Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Power of the UNDIET! Less Is More.

I find it strange how easily the public is lead to live in ways which are in total opposition to nature. It's not as if the information out there is slightly off or not quite accurate. It is flat-out wrong! Somehow, the more bizarre the concept, the more popular the diet! As long as we are adding so-called "healthy" items to our diet we are happy and believe whole heartedly that this is the path to health. I've found that people are very willing to add foods or substances to their diets. Most people respond favorably to this approach. Of course this is consistent with everything they've learned thus far. We've been taught that when we encounter a problem, health-wise, we increase the intake of foods. Chicken soup is somehow etched in our minds as a "remedy" food. I'm a bit confused by this one. Dead chicken, boiled in soup, with noodles? Where's the magic here? Where's the "medicine in this concoction?" The medicine exists in the love which goes into the preparation of the meal. The child is sick so the mom makes a "nice soup." What feels good about this is the warmth and caring the mother puts into the process. That is where the healing is. Not in the soup! The soup is a pool of putrefactive bacteria mixed with some veggies and noodles. Noodles? Healthy? Can they even be considered food? NO! Combine the chicken and noodles and you have a real recipe for gas. No healing other than the love between mother and child.

Conversely, I've found that when removing certain foods or combinations from people's daily plan, they become a bit suspicious. "What makes you so sure?" Or "I don't see how that would make me sick, I've been eating it my whole life." Exactly! This is when most people challenge this information. I've found people really love a project or a task. Tell them to add foods to their diet to promote health and they are "on board." When I ask them to remove foods from their diet, they suddenly think I'm eccentric, or fringe or outright wrong. Some think what I believe is just weird. We like to paint things when they don' t look so great anymore. Sometimes we don't smooth out the surface or do much in the way of prep. Just slap a new coat of paint on and it will appear nicer. Ever see bad auto-body work. The part of the car painted is rough or you can see the crude body work underneath the paint. It's very easy to see that cheap or substandard work as been done. People should not treat themselves in this manner. We can do what is necessary for healing rather than add a coat of paint. We gain weight so we buy larger clothes. We don't change what we do. We simply allow this type of expansion. The esthetic value is of less importance here than the implications of poor health. Excess fat is not the issue. It is the internal condition, which creates the external. Weight-loss is primarily a matter of health and secondarily a matter of beauty. When we begin to make different choices we see the possibilities. Most of us think these things happen because we're getting old and slowing down. Nonsense. We are simply accumulating waste and add friction to the mechanical aspect of body function. The "slow-down" is created by accumulation. I'm not saying that aging isn't natural. I'm not saying some of these issues are completely avoidable. We age and we die. The rate at which this happens is the variable. We grow younger or age slower when the diet is plant based and the bowels are kept clean. It's that simple.

I've had people four or five times my weight, challenge my eating habits. Or suggest that this cannot be healthy! Or "wow, that's a lot of food!" Can you imagine that? Many years ago, when I was new to veganism. Someone observed me during a meal. I had two large salads of mostly lettuce and other salad greens. I followed that with two servings of wild rice and steamed vegetables. The person observing me then said, "wow that's a lot of food." Politely, I responded by saying, "the salads hardly weigh anything and the veggies and wild rice were less filling than meals including meats, etc. They simply didn't get it. Nor did they realize that while my meals appeared three times larger than theirs. I weighed a fraction of their weight! The person must have weighed three hundred and fifty to four hundred pounds, minimum. Still the connection wasn't made. There is no doubt in my mind that when we eat plants and therefore cleanse through our diets, we practice health. While keeping up with a regimen of colonic irrigation, we practice radical health. We become healthier, more vibrant, more youthful, and far more vigorous than the average person. I see it all the time. People my age struggle with weight, skin problems, low-energy. The list goes on. Can you imagine? Adults still dealing with skin issues. The only reason anyone's skin "BREAKS OUT," is due to that which is not leaving the body, naturally. One way or another, the body tries to maintain a clean environment. This task is thwarted by the constant intake of poison. However, when the elimination system is compromised, the body pushes waste through the skin. This I've covered quite a bit so I won't repeat myself.

Health is simple. Illness is complicated. Health needs little scientific data to be achieved. Disease requires massive data just to be understood. (Medically speaking, of course.) Illness, when treated naturally requires simply returning to natural foods and REAL detoxification. Let your juicer be your medicine cabinet. Let your pantry bin in the fridge, (where the produce is stored) be your "Wellness check." This last item for children is hilarious. Wellness check? What's to check if the child is well? Do we bring our cars in to a mechanic and say, "it's running like a top, better have a look!" NO! Wellness check is revenue. That's all. Nothing more. Health, for the most part should save you money. Not the maintenance of health. We know that good food costs a bit more, I know. But to heal illness requires less not more. There's a term commonly used when less experienced musicians get together to play with seasoned musicians. Often the young player wants to show what he or she "has." Which prompts the seasoned player to respond, "less is more." The less mature player hears a part and says "I'm inspired to solo over that part. It sounds so great!" To which the seasoned player says, "it sounds great 'cause you ain't playin' all over it!"

We tend to complicate things. Look for minutia when we need not. Look for answers that don't serve the moment or needs of the ailing person. For the most part "why" matters very little. What to do is of the utmost importance. Notice the simplicity of the wheel. Can the wheel be improved upon? We can improve tires or materials used for wheels. But the wheel is perfect and cannot be improved. This is true of the path to health. We shouldn't need degrees to be healthy. We should watch nature. Watch the animals. Be in the moment. Forget the clock! Forget calories. Forget about supplements. Forget about everything that is not simple truth. How do we find simple truth? Try this approach for ten days. "This approach" is outlined in all my blogs. Feel free to request through email dietary charts, which outline the nuts and bolts of this way of life. I can be reached at:

Trying a new approach can be scary for some. Remember one thing. If you don't like how you feel—take a step back. Eat something a little heavier and start again the next day. Each day provides with more opportunities. Slowly you will feel the power of this UNDIET! You will learn that less food equals more energy. That simpler combinations yields greater vitality. That the only way to health is to cleanse the physical past and begin a cleaner, more efficient way of life. The more efficient the body becomes, the less we tax and wear-out body function. Remember, our survival of far worse conditions than our AC unit breaking or our heat not being great, etc., happened without scientific knowledge. Without PROTEIN POWDER! Without "chicken soup!" Without the magic of medicine!
Be well.
Tom DeVito


  1. Graet Blog Tom!

    I always read your thoughts....
    sorry for my little English I am from Italy...

    I follow Ehret from 2 years and I understand very well where you want to go....

    Your learnings are very useful.....

    Merry Christmas Tom to you and your family!

    Stefano(Como Lake-Italy-)

  2. Hi Stefano, thank you for reading my blogs. I really appreciate it. I am from Italian heritage, but three generations removed. I hope to visit Itally one day soon. Being a follower of Ehret, I believe in the foundation of his teachings. I have expanded my beliefs to include a more philosophical approach as to incorporate a more holistic view, but at the core of my beliefs of physical health or diet, I'm one hundred percent and Ehretist! Keep reading, Stefano. I'll keep writing. Thank you for you participation in this. Without you and others I would merely be writing to myself. Peace.
    Be well.


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