Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey! Lets Genetically Modify Grandma!

I love it when people say, "my Grandmother lived till she was 98 or 102 and she ate meat, cheese, pasta, everything, and you're trying to tell me, I shouldn't!" "Seemed to work for my Grandmother pretty well." The people that say this make a great point. In fact, at first I really had to think about why this is so. More importantly, why do we see the opposite happening today. First and foremost, everyone that lived in the early nineteen hundreds, ate food that was organic! This was the default for all foods produced, everywhere. We didn't use all those nasty chemicals to ward off insects and animals that fed on the crops. We used methods, which were less cost effective and perhaps less effective, but the food didn't poison us. Novel concept! Imagine the difference in the quality of meat! No hormones. No antibiotics. Which, by the way, immediately changes the quality of meat. Which directly effects how these foods are received by the human body. Back then, we didn't raise animals as though they were criminals being imprisoned and tortured for committing ungodly acts! We treated them well because we understood the importance of the animals living peacefully before we kill them for food. Nudge,
nudge. Wink, wink. They were slaughtered in a more humane fashion, as well. Now they all live in cages and pens. Most animals never walk the earth. Like calfs. Instead, they live in cages, crap on each other, eat their waste and go insane. Chicken's turn cannibalistic, because they are so crammed together, which causes them to peck at each other. This is largely the reason why the use of antibiotics are used to ensure the safety of the meat. As the chickens peck at each other, they break the skin & de-feather one another. The broken skin becomes infected as they are defecating on one another. Get the picture. This is commercial chicken. Chicken farmers are now "growing" mutant chickens. They are attempting to genetically remove the feathers and beaks from these poor creatures. Boy, aren't we so smart? The same applies to all livestock. Cows, pigs and calfs all suffer horrible conditions. There are many books on the subject and seeing this topic is so unpleasant, I will leave you to research further if you please.

Obviously the farmers that existed prior to the industrial revolution, clearly were not as profitable and grew less food and raised smaller more normal animals. Today and for a great many years, the government subsidizes farms to NOT grow certain foods, which creates something that simply, for the most part doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for a long time, SUPPLY & DEMAND! When was the last time you went to a grocer or supermarket and couldn't find most fresh foods all year round, regardless of its season of harvest? With the exception of a few foods that only grow in our region like persimmon! And for some reason figs. We only see them in season. Did you know that tomatoes are in season from September to October? Yet there is never a time when you won't see tomatoes available, everywhere food is sold. Of course what we see looks like a tomato but these are not. Funny thing is the tomatoes you eat have certain genes from fish that swim in liquid frozen water! Which means, thirty-two degree, liquid water. Why? So when we freeze these abominations, they won't fully freeze and therefore become cottony. Still, you won't taste one that even remotely tastes like a REAL tomato! Have you tried any heirloom tomatoes? You'll know what I mean when you do.

Our food supply has been tainted for a long time now. We are all living proof. Remember when obesity was the exception to the rule. Now fit people are deemed too skinny. It's almost laughable. Here's something to ponder: Why is it when people stop eating or purge a meal is it considered a "serious eating disorder?" Well, because it is. It is very harmful to the human body. Conversely, why isn't overeating & obesity treated the same way? We know that obesity kills. We know it leads to heart disease. Please don't misconstrue. I feel for both sides of this story. Neither side should be taken lightly, is what I'm saying. I am trying to illustrate that both are an eating disorder. Rather than tell people to "love themselves" no matter what they look like. And of course they should. Instead, tell them "love yourself no matter what state your body is in, but help yourself to become healthy so you can stick around a bit longer!" I guess that's not as easy to package and offers nothing to buy. This is a more boring topic for media and won't sell nearly as much advertising space as would people crying and suffering and dying. Remember, you never hear anyone say this: "the big old lady down the block." It's typically: "the little old lady down the block." —Gil Jacobs When was the last time you saw someone live past one hundred years at three hundred pounds. NEVER!

Which brings me to my next point: Frugal eating. George Burns lived till he was one hundred and two years old. Why? Because he ate small amounts of food each day. He also smoked one cigar and had one martini every single day. I'm sure he didn't do the latter till he was above the age of eighteen! Still, he lived a long time, relatively speaking. Do you think he would have lived that long if he looked like Orson Welles? He lived for 70 years! Look at our current or recent celebrities. Most of the very large are no longer with us. And these poor people died very young. Some sped op the process by using chemicals. But others were victims of the unspoken eating disorder, gluttony! Are these people eating this way simply because they're weak or less than or sick? That's way too simple for this very complex eating disorder. Well, there are many reasons, most of which are emotional and very old within the individual suffering this state of being. Yet there is a factor, which I write and speak about all the time. Like the cigarette smoker, the overeater is often not eating wholesome foods but in turn eat processed foods, most of which are sweets. To feel okay, more of the same foods are necessary to keep the body from trying to cleanse the residue this vile substitute for food, leaves in its wake. So like the smoker needing a cigarette every ten or fifteen minutes, so does the overeater. This is a condition of our society as much as it is a personal physical condition.

Again we are faced with a situation where a solution to this problem alludes us all. Why? Because unlike weather, politics, religion, healthcare, this issue is manifested macrocosmically
only when it becomes an epidemic. Otherwise it is purely individual. Go to any school and look at the majority of overweight & obese children and see how they are slowly outnumbering the other children. Again, I'm not pointing a finger and saying this kids are bad or even at fault for the state of health they find themselves. It is up to the parents to seek the truth, to look for a way out for themselves and their children. Where can real information be found? Here and many other places like it. Alternative literature that isn't preaching the same nonsense packaged differently. The real problem is this; everywhere most people look, the TV, newspapers, and those senseless magazines, which pose as a source for health but teach us to count calories and waste our time with far too much fiction. Often resulting in leading us down paths which have us do the opposite of what is needed to become healthy. Counting calories to be healthy or lose weight is less productive and equally futile, than counting the numbers of hair on your head to determine when your next haircut should occur. Are we genetically modifying our foods? We know that answer. It seems to me, we are the one's being subtly, genetically modified! Remember, we developed from this earth, based on the foods available. What do you think Grandma's gonna look like in a hundred thousand years?
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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