Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sterile New World or Hunting For the Invisible Enemy!

Human health is such a touchy subject these days. I believe we have greatly misunderstood illness for a long time. We believe A cold is bad and flu is worse. From certain perspectives this is true. But what about the cold, do we really "catch" A cold? Is what we call the flu, Influenza? Or the twenty-four hour bug! Is it A bug? A virus? Lets look at these illnesses and see what's behind the given reasons for these so called illnesses. Perhaps they serve more than they hurt and we get in the way with our "remedies."

Starting with the common cold. Do you find yourself in situations where you are forced to use public restrooms at the office. These restrooms for all intense and purposes are public, as a large number of people typically use them each day. Do you ride city buses, subways, etc.? Perhaps you drive into work and don't commute. Still you find yourself using facilities which are not for your personal use and therefore CONTAMINATED! Now lets look at soap manufacturers and companies whose products are based on this "anti-bacterial" kick. We see soaps, and sprays and wipes being sold everywhere. All of them touting that they "kill germs on contact" Or ninety-nine percent of the germs. Is it that one percent of the germs that survives and continues to afflict our population? I hear from people constantly who are dealing with colds, flu's, viruses, twenty-four hour bugs. Could this be the truth? Is everyone getting sick because we live in a world dominated by germs? Hmmmmm. Let me think about that for a while. NO! If this theory were true, everyone would be sick all the time. Did you know that the human body carries on the skin alone bacteria numbering in the trillions. This is no small number. Let me clarify. I'm not saying we aren't faced with dangerous pathogens, bacteria & viruses. I am saying that most of the time our problem isn't these invisible creatures, it is our daily practices which brings about common illness. Are we to believe that antibacterial soap kills trillions of bacteria on our bodies. Aren't we one with these life forms? They are in us and on us in large, inconceivable numbers.

Remember what we discussed regarding the PH of our foods. Acidic foods create mucus within the human digestive and eliminative organs. Alkaline foods do not and in fact cleanse old waste & mucus. Too much mucus equals a cold. Suppress the cold and we develop a flu. I am not saying Influenza is a fake. Just that most of what we call the flu today is simply deep congestion in the lungs and head from way too much mucus in the tissue. So the bodies natural mechanism for healing itself IS THE COLD! The best way to deal with these common sicknesses is to stop eating the garbage we're told is good for us. Every hear this one? "Feed A cold. Starve A fever?" FEED A COLD??? My goodness. This is insanity. When we have a cold, for some reason we are not often drawn to the foods that will not create more mucus. But instead look for chicken soup and silly remedies we may find in magazines. We should fast or increase the amount of fresh vegetable juice. Another way to rid the body of this pesky problem would be to have a couple of colonic sessions. Ridding the body of gas, waste & mucus is a sure-fire way to move quickly through this "gift" called the cold. We see this as a negative because we feel like crap. I wonder why? Perhaps we're full of it? The cold is, beyond the shadow of a doubt an important mechanism to bring us to health. We feel it coming on and throw drugs into the system. Making more mucus and puss for the body to deal with at a later date. Get the picture. More colds!

Is it that simple? To some degree it is. You are what you eat. Or you feel like your diet. Okay, the cold and flu issue is not the same as the twenty-four hour bug or virus. Viruses are not germ/bacteria based. Here's something to ponder. Let me share a story for this next point. My Mom went to a Christmas party where the food was prepared by the hostess. The foods were prepared like most foods. Cooked in oil. We seem to like doing this. We somehow have gotten used to making our food slimy through our cooking methods. When we heat oils, we break them down and cause them to go rancid. Rancid oil is undigestible. Want adult acne? Keep up this pattern of eating. So my mom calls me up and says "my stomach is killing me." When in reality the food is killing her stomach! So of course I ask, "what did you eat?" My mother then tells me she had only a little bit of this and that, because she wasn't crazy about the food. She felt it was too greasy or oily. Ah-ha! There it is. She eats the foods prepared in oil. I'm sure there were a few indiscretions regarding food combinations, and there it is. GAS! The gas puts pressure throughout the digestive and eliminative system, creating a feeling of nausea. Once the gas passes we feel better. A great remedy for this is to take a couple of Charcoal capsules. This will absorb the poisonous gas and bring it to the bowels more quickly. Another way is to chop ginger root into one inch chunks, boil it for ten or fifteen minutes and drink the water. This will break-up gas for easy passing. This must be had on an empty stomach. The ginger remedy can be used everyday for those who suffer from gas, daily. However a diet change is imperative for the gas issue to subside. Back to Mom. Her stomach issue was from the oils being undigestible and therefore slow and gaseous in the stomach. Add to that the mis-combinations and presto, we have the twenty-four hour bug. Most people are suffering from bad foods & poor combinations, far more often than they are the so-called twenty four hour bug! Let me reiterate; I'm not saying viruses don't exist. They are real. But like the flu, there may be another explanation. Most of us would rather believe that our doing is not the issue and that we are attacked, daily by outside pathogens, seeking to destroy our health. We have the power to stop this from happening "to us." I have.

If there is any truth to the theory that we are made sick with colds, flu's & viruses? We need to consider the environment these tiny creatures enter and inhabit. The doctor tells us that we "somehow picked germs and those germs irritate the delicate mucus lining in the body and this is why you have a cold and pass large amounts of multicolored mucus." Really? All that mucus from some germs. It seems more plausible that we are ridding the body of excess mucus from accumulation through unnatural foods. Plain and simple. The issue with viruses is different. If we are full of it, so to speak, we can and will support viruses, or feed them. They need to eat and our waste is perfect food for them. Best thing to do for A virus is, stop eating. Most of us cannot eat anyway when we are sick with a virus. Still, we are constantly told to eat, eat, eat! Especially by our doctors. When we are at our sickest as is the case with most cancers. Doctor's, Oncologists, advise their patients to eat as much as they can to avoid becoming too thin. Fearing the patient will just waste away. They are often advised to eat the very foods, which rob the body of oxygen like pasta, bread, CHEESE BURGERS! Wow! These are health experts? I think not. These are disease experts. That's the unfortunate truth. Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment. When we eat vegan foods and cleanse the bowels, which in turn cleanse the bloodstream and cells. The body becomes more oxygenated. When we include green juices and eat green vegetables, we are increasing oxygen in our systems. Chlorophyl is almost identical to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main constituent of the blood. Heme meaning iron. Our blood is oxidized iron. The blood of the plant is Chlorophyl. The two are the same but for the molecular base. Hemoglobin is an iron based molecule. Chlorophyl is a magnesium based molecule. When Chlorophyl enters the body, we convert it to Hemoglobin. Besides, most of our laxatives are made from some kind of magnesium. Just look at the names. Milk of Magnesia. Etc. To advise a patient to eat as much as they can while ill is flat out ridiculous. Nowhere in nature do we see this. Only the human being continues to consume food throughout illness. This is not the way.

Diarrhea is another greatly misunderstood affliction, by the medical professionals. We're told that this is the opposite of constipation. When it is actually acute constipation. A gas bubble forms, blocking the solid waste from leaving. Gas blocks and creates pressure in all direction as air should not be anywhere in the body but for what we take in the lungs. This in turn can often reverse peristalsis, the muscular motion, which moves the waste along the colon for release. What we experience is, the water, which does in fact contain minerals yet to be absorbed, spews from the body in a rather uncomfortable fashion. Leaving us weak and dehydrated. This is not a bug. This is GAS! Most of the times. Again, there are many cases where this is caused by a virus. Most people who suffer with this terrible condition on a chronic level, are suffering from too much gas in the elimination system, caused by their diet. Some colon cleansing and even minor changes in diet will address this easily fixable condition. You see, behind all these "mysterious" illnesses is a perfectly simple explanation. We, the people often dealing with these illnesses need to "let go of our attachment to our afflictions." We seem to define who we are with the illnesses we have. I'm not saying we consciously love our illnesses. But we speak about them as if they are limbs or appendages. My IBS. My Asthma. My Allergies. Let them go. Together we can learn a new way to live. FREE OF ILLNESS. FREE OF PATHOLOGY. Pathology comes from the Greek language, meaning to suffer. The word has evolved. The original meaning is of a broader nature. Today we use it as a definition for illness. Interesting how our language tells us things we don't actually know. Pick up any dictionary which includes the Etymology of words. Word origins, in essence. You will see how our language has grown and changed and yet we use the same words, more of less. And arrive at ignorance. Lifting the veil and looking beyond what we are told is the only way. That is how I became free of the medical industry and illness.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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