Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turn The Beat Around! Healthy Repercussion!

Let history repeat itself! This sounds odd coming from someone who writes about being in the now. Someone who claims the past and the future don't exist, begins today's blog with "let history repeat itself?" Let me explain. Some time ago, back when hospitals were not using surgery or the removal of afflicted organs, unnecessary use of antibiotics for minor illness or injury, or chemotherapy, for that matter. Instead, hospitals practiced a different medicine. Rather than removing an organ that was troubled, doctor's would often look at the lifestyle of the person, suggest changes and monitor the patient. This didn't always work out in the best ways, but often it did. Which means people were being treated more at the source of illness rather than the symptoms, which are surface. I am not trying to say that medicine was more advanced then compared to now. I know all the arguments about how much longer we live today and how much better healthcare is today. Really? For whom? Healthcare seems to benefit the associated industries and strings along the patients like hungry chicks, waiting for the next worm from the providing mother. I'm not saying that there isn't a need for drugs in the case of acute illness or trauma. What I am saying is we can heal illness other ways. If we always seek drugs as the long term method of healing illness we must acknowledge the after effects of what our so called medicines do to us. Television ads call them side-effects. Interesting! This diminishes the importance of the what these poisons do to us. Like I often say and write, if a drug will save a life, then administer the drug. If a drug keeps a person from hurting themselves or other's, of course we want to move in that direction to stabilize but not continue the program. Because the drugs for psychological problems often lead people into deeper depression or instability or make them suicidal. Drugs, more than most other substances, be them food, drink, etc., take us out of ourselves more than almost anything we know. Even the one's meant to help. There really is no difference chemically. It's all poison. The other side of this equation needs to be examined. Building poison in the bloodstream and tissue, which then haunts us in numerous ways, which sends us down this bizarre path of seeking to put out the fire with smaller fires! We "chase the dragon," a term used by drug addicted people, searching for the feeling of the first high. Is it really a high? Seems more like a low to me. But that's another discussion.
What did happen in hospitals before widespread use of surgery, antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiation became standard operating practice? Well for starters, there were these strange looking contraptions at the foot of every bed in the hospital. They were filled with water and were used to rinse the hardened fecal matter, gas a mucus from the colon. How about that? Believe it or not, the most attacked method of healing today, by [ignorant] doctor's, is Colon Hydro-therapy! COLON HYDROTHERAPY BEGAN IN HOSPITALS. It originated through the medical "field!" At the time Nurses were referred to as Nurse Maids. Things were very different back then. Nurses were there to keep things moving but didn't have the education that today's Nurses are expected to possess before they are given the title of Registered Nurse.

However, as they became more organized and began to raise their status to health professionals, they saw this task as beneath them. What a shame. I find helping people with colon cleansing to be so deeply gratifying because I know the person receiving the treatment is becoming healthier before my eyes. Leaving my office feeling instantly better then when they arrived. Try that at a doctor's office! First you get the diagnosis, if you're lucky. Then you get the white slip of paper, which is illegible. Then you go to the pharmacy and wait for that magic to take place. You begin the poison regimen and hope for change. Can you imagine dousing a fire with gasoline. It will put our the fire. But watch out for a spark. Then what do we have? A MUCH BIGGER FIRE! In the old days, before a doctor did anything with non-emergency cases, they would have the patient's bowels cleansed and see if the situation, ailment, illness improved. Then they would move ahead with either releasing the patient or trying other methods. I own books written by MD's back in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, stating that this move toward drug therapy and surgery is not the way. They saw it as butchery and poisoning. Simply stated, to administer a drug is to subtly poison the patient and hope the body responds. Modern medicine does augment, to some degree, so called malfunction in the human body. But the foul chemical poison left behind is never really considered and never thought of as the reason for MORE ILLNESS. It's a roller-coaster ride. Searching for illusive health as you possess all you need, yourselves. We have the power and gift of healing ourselves. Few animals in the wild "come down" with illness or disease. The one's in captivity, zoos, domesticated animals, etc. Are the one's fed the "human version" of what these animals eat in nature. As long as we match the nutrients, what's the difference. There's a big difference. That too is for another discussion. The response to drug therapy is an illusion and doesn't do anything to rid the body of the illness but in fact mask the symptoms. Which is the desired goal as some symptoms can be fatal. Perfect. Stop the symptoms. Now lets look at diet and exercise!

Isn't it funny that we began treating the sick with true methods of healing and called the people on the street corners, selling pills, powders and potions quacks and charlatans! Boy how the tables have turned. Now the pharmaceutical companies and a fair number of doctors have become the quacks and those of us practicing natural, non-poisoning, tried and true methods of healing are considered the quacks. Remember how Chiropractic was viewed by the medical industry, just a few decades ago? Tell a lie long enough and the world begins to believe the lie and miss the point. We often are lead to believe the opposite of the truth, especially where health is concerned.

Media sells. Doctor's push. Pharmaceutical companies supply. Insurance companies enable. It's one big train wreck for us and a huge win fall for them! Please don't misunderstand. I don't believe we shouldn't have health insurance. What I think would be better for the country and for that matter every country is; to put the focus on truthful health information. Teach people to take care of themselves in the way we encourage people to take care of their cars, houses, pets and investments. This way we would save enormous amounts of money for the ads, the doctor visits, the manufacturing of poisons, and the huge costs which keep the fat insurance companies fat and getting fatter! Instead, people would be "Independently Healthy" and not tax the system with every minor ailment. We eat non-food. We drink far too much alcohol. We use far too many legal and illegal drugs. We are far too stressed. And we see no real hope for change because the information is just regurgitated, rearranged dogmatic nonsense. All the magazines, newspapers, television and radio ads contribute to one obvious point. They're all wasting valuable resources, both natural and economic, to sustain a system that feeds the powerful lobbyists and special interest groups. NOT THE PEOPLE! Lets all wake-up together. Remember, ignorance is not stupidity. It means to have ignored something but not purposely. The word ignorant has taken on a negative connotation in our culture for no good reason. It means, to simply not know. Which is perfectly okay. This is how we learn. Something was missed or unseen and now comes to light. When we are ready, we will change. We are beginning to. That's why there are so many movements on the subject of health.

So lets seek truth together. Lets discover the power we possess and heal ourselves and therefore the world. One last image or thought I'd like to leave you with, today. Think of all the supermarkets in one city in this country. Think about the amount of food in one of these markets. Just the produce department, alone. Now imagine the amount of these somewhat natural foods that are just thrown away. Now think of all the people around the world that do not eat a meal, one meal, everyday! This is insanity. We are all people. All from the same source. Things need to change for EVERYBODY not just American's. As we eat foods with higher vibration, our consciousness will also rise to a higher state. Imagine the fear, anger and sheer panic the animals we eat are in as they see other's like them being slaughtered. They know they are facing death and their flesh becomes toxic from all the adrenaline released as they suffer in wait. Now think of the energy human beings take on with every piece of chicken, pork and beef. These are sentient beings with an understanding of at least the concept of being and being is "to be alive." No living creature wants to die. Life wants to live. We are far different from our humble beginnings. When we hunted the animal and killed it mercifully. We killed it. Carried it back to our campsite. Skinned it. Gutted it. Ate it! The flesh of a hunted animal is far healthier than that of the flesh we buy in plastic packages at the store. Little by little we are awakening to a realization; CHANGE IS NEEDED IN ORDER TO IMPROVE OUR LIVES AND OUR SUSTAINABILITY. Real change. Not the change "politicians" talk about. So lets "Turn the Beat Around." Lets allow what was great from the past to show us that which we have forgotten.
Be Well.
Tom DeVito

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