Monday, November 23, 2009

Waste Matters

We've been taught to believe the most important aspects concerning health are only about the quality of the food we eat. Of course food matters. But our culture & our media ignores the most important part of health. Lets ask this question. Does the food most people eat properly breakdown and leave their bodies? Can the food most people eat, leave their bodies? Even considering our damaged agricultural system, which produces foods that are compromised, and weak, at best. If we all ate a diet based on whole, natural foods, the difference would be night and day. Not due to the nutritional aspects of the food but from a perspective of processing. Meaning, foods which grow and occur in nature contains what is needed for each food to properly breakdown and fully leave the body, cleansing our innards as it passes through the tube systems we take for granted. We believe that as long as we go "once a day" that we are good to go! On the contrary. In my first blog, "The Ice Breaker," I use the analogy of a bus depot, where 3 busses a day pull in and pull out each day. When only one leaves each day (considered regular) we hold onto two of our three squares a day. The depot can only handle 3 busses per day. As things slow down and we hold onto two busses a day, you can see how a "back-up" can occur. Why do I keep harping on this? Think about what would happen if this scenario were played out in your home, using your actual plumbing for the example. If you plumbing at home were to back up, eventually you would become ill. This we know from life experience. We learned a long time ago that we don't allow anyone to, how shall we put this, deposit waste near the food supply!!!!! Okay, so now we've established the importance of real digestion and real elimination. Because the mouth is connected to the butt through a series of tubes, we can see how so many illnesses would develop if we stored two whole bowel movements a day in our elimination system. Obviously, we'd feel terrible, sluggish, cloudy, tired, grouchy, we may even begin to need the assistance of breath mints and deodorant, and other unnatural aids to help us get through our days and not offend others around us. We need these aids because rather than our bodies acting like sewer systems, they act like cesspools. Storing waste in our bodies, even for a short period of time is dangerous and contributes greatly to many of our ailments. What is most ignored or pushed aside by doctors is waste. They don't seem to get it. It's strange that they tell people "that's your schedule. It's just the way your body works." OR DOESN"T WORK! Think of this simple example: If you are still fortunate enough to have an urgency (something I didn't experience for A very long time) to visit the toilet, you feel one way prior to releasing the waste in the toilet, then afterwards, there is a noticeable shift in how we feel. Lets face it, WASTE MATTERS! One thing to strive for when considering your health is this, am I efficiently passing what I eat out the other end? If not then perhaps the foods or substances we call food is simply not the best source of fuel we can use. If your car was constantly backfiring, would you continue to use the same fuel? Of course not, you paid a lot of money for that car! How about the person driving that car? Have a great day everyone. Peace.

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