Monday, December 21, 2009

The Great Race Of Sleepwalkers!

I set out thirty days ago with a goal to write twenty blogs in twenty days. I liked it so much that I decided to keep going with no break to complete thirty blogs in thirty days. Today is my thirtieth blog. I am very pleased to have reached this goal. I hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. I will have to slow down and work on other material for some very exciting, upcoming events. I will post all events here and on the Release NYC website. I'm happy to share this information and my views with you all. Keep reading and I'll keep writing.

Ever watch children play at amusement parks? This is an amazing experience. Children play with the attention we should live with. They are completely alive and aware in the moment. Committed to fully enjoying each and every ride they try out and each experience. There is nothing going on in their heads but feeling the sensations of ride and the amusement park. The smells, the sounds, the blur of voices screaming through the doppler effect the fast motion of the ride creates. The mix of senses required to experience all this can be considered a distraction, or it can all be experienced at once, in the moment. Adults need to slow down and meditate for this kind of awareness. We need gurus and teachers, yoga and chanting to bring us back to states we so easily achieved as children. We need to work to be childlike. To be single-minded or better yet, to be of no mind at all. With effort this can be achieved. But we must use "total concentration." Yet for our children, this is easy. They don't need yoga classes to teach them how to "BE." This is a natural state of mind for a child. And yet, we teach them to be like us. To be in our thoughts of later or yesterday rather than in the moment. It is as though they are just plugged in to a better channel. One with less interference. Clearer reception, maybe? Not to get biblical, but I do love using that information to show both the messages that we find in most religious writings and also simply because it supports this point. According to the bible, Jesus said, "Only the "childlike" will enter the gates of heaven." He himself also supposedly said, that heaven isn't somewhere to go, but that is in everyone's heart. I forget the quote. The term childlike means presence. Not acting silly or for adults to act in an immature manner. It is as though children are hard wired for experiencing the moment as it is. With no resistance or need to control. Until we bequeath to them our worst and most debilitating mental habits. We refuse to accept what is and try to change it. This drains our batteries, so to speak.

I always loved the amusement park. Or going to the local fair or bazar. The smell of the Cotton Candy, or Zepole's (not sure of actual spelling). These tasty cement bombs are deep fried doe balls, blanketed in powdered sugar! Tasty, but deadly! I loved flying through the air on the "Scrambler" or the "Tilt-A-Whirl," even the "Ferris Wheel." Both the Scrambler and the Tilt-A-Whirl make me incredibly sick these days. I could hear the gambling wheels spin as the cards fluttered over the spikes, marking the winner and the losers, simultaneously with every spin. The sounds, the scents, the lights, all mixed together, all requiring different senses, yet somehow all happening at once. All reaching me at once. All a part of the moment. All happening separately, yet not. This is life. This is the now. Why can children be there so easily. You may say, "I have to think about dinner" or "making sure the kids finish their homework." They have no pressing responsibilities they have to tend to. Yet it's more than that. Their connection to the universe is less tainted and distorted.

Ever watch kids on the bumper car rides? They truly delight with every crash and "near miss!" Of course I must invoke the spirit of the great and wise George Carlin. "Isn't that a near hit?" They nearly hit! They didn't nearly miss! They did miss! Anyway, this is a great example of children at play, in the moment and fully aware. It is magical to witness, when you see this reality rather than the surface reality. Which of itself is beautiful and fun. To see the delight on their faces is wonderful. To see them love every second of this fun activity is great! Try not to miss the subtly of the moment, which is the children just being with every smooth turn, crash , jolt, smash-up and surprise. How much we can learn from children. If we allow ourselves to be students. As all teachers should.

Why all this talk about amusement parks? Because it's fun and it brings me back to the truest definition of "Ignorance is bliss." Ignorance of the poisons in the foods, ignorance of the dangers of the rides, and ignorance of the past and future, while experiencing something far greater, NOW! I'd like to bring your attention to the tail like object, which reaches the wire mesh above the bumper-car ride. This sturdy, metal wire runs straight to the electric powered matrix of wires and curls at the end. The direct physical connection is obvious to anyone that looks. This is what powers the cars. We may even see a spark of electricity from the connection between the two. We, as humans should have such a "direct connection" to an endless source of energy, powering us as we go. But we do! It's called the Pineal Gland. This tiny gland is responsible for some very important physical functions. Here are some other views on the Pineal.

The pineal gland is a pine cone shaped endocrine gland that sits between the two hemispheres of the brain - a location which corresponds to what in Taoist practice is known as the "Crystal Palace." Laozi called this little gland "the gateway to heaven and earth."

In Hindu yoga, this same place is called the "Cave of Brahman," and corresponds to the Ajna Chakra, or "third eye."The pineal gland has been shown to have biodirectional communication with the Immune system, and so its activation can help us to avoid the flu or even fight cancer.
Taoist (and Buddhist) "dark retreats" are powerful in part because of the release from the pineal gland of biochemicals supportive of mystical experiences.

According to Swami Sivananda:"The pineal gland is the receptor and sender of the subtle vibrations which carry thoughts and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos. The pineal gland converts brain waves into subtle electrical energy traveling faster that the speed of light and which are stored by the individual brain."

We are connected to the energy or matrix of the universe. The energy which flows through us and all living things comes from the universe. Call it God. Call it any name you like. This connection is the invisible tail which connects to the invisible wire mesh, above us, providing power and receiving our thoughts and energy. This system has no judgment. It does not punish or reward us. Instead it gives and receives energy. All our creativity, all our ideas or creation, all energy, the grand pool of life-force-energy exists this way. All living things tap into this. Of course this is the nature of things. The only thing preventing us from this eternal source of energy is us! Which means, we live in ways, which are delusional interpretations of enjoyment. When we are inebriated we have a different kind of fun than we would if we were sober. This is a perfect example of our "version" of enjoyment or living fully in the moment. When we live on artificial food, drink alcoholic beverages, take medicine, drugs, etc. We become constipated. This doesn't apply only to the bowels only. We constipate our entire system, physically, mentally, emotionally, and finally, energetically. As we live on substances, which clog the tissue of the body, pollute the bloodstream, and infiltrate and poison our cells. We begin to defuse our energy. Become tired during the day, without any activity or obvious reasons for the lull. Imagine if instead of gasoline we tried to use Vasoline in our gas tanks. What? It's a form of petroleum. Shouldn't it break-down in the engine like gasoline? This is akin to what we attempt to do through our insane practices and habits. We actually expect food ingredients, which are so far removed from the natural state they occur in, to digest in our bodies, normally. And therefore provide us with clean burning fuel? Without problems or repercussion. It just doesn't work that way. Still, items are continually invented, intended to make us healthy, while the opposite is achieved. No matter how we shuffle the molecules, or boil the ingredients, or mask flavor, or make color more vibrant, we will never, I repeat NEVER create a better nature than the one that spawned us! Does this actually need to be stated? Am I completely insane? I'm glad I can't hear your answers! Especially those that come from my family members! Seriously, am I naive? This is so obvious to me and so many others. Doctor's see themselves as the great and wise healers or saviors of life. They also see themselves as scientists. Funny, they are neither. This may not be their fault. Like politicians with "good intentions," upon getting "in the game," they soon adjust to the climate of thought of the "community or environment." Once again, doing nothing for change but for the name plate on the desk.

Science is very important and vital to our understanding of the universe and everything in it. Somehow we find ourselves surrounded with close-minded, agenda based thinking. Intelligence is not cleverness. We confuse the two. Clever thinking is not intelligence. Intelligence is thinking beyond the creation and considering the repercussions. Today's doctors are lacking in truth and full of statistics, supporting fiction. This fiction is the essence of why human beings believe we are separate from the world we came from. This is why we feel separate and live in a state of sleep while trying to imitate conscious living. As the human mechanism is dulled, tarnished and clogged with the waste of our delusion, our ability to sustain vital health is greatly diminished or weakened. This is what brings us illness. As we clog ourselves, physically, our antenna is shortened or damaged and can no longer receive the vital energy from the universe. Our health is not just about a clear complexion or a toned body. Although our skin displays the condition of our inner terrain for all to see. Our ability to keep toned and fit and look vibrantly healthy is thwarted by that which we insist on trying to ingest. WE CAN NOT EAT AND SHOULD NOT EAT, THAT WHICH IS NOT FOOD! Likewise, we should know that when we live on a diet of science-fiction foods, rather than the foods of the earth; our light dims. As our light dims, we lose spirit, hope, joy, strength and our connection to all that is life. Especially those around us. We tend to isolate in our state of toxicity. We become less communal. Less social. Less animated. We are the observers of the universe. Not reactors to an alien world. We are the great minds of this world, the poets, the singers, the dancers, the scientists, the healers. Why do we believe it is okay to fuel our race with insufficient, compromised fuel. Would you feel safe traveling in a jet with poor fuel. Would you feel perfectly safe as the engines backfire or fail,during flight? Why then do we blindfold humanity as we backfire at the office, or at home. Why are we content to be the SLEEPWALKERS of the universe. Rather than the truth seekers. I guess we cannot seek that which we already possess.

There is a great passage at the beginning of Eckhart Tolles book, "The Power Of Now." There is a beggar on the side of the road. A wealthy man walks by and automatically the beggar sticks our his arm and asks if the man could spare some change. The man replies with, "I have nothing to give you. But what is that you're sitting on?" The beggar responds saying, "Oh this old box? I've been sitting on this for as long as I can remember." "Why don't you have a look inside?" Asked the man. The beggar responded, "there's nothing in there. It is empty" The man insisted he have a look. So the beggar did. To his surprise the box was full of gold! He spent more than thirty years in poverty. The whole time sitting on a "pot of gold." We have all we need in this life to exist in perfect health. We possess the power to heal ourselves. The power to tap into universal energy. The ability to create positive change. The sense to know when life is heading in a negative direction and turn ourselves around. There are stories everywhere, when people have gone through amazing hardship and not only survived, but turned their pain into healing. They took themselves, lovingly and accepted the results they created and created better results, through conscious living and change. This is where all of humanity needs to go. As we transform, one by one, to a stronger more conscious race, we will strengthen the human genome rather than compromise our DNA and create an inferior race of obese sleepwalkers. Rather than awakened, present, bright and healthy beings.
Be well.
Tom DeVito


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  2. Thank you, baby. I'm so glad you have read some of my blogs. Keep reading. It means a lot to me that you read what I write. Thanks, so much. I love you so much.


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