Really," I say. Do you ever leave the bar having spent less than one hundred dollars?" Why are we so willing to spend our hard earned money on our detriment and not our betterment? Good question, don't you think?

Have you considered changing your source of fuel because you keep backfiring? We belch, we fart or we bloat and still we think it's everything but the quality or combinations of our food. If your car reacted to the gas you used as poorly as your body reacts to the silly human diet we've all been brainwashed into believing is right. You would do something about it immediately! You'd be foolish not to! Right? Get it? We know far more about maintaining the things we use, than we know about the "we" that uses the things. This is backwards and we've been convinced by the medical world & media to "live to the fullest." "Enjoy the finer things in life." Live to the fullest? Is eating cake and ice cream, living to the fullest? Or a cheeseburger from a fast-food chain? Or a forty-eight ounce porter house steak? Are the finer things in life chocolate and champagne? Why have we equated the falseness or fiction of life—the things we created out of boredom or need for commerce—the very things that rob us of the vitality of life, with "the finer things?" Why when we celebrate do we poison ourselves. Ever talk to the average person the day after a big celebration? Rather than that person being full of life and vital energy from the excitement of the celebration. They are sick in bed. Recovering from self poisoning. We all know this all too well. I'm not saying we should live like monks, but come on! A change is needed for all of humanity. We need to recognize that alcohol, rotting flesh and man-made tasty deceiving, so-called treats is what's killing us. Or making us sick at alarmingly young ages.

We visit the doctor and he says we're fine. We tell the doctor how we live, which is typical standard American lifestyle and ask if we need to change anything, and his response is "No, your perfectly healthy, what you're doing must be working." We play this game. We're risk takers. We gamble. We know that one day we will go to the doctor and he will eventually tell us of some serious illness that has developed within us. As if it is "luck of the draw." The underlying message is "it's not your responsibility!" He or she (doctor's) believe it is simply aging that has brought upon you, this most unfortunate yet inevitable illness. "This is just how it is," we are told. The body begins to breakdown and illness strikes. Doctors know that they do not heal illness and never make such claims. Because that would be an outright lie. So what worked at forty no longer works at fifty or sixty? Why are we told all the things (the finer things) we do through out our lives is perfectly fine, but when we get older and develop high blood pressure, or heart disease, or diabetes, is the diet then addressed. And poorly addressed, I might add. Why? To get the people in the door? After all, where would doctors be without sick people? I'm not saying that doctors want us to be sick but I am saying they simply don't know any better. And therefore are relegated to "managing our suffering, our illness."

Everything we eat is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, mainly. Meats and most other proteins are the same only they include nitrogen and sulfur, in smaller amounts. So the people whom approach diet from a molecular or a microscopic perspective, believe all foods, natural or otherwise, are the same. And they are correct, from that perspective. But nature gives us the tools for which to assist in the breakdown of the foods we eat. Food processing plants give us a food that turns to sludge in the tissue. They give us nice packaging and promise us happiness and they're right. We eat their garbage and feel good for a few moments. The majority of the time following the consumption of this poisonous contraption, we now call food, is spent suffering the discomfort of bloating, heartburn (acid reflux), IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), diverticulitis, colitis, diabetes, etc.) This is the reality of the "happy foods" made by the human race. mmm mmm good! Remember, the pleasure of eating these tasty treats exists in two places only. The mind (thought form) and the mouth (taste buds) after the swallow, we pay the price of knowingly poisoning ourselves. If most of your food comes in a can, a box, a bag, or plastic wrapping, think about the fuel you're are running on. This is not what we grew out of. We grew out of nature and natural foods. We do best on "CLEAN BURNING FUEL!" Fruits, vegetables and their fresh pressed juices.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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