Monday, December 7, 2009

. . . And the Truth Shall Set You Free. . .

Did you ever wonder why a baby can put its foot in its mouth but a twenty year old can't? In order for full grown people to do that we usually have to say something embarrassing or inappropriate! Physically speaking, we have a hard time finding the flexibility. Why is that? It's a matter of gas. A new born baby has less gas and therefore has flexible tissue. They enjoy this flexibility till they're almost four years old. However, as they get older and eat all the wonderful cereals and "fun" foods, designed to catch their eye, they become gassier over the years. We don't lose flexibility just because we're aging. There are definite and obvious reasons for this. The foods or food impostors digest in the body of children and create a toxic mess. Every child has food decomposed in each organ of digestion, right through to their eliminative organs. Food, which is meant to be broken down in stages, from stomach to small intestines, is supposed to move from one organ to the next, like a conveyor belt. Instead, it turns to slime and gives off a foul, poisonous gas. The body then forces the slime from organ to organ, in the attempts to keep things moving. This process is doomed for failure. We just don't recognize this right away! This way of eating brings all kinds of afflictions to our children. So many of us think it's not the food that causes our children to become ill so often. I hope to shed some light on that, today.

As I pointed out in yesterday's blog, our children are becoming obese earlier in life than ever before and they're outnumbering the thin, fit children. Obviously it's the food and beverages these kids are consuming. Not to mention the fact that most kids exercise their thumbs far more than their whole bodies. We're going to evolve into "skinny thumbed" people! Between texting and video games, this has become the extent of physical activity. When I was a kid, we ate poorly, of course, but we were running outside, all day long—IN THE SUN! Big difference. This at least moved some gas out of us. We hear this far too often from ignorant parents, "I don't want to deprive my children of anything!" Or "I'm afraid restricting their diets will give them an eating disorder." We covered that one yesterday. As our children get bigger, they resemble adults, physically. Grade school children are built more like the adults that run the school than the children from just a few decades ago. We need to put an end to this madness. We do this for our pets when the vet says they're too heavy. Why is it okay for our children to be obese at ten or twelve or fifteen? We are rapidly distorting the human form. Look at our celebrities! Watch them throughout their careers. They start out in their youth, fit, trim healthy looking. Then as they age and enjoy the fruits (more like steaks) of their labors, they begin to widen, sag (no the screen actors guild) and loosen. This leads them to seek plastic surgery. They augment themselves till they're unrecognizable. So who cares about celebrities? I'm using them as an example. They all expand greatly over the years. Especially their heads. Why is that? Ever wonder why people's heads widen as they mature? It's not them maturing or growing more into their adult bodies. IT IS GAS! As gas is trapped in the digestive and eliminative organs, it settles in the tissues, bloodstream and cells, ultimately! The cells expand and we are made up of cells. See?

Gas pressure is very misunderstood by the medical folks and certainly by most nutritionists. Just look at some of the combinations of foods nutritionists suggest as "healthy meals." It is amazing to me that these people are trying to teach health. Yogurt, wheat germ and fruit. That's the typical breakfast recommended by most "nutritionists." (Read "The Tragedy Of Nutrition," here.) So here we are, above the age of eighteen and there's no chance of us pulling our foot to our mouths. Why the hell does that matter? It doesn't. It's an example of how our bodies atrophy over the years from inactivity but more than anything the pressure from the highly acidic gas, which develops in the body from food, drink and combinations of so many things at one meal. The human body, like most other life forms resembling, physiologically, our digestive systems, should eat a simple meal. Idealistically, one food at a time would do. But we need the soup, the appetizer, the salad (second or third, instead of first). The main course is usually made up of a protein, a starch, and a veggie. The veggies are treated, often like a garnish. Then we look for desert. We don't realize it but after a heavy meal of substances, which are impossible to breakdown, we look for desert as an antidote for feeling so heavy and weighed down. Can you see the cycle? Dessert brings gas. THERE IS NO WAY TO AVOID THIS!

I look at people where ever I go and I feel so bad for the wrong information people are given. Low fat! My ass! Come on! Lets use these big brains for a moment. Has the "low fat" movement done a single thing to bring health to the people? Or has it brought profit to companies, preying on the weakness of people. Like the cigarette industry. Get everyone hooked, then raise the price, astronomically, then watch all the poor addicted people spend, literally thousands of dollars a year to support this nasty habit. The hardest addiction known to man is cigarette addiction! The same has happened with food. Think about it. We started putting things in our foods in the fifties as flavor enhancers and we all got used to them. When we break from the sci-fi world of food and begin to eat natural foods again, we're disappointed by the lack of flavor. Our taste buds have been so perverted and gotten used to artificial flavors, that real foods taste like cardboard, at first! It takes some time for the body to readjust, but in time, your body will cleanse itself and readjust to REAL FOOD. Of course I'm not ignoring the fact that our natural foods are not what they used to be. I know. I've written about this very recently. With some natural spices we can enhance most dishes. Still, the taste of a simple salad, with olive oil, sea salt, and lemon, is beautiful. I know a chef that prepares foods in the most basic, simple way and her dishes taste heavenly. Her name is Doris. Funny, I don't know her last name. She's quite brilliant and creative enough. She enhances the flavors of the foods she's prepped using other simple foods, herbs and spices, while not relying on nuts, seeds, oils, salts, etc. You would be shocked at how delicious these foods are. At Release nYc, "Life Moves" lecture series, you may find some of Doris's treats. You don't want to miss this. You can read more about her on Natalia Rose's website.

In my years of being involved in the vegan, raw food community, I have had the good fortune to have met a great many people, and learned a great many things from all of them. This is good for me as I consider myself a student to all. We are never too old or too knowledgeable to learn. I learn the most amazing things from conversations with just about everyone. Why not, as adults avoid the pitfalls of physical distortion as we age. We physically distort over time and the doctor tells us this is normal. I see people around me, including myself, reverse this process, day after day. My good friend and associate, Jamison Scala, our resident LIVE blood-cell, expert and all around super genius, is relatively new to this vocation. But talk about hitting the ground running. This man has studied more than anyone I know. And he listens to everyone, goes to lectures and freely shares what he knows. He and I are not here to be right but to seek the TRUTH! We are constantly teaching each other new things, just through healthy debate. This is what is so sorely lacking in society. We may not agree on everything and perhaps we shouldn't. We should and do, however, walk away from almost every conversation knowing more than we did prior to the discussion. This is what is needed. The need to learn rather than the need to be right. A dose of that wouldn't be so bad in our political system.

Let your experience be your guide. Let how you feel dictate your determination of your health. Which means, don't let a doctor tell you how you feel. The numbers mean less than you think. And their gauges seem to change all the time. What was healthy cholesterol in the fifties is very different today. Why, a lower number forces more people to take the drugs. Which of course make us sicker in the future. Most lab tests are conducted, based on the law of averages. How can my blood-work be compared to someone weighing forty or fifty pounds more than me, who eats, beef, cheese, milk, bread, chicken, cereal, bacon, cookies, cake, bagels, schnitzle! (sp?) Compared to my diet, which is composed of lettuce, fruits veggies, and vegetable juice. Do the averages of the rest of the people in society apply to someone like me? How can they? I'm not trying to be elitist here. I'm just showing how different the diets are, therefore the results of the tests cannot compare. The averages are different, simply because the subjects are different. What is considered "good blood pressure" readings for meat eaters is very different for most, "healthy" raw food vegans. I say "healthy" because there is simply no guarantee that eating vegan foods will make you healthy. As you hopefully have read, there is more to being healthy than just eating vegetables and fruits. But it's a nice place to start. So, if you've recently seen photos of yourself and your noticing you are changing into a larger version of yourself, even if you're not gaining fat, just widening or expanding. Or if you are constantly battling the "bulge." Get off the merry-go round and join us in our quest for truth. . . . and the truth shall set you free. . . .
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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