Saturday, December 26, 2009

All Roads Lead To The Truth!

I sit to write these blogs and I often sit here blank and unable to write for a moment. I think what can I talk about today? Then I realize it's not what I talk write about that matters, but how I write about the only topic. The truth about health and healing. Today I picked up my copy of The Mucusless Diet Healing System, By Professor Arnold Ehret. This copy was given to me by the Publisher of Ehret's books. It is a reprint of the original from nineteen twenty-two. The look of the book is very different from today's books. Something about the look of this reprint makes the message more powerful. The consistency of the design and the concepts somehow add a degree of weight or seriousness of this already profound book. This kind of consistent quality is severely lacking in the world. If we dealt in truth, there would be no need for television or radio commercials. Glossy people selling glossy images, designed to save your life or bring you happiness and health. When in reality, every single product forced down your throat keeps you from achieving the very results the ad claims the poisonous product will produce.

I opened the book to a chapter called "The Magic Mirror." Now get this. He believed that by looking into the face and mostly the tongue, disease could be seen, easily. The coating of the tongue was all that was needed to see the accumulation of mucous in the body. It seems Professor Ehret cared less about the details like origin, cause and other specifics. This quote is profound "Disease remains the same mystery to modern medical science as it was to the "Medicine Man" of thousands of years ago—the main difference being that the "germ" theory has replaced the "Demon" and that mysterious outside power sill remains—to harm you and destroy life."

He then states in the first paragraph: "Proof that your personal, individual symptom, sore, or sensation, according to what your disease is named, is nothing more than an extraordinary local accumulation of waste."

If a statement like that is made today, most doctor's and laymen would not take it with much seriousness. Information like this is just too simple, too basic. Not "modern" enough? Not "complicated" enough? Which would "dependency" or a "customer" to the doctor. Creating a relationship within the "doctor/patient" relationship. Commerce drives healing. Rather than healing driving healing. Wether you agree with Ehret or not is irrelevant. What is most important is the driving force behind health in this country. When profit drives the arts, bad art is the result. This is quite obvious and yet invisible. The ads say that our well-being is of the utmost importance. A little research will show you what ninety-nine percent of all medications do to the patient using them. They harm people far more than they help. Especially at the rate and the amount drugs are prescribed and taken these days.

The people in the ads seem so sincere and so compassionate. THEY'RE ACTORS! ACTORS ACTING! Every word spoken or printed about the need, efficacy, or safety for the drug is written by a copy writer at some ad agency. Whose job it is to produce "convincing copy" to SELL the product. Like Nike! This is what is obvious. Especially to someone as paranoid as I. However, to someone who is afraid and doesn't have access to this kind of information. People are dependent on their TV sets and newspapers to lead them. Of course our friends play a role in our decisions as well. Referrals are key to this process. We recommend to other's what has worked for us. The problem here is, everyone is in the same boat, where information is concerned. The methods are the same. The products are the same. The mannerisms of the individual doctors may be different or the technics slightly different. But all in all, most people experience the same results from the same approach. Not a whole lot of "healing" taking place. Why? Because products being sold is the goal, not healing being had!

This is the second paragraph in "The Magic Mirror:" The coated tongue is evidence of the constitutional encumbrance throughout the entire system, which obstructs and congests the circulation by dissolved mucus, and this mucus even appears in the urine.

Diagnosis like this could never exist today. It would be laughed at by today's "experts." This is a valid and telling diagnosis. One made by an expert who specializes in "the human body." Not a part or section of the human being. Ever notice your vet takes care of your whole pet? Isn't that interesting? A vet specializes in dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc. But doctors specialize in livers, and hearts, and feet of humans? Once again we find ourselves feeling a bit "Carlinesque!" "They're making fake guns illegal! But their going to let us keep the real one's?" I am aware of the immense complexities of the liver or any organ in the human body. What I'm pointing out is, we're not seeing the forest for the trees! Isn't it wonderful to know and understand every aspect of a particular organ thoroughly? Yes, of course. Somehow, if we understand in a more holistic way, the connections and function of the entire system, we can address the body as a whole. The word body says it all. I'm not minimizing the importance of this knowledge. But lets readjust the lens and pull back to macro. Once we see the atomic aspects of the organs and fine and minute functions taking place, we need to see the body as a whole and treat it as though it depends on itself to work properly. Not some outside substance, like a drug!

If we were to look at health like Ehret did. What would the world look like today? In many ways we would live in a simpler world. Perhaps their would be less dependence on drugs and junk food and more attention on REAL healthcare. Real healing would be at the core of medicine. Rather than us allowing the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies to treat our doctors like drug pushers. To use the stock exchange to further profit from these poisonous creations. You see, they must confuse and keep in fear, the general public. The public are best when they're scared and ignorant. They will beg, borrow or steal to have access to the exquisite knowledge possessed by the almighty doctor. I know of people that would remove body parts, otherwise in perfect working order, if the doctor instructed them to do so! This is the state of mind a large number of people live in. To a greater of lesser degree. I think putting one's faith in their doctor is a wonderful thing, except that today's doctor does not practice healing. He or she manages illness.

Here is paragraph number three from "The Magic Mirror:" The presence of unevacuated feces, retained through sticky mucus in the pockets of the intestines, constantly poisoning, and thereby interfering with proper digestion and blood building.

Keep in mind that I'm spelling most of the words as he spelled them, for authenticity. The word "unevacuated" is unrecognized by the online dictionary this site uses for their spell check.

You see the simplicity in what he's talking about. This is how I and many other's have healed. By removing that which clogs the intestines and continually poisons the tissues and prevents "healthy blood" from being built. This compromises everything. Why is this being overlooked when drugs are being sold for "shaky leg syndrome." Am I just bonkers? Is bonkers a word? We use fancy machines, which make fancy diagnoses, which helps sell fancy drugs, which fills fancy pockets of designer slacks, which covers the ass that sits in fancy cars, parked in front of fancy houses, and so on. Way down below this pile of waste is a patient, a person, just trying to eek out a few years of health and happiness before they leave this world. Trying to feel better. Rid themselves of and illness or condition. Some people start off with something very small and treatment sets off a chain reaction of different needs for medical assistance and therefore, drugs. Not healing. Following is the paragraph preceding "The Magic Mirror:"

The sufferer from any kind of disease—or any person, whether sick or not—who will go through this healing process of fasting and mucusless diet, will eliminate mucus—thereby demonstrating that the basic cause of all latent disease of man is a clogged up tissue system of uneliminated, unused and undigested food substances.

Through the "magic mirror" a true and unfailing diagnosis of your disease is furnished, as never before.

This wisdom is simply not present in today's thinking. The people writing the ads and pushing the drugs are attempting to brainwash people into thinking the fire is the cause rather than the result. Also that illness is inevitable or simply unavoidable. This is untrue. This is a lie. We need a change of heart. A change of mind. We need the tides to turn. Or continue to turn. I see change in some very powerful ways. I know of doctor's who are broadening their views and be more holistically minded, rather than compartmental. You see, for tides to change, undercurrent has to change. People are the undercurrent of the market. As people are loosing their patience with doctors the doctors are loosing their patients, change in current happens! This is not good business for them, but doctor's are learning important lessons. You cannot push lies or inaccuracies for too long. You cannot package stench nicely enough so that it does not stink!

Christmas was a little different this year, at my Mom's house. We had fewer guests. A smaller group made for a different dynamic. We sat at the same table where we had all disagreed and argued the value of drugs as medication and the pitfalls. As well as what is real health and how is it achieved. The main difference this year was that everyone was in total agreement with one thing. THE DRUGS USED TO ALLEGEDLY HEAL ILLNESS ARE KILLING US FASTER. Or at the very least creating series of illnesses in addition to the one being treated by the drugs. Each medication seems to bring with it other illnesses, down the road. This was the general consensus. I was absolutely stunned by what I heard. I was the least vocal during this discussion. I added this and that to help support certain points of view, but it was my mother and cousins doing most of the talking. One of my cousins, a retired Registered Nurse, was trained in the medical world, was once a believer. She seemed to have had a real change of heart. I see something happening in the small group of people around me as well as the society in general. WE ARE CHANGING. We are not willing to be lied to. We are still buying the scary stuff, like swine flu and west nile. Or the treatment thereof. But the times they are a changin'. They're changing slowly. But change is not only happening but is welcome by both the people and the doctor. Let's be thankful to the few brave doctors and nurses and some other instrumental people, for their courage to speak out against the dangerous methods of treatment used. And for opening up to the truth about healing. Health starts from within. It starts with you. Your thoughts. Your choices. Your actions.
Be well.
Tom DeVito


  1. Wondering what Eastern medicine says about mucus, or if Ehret was familiar with acupuncture. I believe acupuncturists use the tongue as an indicator of health, too, among other things.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your comments. I believe eastern medicine sees mucus as dampness. And I too have heard that the tongue is used to determine the patient's current state of health. I'm sure Ehret knew about acupuncture. What he also knew was, as real & effective as acupuncture can be, in the body of a toxic person (chronically constipation), will be less effective or not at all effective. I believe in many different modes of healing. However, in the absence of a conscious diet and colon cleansing, deep and lasting healing is very difficult or impossible. Of course healing is relative. A person from a standard american diet can be healed of cancer on a macrobiotic diet! Which I don't see as a healing diet. Still it's less poisonous than the standard diet. Simple.
    Thanks for participating.


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