Friday, December 4, 2009

Inhospitable hospitals?

Yesterday's blog was pointing out the fact that colonic irrigation was a common therapy in hospitals. I also pointed out that once the medical field changed their direction from working toward prevention & healing of illness to drugs and surgery. Today I would like to point out one very unfortunate "evolution" or in this case devolution of hospitals. I remember hearing a while back that Starbucks were opening Kiosks in hospitals. I found this strange to say the least. What I realized is my paranoia was not unfounded. Hospitals, where sick people, some terminal, some not, are fed the most insane foods, while trying to heal. I once heard a story about a young man that just recovered from stomach cancer. His loving Italian mother brought in a nice platter of Lasagna. One relative in the room kindly asked the doctor, "isn't this a bad choice for him after having surgery for stomach cancer?" Implying that perhaps the man should be eating simpler or simply healthier foods since developing cancer! The somewhat smug doctor turns to the relative that asked the question and replied, "FOOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ILLNESS." Can you believe that? A doctor actually saying those words out loud? Have we all gone insane? Food has everything to do with all illness! Why? It's what we do everyday. The quality a fuel determines how well the body runs. Like a car.

It seems hospitals and the medical industry as a whole has turned a blind eye towards health and healing, for some time now. Most recently, someone I know was in a hospital, uptown. Guess who opened up a Kiosk in that hospital? McDonald's I mean really. Are we that willing to be lead down the plank? Do we blindly trust the medical industry with our health to the degree that we are accepting this? Who can justify this? Why would anyone try? From my perspective, hospitals should be a place where we encourage health. Wether the Kiosk is for the visitors or the patients is almost irrelevant. With this going on, it's just a matter of time before the visitors are stuck in a hospital bed. Of course I'm over simplifying this. I'm not suggesting that this is exact cause and effect. I am saying this is a recipe for disaster.

Hospitals having these kinds of foods offered is lunacy. Why not juice bars and salad bars. Why not promote health at a hospital. You you deposit your money in a bank where all the tellers wore masks? Would you go to an aerobics studio with a pizza parlor in it? Why are we so easily lead? Why are we so willing to accept what is clearly INSANE? Perhaps because it's just easier. Or that most of the people out there, as I'm often told, "just don't care that much about their health." Wow, isn't it strange how the idea of taking care of one's self has become almost geeky or lame? Yet being responsible in every other way is encouraged in society. To be an educated person or an educated consumer. Are we educated if we are consuming McDonald's? AT A HOSPITAL? Are we that blind that we refuse to see that WE ARE BEING POISONED FROM ALL DIRECTIONS! Sorry for the soap box but come on, we are too smart for this. Look at what we are capable of when we put our minds to it. We discover wonderful things and can change, if we want to. Why don't we? Is just easier to eat "whatever" than to take care of ourselves? Would we rather not heal ourselves and avoid illness or premature death for more of what we know to be unhealthy for us? Really? I can't believe that. On some level we are responsible for allowing this insanity to invade the medical field. I have to put some of the responsibility on the medical industry for actually going along with this charade. What a shame! What a joke! Lets be real. Without preaching veganism. Without talking about what is considered new age. Which you'll find with some research "new age" philosophies are often ancient practices. Is there any real justification for such an abomination? What has happened to this country, this world? Where FAST FOOD is being sold at hospitals. Did you know that cancer patients are encouraged to eat the very foods that brought them the illness they are now trying to heal? Why? Doctor's say, "you don' t want to get too thin." Wow! Why the hell not? Maybe if we collectively lost some weight in a healthy and healing way, we wouldn't be wasting our lives and money on the nonsensical ramblings of an industry that is clearly either blind or purposely going along with a program that is designed to create "repeat consumers?"
That's all for now, folks. More on this topic later.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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