Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Ice Breaker!

This is my first of many blogs to come. Hence, the name “Ice Breaker.” I write about health from hands on, experience. Having been a victim of the medical “industry” for so long, I became perplexed by the approach these so-called scientists were taking and realized they are not in the health & healing business but the death & dying business. I became a colon therapist in 1998. I had already weaned myself off medicine I was taking for eleven years. Which, I was told I would have to take for the rest of my life. HA! Not this, “know it all!” My illness was “Seizure Disorder,” which is similar to Epilepsy. So the result of the illness would be “Grand Mal Seizures.” Or “Big, Bad Seizures.” To be real & honest, I knew very little, but that didn’t stop me from moving forward medically, without supervision. I felt so amazing after making relatively minor changes. These changes included adding fresh vegetable juice in my diet and beginning each meal with a salad. I ate fruit for breakfast and when I ate protein (flesh) I had it as my last meal of the day. This changed how I felt substantially. So, what would anyone do? I decided without the opinion or input from my Doctor, to slowly take the dosages of the meds down, over time. Within months I was off the medication and free of my illness. So I kept moving in this direction. Within four years I was almost vegan. Then I met someone that had a profound effect on my life. Gil Jacobs. He was my colon therapist. Gil is an amazing man that shares his personal and professional experiences with his friends and clients. His knowledge is deep and he has years of experience under his belt. I came to trust what he taught me because his suggestions to my ailments and symptoms always seemed to work. He became my teacher and mentor in this new and strange world I had entered. I was so inspired by Gil’s knowledge and stories of personal healing, not to mention the amazing tales he told about his work with numerous people that came to him for help. Immediately, I became vegan and raw. I kept a small amount of some cooked foods in my diet, simply for taste and enjoyment. However, the degree to which I healed my body, mind and spirit through working with Gil Jacobs was phenomenal. I truly didn’t think this kind of healing and wellness was accessible in this life. I believed I would be stuck with my illnesses for life. Gil explained to me that this simply didn’t have to be the case. As far as I was concerned, this information was undeniable and indisputable. I eventually became a Colon Therapist and worked for Gil at his amazing and legendary healing space, Chakra XVII. I was very fortunate to work side-by-side with Gil for some time.
I’ve been a Colon Therapist for 10 years now and the consistent thread I’ve learned from Gil and my own studies and hands-on experience is, health doesn’t come from what we put in the body. Be it Vitamins, supplements, or “Super Foods.” Super foods are usually some white powder that was manufactured in some lab or factory. Really? Is that what health is? Health, vitality, longevity WILL NEVER COME TO US AS LONG AS WE STUFF OURSELVES WITH FOOD, SUPLEMNTS OR POWDERS! In fact, we will only become sicker as a result of stuffing our bodies with things it doesn’t need. Even over doing foods, which are good for us can bring us down as opposed to elevate our health. We think we need to intake in order to build. We think that we need science to keep us healthy. We need not concern ourselves with nonsense diets and supplements. We never need to weigh our meals. And we most certainly never need to COUNT CALORIES! It is this simple: what goes in our mouths must come out the other end! How’s that? Think of a bus depot. Busses come in and they leave. So lets say, we eat three meals a day. Those three meals move through the body until they reach the bowels. This is the bus depot. So each day three busses pull in and idle the engines. Above this depot is an apartment window and the residents like to keep their windows open. C’mon cut me some slack, it’s an analogy. So one day three busses pull in and only one bus leaves. Two busses stay behind idling the engines and the next day three more pull in and still only one leaves. Now we have five busses idling the engines. The next day three more pull in making it eight busses, one leaves so we have seven left. The next day three more pull in making it ten busses, one leaves, making the count nine busses. Get the idea? Now the residents in our imaginary apartment building directly above the depot are the organs located above the bowels, which are all the other vital organs! Notice even though we rid ourselves of one bowel movement a day we are keeping two thirds of everything we eat. Slowly, we accumulate waste, which festers and pollutes the organs, the bloodstream and eventually the cells. Can you see where this is going? Health is about eating three meals a day and having three bowel movements a day. You may think this is too simple. And it is. This cannot be achieved on a Standard American Diet or a diet of non-food or any of the numerous fad diets that are out there. So eating a diet based on whole foods is our starting point. Care to follow me? This is an interesting journey. Remember, you can “get-off” where every YOU are comfortable. This particular journey has not destination. For the journey is the destination. Peace & love,
Tom DeVito


  1. Yay Tom! I am so excited for this blog! I look forward to your updates. I'm so grateful that you are now sharing (with the world) the vast knowledge you have. Congratulations on finding health & independence. It takes courage & a strong sense of self to start that journey.

    Sending you lots of love (..and readers).


  2. Hey Aimee, So glad you like it. Yes, send me readers. I hope you can make it to Release on Dec. 3 @ 7:30. I'm doing the first of our lecture series, called "Life Moves." I hope you can make it. Hope to see you soon. I did look at your resume'. Wow! You are extremely talented. Ever do set work? My brother is in TV production! Peace & love,


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