Friday, December 18, 2009

Murder By Numbers?

As smoke plumes fill the sky and dwarf our monuments and skyscrapers, a disturbing site at the very least. Certain questions arise in me. My first question is: have we considered that we are willingly allowing our world, to which we are inextricably linked to be suffocated by the poisons of industry? Are "WE THE PEOPLE" benefiting at all from the the items being produced? Or the energy being created? Ha! There's a good one. Energy created? Not a chance. Just a harnessing at best. Aren't we supposed to be figuring our alternative energy sources? Are we so dependent on this way of life that we are willing breathe into our delicate lungs, the toxic, noxious pollution we've become accustomed to seeing in our skies, our oceans & each other? For change to happen perhaps sacrifices need to be made. Not long term, but for a transition from black to green! We joke about New York City smog, LA fog. Yes, this is where we arrived at. In our minds we justify this like we do every convenience we rely upon. It's all a joke till someone loses an eye! Remember that wise-crack? This isn't a simple matter, I know. There's much at stake. Economy for one. The unfortunate issue here is far too many of us justify enormous profit for these companies, which most of us do not share! Yet we believe this is the American way! Everyone has the freedom to grow and become wealthy and successful. Right? I truly believe that is a matter of perspective. When the majority suffer for the minority and the minority holds the wealth and therefore the power—it's time to take Thomas Jefferson's advice and TAKE OUT THE POLITICIANS THAT NO LONGER SERVE THE PEOPLE! Can we overthrow the Government? No. Why? They have the military on their side.

There is a very unfortunate concept, which most of us don't know. This is kind of a secret that successful people, companies, corporations know and practice. You see, when we "don't have" we think from a place of lack. When we are abundantly wealthy, we think from a place of abundance. More obviousness! Okay, give me a second. When we think from lack we experience lack. When we think from abundance, we experience abundance! Most religions and philosophies teach this. The great prophet, Ringo Starr, yes THAT RINGO! In an interview he was asked about how The Beatles afforded to buy instruments before their historic fame came to be. He responded with "we bought what we could and the instruments were very poor quality." He then went on to say, "now that I have more than anyone could want, I get a drum-set a week!" "When you have nothing, they give you nothing. When you have it all, they give you the world!" This is a universal law. Belief creates reality. It should not be the other way around. What we believe, is all that will be manifested in our personal lives and the world. How do we change our thinking and beliefs? The answer to that is just not that simple. Ringo! Help!

Independent thought is the antithesis of education, politics, corporations. We hear from the radical liberals that we should practice political correctness. This is a joke! Why do we need a system to create a "verbal lobotomy" in free people? Why don't we understand that we shouldn't call people hurtful, racial slurs? And why is it offensive to call someone in a wheelchair a cripple. Worked in the Bible. Funny, the things we focus on and effect change for. Words! Yet somehow we allow the people of the world to murder each other, wholesale and we don't insist on the equivalent to eradicate murder! What if we didn't try to homogenize thought? What if we allowed independent thought? Imagine if we accepted everyone as they are? What a different world we'd live in. Perhaps a very long time ago the issues concerning race, religious or political ideology were an issue of the people. Not so much the powers that be. Do people really hate each other? Or is that past down from generation to generation. WE NEED TO LET GO OF THE PAST AND BE HERE NOW!

Letting go means a lot. As a populous we need to accept that we are victims of industry. Captains of industry benefit. Who are these people? Don't they realize that they are killing their children's children, too? NO ONE WINS! Financial success is fleeting and temporary. I think we all are coming to grips with the fact that the U.S. is slipping from the SUPER POWER we've been, to second or third place. This can be quite a humbling experience. More for our leaders than for us. The power people live a very elite existence. Most of the population in numbers and wealth make-up the bottom of the pyramid. As we attempt to get world leaders to consider shifting the profit-driven industrial world to perhaps one that doesn't sicken or kill the people who use the products of industry, to one that is at least benign to the environment! What a unique concept! Production without disease!

We invented plumbing and toilets when we figured out our waste, poisons and kills us. We created the sanitation department to take our refuse away so we live a sanitary life. Why do we stand by while our oceans are dying. We allow other countries to deplete our oceans of life and replenish nothing. Speeding up extinction for certain species. Or how about the issue of plankton disappearing? This is very dangerous. For what? SUSHI! Come on! Enough of "the finer things in life." The finer things in life are the living creatures! Without life, there's nothing. Worlds exist within the perception of all living things. Try to imagine a lifeless earth. Wouldn't be earth. Would it? Can we not make the connection to the chemical waste we produce, which is pumped into our water, air and bodies. The air we breathe, the water we bathe in & drink, the foods or non-foods we consume, are acting against our health rather than support it. When we connect this simple truth to our daily lives, perhaps then we will fight for the right to "LIVE FREE" of waste and be just as responsible and caring for the people, the planet, wildlife and all the living creatures on the planet. OR DIE! Every single organism matters. From major to minor, every species plays a role. No matter how small. From the largest bodies in the universe to the smallest sub-atomic particles, everything looks the same and is made up of the same things. We are separate from nothing and should never justify the destruction of anything. Have you heard about the fact that there is a dramatic reduction in the number of bees? This is more alarming than most issues we are faced with today. No bees. No life. Simple. To be continued. . .
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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