Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Detox We Trust

When we look at a light bulb that is lit, we see the light as a continuous light. When in fact, the light is flickering on and off at a very fast rate. The same is true of watching a movie in theater. Our brains register the ons and the offs as continuous light. We also hear sound not realizing that sound waves have an arc and a dip, ups & downs. Think of these opposites, night and day, sleep and awake, black and white, love and hate, life and death. The opposite is needed to know either side of these examples. If everything were white in the universe or all black, we would be blind! Is it the words on the page that are most important or is it the white background providing a contrast so we can see the black ink? Okay, so what the hell does this have to do with detoxification and trust. You've embarked on a new way of eating which is based on cleansing principals. This new way of eating has made you aware that by simply stopping the intake of foods, which are subtly poisonous, we begin the process of detoxification. Just as a cigarette smoker quits and feels the symptoms of detoxification, the same is true for changing the diet. Trust that this is okay and normal. But, since you're eating better, shouldn't you feel better? Like everything in the universe, there are the ups and downs, the ins and outs. We must accept that by switching foods and eating more alkaline foods rich in cellulose fiber (leafy greens, fruits) we are cleansing the body with these "new" foods and telling the body to rid itself of built-up toxins (solid & gaseous waste, and lets not forget mucous). This is similar to quitting any poison (medicine, drugs, alcohol, etc.). Once we stop the flow of poison into the bloodstream our bodies dump the associated waste which was stored in the tissue into the bloodstream for disposal. The poison flows through the blood after the liver has neutralized it and is now heading for the kidneys to be filtered out of the blood. This waste needs to find it's way out of the body and does so through the channels of detoxification. If these poisons do not leave efficiently we begin to feel them building. We feel sick, weak, dizzy tired, etc. Our skin may break-out, our tongue may become coated in white. This is typical as mucous tries to leave the body. If this waste doesn't leave through the bowels, it will find a way or make us very aware of its presence. This seems counterintuitive! Shouldn't we just feel better as we eat these healthy foods? Yes, eventually this gets much easier. Remember, not everyone goes through this the same way. Some barely notice and other's feel it more acutely. At first, we feel really great but after a period, which varies for everyone, we begin to loosen up waste. This begins to circulate and we feel it. This is part of the process. This is how we cleanse the tissue and bloodstream and eventually the cells. As this waste product is being "evicted" we unfortunately feel it. I've told clients for years, "we can slip it past the goal (down the throat) but we pay on the way out." This is like entering a club for free and not knowing the cover charge and upon leaving your told a much higher price than you were willing to pay. If we only knew what the continual consumption of bagels, cereals, eggs, bacon, pasta, steak, etc., would feel like down the road. It is the very essence of eating foods that are just not for us. Be they natural or unnatural. Just because a food doesn't hurt us on the spot, doesn't mean it's okay to eat. So now we've stopped most of those foods and we are feeling like "crap." How funny! That's exactly what is flowing through the blood. This process may go on in varying degrees of intensity, which of course depends on each of our personal history. As we ascend to a higher vibration, we still experience the dips. This is not like the beginning of roller-coaster ride, which just keeps going up, up, up till it reaches the highest point. Rather, as we ascend we dip a little and this process is repeated. We simply cannot know up without knowing down. LIke a sound wave or light wave. We arc and dip. How do we deal with this? There are a few ways to get through this process. One is to cleanse the bowels and move forward drinking lots of veggie juice and eating salads. We may back off the fruits during these acute periods of cleansing. The other way is to take a step back and eat something that is heavier than what you are currently eating. Meaning if you just gave up meat of bread and you feeling sluggish, etc. Eat a piece of fish and your detoxification symptoms will subside for now. They will return as you get back on track. There is no getting around this process. It is detoxification. Don't let anyone tell you that you should endure feeling this way for extended periods of time. I hear all the time from folks being coached through a detox and they're told, "you're detoxifying. That's the poison leaving." Really? Then where's the waste? Detoxification means to rid the body of that which ails the body. So if we are detoxifying, we should feel it but then have a bowel movement and feel better. Or wake up soaked from sweat. Like a train ["de"railing], the train LEAVES the rails. We must have something leave the body to call it detoxification. The good news is, with proper bowel cleansing and consistency we will get to the point where we feel amazing 99% of the time. So we must have the ups and downs in this process. How else would we be guided through it? If we are not around others that have experienced this, how could we know? Listen to you body but don't take the information as permanent fact. Like everything in life, the ups and downs of detoxification are fleeting. Ultimately, you will feel better than you ever have before. Give it time. Be patient. Love the moment, no matter how you feel as it is all for the greater good of yourself and all of humanity. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy today! Enjoy you meal. Be thankful you have found this amazing way of life which puts the power in your hands. Remember the goal is to become "Independently Healthy." Peace & love,

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