Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Having had A few realizations, recently, I recognized something in human behavior that needs to be addressed. So many people in the cleansing/detoxification field often overlook or simply discount this important factor of human health, emotions. There is A deep unrest in the human psyche, wanting more, never having enough, chasing a dream, and so on. We live on a merry-go-round. While we seem to be moving forward, we're always staring at what has passed. Or we anticipate the future anxiously and fearfully. This is largely based on our experiences of the past. Which has, time after time, "let us down" or "disappointed us." We don't realize we are responsible for every event, choice, decision and therefor the result, which is our lives. We tend to feel as if life pushes us around and we land here and there, haphazardly. While this may seem true for some, it isn't true for other's. The people we marvel at for great achievements and success are often those that know certain secrets about the human mind. WE MUST USE OUR MINDS RATHER THAN OUR MINDS USING US!

We tend to think and think and think. We repeat our stories, hold onto the past and keep alive the pain of situations and events that no longer exist, except as thought forms in the mind. This is mental/emotional toxicity. Which, in a way is akin to living on a poor diet. Emotions, which are thoughts manifesting physically, disrupt our energy flow and bring about unconscious acts and stop us from moving forward in our lives, without the baggage. This term baggage is nothing more than "our story." How I've been wronged, the unfairness of life, or how the whole world is against me. These are some of the things we hear people say when explaining their "predicaments." I'm not saying life is easy, nor am I saying I haven't had my fair share of complaining. When we don' t accept what is, we live in misery. I am now just learning to get a glimpse of this diseased way of thinking and slowly crawling out of my cave. Because of unconsciousness, we act as though we are programed to REACT to situations, almost before we even know we're reacting. Our unconsciousness rules us. It governs or propels us to repeat the mistakes we've made in the past, while still feeling this is "happening to us." This is simply not true. As we begin to take into consideration that our lives and everything that happens in our lives is our responsibility. Than the only truth is, we create our lives, the stories, the situations, the good, the bad and the ugly!

To apply this to a change in diet seems A bit of A stretch. It really isn't. We hold onto past experiences. There is no denying that. We also believe this is true for the foods that worked for us in the past of didn't work for us. We believe this is cemented and immovable. This is simply not true. Once again, we must think about the inner ecosystem of our bodies. While they may resemble each other, from person to person, anatomically, there are no two people with identical histories or lineage. We see people from all over the world live for years in accordance with their particular culture, then suddenly change their lifestyle when illness strikes or they have an awakening of sorts. The truth of what I'm saying can be seen in so many of the good people I've been blessed to have assisted through their cleansing journey. I've witnessed people from Germany, Ireland, Africa, Iran, Russia, China, step out of "the box" and transition to the "Diet for the Homo Sapien." Imagine that? A diet for humans! All lions eat the same diet. This is true of every creature on the planet. Why don't the large cats eat according to their blood-type? Or small mammals, for that matter. They essentially eat similarly to one another. Yet human beings are reeling, like the silver ball inside a pinball machine. At the behest of media and new fad diets, we are bounced around, with little knowledge of how the Homo Sapien should eat. Again, I'm not saying we all have to eat the same, but instead believe we are all physiologically the same and therefore should at least find a way to agree on the human diet. "We are all vegan, but some of us choose to eat meats, dairy, etc." Gil Jacobs
Great insight in that quote.

There are many diets in our consciousness and I'd like to not review them or disprove them. They're silly enough and really, with little investigation and a pinch of knowledge, it is easy to see the ignorance or myopic approach to most diet plans. Like the blood type diet which claims my blood type (A+) coffee is considered good for me. And mangos are not good for me! COFFEE GOOD? MANGO NOT GOOD! Any diet making a claim that coffee is good for anything other than a legal dose of amphetamine, which creates bitchiness in the work place, is absurd. Yes I semi attacked a diet I said I wouldn't, but come on! Coffee is highly acidic and does a number on the kidneys and adrenal glands. Not to mention that caffeine is an irritant, not a stimulant. This hurts our nervous systems, greatly.

Our beliefs about the past are the same where diet and food is concerned. More than genetic transference of illness; family practice or habit or ritual is a much more logical explanation for illness running in the family. Especially when we see illness "develop" later in life. Adult-onset anything, is another term for "accumulation of waste." Plain and simple. To let go of what we have believed for so long is not an easy task so we should move slowly. Just because our families have lived that way, the transition can be difficult. More so than the physical transition from a dense, meat, grain, dairy based diet to a plant-based diet. This diet will not erase your history, but it will avoid latent illness. If we stick to it with consistency. To change to a plant-based diet with resistance, doubt, or anger will never result in the positive. It will only result in the negative. Why? Because nothing good comes out of negativity. Trust me. I know. To eat a salad and be pissed that you cannot have a steak is, A) a recipe for failure. And, B) harmful and mucus forming in the body. Our emotions play a huge role in our healing. I'm not saying "don't worry, be happy." But I am saying, try to find peace. Love what you are doing. Be in the moment, not in the past. Things will change as you heal. Be present for the changes. Love the changes. Welcome the new world we are slowly transitioning toward. Believe it or not, human consciousness is shifting. Awareness is expanding. People are becoming more mindful and realizing that the old way is unsustainable and we must change before we perish.

We humans are capable of a great many things. We are also responsible for the most barbaric, violent, brutal & horrific acts. We act as if this we are not a part of the humanity these acts were created by. We are. We possess it all. We can create great works of art, beautiful symphonies, poems, Rock & Roll, etc. And then there's the Atom Bomb, the holocaust and countless stories of genocide, most of which were committed in the name of God, or some fear based reason. We humans are amazing and capable of anything. The good. The bad. And the ugly! Lets cleanse, heal & grow. I once believed that colon cleansing and a healthy diet would fix emotions as well as physical ailments. Perhaps I was being a bit over zealous. Maybe I was being hopeful. I realize now, that emotions are more physical than anything. Still, we hold on. As we cleanse the tissue & the bloodstream, the quality of life improves, no doubt. While this may not be "the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind;" cleansing is a nice pair a crutches for which to help the wounded until they're strong enough to walk on their own. As the blood get cleaner, life, at the very least looks a bit brighter & most certainly feels better. We feel hopeful when we feel vibrant. We feel capable when we feel strength. Seek emotional therapies. Energetic cleansing. Use the tools available. Together, we can wash that ugly out of humanity. Or at least see that the inability for us to "get along" & accept one another as we are and not try to force other's to be like we are, comes from the collective ego of humanity. Change enough of our state of being and the rest will follow in a beautiful domino effect!
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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