Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Second Nature

How is your memory? Can you remember everything you every ate in your life? Can you remember every medicine (drug) you ever ingested in your life? Every alcoholic drink? Soda? How about all the cookies and cakes, etc. Of course we cannot remember each item over all the years. Now you find yourself at a fork in the road. A new way of life. Healthy living, eating better, exercise, juicing, on the one side. Your old familiar ways on the other side. You decide to take on this new way of living because the old way simply doesn't work for you anymore. All of a sudden, you decide to change your diet, entirely! It's a new day! No need to procrastinate! Lets get right on it! Right? WRONG! Now is the time to take a breath. Slow down. Look back on your personal history. Look back at your family's health history. Now lets compare the detoxification from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., to the detoxification we experience from diet change. As we slow or stop the flow of poison into the bloodstream, it is the natural inclination of the body to rid itself of foreign matter. This happens quite commonly and is called the cold. The body is just ridding itself of excess mucus. So imagine all the years of build-up that occurs through the years of eating processed foods and inorganic chemicals, known as "medicine."All of which are acidic and create large amounts of mucus in the tissue. As we move into this new way of living and eat healthy, whole foods, which cleanse and detoxify the body, we may feel a little sick. Why is that? Why did I feel okay on this "so-called" poisonous diet and now feel worse? Ah ha! This process must be compared to giving up cigarettes or any substance that the human body registers as poison. When we stop the flow of any poison into the blood, the body responds, rapidly in most cases. Our body's are trying to tell us something. Not that bagels and pizza are nutritious but that it's time to empty the trash. Once again, we find ourselves faced with the issue of cleaning out our history, so to speak. By gently but effectively cleansing the bowels, we remove that which is ailing us so we can give up the foods of "food impostors" we consume daily and take on more of healthy, whole foods. As we eat more and more healthy foods, we feel ourselves improving our diet with relative ease and feeling quite good. See, transitioning to where ever it is you want to take this is really key. Slowly moving through the transition period is the only way. There are no short cuts. Remember, it took you your whole life to get here, now. Be kind to yourself and allow this process to happen gently & comfortably. Before you realize it, you will have made the transition and all the "minutia" concerning food combinations and when to juice and how or when to eat fruit, will all be second nature to you. So allow your body to dictate the pace of your transition. Everyone will move at a different pace. No two people can possibly detoxify at the same rate. Questions like "how long did it take you?" or "is this normal?" are common but cannot be answered, honestly. It is different for everyone. Depending on personal history and how much mechanical cleansing done will determine the pace and ease. The more we assist the process the quicker and easier the transition will be.
Being new to this blogging world I still need to figure a few things out. I'm trying to figure out how to post some pdf files. Once I figure this out, I will be able to post some basic diet charts. Then you can download them, print them out and use them. They are very helpful and I would love to share them. Stay tuned! Peace. Tom

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