Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hi Protein? No Whey!

Know protein. No Peace!

Here's a retelling of a discussion between Plato and one of his peers. They were discussing diet. Plato said, if we continue to keep meat meat there will be fighting, wars and a need for many lawyers in society. This is a loose paraphrase of the actual quote. But you get the point, I'm sure.

I began watching the movie Food Inc. last night. I did not see the whole film. At the very beginning of the movie the narrator says, "our diets have changed more in the last fifty years than in the last ten thousand years." That's quite a statement! It helped me to realize how the industrial revolution radically effected much of human life. Look at life over the past fifty years. Look at the rising occurrence of illness in children. It seems cancer has not decreased in cases but in fact has increased tremendously. When you think about all the information available to us. Why people continue to live how we do is baffling. Considering what we now know about most foods media is trying to stuff down our throats. It truly is astounding that an argument still exists in defense of "the American way of life." I say it is the American way of life because this includes all the issues we face today. Wether or not we all believe in global warming is less the issue. What I'm trying to get to is what is the point of denying this? For what purpose. Lets say there's no truth to global warming. Eventually there will be. Are we that myopic that we can't even extend our thinking to get this simple fact. Things may not be as bad as Al Gore said it is, but with all the industry, food production, chemical abuse, transportation, etc. It's time to find alternatives.

So our diets changed more in the last fifty years than in the last ten thousand. Damn! That's a hell of a statistic. For ten thousand years we ate pretty much the same diet. What changed? Our ability to do more in less time. As I've stated before and will repeat again. WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THIS FOOD? We convince people they cannot live without it. I grew up in a different time. We would watch TV (seven channels) commercials, which advised us to not eat so much red meat. While the ads didn't say not to eat it, they did say to watch your portions, etc. Why? Heart disease! Stroke! Diabetes! Hi cholesterol! To name a few. Today we're told that protein is the most important component to the human diet. Since I covered this already, I'd like to expand on a certain aspect of this market driven, revenue building scheme. We now have enormous factories to produce more beef, dairy, poultry and swine than we know what to do with. Through Dr. Atkins, and diets like "The Zone" we bit the worm! We took the bait and ran with it. A large number of people became ill as a result of 'The Atkins Diet" and most people just felt the bloat on "The Zone" diet. I know I said I wouldn't attack other diets in earlier blogs. Well I won't attack them. I'll just point out where this ties in with revenue. Did you notice that doctors all over the country actually got behind this joke? That the FDA approved of this nonsense? What happened to the information we were told about the dangers of eating too much "rich foods?" Has that just suddenly changed? Have we evolved in fifty years to be super carnivores? I don't think so. We probably wouldn't see much change in the species in the next twenty-five thousand years. When you look at the species we evolved from—they were not in existence for ten or fifty thousand years. They were alive and well for much longer than the "new kids on the block" the homo-sapien. Evolution doesn't happen in tens of thousands of years. It takes millions of years. I just can't wrap my mind around this sudden shift in humanity. Look around. Do you see health in the faces of the people you pass in the streets. Or do you see what I see? Very few of us smile. Most people look older than their years because of lifestyle choices. Smoking, drinking, fast foods. Have you ever noticed the color or lack there of, in the faces of people that eat at the dreaded McDonald's? The color is grey! This is not what we are supposed to look like! We are supposed to be slender, agile, vibrant, intelligent people. Instead, we are fast becoming an obese society. Perfume and cologne only covers stench. What do we cover our distorted figures with? Tents? Don't let media and the powers that be poison you and convince you they are not!!!

Concentrated protein and I have parted ways for more than eight years now. I have no need for it. I'll use myself in this research. I know this isn't clinical research. It is experiential. I know this would yield very different results in varying people and cultures. I do believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt that cooked flesh, especially the flesh of cows, is not only superfluous but poisonous. There is a good argument for eating raw meats. This is unadulterated protein and will digest far easier. Steak Tar-Tar anyone? Most of us couldn't imagine eating our meats this way. It is the healthiest way to eat flesh. Over the last ten thousand years we simply didn't cook our meats. So in this world where for some bizarre reason we are constantly fed lies. Media tries to tell us black is white and white is black. We have been brainwashed to believe that eating the decaying waste product of "cheese manufacturing" is good. Every single so called "health food store" carries this putrified poison! HEALTH FOOD STORES? Come on. We need to start a revolution for the human diet! Our T-shirts and bumper stickers can read Hi Protein? No Whey! If at some point in time these foods were necessary to our survival, they are no longer. So why do we still eat this crap? BIG BUSINESS! No other reason. I'm not suggesting we all become vegan. After all if this meat eating, junk food junky, heavily medicated statistic can live fifteen years in the absence of flesh, dairy, most grains (I do have some grain every now and then, not for nutrition, but for pleasure) all processed foods, all medications and the illnesses I had, SO CAN YOU!

People defend this blood type diet theory. It's a good theory. The problem I have with it is the inherent limitations of this way of thinking. What are we born into some biological "cast" system? So if a baby came from generations of drug addicted people, would we continue the baby on the drugs their ancestors took? No, we would slowly ween the baby off the drugs and set it on a healthier path. I'm not knocking people who enjoy eating meat or any flesh foods. I am just pointing out the habitual ritual, merry-go-round, we find ourselves on today. Just know we are DIVERSIVORES and can thrive almost anywhere on the planet. We ADAPT to a great many changes. The human genome does and will continue to improve itself, given the right parts. We build nutrition! WE DON'T NEED IT FROM DEATH! We need it from LIFE! Juice vegetable. Eat salad before every meal. Include fresh fruits in your diet. Try fruits for breakfast instead of a bagel! Just some suggestions. Anyway, this blog comes from the heart as does all my blogs. I wrote this with the hopes that these last few blogs are pointing toward change. NOT OBAMA change! Real change. We talk about the war on drugs! There's a laugh. Its a war on drug dealers. The one's in the white coats in the pharmacy's are fine, right? Not the one's in the streets. Come on! ALL DRUGS KILL! That is a fact. We need to stop the demand so there's no need for supply to continue on ad nauseam!
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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