Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Effects Or Side Effects Or The Language Of BS?

I'm a huge fan of the late comedian, George Carlin. What I loved most about his work is how he cut through so much nonsense with language. The words he used and the way he used them would help anyone to see that words mean far more than the one or two meanings given in the dictionary. The order of certain words or the tone of those words create underlying meanings, which is perfect for ambiguity, lack of clarity, or confusion. Or as Mr. Carlin so eloquently put it: BULLSHIT! Advertising and marketing seem to excel at these technics. Confusion serves manufacturing quite well. Mostly because people often purchase something to find it doesn't suit their needs. Leaving them disappointed and back on the hunt for the perfect product to meet their needs. I don't believe this is inherently evil. Just misleading. Good, all American salesmanship? Or just plain BULLSHIT? Penn & Teller also love this topic. As we've all seen at least one episode of their show. Quite entertaining although sometimes ridiculous.

Alright, so I'm going for a laugh here. Carlin was in a category all by himself. He used words so brilliantly as he dispelled the myths of many of our greatest organizations. Advertising, marketing, Religion, Government, and so on. So today, in honor of George Carlin, and for no particular reason, I'd like to write about the language used to sell us medications, and health aids, which paint a pretty picture on the surface as they insidiously erode us from within. I know this all comes off pretty paranoid or cynical. Admittedly, it is. We need more questions to be asked. We need free thinking to take place. We need better understanding and awareness concerning the "aids" and "medicines" we so readily ingest. Most people shrug-off the "laundry list" of SIDE EFFECTS, which are clearly stated at the end of each mind-numbing commercial on the television set. Remember where the word commercial comes from: COMMERCE. Which is to sell or engage in business transaction involving money. I know I'm overstating the obvious. Just so we're clear. We are being sold a bill of goods. Just not good goods!

The term "side effects" is very misleading indeed. We tend to see these so called "side effects" as secondary to our main concern, fixing the ILLNESS! What we don't realize is these so called side effects aren't secondary at all. We are talking about the EFFECTS or RESULTS from poisoning the body with chemicals. Once again, let me state: if a drug will save a life, administer the drug! I'm not a fool with my head in the clouds. I'm a fool who believes, based on my own healing experience that the side effects of allergy medicine are far worse than the allergies themselves. I suffered greatly from allergies for years. Still, I'd rather sneeze fifty times-a-day than invite "anal leakage" into my life. That's an actual side effect from some drug being used for people suffering from an embarrassing illness like erectile dysfunction or some other socially crippling result from modern life. Imagine that? Oh there's so much to say here, but this would become a comedy routine rather than a meaningful blog. The "side effects" of the seizure medication I took for eleven years was more of the stealthy kind. At first I would nod-out, no matter where I was, what I was doing or who I was with. Soon after my body adjusted to the level of poison from the morphine derivative (Phenobarbital) and the seizure prevention drug (Dilantin), it was as though I wasn't on any medication at all. Take the medication away and it became very obvious to me as I would shake and begin to feel my nervous system rev up its engine. This was not only scary but also felt quite strange, indeed. One other thing I'd like to say about side effects. The obvious side effects are at least there and can be monitored and observed. There is a stealthiness to drugs and the toxic effects they have on us. The subtle change in our blood chemistry, the storage of inorganic chemical poison in our tissue, the latent illness lying dormant while we mask one symptom with another known as the side effect. All of the aforementioned can & will become the next stop on the road to illness.

I've mentioned this previously, as well. When the illness being treated is one of function born of dysfunction, which means the body is attempting to rid itself of matter. Pimples, cysts, or tumors may form, creating a means to pass poisons out of the body. This is the body's natural inclination to rid itself of that which ails it, which is meant to bring us back to health. Instead, we administer a poison that is meant to "fix the problem." The poison is first detected by the liver. The liver has to create chemicals to "neutralize" the poison & deliver the neutralized poison to the kidneys. The kidneys filter this poison out of the bloodstream and save us from the burden of the overtly toxic while also being powerless over the subtly toxic. This process damages these to organ systems as we are not meant to consume inorganic chemicals. This is a basic and oversimplified explanation of the difficulty chemicals bring to human health. And yet, where would we be without them. What would allergy sufferers do? Or worse yet, Asthma sufferers? What would most people do with their pesky problems which are medicated daily in the name of wellness. They would eventually not have to deal with these illnesses or symptoms, because they would be caring for themselves in a more sensible, healthy way.

What is the solution. Clearly we don't want to halt all medication use at once. This would obviously not result in anything positive. But instead would cause damage to those people attempting to help themselves. That's why I wrote the "Cold Turkey" blog. Which applies to everything we do. I am speaking about things we put in our body, not situations we find ourselves in. We never just stop taking a drug overnight, unless otherwise instructed. We should never take upon ourselves the task of changing or stopping medication until we've spoken to the doctor about the drug. This is where doctors are true experts. While they make their fare share of mistakes around diagnosis and prescribing, they are very well versed in drugs and which ones need to be weened from and which ones are okay to end abruptly. The solution is already here. We have the answer. Yet some of us don't see it. Some of us need the illness. It defines some of us. Who are we without our problems and situations. Have you ever noticed people say "my allergies," "my lower-back pain," "my cancer," "my heart condition?" I hear people refer to the illnesses they suffer from with ownership. We are becoming our illnesses. Some people experience fear at the thought of not listening to their doctor on every matter under the sun. This makes sense because in society we use our experts and specialists to guide us through our experiences. Why listen to me? Because I was a "subject" of the medical industry. If you read my blogs you now possess enough information to completely change your health and therefore your life!

This is an open forum. Write me with questions and I will answer everything to the best of my ability. I will share with you my experience of healing myself. For all the illnesses we are faced with we often believe there is no way but "the way" we are shown. I and many other's are here to say BULLSHIT! There is a better way. We need to rearrange our thinking and maintain our health rather than wait for the doctor to say, "we have a problem." Why rush to undue our history (an impossibility) when we can just rewrite the now so our future now doesn't have doom awaiting. WE NEED TO STOP JUSTIFYING FOR CONVENIENCE! Take good care of yourselves. Love yourselves enough to maintain your health as you do your precious possessions. Treat yourself like an investment. Knowing your payback is determined by your input. Regard with great care the input or foods and beverages you consume. If you don't believe you are what you consume than look at two very different birds. The Vulture and the Bald Eagle. The Vulture eats dead and dying animals and really looks as if it does. The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey and eats only live animals. Look at the incredible difference of these to creatures and ask yourself which one you would most like to resemble.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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