Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heroes & Villains

We play this game with the news and information we receive from media. I say to my mother, "mom, try this or that." Her response is typically one of resistance, at first. Then the magic "news paper" appears on her doorstep and in the paper is an article on exactly what we were talking about. The phone rings, or buzzes or plays a Bach Fugue! It's my Mom on the other end exclaiming she just read this great article on the very same thing we were talking about. She proceeds to tell me what she read, almost as thought the conversation we had had never taken place. Why? Because some columnist wrote an article about something he heard or read somewhere. But because it appears in a newspaper, it becomes gospel! Be careful with media as your source for health information. The media has an agenda. They need to sell advertising space. They sell beef & dairy as the hero's of our diet and they tell us the very foods, which comprise the basic foods for human beings are the villains. We are told by media that protein is the most important element in our diets. We're told grains are important to human health. We're told to stay away from "carbs, fat & sugar. These are the problem foods of the human diet. Check this out! I ask clients all the time to name three "carbs" and they invariably answer with, pasta, rice, potato or something like that. I say, well, that's technically correct. They do belong to the carbohydrate family. Let me name three "carbs." Lettuce, apples, celery! Or fruits and vegetable! It's tricky. We're told that carbs are bad and that grain is good. Grain is a carb! It's a starchy carb. Confused? I was too. See carbs, like the three I mentioned are super healthy, human food. Rice, potato, pasta, bread, cereal, etc., are not. These heavier, highly acidic foods cause our tissue to produce lots of mucous, which gunk up the works, so to speak, or write. Protein, protein, protein. That's all I hear, all the time from everyone. "You're vegan?" "Where do you get your protein?" It has been 8 years since I gave up eating nuts and seeds. I rarely if ever eat anything from the protein category of food. If I do it's peas. I may have them twice a year. Just cause, that's how it goes with me. So far, so good. I don't feel or see what I am lacking by not eating protein. I am not too thin. I can build muscle when I have the time to work out. But this great need for protein is more like an addiction to the stimulating qualities we feel when we eat meat. The body produces more testosterone and this makes us feel like we have oomph! Instead we are just stimulating the body while introducing rotting flesh to the digestive system. This food produces lots of mucous in our digestive system. I still haven't seen any evidence to support that ANY "concentrated protein digests in the human body, anyway. Concentrated protein does not include the amino-acid rich foods, such as veggies, fruits, etc. All foods have the amino-acids which make up protein. What everyone is referring to when we say protein are these foods; all flesh, (including eggs), cheese, milk, nuts, seeds, peas. These are the foods I believe are the real villains. "But what about non=animal based foods?" "Are they all healthy?" No. Raw fruits and vegetables are great but grains are not so great. All grain based products and all whole wheat, etc., rob the body of oxygen and create massive amounts of mucous. Villain! So don't believe that all grains are equally healthy or not. Millet, quinoa (keen-wah), spelt & amaranth are healthier grains. They are more alkaline to our bodies. We don't need to eat these everyday or ever if we choose not to. If we want to eat grains, the one's listed above are the one's you want to look into. They are the ancient grains. Now for sugar. EVERYTHING WE EAT MUST BREAKDOWN TO SUGAR (GLUCOSE) IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED USABLE, ABSORBABLE, DIGESTIBLE FOOD. Sugar is not the problem. Especially if it's fruits and vegetables we're talking about. The problem is most people have been convinced that the word sugar covers these foods; cookies, cake, ice cream, and every dessert food you can think of. These are not foods and sugar is not the problem. The combination of processed sugar and processed flour is the problem What does this do to us? It makes beer in the stomach and fermentation doesn't move out of the body so well. In fact, it lingers and poisons the bloodstream. This is the perpetual wheel of fermented and putrified foods. We eat them, they stimulate us, we think they're good, and we unknowingly poison our bodies. Now for fat. Fat is a funny item. We're told to avoid fat but drink milk, eat cheese and grain. Of course the milk should be low or non-fat, right? I say wrong. Avoid the protein in dairy. Use fatty milks. They will digest easier, especially if being used in cereal. Fats, like avocado, olives, coconut oil, olive oil, etc., are the healthy choices. Not low-fat milk! Fat does not absorb in the human body and no other animal eats fat! So, fat is used as lubrication and to provide the nervous system with a covering called the Mylon Sheathe. I hope that's spelled correctly. Anyway, fat is necessary. It's just the source we need to consider. MILK IS FOR ANIMALS WITH NO TEETH. Once we grow teeth, we don't need milk. They feed us milk so we feed their industry. The heroes of our diet are the fruits and vegetables. Not the so-called "super foods," which are packed with nutrition, also bring pollution, in the form of mucous, to the body. Okay, that's it for today. I hope this helps. Peace & love. Tom

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