Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's A Family Affair. . .

Why is it when we purchase a gold fish or hamster or some kind of pet, we get so much information on how to care for the pet. We get specific instructions on what to feed this new animal we're bring home with us. Typically the diets recommended for these pets, of course are human versions which equal the nutritional value of the animals food, with the natural, wild diets of these different creatures. I have a sneaking suspicion that gold fish are not eating colorful flakes in their natural environment. Or that hamster's diet does not consist of, beige pellets. Still we are given very specific directions, which for the most part work. These pets, of course are not living their true, natural life spans. As most animals in captivity, due to human interpretations of the associated diets, tend to live fewer years. But due to the safety of a zoo or domestic home, animals can sometimes live longer by simply not having dangerous confrontations or by never becoming "lunch or dinner" of an awaiting predator!

THE INFORMATION MOST WOMEN ARE GIVEN FROM HOSPITALS AND PEDIATRICIANS IS BASED ON MARKETING MORE THAN THE HEALTH OF THE BABY! This is absurd, at best. Sometimes it is astounding to hear the things believed by our so called teachers, which by the way, is the true meaning or origin of the word doctor. It is similar to or translates to teacher. The word, like so many words has evolved or simply changed through application, as life changed. This original meaning dates back to somewhere around 1303. It wasn't until 1377, that the word become used as in "medical doctor." You can see how this would be so different, today. Here's the etymology of the word: The entry from the OED traces the word's origin -- from the Old French "doctor" from the Latin "doctor," meaning "teacher." And that noun came from the verb "docre" which meant "to teach." Interesting, don't you think? Of course we look to our experts to teach us about the things we ourselves have not researched or studied. Your doctor really should be your teacher in the area of human health, right? Unfortunately, our doctor's need to know more about the effects on over five-hundred different drugs and the effects they have on the human body, in order to pass the "board exams." I'm not saying they don't understand anatomy and physiology. But the emphasis is a bit skewed toward drug therapy and certainly not basic health. I'm not blaming the individual doctor, but pointing out the predicament doctors & their patients are in. This is A road all of us were lead down. We were all sold A "bill of goods." From the medical experts to the laymen, we have all been fooled to believe the opposite it true. That somehow we'll be healthier with known "poisons" in pill and powder form, rather than allowing the natural approach to healing to take place or live in such a healthy state, like myself and other's and never need the attention or care of A physician!

Most parents are given much information on how to care for their precious new born baby. However, the information given for the supposed care is really not very good advice. Lets take a look at some of the information being handed out by so-called, health professionals. We take our new born home and unless you've employed the help of a Midwife or Doula, you may receive some strange yet commonly used information about how to care and feed you infant. From the perspective of the pediatrician, it is simply easier for women to feed their babies formula. How about that word. Appetizing, isn't it? I know the baby has no idea what the word is. Just look at how removed are we from our true nature that most of us don't bat an eye when we give to our babies this thing called "formula?" Do we carefully read the list of ingredients we're feeding our pristine infants. Would we even know ninety-five percent of the ingredients listed on the packaging? Of course not. Who can? We need to be well versed in the areas of nutrition, chemistry, both organic and non-organic chemistry to have a basic understanding of the multi-syllabic words, which make up the food we're feeding to a being with a very SIMPLE digestive system. We'd also have to have deeper than general knowledge to know that an ingredient, which is found in almost every kind of formula sold, contains Whey or Dairy Whey, or get this, Vital Whey. With not much research you would discover something quite horrific about this substance we find in many adult foods as well as many, many infant and toddler foods. Not to exclude most dehydrated foods and many drinks, which are marketed for children. Like Yoohoo! All soup packages containing the dried packet of "flavor, as well." A brief explanation of Whey will enlighten you all to what this mysterious ingredient really is. First of all, it's touted as the best source of protein available. Ha! Here's the scoop. Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet (what ever the hell that is?) eating her CURDS & WHEY! Translation: Rotten milk. So, we remove the curds as that is what we refer to as Yogurt. A semi beneficial dairy product if taken raw, from a goat not a cow. Simply for the "good bacteria" it brings to us. The Whey is somewhat different. As the yogurt is typically made from the fat of the milk, after it sours, which breeds all kinds of beneficial bacteria for our bowels. This is what is known as pro-biotics. The most popular being Acidophilus Bacilus. Whey comes from the protein in the milk, Casein. It becomes Whey naturally when it rots. This is called putrified. When the milk rots the fat curdles and the protein turns putrified. Also, when we manufacture cheese, we create enormous waste, or Dairy Whey! What to do? What to do? We tried dumping it in the earth and the ocean and found that this highly toxic substance killed agriculture and marine life for enormous distance and outlawed the practice! So we stopped doing that. How do we deal with something that is in excess of one hundred billion dollars a year in surplus and nowhere to dispose of it? Feed it to humans! Of course! Pay food companies to cart the Whey away! This is poison is in baby formula! Outrageous, isn't it? IF THIS SUBSTANCE IS BAD FOR THE EARTH AND THE OCEAN, HOW IS IT GOOD FOR INFANTS? Imagine what this does to the delicate insides of a new born baby. Anyone starting to get the picture as to how fouled-up things really are for the baby raising culture in this and many other so-called civilized countries in this world. Uncivilized people, which means "living according to nature and ancient practice, actually know that breast milk is by far the most important thing we can feed our babies. All the nutrients are in perfect accordance with the size of the baby at birth, the rate of maturation and growth. Not to mention the colostrum, which is what mother dispenses for the first seven days. This provides everything the very new baby needs to be healthy. Also providing the infant with the mother's immunities and defenses, which is vital for your babies health. Don't let doctor's tell you that it is the same from a cow. Really? Did the cow gestate your baby? Absurd!

Next we find ourselves thinking about the solid foods to feed our little one as they are now three months old. The doctor instructs that the baby is ready for cereal! Really? Lets look at cereal. Grain right? Right! How does a baby with no teeth eat grain? It's cooked and soft so the lack of teeth aren't an issue. Right? Wrong! We need certain enzymes to be present for grain to be properly digested. However the enzymes needed to break down starchy foods are not present in the baby, as babies DO NOT HAVE TEETH! In fact babies are not ready for starches until they have a full set of teeth in their mouths. Usually close to three years of age! Imagine that? Once a baby has their teeth the enzymes for adult foods are present and the baby will at least handle this unnecessary, highly acidic food. Instead, with not teeth the baby becomes gassy and uncomfortable. The urine becomes way more acidic and there is your diaper rash issue. Not to mention, the baby simply cannot breakdown this molecularly dense food. It is an impossibility, therefore completely unnecessary & harmful to your child. What to feed our children? How about fruit and vegetables, first? Basic, simple foods for basic, simple slowly developing organs. It worked for my two children.

To feed an infant, meat is to me so deeply insane, that I do not know where to begin. We have little or no means of truly digesting this molecularly dense substance, as adults. How the hell does a baby handle this? No teeth should equal no foods which would require chewing. I don't care what form the food is in. Density is density and babies cannot and should not be given this garbage until they choose to add it to their diets, once they've grown teeth. Then, together the parents and child can decide upon which way they want to live. You already know my views on meat for humans so I'll spare you the soapbox and sermon.

This is the part that has perplexed me, even when I wasn't at all into health. Cookies, cake, ice cream, Jello, pudding, Pop Tarts, bagels, bread, peanut butter, pasta, etc. The list goes on and on. Think of the additives alone. All of the above mentioned products are a great many things, literally and figuratively. What they definitely are not, is FOOD! Not for us and not for the still developing organs of a baby, still in their first year of life. Why not give them a beer or vodka! Hey maybe Algebra, or calculus or geometry? Would you wonder why they don't get it. Like the foods, which are too difficult to breakdown, so is the information! The intellect needs time to develop just like the digestive and eliminative organs need to. Lets be real. That last list of products are bad for adults. How do we justify feeding growing babies this crap? Then we wonder why most babies don't sleep through the night and are in and out of the pediatrician's office. See the trend. Money is always flowing in the direction away from us and in the direction of the "experts." Lots of benefit for doctor's, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. Our babies are suffering from our ignorance!

Since this is lengthy, I will try to keep this last part short and if I find this needs more than I'm able to achieve with brevity, [A concept I clearly have absolutely no understanding of.] I will write a whole blog for this next topic. VACCINATION. That's right, you guessed it. I'm crazy enough to think this too is utter nonsense. Sorry. No offense to anyone that believes in this. I respect everyone's opinions. Fear drives us to do the wildest things. The people I would like to address this to are the health professionals pushing this on fearful, caring parents that want to provide safety for their little one's. Do the research yourself. Most vaccinations, like the Polio vaccine was introduced when the actual disease had fallen to no more than infecting five percent of the population. Jonas Salk comes along with this so called miracle & viola, he gets the credit for defeating the disease. Actually a process referred to as "herd immunity" is what did it. Yes, lots of people died. Lots more suffered the disfiguring effects of this vial disease. Once the disease moves through the people it weakens and becomes almost entirely benign. We achieved natural immunity. Look into the Small Pox vaccination. Ever wonder why it's not offered to anyone anymore? IT WAS KILLING BABIES. I feel strongly about this and would like to follow up on this as it leads to so much more. Let me add one more thing. The mercury in the vaccines, not to mention some foul additives, bug parts/droppings, rug particles, and some other completely inexplicable ingredients, causing massive damage to you, the unsuspecting parent and even worse damage to our poor innocent children. Autism is still on the rise in this country and any county that uses the vaccines, containing high levels of Mercury. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELVES. Look up Neil Z. Miller. I read his books and both my children are not vaccinated. I hear now it is nearly impossible to get away with this. Remember, there is still no law on the books yet, making vaccination mandatory. Would you like one more thing to prove that vaccines are harmful. Look up how many doctors vaccinate their own children. You will be shocked at the numbers. Okay, one more fact. Fifty percent of a schools student body was vaccinated for the Measles. The other fifty percent were not, due to religious or health reasons. Fifty percent of the vaccinated kids caught the illness and fifty percent of the kids not vaccinated, caught the illness, too. Can you see something in that? It's pretty easy to see. I'll continue this at a later date.
Be well. Be informed.
Tom DeVito

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