Sunday, December 20, 2009

Binary Life! The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging!

"The grand parade of lifeless packaging," is borrowed from the british band, Genesis. Back when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. The song is from the album "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway." A brilliant phrase, which describes with great accuracy, our current state of affairs.

The great satellite of humanity. Eventually, all the works and information human kind has produced, from film, music, art, history, technical data, etc., will be digitized for our access. The process is well on the way and exists as "On Demand, already." We will pay a flat fee to access different archives. Our way of life is forever changing, as it should. Most of the time with little thought about anything but the bottom line.
I received an email detailing the way it was in America one hundred years ago. I found the email interesting because it came from a good friend who does not send light hearted junk mail. So I took a look and was really blown away. Here's just a sampling of what I read: *The average life expectancy was forty seven. Only fourteen percent of the homes had bathtubs. Only eight percent of the homes had telephones. Can you believe that? That was a mere one hundred years ago. The average wage was twenty two cents per hour. There were only eight thousand cars on the road with only one hundred and forty-four miles of paved roads, in the U. S. The maximum speed limit was, ten miles per hour, in most cities. More than ninety five percent of all births took place at home. Most women washed their hair only once a month and used either Borax or egg yolks for shampoo. Canada passed a law that prohibited poor people from entering into their country for any reason! The population of Las Vegas, Nevada, was only 30! Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and ice tea hadn't been invented yet. Two out of every ten adults couldn't read or write! Only six percent of of all Americans had graduated from high school. Now for the very strange part: Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the counter at the local drugstore! Back then pharmacists said, "heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the mind, regulates stomach and bowels, and is, in fact a perfect guardian of health." Ninety percent of all doctors did not have a college education! The five leading causes of death were:
Pneumonia and influenza
Heart Disease

Not a huge difference with today's killer diseases. Cancer of course replaced number three. OR did number three (diarrhea) and illnesses like it contribute somewhat to the rise in cancer. When the human body is viewed as a whole and not puzzle of disparate pieces, isolated from each other, yet somehow working together. Perhaps greater understanding of this simple concept will show itself to the unenlightened. Cause and effect applies to all organ systems of the body. ESPECIALLY THE COLON! Doctors will agree that issues of the liver or thyroid effect many organs. They will quickly point out cause and effect in the body, to explain collateral damage from an illness. Yet, doctors seem to drop the ball when the colon is suggested as the cause for problems elsewhere in the body. They often mock any suggestion that disease, major and minor is an indirect result of improper bowel function. Compromised function of the organ specifically developed to evacuate waste from the body, of course contributes waste to the bloodstream. The basis for just about all illness. Notwithstanding, the source. As all levels of life contribute. Why Then would we be equipped with this machine, if not to rid the body of waste for superior performance. With the least amount of effort, therefore life force energy. Can you see? Look at the rise in kidney issues and the need for dialysis. Excess waste in the blood equals stress on the kidneys. Kidney failure equals death.

The intestines and bowels take up the entire bottom of the torso! From the vicinity of the belly button to the anus. Failure to properly carry out its task, efficiently, will result in compromise elsewhere in the body. The organ or function that is negatively effected is where inherited weakness lies. We are all born with inherited weaknesses, due to generations of compromised diet and unhealthy habits. From bread, our first processed food, to cigarettes, our favorite addiction, we have weakened the human species. In time this will show more and more. There is hope. Upon properly cleansing the bowels and changing the diet, we see very obvious improvement to the illness at hand and other ailments or symptoms. This is the key to health, healing, longevity and vitality. This way of life should not be approached to merely extend life. So we can exist limply in a wheel cheer for fifteen years and not recognize our loved ones? This lifestyle provides us with longevity through vitality. At very advanced ages, the people living consistently on a natural, plant based diet, will thrive. Especially when deep tissue cleansing through bowel cleansing is practiced, consistently. These seniors will function more like people twenty five years their junior. This is not about length of life. This lifestyle is about living life fully for the time we are here. Not just existing to drool. That is not progress. That is dementia!

What this illustrates for me is; we are still "fighting" the same illnesses. Even "Diarrhea" is still a major problem. This condition is not the opposite of constipation, it is acute constipation. Gas being the cause. A gas bubble blocks waste both from forming into a stool and from leaving the body, but for a very minor amount. The danger of this condition can result in death, mainly due to severe dehydration. During diarrhea the body passes mostly liquid from the bowels. Mineral content and electrolytes, which are normally absorbed in the cecum (the very beginning of the colon), are lost in the violent release. This causes very rapid dehydration. We all know what happens without sufficient water in the body. In a very short amount of time, we perish. Funny how we've advanced technologically, yet our illnesses really haven't changed much. We certainly have introduced quite a few new diseases to the already long list. Cancer fast became a leading killer, in this country especially. I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something here but, doesn't it seem like our "great technological advancements" haven't yielded us that much?
*The average life expectancy was forty seven. Hygiene was a major issue at this point in our history. There was a massive amount of people entering the country. Many of them flocking to cities, for obvious reasons. Infectious disease and violence were two leading killers and were rampant. Remember, one hundred years ago, the streets of New York City were being controlled by gangs and life in the city was hard and unforgiving. In this way we've come a long way. Safe heating of city life or country life was a major factor. Proper ventilation was afforded only by the rich. Freezing to death and heat stroke were more common in those days.

For almost all of the above items. Lets be thankful for progress. Our access to entertainment and information should be digitized and stored in satellite technology. This way we won't be stuck watching Police Academy 6, on whatever cable movie channel we subscribe to. At least we are moving toward "on demand" all the time. So we are not at the behest of really bad programming. I know someone who works for HBO. She told me their library contains endless movies, all of which they DO NOT AIR! Why? With all the great works our there, we're stuck with and pay for utter garbage. This is perfect as it is, of course and will lead to our freedom of choice once all is accessible through satellite and the miracle of binary code! All the statistics I listed above are interesting only by comparison. At that time those figures meant very little. The positive side to the digitization of "human history," not to mention newspapers, magazines, phone books, and so on, is, WE WON'T HAVE TO CUT DOWN TREES ANYMORE! Can I get a group "ahh duh?" As I've written on this topic before, I must say, if we must cut down trees, lets do it for real reasons. Not to look at whose ass got fat or who has more cellulite. Or who in hollywood is having an affair or entering rehab! Really? This is all that happens in the wonderful world of DRAMA! NON-REALITY, REALITY! We are willing to kill that which supports our very existence to read about "strangers" that have achieved fame or success, wether they are talented or not! Their lives are often troublesome and full of drama, and so are ours. We distract ourselves from our pain and read about theirs. Nothing really worth murdering trees for. Our newspapers and new magazines are filled with lies, opinion and slanted information as to "not upset the apple cart" or the advertisers, or the government. Wouldn't want to actually speak the truth. That would mean less drama which would mean less sales. Follow the money and you will find the truth!

Soon we won't have a need for hand held devices. I fear technology will move us in the direction of implantation of these devices, which of course is when we will morph or devolve into the new species of "Homo Robotus!" Hopefully we will realize this is a mistake, before it's too late. We will however have terminals at home for which to connect to the great satellite in the sky and be entertained and educated. Dulled by the current trends of entertainment and gossip or whatever mind numbing "shows" we will be watching at that time. Which will grow, like fungus from the current state of "reality" TV, we find ourselves trapped by, today. We will improve our environment tremendously, or TREEmendously as we move away from printing on paper and fully convert to binary (digital). The ways we experience the world, second hand. Meaning, read about or view, in lieu of the actual experience, will float above our atmosphere in zeros and ones. Awaiting to reach our digital to analog converters and appear holographically in the center of our entertainment quarters, for our edification or entertainment. Art is here to build us as people. To inspire new ideas and concepts. To build us into intelligent, understanding, compassionate people. Not to create isolation. Somehow at the relative onset of this technical age, we find ourselves socializing through cyberspace and reconnecting with old friends we probably wouldn't have ever reconnected with. This makes the world smaller, yes. But it also creates "cubicles" or "pockets" of cyber-social circles or cliques. One hundred years ago, eight percent of all homes had telephones.

There is much of life which cannot be digitized. The physical part of our existence, for instance. I know we are figuring ways to wear a suite and experience, digitally, piloting a plane or wind surfing and other sensory based computer simulations. All of which are amazing, intellectually. With every invention, there's a fallout. What we cannot and will not ever be able to achieve is the digitizing of the human diet and health. No matter how hard scientists try to genetically modify food, it still must and will only exist in the physical world, of course. So this ridiculous notion of "improving our foods, scientifically" is NONSENSE. Our food is our fuel. We can be compared to a car engine for mechanical purposes or to illustrate physiology. We are not engines that can run on real petroleum or synthetic, with no difference. We are living organisms and need real food. Organic food. The simpler the better. If the earth produced cake and cookies, donuts, bagels, pie, bread, pizza, meatballs, pasta, ice cream, the infamous "Cinnabun" then this blog would be saying something entirely different. Instead the earth produced fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and animals. Of course you know my stance on eating dead animals. So I won't expound on it. But we grew out of earth. We developed from the habitat and it's foods. We are this earth as much as we are human. Our food needs to be "human food" form the earth, not a "new and improved" imitation.

Be careful or wary when you see "new" or "improved formula" on the packaging of our modern version of foods or nutrition. To juice vegetables or prepare a tasty fare, made up of like foods or compatible foods is a stretch from our humble beginnings. We did what we needed to do. We survived some serious hardships. We survived challenges todays people couldn't begin to comprehend. Imagine this. All global warming is followed by a little phenomenon known as "ice age." Some of which lasted many thousands of years. Some as many as ten thousand years. Somehow, we humans survived. Do you think we could have made it if we were eating chips or cookies, while watching "American Idol?" Or "Jersey Shore?" I will remain silent where this last show is concerned out of sheer amazement that people actually watch and are interested in the vapid, empty content of unconscious strangers whose lives are dull and uninteresting. Drama-junkies seeking fame with nothing to celebrate. Oooops. So much for silence.

We are an amazing species and require amazing food. We should never accept this poisonous garbage being grown and produced as food. Especially for OUR CHILDREN! We love them and don't want to deprive them of the things that have brought us illness! Imagine that? To me there is little difference in feeding our kids hot dogs, burgers, donuts, etc., than giving them beer! Why? Because the foods of today that are aimed at our children, the most important part of the species, is making them sick, fat and unable to survive in the modern world. In order for us to survive in our binary world, we need to go back to the most basic, ancient ways for nutrition. Process your food less and you will get more from it. Turn a blind eye to the media, especially where health is concerned. They have expensive ad space to pay for, therefore need advertisers or sponsors to sell product through them. So they shovel the same pig slop to us in the form of information, designed to help us. It is helping us to build and economy of disease, suffering and death. This sounds to me like a science fiction movie. Instead of making movies about aliens attacking us and eating us, we should make movies about people assisting in the subtle poisoning of the species. Our own kind, working for and with industry, to poison their families and neighbors and children. All for the almighty dollar. Which is barely worth anything now. Besides, have you ever seen a dead person take their wealth with them? Of course not. Why? Because it's as real as the material used to make the poison, which put the person in the very casket they are being buried in. All things. Everything. Will be gone. Nothing in life is permanent, except the energy we call life! Lets conserve that energy! Lets preserve that energy. NOT OUR FOODS! I know I'm not the only one singing this song. We just need more of us to realize this simple truth. We cannot improve upon nature. We will improve our health when we go back to nature. Not augment it because we allowed unimaginative people, with greed as their goal to spew their myopic views and manipulation on the great people of this planet.

It is time to put the brakes on the binary hamster wheel in the great computer god, we all bow to. Tear it down and replace it with a new god. The god of nature. I'm not religious and don't care what anyone believes. God, religion is all personal and should be kept that way. Believe what you want if it brings you peace. We can all agree on one thing, I know. Change is needed for life and the world to continue. We've outgrown, in a very short period of time, our model of "modern life." What's next? Living in accordance with nature. In the truth that we are nature and not alien to it or an adjunct creature. How much more evidence is needed to realize we can write fiction, we can produce movies, we can digitize it all and call it improvement, but we cannot taste an apple, sail on the ocean, walk in the woods, smell a flower or feel love with a computer. Time to reorganize our game plan and step back into the forest. Step back into health. Real health. Independent Health. The way it was before industry. Before we put more emphasis on expanding economy rather than our species.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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