Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Step Outside The Box & Into the Sun!

But the sun is unhealthy! Isn't it? Once again, it's all a matter of perspective and relativity. We see the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. There is no disputing that fact. Right? Well, that's a matter of perspective. If we pull away from the earth's horizon far enough we see the sun only shines bright. This is a greater fact. Yet through our limited perspective we see the sun rise and set. Location, location, location. But what about the dangers of the sun? Everyone knows that the sun is bad for us and we need to use sunblock and parasols to protect our delicate skin! Hmmm. Lets give this some consideration. The sun, which is one of the very important components to life on this planet and is the very essence of energy and therefore the sustainer of life. There are far too many factors to list that contribute to the fact that earth is successful in the "LIFE" department. The earth is four and a half billion years old (sorry creationists) and has sustained life for almost four billion years. No sun, equals no life. No growth could happen without the energy from the sun. Here is a great fact, "the equator, where the sun is the hottest, most direct and shines for the most hours per day, has the lowest incidence of skin cancer in the people, than anywhere else in the world. This fact was provided by my dear friend and associate, Jamison Scala. Thanks, Jamo!

The reason for our sun becoming harmful has less to do with the sun and more to do with us and our desire for convenience. I'm not knocking convenience as we all need purpose, jobs and so on. We enjoy the fact that we can now drive our cars to a neighboring state within hours. Horses took a lot longer. The progress we have experienced is important & in ways invaluable to us. Because we choose to live in almost complete opposition to nature, we are being made sick by the very essence of life on this planet. Can you grasp this? This is not something that should be ignored. The sun is how life sprouted on this planet, and yet it is killing us? When we don't recognize that the means never justify the end and overlook what the negatives are when we go full steam ahead with progress. We miss the point of convenience. Is it convenient to breathe in car & bus fumes? Or eat foods sprayed with chemicals? No, but it is convenient to walk out of work and hop in a cab as we are whisked home or to the theater. Do we consider the waste we produce for the conveniences we cannot live without? Do we consider that progress brings waste? Have we forgotten the essential point of life? WHICH IS TO LIVE! Of course we have jobs and we all need to contribute to society. Right? Why is this? Because we created this "society" or construct and now need to keep it alive. This is all we know and we'll "do anything" to maintain and improve upon our way of life. Why won't we "do anything" to maintain ourselves,our health, our sanity, our beauty?

Our sun is a sun. It isn't good nor bad. It just is. Why do we hear so much about skin cancer these days? What changes has the sun undergone in the last twenty years? Nothing that would make the sun, the giver and sustainer of life, bad for us. What happened to our sun that is gives the life forms on the planet, cancer? Could it be the build up of waste, chemical and organic, which brings about this situation? Why is it that all the animals on the planet aren't "getting cancer" from the sun? Or bugs? Wouldn't our delicate plants begin to perish in large numbers, if our skin is so responsive to this negative sun? If the sun is different and now causing sickness, doesn't it stand to REASON that all life forms would be negatively affected? (For those of you that feel God is the giver/creator of life, etc. I mean no offense. God gave us the sun and therefore its task is to provide all the energy for life to come into form and grow or expand & continue.) Relativity and perspective is everything when pursuits of this kind are at hand. Why so much fear of the sun? We will "do anything" for a convenient & easy life. Because we carry so much inner turmoil, which is tremendously difficult to deal with twenty-four hours a day. I think we seek convenience or the illusion of it, for our outer lives. Meaning what we do. Not who we are. Our societal experience, as it is. We will stop at nothing to make our preparation in the mornings faster and easier. This can lead us to eat conveniently, not healthfully. We even use antiperspirant so we don't sweat from our armpits. I'm sorry. I must rant! What are we thinking? What are we doing? Are we not human? I'm not of saying we should stink and be unsanitary. I'm saying there is NOTHING WRONG WITH SWEATING. Actually, sweating does a lot of good for our health. We maintain proper body temperature and pass toxicity through the skin. Oh but you don't want the wet spot under your arms at a meeting or work. Of course not, because you are the only person in the entire world whose underarms emit sweat! How embarrassing that would be.

Lets look at some of the other procedures we will partake in for convenience of outward beauty, while ignoring the ramifications. Have you ever seen footage of a person undergoing Liposuction? This may be the most vile & barbaric pracices to witness. As well as the most ridiculous, harmful plastic surgery procedures MAN has come up with. As I write this I'm wondering if a woman came up with this nonsensical approach to beauty. This is what google helped me to find:
1974—Liposuction INVENTED in Rome, Italy by Dr. Giorgio Fischer, a Gynecologist!
1978—Taken to Paris, France and popularized by Dr. Illouz, a Plastic Surgeon.
Both MEN! If you've had the displeasure of witnessing the garish, vile raking that occurs under the skin during a liposuction session, you know what I mean. If you haven't seen this, suffice it to say that this image is akin to what we see in horror movies. Only worse because this is real. We will stop at nothing in our quest for convenience & beauty and love it when we don't have to work for it. Remember, there is nothing free or easy in life, except for the cheese in the trap.
The so called easy way often has hidden negatives or unrealized problems on the back end. Meaning, we can't always know what all the ramifications will be as we are at the onset of invention. Extracting fat from the body this way causes untold damage to our nervous systems. Fat is not something to be completely removed from our bodies and diets. But to be maintained. We need to re-educate the world to understand that fat is an essential component of the human diet. The animal fats and those found in junk food are the one's to ignore. Not plant based fats. THEY SIMPLY ARE NOT THE SAME!

I've been listening to the great works of Eckhart Tolle. Author of "The Power Of Now" and "A New Earth." I am blown away by his message and the ease at which it is deliverd. In a section of the audiobook he points out the ways in which we view progress and invention. He uses an example of the hardworking people that invent things which are meant to have a positive effect on our lives. He goes on to describe the stress and turmoil which results in most endeavors of creation. Failure often results in disappointment and often anger. While it also propels inventors to try again and improve upon what they failed to create. Stress is intrinsically tied to many creations. We can describe the process in ways that justify or we can see the process this way. The individuals involved polluted themselves with negative energy, which blocks our flow. While we are busy stressing and polluting ourselves we also poison everyone around us. The process of invention can last many years. We contribute so much negativity to our environment and the creation at hand, and actually believe that, which is being created will have a positive effect on the world & the people who use it. This is against the basic laws of nature. What we do out of negativity, will only produce negative results. Conversely, the same is true. Positivity breeds positiveness. I felt the need to share this unique perspective from a great mind because it can provide valuable insight to how on a microcosmic level we can proceed with our endeavors, positively and macrocosmically bring real solutions, which will serve us all. Lets consider this in all we do so as to bring positive change and nurture our growth rather than plant invisible "land-mines" which lay in wait, as we are under the influence of convenience, mistaking it for "positive growth & solutions."

Lets take this back to health. What is convenience if we pay a price of illness or premature death? Is this way convenience or just an express ticket to our demise? Lets take this next subject, which is the real reason for today's blog. There is a procedure currently being offered, which is meant to make WOMEN'S live more convenient. This procedure is considered okay BY MEDICAL EXPERTS! Here goes: women are paying money to have their periods, their cycle, STOPPED or reduced to once or twice a year! Are you kidding me? What next? Urine keeps getting in the way of your productivity at work? Why not just have a procedure so you could be chained to you desk for more hours. Have your bladder tied or something. Who benefits from these barbaric "solutions"? Solutions to things that ARE NOT PROBLEMS. Maybe just inconveniences. Does this even need to be said? Why then do I find myself propped firmly atop my soap box, once again, stating the obvious? There is no reason for this other than commerce. Silliness like this appeals to unknowing people that either suffer from their monthly cycle or simply don't want to deal with it. It may cramp their style? So why not remove the cause of the cramps, surgically or medically? I really don' t know why anyone would do this without substantial research done on the part of the woman seeking such a harmful procedure as this.

Is there a natural solution to reduce suffering associated with a woman's cycle? Yes. Detoxification. Clean the blood and the period improves. Period! It may take some time but at least you're not causing unknown damage to your reproductive system in the process. The damage is unknown because this is as yet way too early to even begin to discern how this will backfire. We need time to pass and for enough people to fall ill, before we can determine what is obviously and simply put, a DUMB and harful procedure. Aren't our medical experts supposed to advise us how to avoid doing things to ourselves that will get us in trouble? Aren't they the ones that understand physiology? Shouldn't they be our advisors on such matters? It's like going to an AA meeting with an open bar! People, please stop this madness. The doctors enable us and we in turn enable their disease causing madness to slowly destroy our health and eventually destroy any hopes for our species to produce healthy babies. Therefore the continuation of a healthy humanity. Imagine the havoc we bring to a woman's body in the absence of this vital function. If you are living on a mainstream diet, and you're female, you will have a flow of blood, during the monthly cycle. Unless you're a competitive athlete and run many miles each day. These types often lose their periods. This too is not healthy. A very clean, plant based diet will decrease and lighten the load for most women. I've seen it first hand with many women that choose to be vegan or vegetarian. Some see improvements with diet change and colonics. Nothing too radical. It is simple. Keep the body clean and it will serve you for years without the need of the "Nutty Professors" that have delivered us a special kind of madness. The sad part is, so many people actually believe in the insane babel that sadly comes from too many of our medical experts. Don' t even get me started on the joke that is the FDA! I'll leave you all with this. The food & DRUG administration. FOOD & DRUG? Why are those two items under one roof? Well, I guess we should expect this, after all we have Alcohol, tobacco and firearms" under the same roof. Who comes up with stuff? Comedians? Hollywood writer's couldn't come up with this stuff. They don't have to. We do it for them! Step outside the box. Think for yourself. Consider a natural alternative to barbarism!
Be well.
Tom DeVito


  1. AMAZING post Tom! So true and so necessary. Thanks for putting it out there, straight up!

  2. You're my biggest fan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I won't slow down until I hit 30 in 30 days. After that I'll have to slow to compile and expand and turn it all into a book! Wish me luck!
    P.S. Sorry I haven't seen your posts. I didn't know how to check! I hope you see mine. I'll write you on FB to let you know I've responded.

  3. I absolutely am! I am so in sync with your views. I think you can change something in your settings on blogger to set up an alert when you get comments. I didn't know when I first started blogging and missed comments from many readers for weeks until I changed the settings. A book, really?! That's fantastic! Can't wait :)


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